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Meeting Anita Ch. 02

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A few weeks back I wrote my story “Meeting Anita” looking forward to our meet. Well, we got together and we had an amazing encounter. Anita has given me her recollections of the day. All I can say is Roll on next time!

Anita’s Account…

I am ready. Following his instructions, kneeling on the floor, back straight, hands behind my back, head bowed. His text says he is only a minute away, and I scramble into position. The floor is cold and hard on my knees, and I am trembling as this moment, which I have been anticipating for days, is finally upon me.

I hear the sound of rubber on gravel, and then of doors opening and closing. I must keep my eyes down and eventually the door opens and a pair of feet come in to view. I fight the urge to speak and remain still and submissive.

A finger appears under my chin and my head is tilted upwards, enabling me to see my master for the first time. His face is stern and forbidding and the urge to smile and welcome him falls away like a shadow fading as the sun goes behind a cloud. This is not like any of our previous meetings.

“I am glad to see you are ready for me, my slave. Who do you belong to?” He asks.

“You, my master,” I reply, quietly, slightly hesitant, as I get used to my role.

“Have you followed all my instructions?” he asks me.

“Yes Sir, I think so Sir,” I respond, hoping I have not forgotten anything. He bends down and puts my collar around my neck, ensuring it fits snugly in place. It feels strange for a minute but I am surprised how quickly I get used to it and welcome it’s presence.

Also by my side is the harness he bought me at our last meeting. It takes a little time but eventually I am dressed to his liking and allowed to stand. I am glad to end the discomfort of the hard floor on my knees and wonder how I will cope with the day ahead if even this small action causes a degree of pain to my body.

“Where is your butt plug?” he asks and I retrieve it from my bag. I had thought as he fitted my harness that I might be spared this step but I should have known better; my master does not forget things.

He tells me to kneel again with my forearms on the floor. My arse is now pointing up at him, presenting itself to him. He runs his hands over my cheeks, running a finger down the crack and I am instantly aroused.

“Hold your cheeks open for me,” and he circles my rosebud with a finger, applying the cold lube around and into me with gentle strokes. He starts to ease the plug into me, and I try to relax as each of the two sections are accommodated into my tight passage. I have practised this several times since purchasing the plug at his request, just the day before. It is easier than I had anticipated, and I breathe out, finding that I had been holding my breath without realising.

“Are you ready?” he asks; a question with so many levels of meaning that I shiver involuntarily and I concur, putting on my coat and patting the scarf in it’s pocket, checking it’s presence. I am allowed to wear it to cover my collar when in public.

He carries my bag and escorts me to his car. I settle myself into my seat, thinking that it is finally happening; the adventure that we have planned for several weeks is actually underway.

My master wanted to photograph me in a location of my choosing and I gave him directions to a quiet road that runs parallel with a nearby motorway. We parked and I undid my coat, ready to get out, when a post office van came round the corner. I quickly ducked down and was very relieved he hadn’t appeared just 30 seconds later, when I would have been fully exposed. I got out of the car and assumed a variety of positions as instructed by my master, who was busy with his camera. We followed a track up a hill to a bridge over the motorway, with a slatted concrete fence.

“Take off your coat,” came the instruction, and with cars and lorries clearly visible below, I did as I was told, enjoying the challenge and smiling into the camera. It was cold, with Sahabet a hint of dampness in the air, but I was warm with adrenaline and had a dampness all of my own.

We returned to the car and set off for Heathrow. Or so I thought; my master had other plans!

“We are too early to check in so I thought you would enjoy stopping for a coffee,” he said with a glint in his eye. This had not been in our original plan but I was excited from the photoshoot and agreed without demur.

We pulled into a service station and I got out carefully as there were men standing very close. I was happy that my master had not tested my resolve by instructing me to reveal anything to them. I suddenly remembered my collar, which had almost become a part of me, and hastily fastened my scarf around my neck. The butt plug was still nestled securely inside me and I walked confidently into the building.

There was a choice of seating and my master allowed me to pick, not wanting to push my limits too far. The comfy seats were inviting but I wasn’t sure how easy they would be to get out of decorously, so I chose the safer option of the upright ones.

We sat and chatted out of role while we had coffee but all the time we were both aware of the image the world could see and the hidden reality under only a thin coat.

Once on the motorway, my master instructed me to undo the buttons of my coat and spread my legs wide so that he could claim my pussy for himself. He played with me constantly, bringing me to the edge of orgasm, and then pulling out again, over and over. He kept reminding me that I was not allowed to cum, and I had to grip the edges of the seat in order to keep control. There were not too many lorries on the road, but I was fairly sure that one lorry driver at least had seen what was happening! I didn’t have time to think about how this made me feel, whilst I was riding the edge of ecstasy, but in hindsight, it makes me smile to know that he got an eyeful!

We completed our journey to the hotel, and arrived there after check-in time. My master went in first to complete the paperwork, and then came back to the car to fetch me.

By now the butt plug felt less secure, and I had to walk very carefully to ensure it stayed in place. We reached our room, and I quickly removed my coat and scarf as my original instructions had told me to do. We unpacked the various items we had brought with us.

My master is very skilled with ropes, and arranged a system on the bed that would enable me to be fastened to it in a variety of ways! He did this calmly and quietly, and the knowledge of what was to come started to build inside me, raising my heart rate, and no doubt my blood pressure too!

He then sat in a chair, and commanded me to kneel before him.

“I need to know if you have been a bad girl since we last met,” he said. “Have you been with any other men?”

“Yes, master, your slave has been bad!” I replied, with my eyes downcast.

“Tell me about it,” came the reply.

“Last week I had two men, master, and had my first experience of sharing a cock! I was sucking a cock, and then there was another man licking it with me! I spent my time kissing him and sucking the cock alternately and, Master, it was very exciting!”

“And have you followed my instructions? Have you cum at all since yesterday?”

“I am so sorry Master, but I came this morning! I was talking to a friend on the phone, and he made me cum. He said he will take the blame, but I know that it is me that will be expected to take the pain!”

“So you disobeyed my instructions? You let another man have control of my pussy!

You know that you must be punished for that! Turn round and bend over the bed so that your hips are on the edge.”

I had already seen the cane that my master had brought, and I knew that now I was going to feel it too! This was the part of the adventure that I was most apprehensive about. But I knew my master would have my best interests at Sahabet Giriş heart, and we had agreed a set of safe words that would enable me to let him know when I was reaching my limit. I wanted to know what it felt like, and was determined to see it through.

I put myself into position and waited.

My master knew that this was the part I was most worried about, and I trusted him to be gentle, but it didn’t feel like that! I was instructed to count each one and thank him. And that helped; it gave me something to focus on. But each one stung more than the previous one, especially if they fell on the same cheek one after another. I managed 20, as I was determined not to call a halt if I could possibly avoid it, and my master decided that I had paid the price for my transgressions. The feel of his cooling hand rubbing me better afterwards was so welcome; knowing that he cared about me was so important!

Now I was instructed to put myself on the bed, face up, so he could attach me to the various clips and make sure I was spreadeagled, with nothing to prevent him doing exactly what he wanted to me.

He was still fully clothed, whilst I wore nothing but my harness, collar and cuffs, and that in itself is an amazing turn on. The thought that I am entirely at his disposal, his cum slut, his cock whore, his fuck toy, is enough to make me wet just thinking about it. I asked for my blindfold, to heighten the whole experience, and then I really didn’t know what was coming next.

He played with every part of me, nibbling my nipples, licking my clit, making me writhe and squirm and beg for release! It didn’t take long before I was begging to be allowed to cum, and eventually I was given permission. Waiting all that time had lifted my orgasm to a new level and I shuddered and twitched, as wave after wave of pleasure surged through my body. There was a noise of rushing wind in my head, even without the blindfold I would not have been able to see, and my whole body was just encompassed in this feeling of release and extraordinary pleasure.

There were pauses, and I realised he must be undressing, because soon the blindfold was removed and a cock was placed in front of me. I couldn’t quite reach it, and was teased with the sight and the smell of my master’s member, whilst being denied it’s touch and taste!

Soon I could make contact with my tongue, and then it was thrust into my mouth. He was forceful, pushing it deep into me, making me gag, which is something I am not used to. But he was kind, and eased off, so that I could enjoy the sensation of such a hard, slick stick sliding in and out of me. He knows how much I enjoy sucking his cock, the smell, the taste, the delight of knowing that it gives him pleasure.

Now he slides it into my cunt, so I can feel it, hard and thick inside me. It is so hard to grip him while I am tied down But all too soon it was removed from me and I was turned over so that now I was face down.

My skin is very responsive to a touch that is as light as a feather, but I had never been played with with an actual feather. So my master had bought some and spent the next little while teasing me all over with a pheasant feather.

It was amazing. Down my spine, round the sides of my body, at the base of my armpits, all such sensitive spots. Across my striped arse cheeks, arousing and soothing. And then into my pussy, teasing my clit, soaking up the juices as they were released by my cunt.

And I couldn’t move, couldn’t stop it, even if I had wanted to. The feeling of immobilisation, of being absolutely incapable of controlling the situation in any way at all, that was so arousing. Again I was brought to the point of orgasm and again made to wait, but eventually given permission to cum and I delighted in all those sensations, all over again. Once I have cum my body becomes increasingly sensitive, the skin responding to the slightest touch. It is such a wonderful place to be in.

Sir now turned me back again so that Sahabet Güncel Giriş I could really enjoy his cock, freeing my hands as well. I love the feel of a cock inside my mouth, love the close contact, love knowing that I am making my master feel so good. It builds and builds to that point where I know he is going to explode in my mouth, and he certainly did. Pumping stream after stream of hot seed into me, shaking and quivering as he did so. I love the sensation of holding more and more cum in my mouth until I have it all, and only then do I swallow. He sank onto the bed with that release that comes after ejaculation, and I moved quickly to kiss him so that he could taste us both in his mouth too.

We laid side-by-side, more as equals now, no more in role, and just thinking about the experiences that we had had.

We dressed for dinner and went downstairs, had a drink in the bar and then ate. This was a time of normality, of talking about the things we had done since last we met, of putting the world to rights and sharing experiences of past and present. A gentle time, a relaxing time, a time of friendship.

After dinner we returned upstairs to the next phase of our sexual encounter. This was very different to the earlier part, as this is where really I took control. In fact I find that for me, it is easier to give to someone when I am myself, and not in role as a sub. It’s much more effective to give when it is my choice to do it, rather than have it expected of me.

We opened the bottle of pink fizz that I had brought and poured a couple of glasses. After drinking some, he laid down on the bed on his front with pillows under his tummy.

I took four after eight mint chocolates and slipped them into his arse crack, allowing them to soften and melt while I massaged his back.

Lots of almond oil, and firm massage around the shoulders, the neck, the tops of the arms, enabled him to release the stress and tension of a busy job and demanding week.

He adores being rimmed, says the word is completely inadequate for the amount of sensation and pleasure it brings, and I have a love of chocolate! So in our planning, I had suggested that this time I combine the two together, and he was all in favour.

I worked down his back, and then from the backs of his knees up his thighs. But all the time ignoring his arse. I could see the chocolate softening, dribbles appearing and working their way down to his balls. I knew I was going to have a wonderful, if very messy time.

The time had come now to start to play in earnest. I removed the first mint at the top of his cheeks with my teeth and passed it to him, for him to taste and eat. The second one I ate myself. The third and fourth were buried deep in his arse crack and were no longer solid enough to pull out. So my licking began in earnest. The soft, silky feel of the chocolate, the minty taste, and then the even softer area of skin where he wanted me to be was just fantastic!

I had the biggest smile on my face as I heard his murmured reactions to my tongue hitting the spot, and revelled in the pleasure that I knew he was now receiving. My tongue worked hard, licking and pushing deep into him, as deep as I could go. My finger scooping out some of the chocolate as I ate it; the tastes all mingling. Listening to his moans of delight added to the whole experience, and we played like this for sometime. I was covered in chocolate, my hair, my cheeks, chin, and even my neck! It felt decadent, and dirty, gentle and caring all at once, if that is possible. As my master, he had worked so hard to bring about my fantasies and explore them with me, and now it was my turn to give him what I knew he loved most.

Eventually I cleaned up what was left with wipes, and moved back up the bed to lie next to him, my head on his chest, while we gently touched each other and talked about nothing. That late night feeling, where sleep beckons, but you don’t want it to end just yet, is wonderful, and in some ways was still the best part of the day for me. At last we turned out the lights and drifted off to sleep, thinking about all that we had done and shared, and for me, at least, the delight of the contrasting parts of the day added up to a whole that was bigger and better than anything I could have imagined.

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