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Meeting Marissa Again

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There are events that happen in your life that you are prepared for and have thought about and there are those that are completely unexpected. This is not a story, it is my memory of an encounter with an old friend that happened while attending a conference in Germany.

I am a near 50 male that works for a large company that does construction work in developing places. As part of my job, I often have to attend development conferences so we can work better together. The events here occurred during a meeting that was held in Munich.

I married near the age of 30 and have been happily married for almost 20 years. Before getting married, I enjoyed many relationships with women, but because of my unpredictable schedule and constant moves, none of them panned out. One romance that lasted only a couple of months was with a beautiful medical worker that I met in my favorite local bar. She was a couple of years younger than me, and looked Spanish with pretty dark hair and deep brown eyes. Like me, she was a runner and in good shape. Her personality was outgoing, but reserved at the same time. She was classy and not one to quickly hop in the bed. As a matter of fact, we dated for a while and only had sex once and that was shortly before I moved from the area for a long trip overseas. I liked her, but the timing was poor and my lack of desire to maintain a long distance relationship spelled doom for us. We soon lost contact and both of our lives moved on. She was hurt at the way it ended and my leaving the way I did.

Nearly 20 years later I was sitting at the conference in Germany. Development conferences often have many sessions meeting at the same time. I was attending looking at infrastructure and there were other groups working things like medical and education systems meeting at the same time. During a morning break as I walked to get coffee I caught a glimpse of a fit lady with beautiful dark hair. I initially admired her build, nice body, pretty chest and the long black hair. It was only when I caught a better look at her profile that I recognized it as my old girlfriend, Marissa. I made no initial move toward her and instead continued watching her through the corner of my eye. She was in another session at the same conference. After getting my coffee, I returned to my meeting while thinking what I would do if we met. I wasn’t sure how she would react towards me if we met.

I finished the day with thinking of Marissa, with memories of both our time together and how it had ended on my mind. I did remember her being fun, but I mostly remembered laying together with her in bed, even though we had only had sex once. Often we simply made out or played without completing the deed. It is weird the things you remember, but for me it was kissing, her dark nipples and a pair of maroon silk panties that she had been wearing (and I had been trying unsuccessfully to remove).

That evening there was a reception for conference attendees and I saw Marissa and this time she also saw me. When she saw me she raised her eyebrows in a surprised sort of way and we approached each other, with me feeling about cautious about getting too close. We said hello and asked how each was doing. We both beat around the bush with the usual life situation updates and discussed why we were at the conference. She was just returning from her time overseas and I was still getting ready to head back over. The conversation never really warmed up, but it was cordial and after a few minutes I excused myself feeling like the conversation had reached an end. We parted ways and continued to work the room after saying we would catch-up later in the week.

I felt bad Sivas Escort after seeing her because we didn’t spark when talking. The next night we again bumped into each other during the later part of the evening reception. I was slightly buzzed from drinking. She looked pretty and her pants highlighted a nice waist, ass and legs. She was still in great shape and had aged very well.

When we talked Marissa still seemed a bit reluctant to let her guard down. After a few minutes I just blurted out that I was sorry if I had hurt her. That seemed to be the turning point and she acknowledged that I had hurt her, but she was working on forgiving me. I asked her to join me for a drink in the hotel lounge and she agreed that she would. We soon left the reception and headed to the hotel bar.

We grabbed a booth at the lounge and sat across from each other. We talked about lives, marriages, kids and all sorts of things. The conversation allowed us to quickly reconnect and then she asked me if she could ask me a question. I told her I would only if I could ask her one back. So she smiled and nodded yes and then asked “Are you happy?” That was a tough question and I thought about it before answering that I was happy for the most part, but often felt ignored and not appreciated. I asked her the same question and she answered similarly. So, where was this going?

After a couple more drinks, the body language was beginning to change and we were leaning in when talking to each other. Marissa was showing signs of being a bit drunk with her flushed cheeks. I asked her if she had always been faithful. She looked at me and then told me that she had not cheated, but often thought of cheating, but she didn’t have the heart to ruin her marriage. I told her that I did play online because I found it exciting.

It was clear that there was a connection and sexual tension between us. I then told her that one thing I always remembered about her was the maroon panties and how much they both turned me on. She was surprised I still remembered them. She blushed in embarrassment and then said she had to get up to her room to call home. I wasn’t sure if I had blown it and we exchanged hugs, said goodnight and she left the bar.

I went back to my room and as I got ready for bed I was still thinking of Marissa. I got online to check my mail and there was mail from Marissa that said “I really enjoyed seeing you tonight and now remember why I liked you so much.” I sent back a thank you and told her the same and that I would think about her when I went to bed. She replied with “What does that mean?” and I told her to figure it out herself. She responded, “I can’t believe you were into my panties…pig. I will think about you as well.”

The conference ended the next day noon and in the morning I got up to go for a run around a lake near the hotel. While on the far side of the lake I saw Marissa running toward me. She was wearing shorts that showed her beautiful legs and her nice body. I turned around to join her for the last couple of miles of the run. I ran behind her on the path admiring her ass and thighs. As we neared the hotel, I told her that she looked great and had aged very well. She said thanks and then I told her that I enjoyed having seen her again after all these years and that I hoped we could stay in touch, at least a bit.

Marissa stopped and turned toward me and we got very close to each other. Then without warning she just leaned in and kissed me. It was a warm kiss that quickly led to us having our tongues intertwined. We moved closer pressing our bodies into each other. Not wanting to create a public spectacle, Sivas Escort Bayan I motioned to Marissa and we moved off the path and into the woods where we stood before a tree kissing. My back was to the tree and we kissed lustily for a couple of minutes. I pulled her close and my hands began to drift down her back and I grabbed her ass and pulled her closer. I was getting very horny and she felt great in my hands. Much to my disappointment, Marissa reached back and removed my hands from her ass while breaking broke off the kiss. She then just put her head down and said that kissing was a mistake and that she had to go. She turned and walked back to the hotel with me standing there trying to figure out what happened. After a minute I walked back to the hotel trying to make sense of it all.

The conference ended later that morning and I left for the airport so I could catch my flight to Frankfurt and then on to New York. At the airport in Frankfurt, I saw Marissa waiting for the New York flight I was taking back to the states. While waiting to board, I walked over to Marissa and just told her I was sorry. She said she was sorry and that she hoped I understood that she didn’t want to cross a boundary. We didn’t say another word and were not seated near each other once onboard the flight.

I thought about her on the flight not sure what to do and just sat there enjoying the meal. About two hours after take-off the pilot announced that we would be returning to Frankfurt due to an engine problem. As we approached Frankfurt they announced that our flight would not continue and we would be spending the night there and be put on another flight the next day. We landed and received hotel vouchers from the airline.

While waiting for the luggage I saw Marissa on her phone and she looked agitated. I waited until she hung up and then walked over to her. She seemed irritated after her call and I asked her if where she was going to stay. She didn’t know the area so I told her we could catch a shuttle to a local hotel. She agreed we were on our way.

It was well after 9 p.m. when we checked into our own rooms and then met for dinner. Marissa told me that the flight being cancelled had angered her family and she was mad that they just did not seem to understand. We ate and then I asked if she wanted to hit the hotel sauna and steam room before calling it a night. Marissa made a face at me and then said she would. Shortly thereafter I went to the spa dressed in my hotel robe, showered and then entered the sauna. I wondered if she would actually show up.

A couple of minutes later I heard the shower outside the sauna and then the door opened and in walked Marissa wrapped in a towel. I was sitting nude on my towel. She looked at me and then told me not to get any ideas. I smiled and told her not to worry. Marissa kept her towel on and sat on the nearby bench.

We talked a bit in the sauna and then I asked her if she wanted to go to the steam room. She said yes and told me to lead the way. I went into the steam room and quickly sat own so I could see her when she entered. To my delight, she removed her towel and I saw that she was completely bald down there. That image immediately went to my groin. I told her that seeing her naked excited me and she only smiled. When I moved to sit closer to her she told me that she did not want ruin things, so I stopped.

I told her that after seeing her naked, I was going to have to take care of business when I got back to my room. Marissa told me that with the flight problems and stress from being with me that she had a similar plan so that she could sleep. Her indicating Escort Sivas that she was planning on masturbating made me very excited and I told her that it would be fun to see her pleasure herself.

Quite unexpectedly, Marissa looked at me and then told me that she would let me watch, but that I could not touch her. I said “Yes” and then she said that she expected me to return the favor if she did it for me. I said “No problem, my pleasure.”

We quickly left the steam room, showered and walked to her room. When we went inside, she told me to sit down in a chair at the foot of her bed and I did. We were both still wearing our robes. Marissa told me she could not believe she was doing this and I told her it would be our secret.

Marissa went over to her bed, sat down and then opened her robe as she laid back on her pillows, facing me. The sight of her body was amazing and I think my mouth fell open immediately. I asked Marissa how often she masturbated and she told me that she did a few times a week. While we talked she played with her breasts and pinched her nipples, all the time just staring at me.

I opened my robe exposing my erect penis and Marissa smiled. She then spread her legs allowing me a full view of her gorgeous pussy. She moved one hand to her pussy and the other kept rubbing her breasts and stomach. Her pussy was completely shaven and the color of her red-painted fingernails disappearing inside her made me want to cum. I could tell Marissa was getting wet by the sounds of her breathing, the noise of her fingers in her pussy and she soon had both hands at her crotch. With one hand she fingered herself while with the other she played with her clit.

She closed her eyes and when I stood up to get a closer view she opened them while reminding me that there was “no touching” and I stayed a few feet away, lustily looking at her. Her breath began to labor and she soon began to reach her climax. Watching her cum was awesome and I could see the moisture in her crotch. It was fun seeing her stomach ripple as she had an orgasm and then began to wind down slowly.

The entire time I was either lightly stroking or watching while trying not to blow my load. As she finished she looked at me and nodded which told me it was time for me to cum. With a few strokes, I soon had myself cumming in ropes onto her robe between her legs. None of it hit her and she smiled lustily.

As I finished stroking, I took my finger and wiped the tip of my penis where some cum remained. I then offered her my finger and she reached out and pulled my finger to her mouth, tasting me. After swallowing, she smiled and then fingered herself and then offered them to me. I took a moment to smell them and then to taste her flowery goodness. It was awesome.

After our orgasms, I noticed that it was now nearly 1 a.m. and getting late. I was also experiencing post-orgasm guilt and I could tell she was too. I said “Marissa, that was awesome.” She told me that she enjoyed it as well, but that is was getting late and that I should probably get going. I told her I would see her in the morning, left and returned to my room.

The next morning after waking and taking a shower, I went down to the hotel lobby to check out. While checking out the clerk hand me large sealed envelope. I could tell from the feel that there was something soft inside. After checking out, I moved away from the desk to open the envelope with some privacy.

Inside the envelope was white silk bikini panties and a note. On the note Marissa had written- “I hate to run away like this, but I decided to try to catch an earlier flight back home. Last night was a fun reminder of why I liked you. Take these as a gift because I know that you enjoy them. I left a little reminder of me inside them.” I pulled the panties from the envelope and noticed that they were used and then sniffed them while enjoying the sweet scent of my old girlfriend.

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