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Meeting You

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I knew you were the one the minute I set eyes on you. It was at my nephew’s 21st birthday party and you were with my cousin Paula. I could see by the way she clung to you, that she was hoping to get you into her bed by the nights end. But there was something in the way you smiled at her that suggested her dreams would not be coming true. I watched you from across the room, taking in the beauty of you. You stood about 6′ 2″ and had the body of an athlete. Your shoulders begged for me to come and rest my head on them. Your brown wavy hair swirled to your shoulders and your deep blue eyes awakened a heat in me that I had not felt for sometime. I could feel my own cock stir with the desire I had for you.

I knew from the amount of beer I had seen my cousin consume, that she would need to visit the lavatories soon. As soon as she turned away, I made my move for you. Up close, you were even more invigorating than I could have imagined. I introduced myself as Robbie and you told me your name was Chris. Your eyes twinkled as you spoke to me and your smile lured me in closer. We spoke about non-important essentials, and then I asked you about you relationship with Paula. You explained that you were friends and nothing more even though you knew she wanted to push things further. You blushed as you informed that she was not exactly your type. When I asked what kind was your type, you leaned and whispered into my ear, “those of male persuasion.” My heart skipped a beat and I breathed in deeply as you took my earlobe into my mouth and gently suckled on it. I could feel myself begin to sway and you reached out to steady me. You pulled back, but kept a hand on my shoulder and locked me into a powerful gaze. With no words spoken, it was confirmed that I would leave with you.

Paula soon returned and you told her that you thought I was ill and would take me home. Although obviously disappointed, Paula agreed and sauntered off to join the party. With your arm around my shoulder, you guided Ankara escort me to front door and out onto the porch. It was a warm night and the sky sparkled from the flood of stars overhead. You turned me towards you and pulled me into a bone-melting kiss. I could hear fireworks explode as I leaned into your frame and returned the kiss with a passion of my own. Our tongues battled, tasting each other until we knew everything there was to know about each other mouths. Pulling apart, we descended the stairs and got into your car. I quivered with anticipation, not knowing if I would last the ride to your home. You reached over and gave my knee a reassuring squeeze.

Your home was about 20 minutes away. We pulled into the drive and were both out of the car before the engine stopped running. Just inside the door of your home, you pushed me back against the wall and begin kissing me again. I fumbled with the buttons on your shirt, breaking a few in my haste to remove it. Underneath, your bronze shoulders glistened with moisture. I leaned forward and ran my tongue around your left pert nipple, taking the right between my fingers and squeezing it. You tasted like oranges and soap. I licked harder wanting to savor the flavor for all time. You pulled away and put you hand under my chin. I fought against you, wanting to devour you where we stood.

You took my hand and led me into your bedroom. The room was huge with a king size bed in the center. You laid me down on the bed and proceeded to remove my shirt. Your hands stroked my chest, bringing me nipples to erect peaks. I groaned and reached for you, but you batted my hands away. You slowly worked your way down my chest to waist of pants, stopping to circle my navel before sliding your hand into my pants and stroking me. By now, I was rock hard and feel of your hand on my burning skin caused me to jerk. My groans became whispers, begging you to bring me to release. I tried to touch you, to feel your hardness in my own hands, but you stayed Ankara escort bayan out of reach. Finally, you disposed of my pants and briefs. You stepped away and admired my form splayed across your bed.

My cock twitched, and you smiled before returning to me. You took me into both your hands and stroked the flames even higher. I closed my eyes, my breathing becoming erratic, when all of a sudden I felt like I was being electrocuted. I opened my eyes and saw that you had taken me into your mouth. Your lips closed around me and you took me all the way into the back of your throat. I was in ecstasy. I could feel your hand stroking my balls, rolling them around and around in your palm. Your other hand massaged my ass cheeks, working your fingers through the crack and fondling my puckered rim. I told you that I couldn’t last much longer. My hips were bucking to meet the downward strokes of your fantastic mouth.

Once again you moved away, but this time you reached for the belt on your jeans. I watched as you unfastened the belt, before undoing each and everyone button of your button-fly jeans. You grabbed your pants by the waist and slowly pushed them downward, but you ran into a little trouble due to the swell in your crotch area. With a bit more force, you were able to get your pants down and stepped out of them. You stood there naked, except for the blue briefs you wore. Your arousal was clearly evident, as the head protruded from the waistband. You turned your back to me wiggling your ass, removed your briefs. Your perfectly bronzed butt showed no signs of tan lines.

Turning back to face me, I took in a deep breath at the size of monster of you sported. Its big purple head held me in a magnetic trance. You moved toward the edge of the bed, your member bouncing with every step you took, threatening to detach itself from you and take me to new heights. Once you were in reach, I took you into me hands, in absolute awe at how my fingers barely circled you completely. Escort Ankara I couldn’t wait much longer, so I began tracing my tongue up and down the length of you. I wanted to feel you deep in my throat, so I took you into my mouth as far as I could. I could feel your strength ebbing through the veins the pulsated along the length of your masterful specimen. I needed to feel you deep inside my body. I wanted more than anything, for you to take me completely.

You must have sensed what I wanted, for you pushed me back onto the bed and climbed up with me. You lay along side me and gathered me into another kiss. As hot as the previous kisses were, this one surpassed the two, and it took all my might not to cum from just the feel of your lips on mine alone. You moved so that you were situated between my legs, with everyone touch my body quivered and I whimpered for you to take me. You reached for the nightstand and grabbed a tube of lubricant. You placed a generous amount on my anus and greased your tool as well. I held my breath as you lined yourself up for entrance. I could feel you enter me. My body began to feel full as inch after inch of you made its way towards the welcoming party.

Finally, you were in to the hilt. You sat still for moment, allowing me to become accustomed to you. After several moments, you pushed my knees back towards my chest and began to thrust quickly into me. I grabbed hold of my cock and stroked it in time to your thrust. I was in complete bliss. It did not take long before I could feel myself build up and knew that I would boil over any minute. I groaned to you take I was going to cum, and you thrust harder and harder, until I could feel you begin to shake uncontrollably. I called out your name and shot the biggest wads of cum in my life. My orgasm was so intense, that for a brief moment I thought I was going to die. I felt so complete, that I didn’t mind if I did.

The weight of your body brought me out of my revelry. I held you in my arms until your breathing returned to normal. We kissed and fell asleep. That was our first meeting over 25 years ago. Today I feel just as strongly for you as I did then. Happy Anniversary dear, and here’s to 25 more years together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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