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Megan’s Independence Day

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Every 4th of July, it was the same thing: gathering by Gran’ma Martha’s homestead, everyone bringing this and that for the potluck dinner; then down to Cold Creek, where watermelons had been floating in the icy water for most of the day. The youngest of the brood usually braved the breath-taking water of the creek, splashing and wading gleefully. The older crew lazed against its banks, carefully watching their charges while trying to cram a year’s worth of conversation into a few short hours. Some came to this annual reunion to catch up on family, some came for the food, and some, like Jim Anderson, came to clear his head at the old family farm.

Later, everyone feasted on cold watermelon from the creek; it’s sweet, frigid juices sliding down first one face then another. As darkness took over the farm, the fireworks were brought out, much to the delight of the children both young and old. As he watched the young peoples faces light up in awe at the rainbow of lights shimmering out from the loud claps, it never ceased to amaze Jim how each of his nieces and nephews grew from one family reunion to the next. One in particular: Megan.

She caught Jim’s eye as she flitted by in her bright pink bikini, her girlish figure now sporting some rather womanly curves. He listened as her laugh floated on the air, and watched as she pulled a large t-shirt over her body, which was still shivering from the frigid water of the creek. She brushed her dark hair back, her green eyes shimmered with delight as first one and then another of her relatives remarked about how much she’d matured over the past year, despite the hardships she’d had to endure of late.

Megan was Jim’s brother, John’s, eldest. John had always been the family’s golden boy, but when cancer took him a couple of years ago, it was Jim that stepped in to see that the family was cared for. John’s wife, Trudy, had remained close to the family “for the sake of the kids”, even though her life went rather swiftly on. Trudy married a ne’er-do-well construction worker named Rand within months after John’s death, and had moved from the family’s homestead there in the small town of Anderson Creek to the big city of Abilene. Jim hated Trudy’s new husband, and it was that fact that was causing such a stir within Jim. It was that fact that caused him to come to the farm, for Jim had been offered a job in Abilene, not far from where Rand and Trudy lived. He wasn’t sure he wanted to be that close, he wasn’t sure he could keep his disdain in check.

It was mostly Rand’s drinking and heavy-handedness with the children bothered Jim. Jim had been watching all day, his eyes narrowing, as Rand became drunker and drunker. Jim gritted his teeth as Rand continued ranting and raving at Megan over first one thing then another throughout the day.

Rand grabbed Megan by the arm as she headed to the creek to join her cousins: “C’mere you…. you slut. Look at that swimsuit… you can barely call it that. More like dental floss and bandaids. Why don’t you just hang a “for sale’ sign around your goddamn neck?!” She shook free of him, only to accidentally tip over the beer he had carelessly sat on the ground at his feet.

“GODDAMN IT GIRL! Can you be any clumsier?!” Megan mumbled a lackluster apology, feeling the stares of her relatives piercing her skin.

The tension between Megan and Rand built all day long. Megan did her best to steer clear of him, but finally, at the end of the day in one last slovenly rampage, Rand screamed, “I told you to bring me another fucking beer, you bitch!” and took a swing at Megan. Megan, confused, humiliated, and frightened, ran off toward the woods that were intermittently illuminated by the glittering fireworks that exploded in the nighttime sky.

It took all the willpower Jim could muster not to burst in between them and take Rand by the throat. He had wanted to throttle that man since meeting him two reunions ago, but more than that, he was appalled at the lack of intervention by anyone, especially Trudy. Trudy stood nearby, watching Rand treat her daughter that way and rather than step in, she turned away.

Despite his anger and disgust at his own family’s negligence, the only person that was truly on Jim’s mind was Megan. He suddenly understood why she shied away from the men in the family when they greeted her, why she seemed so reluctant to leave with her mother at the end of the gatherings of late. Jim decided to go find Megan and talk with her, since no one else seemed concerned enough to do so. He grabbed a nearby lantern and turned in the direction the young girl had gone, worried that in the darkness she might get lost.

Jim made his way carefully across the pasture toward the darkly looming trees. He softly called out, “Megan? Megan… it’s me… it’s Uncle Jim. Honey, it’s okay…”

Straining to hear over the popping of the fireworks overhead, Jim heard faint sniffling. “Megan? Baby, is that you?”

“Over here, Uncle Jim…”

He followed her soft voice, only to find her curled against a tree, her face wet with tears.

“Oh, zümrütevler escort bayan Uncle Jim… he’s horrible! Why did Daddy have to die? Why did Mom have to marry that creep?! He… He…” She stifled a sob, trying to find the courage to go on. “Uncle Jim… he tries to touch me!”

Jim sat back on his heels, taking Megan’s chin into his hand and turning her face up to his. “Honey… has he ever…”

“NO! But he sure has tried. Momma won’t believe me. I’ve tried to tell her… honest, I have.”

Jim cradled the sobbing girl, who sagged limply in his arms. The perfume of her hair wafted to his nose. It was a scent of both woman and child, and it made him almost drunk with desire. Pushing her from his arms, Jim struggled to find a way to be comfortable in his now-confining shorts.

“What, Uncle Jim? Did I say something wrong?”

“Oh, no, Honey! You didn’t say anything wrong. I was just noticing what a big girl you are now!”

Megan blushed. “Gee, you think so? DUH, Uncle Jim! I mean… I AM 18… or didn’t you remember that? I’m all grown up. Almost.”

“Yeah, Megan, I remember and I can SEE that. That’s probably why that idiot Rand thought he could get away with touching you.”

“What do you mean?”

“Megan, you are a beautiful woman, full of life and innocence. There are some people that envy that innocence so much that they want to take it away. Like Rand does.”

“You think I’m beautiful?”

“Oh, sweetheart… don’t tell your cousins, but I always have thought you were the most beautiful and special of them all”

Megan hugged Jim close. She felt the light sheen of perspiration that had formed on his skin; she felt his heart pounding in his chest. She raised her head to look at Jim.

“Uncle Jim?”

“Yes, Megan?”

She pushed him away just enough so that she could look into his eyes. She took his face into her soft, warm hands and spoke clearly and softly to him:

“For most of my life, you have been there for me. You were the one that dried my tears after Daddy died, and you are the one that came to make sure I was okay tonight. I love you with all my heart and soul. I have been experimenting some with the boys I date, but I know it can’t be like what Rand tries to do to me.”

Jim blinked, and then blinked again. His mouth opened, but for a moment, only breath escaped. He was looking into the most incredible green eyes and the most innocent face, alive with anticipation and longing and hope.

“Oh, honey… I… uh… what do you mean, ‘What Rand tries to do to you’?”

“Well, he comes in drunk sometimes, and he sneaks into my room, gets in the bed with me and slobbers all over me. His hands are like sandpaper and he pinches me. Then he starts to bite and growl like an animal… by then, I’m pushing and kicking so hard that he usually gives up. But every time, Uncle Jim, he says to me, ‘Some day, you little slut, you’re gonna know you’ve been had!’ I’m not a slut, Uncle Jim… I swear I’m not!” She hesitated for a moment, all the fiery anger finally burned out of her. She took a big breath, looked Jim square in the eyes, and then quietly said, “I’m a virgin.”

Megan’s eyes welled with tears once again. Jim cradled her, feeling her warm, trembling body against his. But this time, it felt different. He noticed her curves, how she fit against him so perfectly. He noticed her heartbeat, her breathing, how sweet she smelled. She had always turned him on with that sly little grin and those flashing green eyes; but this time it felt deeper and more meaningful. As the anger over what she had to endure welled up in him, so did his resolve: he had to show her that real men aren’t like Rand Ashland.

He pulled her body closer to his, and tilted her face up to him. Lowering his head slightly, he allowed his lips to brush hers in a soft kiss. Cradling her face, his mouth took gentle possession of hers, but yet he felt her hesitation, her fear as the reality of the situation hit him. He meant only to comfort her, but he felt her stiffen and push against him.

“Princess, I didn’t mean to scare you. Oh, baby, I’m so sorry. Can you ever forgive me?”

He watched as a tangle of emotion clouded her face. He felt her hand reach to the back of his head instead of pushing him away as he was expecting, her fingers gently played with the hair on his neck. He barely breathed, watching and waiting for an affirmation of what was about to happen; he had to know if she was afraid… or interested. He stroked the hair from her forehead, running his hand through its silkiness as he inwardly wondered what she was thinking.

Momentarily, her hand gripped his neck in a gentle tug, her eyelids lowering in anticipation of his mouth meeting hers yet again. He held her to his chest, his hand in her soft chestnut hair, holding her mouth against his as his lips roamed hers. Finally, her lips parted in sweet surrender to his tongue, which flicked playfully against her own.

He broke the kiss, aydınlı escort bayan and cradling her in his lap, he took a moment to look into Megan’s face. A look of love and lust fought for attention on her brow as she said, “Wow. That was better than any of those boys, and certainly better than Rand!”

Jim laughed at the rather childish remark, but then turned serious: “I hope you don’t think I want more from you than you’re willing to give me, Princess. I don’t want you to think I’m going to force you like Rand did… I love you too much for that!”

Megan sighed. “Uncle Jim, I know you love me and will take care of me. I know you don’t think of me as a slut that is merely alive to be used like Rand thinks I am. I need to know how it feels… to be loved that way… and I want you to be my first. I’ve always wanted it secretly, but now I know you want it, too. Will you make love to me, Uncle Jim? Please?”

He kissed her again, this time with the passion of a lover rather than the reserve of an uncle. He stroked her body outside of her clothing, listening to the quickening of her breath as his hands explored her. Finally, his hands snaked under her t-shirt to find the strings of her bikini top, and once the fastenings were located, the top quickly became a distant memory.

Jim maneuvered Megan onto some softer grass, and gently lowered her back until the cool softness tickled against the back of her neck, all the while keeping her mouth occupied with his. He lifted his head once, only to be greeted by a breathless smile from his niece.

“Megan, baby, are you sure about this? We can stop now, and we won’t be violating any moral or sacred codes… and I promise I won’t be upset if you do want to stop. But I’m going to tell you one thing, Princess; whether we do or we don’t… I’m not going to let the likes of Rand Ashland be your first. I will see to that myself!”

Megan melted inside. She suddenly felt so safe and warm and loved. Feelings that her dad had left behind, but that she had carefully packed away for fear that no one would ever make her feel like that again. She snuggled close to Jim.

“I want you, Uncle Jim. All of you. I am scared, but I know you’ll take care of me and love me the way a woman needs to be loved.”

Jim kissed her forehead, then her eyes, and then her nose. He dipped his head and kissed her chin as he pushed her t-shirt over her body to expose the bronzed skin beneath. Her breasts fairly glistened in the moonlight from both the sheen of sweat and from their whiteness, which was such a stark contrast to the rest of Megan’s sun-kissed skin.

Jim took first one then the other carefully in his hands, nibbling at the pink nipples until they stood proudly in the pale moonlight. Megan’s hands stroked Jim’s head as he kissed and nibbled at her body… moving slowly down her torso until he came to the top of her bikini bottoms.

Megan raised up on her elbows, looking at Jim lying between her legs, his eyes studying her face… questioning. She smiled and raised her hips in assent, allowing him to slide the fabric over her buttocks, knees and finally off her feet to be discarded nearby.

Jim touched Megan carefully, knowing her body was trying to adjust to being stimulated in so many different ways. His hands were never soft, but this night, they became as chamois, soothing away Megan’s fear and distrust. He stroked her shins and thighs, cooing and touching her as one would a skittish mare that was in need of breaking.

He slid back on top of Megan, allowing her to feel his need against her thigh as they kissed and touched each other. Jim raised himself on his elbows to look at his niece’s face, for he never tired of seeing the wonder in her eyes as her body discovered new pleasures.

He slid his mouth down her body once again, this time with a special target in mind. When he reached the top of her mound, he stopped and began to kiss the inside of her thighs. Megan began to whimper with the need to feel Jim’s mouth on places that, until this moment, only she dared touch. Suddenly, Jim leaned forward and took her entire clit into is mouth, sucking her softly until he felt her entire body spasm in response.

“OOOOHHHHHGGGOOOODDDDDDDHHHEELELPPPMEEE!!” Megan screamed as her first male-induced orgasm swept through her young body.

Jim backed off her clit, inserted his finger deeply into her pussy and whispered encouragements to her: “That’s it, Princess. Just let it go. Feels so good, doesn’t it?! Yeah… you’re squeezing my finger so hard… you’re so tight! Oh, yeah, baby… cum for me… cum for your Uncle Jim…!”

He waited until her muscles ceased clenching at his finger, and then he withdrew the finger and put it to her lips.

“Taste yourself, little girl. See how sweet you taste to me when I suck your pussy.”

Megan wrinkled her nose, but opened her lips and sucked the nectar from his finger. She smiled, realizing it did, indeed, taste rather sweet! Jim wasn’t finished having his niece for dessert, he gebze escort again attacked her pussy like a starving man attacks a steak, licking and sucking and moaning… making Megan cum twice more before he finally raised his face from her dripping snatch.

Jim pulled himself from between Megan’s legs until he was beside her. He reached for her opposite hand and rolled her to face him, placing her hand on his now-raging cock. She flinched at first, but then took on a sort of fascination with it, touching and fondling Jim until he winced with pleasure.

“Yeah, baby… that’s it… touch it there. Now careful, stroke it up and down like this. Put your other hand under my balls. Yeah… like that. Easy, baby, you’re gonna make me cum in a minute…”

Megan got that mischievous glint in her eye. She had tasted herself, but this time she wanted to taste him. She wriggled her body around and stuck out her tongue to gingerly touch the pearlescent drop of pre-cum on the head. Once she discovered that he tasted as good as she did, she engulfed the head of his cock with her mouth. Jim’s head lolled back and a guttural groan came from his chest… signaling that she was doing everything just perfectly.

“Uncle Jim, if you cum now, can we still… y’know… do it?”

Jim laughed at the way she put it so delicately. “Well, I’m not as young as I used to be, so it might take me a while to recover. I know we don’t have all night tonight, so maybe it’s best if we stop….”

“NO! NO, please no!” Megan pouted, her eyes holding a look of disappointment that made Jim squirm.

“Princess, that’s not what I meant. I meant YOU better stop or I’m gonna cum and then I won’t be able to make love to you… not completely anyway.”

“Oh… ” Megan immediately dropped her hand from Jim’s raging cock, causing it to slap obscenely against his belly.


“Sorry, Uncle Jim… I guess I have a lot to learn.”

“I’m gonna teach you, Princess…. but right now…. ” Jim turned to Megan, pushing her carefully onto her back. He maneuvered himself between her legs, reaching down to run a finger up her dripping slit.

“Oh, my! My little girl’s awfully wet! Are you ready for me to make love to you?”

“Ohmygod… yessssssss!” Megan arched her body to Jim, displaying her readiness. Jim eased himself down her body and lowered his mouth to her clit yet again, wanting to bring her to the brink before he pushed his cock into her for the first time.


She made a most unladylike, guttural sound… and Jim thrust his finger into her pussy so he could feel her pulse around it. The spasms almost made his cock burst; he was so ready to have this little minx all to himself.

Jim raised himself over Megan, his hips against hers, his cockhead at the entrance to her body. He watched without moving, watching the lust roll across her face as she humped her clit against his cock, as she tried to make her own body swallow his throbbing member. With a slight tilt of his hips, Jim felt her body give way and begin to expand and accept the warm muscle; he gently and carefully advanced it until he felt the head come in contact with the barrier.

Megan’s eyes were wide with wonder as she panted, “Oh, God, Uncle Jim… I feel so full…!”

“Sweetheart, you only have about half of my cock inside you. I’m against your hymen… your maidenhead. It’s what makes a girl a girl, and what I’ll have to push through to make you a true woman. Are you sure you want me to do this?”

“Please, Jim…. I need you.” He looked at her for a moment: she didn’t call him “uncle”. For the first time, she saw him as a man, and it made his cock throb to think of himself as her lover rather than her family.

“Baby, it’s gonna hurt a little when I break through. Let me get you really close to cumming first…” Jim began to shallow hump the young girl, letting her experience his cock’s movements inside her nubile body. He put his hands under her hips to tilt her slightly so that her clit was rubbing against his cock as he entered and withdrew, a technique that was obviously working because her breathing was now more puffing than anything.

“ohhhhhhh…. I….I…. uuuuuuuggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!” Megan’s eyes began to roll back as her orgasm gripped her; Jim felt her wet cunt clasp around his cock. Knowing this was the moment, he thrust his hips forward. Her moans turned into a slight yelp as he pushed through her maidenhead and rested his cock fully inside her. He felt her muscles contract around his cock, now housed in her warm velvet tube. Neither of them moved for a moment, afraid to break the magical spell that held them in its timeless embrace.

“Princess, you’re now a woman. You’re now mine.” Jim began to carefully fuck his niece, thrusting gently in and out of her pussy. He gave her long, slow strokes, waiting for a reaction. Megan was so overwhelmed by all the sensations that she lay rigid under her uncle, but his tender ministrations began to coax her body, and soon he felt her hips begin to rock in rhythm. Her pussy juice began to coat his cock and run down his balls as they slapped against her ass. Her ass. Yes, that would be another step for this beautiful girl; but for the moment he was entranced by the soft moans and the undulations of the young woman now joined at the hips with him.

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