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Melanie’s College Break Ch. 02

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As she showered, Melanie remembered with a smile the first time her mum had caught her masturbating. She had just turned 18, Dale and Melanie’s mum, Emily, had just finished having a more than usually loud sex session, and Melanie was caught up in the sound of them having such good sex. When they went quiet, Melanie was still wanking her brains out, just this side of a really powerful orgasm of her own. Although she’d tried so very hard to be quiet, Melanie was doing some pretty loud moaning and whimpering of her own. She cried out as the first tsunami wave of her orgasm hit her and at that exact moment, Emily was coming through Melanie’s bedroom door. Melanie couldn’t stop, her fingers still working at lightning speed between her legs, her orgasm was so big it overtook her in convulsions.

Emily stood nude just inches from the side of Melanie’s bed, Dale’s and her own juices glistening together on her skin from her belly to her knees in the pale moonlight. She suddenly realized that her daughter wasn’t at all in pain or injured in any way, nor was she having a nightmare. She was in the middle of a powerful orgasm and Emily was intruding. She watched her daughter as wave after wave of glorious orgasm swept over her.

Mother and daughter nudity wasn’t anything new with Emily and Melanie. Since Melanie was an infant, they had bathed together. Melanie’s father went missing before she was born, so for many years it was just her and Emily. Especially in the hottest part of the summer, it would be nothing for them to bathe together in a cool tub and then laze about their apartment nude, even after Emily had met and married Dale. Even though Dale didn’t participate in the baths or their special time, he was aware of it all. Emily, being quite young herself, didn’t put up all of the same parental boundaries most other parents had with their children. This was the first time, though, that they were nude together in conjunction with sex. Emily saw Melanie in a whole new light, and Emily was finding herself very turned on by it.

Melanie, now thinking she was in some sort of trouble, began crying as her orgasm faded. “Oh, Mummy!” she managed between shudders, “I’m sorry…”

Emily forgot all about the sex juices on her and sat next to Melanie and put her arms around her still orgasming daughter. Still fresh from her own orgasm, Emily’s nipples instantly hardened as they came in contact with şirinevler escort Melanie’s soft, warm flesh. She held her sobbing daughter close and shushed her ear. “There’s nothing at all for you to be sorry about, my love. Nothing at all. You’re a beautiful young woman and women need sexual release as much as men do. If anything it’s me who should be apologizing for intruding.”

And with that, Emily kissed her. It was the same mother – daughter kiss they’d shared countless times, but this time, it was different. This time, they lingered a little. This time there was something else there.

Emily loosened her hold on Melanie and Melanie fell cradled in her mother’s arms. Emily smiled and looked upon her daughter’s beautiful face, a face so very beautiful and so very similar to her own. The fear of being in trouble had left Melanie’s face and was replaced by post-orgasmic calm.

“Do you do that often?” Emily broke the silence.

“What? Play with myself?” smiled Melanie as she brushed her hand across her pubes.

“Yes, darling. Do you?” Emily smiled a reassuring smile.

“Almost as often as you and Dale have sex. I can’t help it, Mum, there’s something in hearing you two that gets me all excited. I mean, look at you! Your nipples are still hard enough to suck and you’ve got sex all over you.” Melanie drew a finger across Emily’s belly from her pubes to her navel. Emily felt a new tingle in her clit and her nipples got even harder. “Is that you or is that Dale?” Melanie asked, her wet fingertip raised between them.

“A little bit of both, I’d say,” smiled Emily. She was trying to not sound turned on. But she could feel that she was. When Melanie’s finger disappeared into her mouth, Emily could feel new wetness growing between her legs.

“Mmmm,” smiled Melanie as she slowly pulled her finger from her mouth. “I like it. It tastes different from when I lick my fingers when I’m playing with myself, but I like it.”

“Well, yes,” said Emily, almost matter-of-fact, trying to control her excitement, “it would taste different. You and I would taste a little different to begin with, but that has Dale’s spunk mixed in.”

Emily suddenly wasn’t talking to her daughter, but to another woman, and about sex. And it was really turning her on. Emily had never balked at her own taste on Dale’s mouth when he’d kiss her after şerifali escort licking her pussy, or when he’d fuck her to her orgasm then she would take him in her mouth for his. She actually liked it and would sometimes masturbate just so she could taste her own wetness. But she’d never had sex, or even talked much about sex, with any other woman. Emily was a full year younger than Melanie’s age when Melanie was born and, with only three brief exceptions, hadn’t had any non-masturbatory sex until she met Dale.

“Mum?” Melanie’s voice brought Emily’s attention back.

“Sorry, love, just lost in thought…”

Emily’s sentence was cut short by the feeling of Melanie’s finger again on her belly. Not Melanie’s fingertip, this time, either, but the side of her finger, wiping more of Emily and Dale’s combined juices from her. And this time, Melanie went further into Emily’s neatly trimmed pubes. Emily shuddered and grabbed Melanie’s wrist before the finger once again disappeared into Melanie’s mouth.

Instead, Emily held the finger between them and then wiped the wetness across Melanie’s lips and bent to kiss her. This was by far no mother – daughter kiss. This was a kiss of passion. This was a kiss of sexual energy. This was a kiss of lust.

With their tongues intertwining, Emily brought Melanie’s finger back to her pubes. But, instead of stopping there, Emily guided Melanie’s finger into Emily’s waiting slit. As Melanie’s finger brushed by Emily’s swollen clit, they both moaned and Emily again shuddered. Melanie brought her finger back and put it between their tongues.

Emily broke their kiss and leant back, her breasts rising and falling, her breathing laboured, and her mind swimming. She quickly scanned the bed and then repositioned herself to lay back on her elbows and open her legs.

Melanie had also never been with another woman, but seeing her mother’s open legs before her, she knew exactly what they both wanted, and exactly what to do. Melanie went straight for Emily’s wet, open, inviting, beautiful pussy. She immediately drove her tongue into her mother’s open hole, licking and tasting Emily and what was left of Dale’s earlier deposited load. As she licked and sucked at Emily’s pussy, Emily cupped her breasts and pulled her nipples, one then the other, to her mouth so she could lick them. It didn’t take long before şişli escort Emily was writhing in orgasm and covering her daughter’s face with even more of her wetness.

When she’d orgasmed beyond counting and couldn’t take any more, after a few tries, Emily brought Melanie’s face from between her legs and up to her hungry mouth. She didn’t just kiss Melanie, but licked and sucked her lips and face, sharing her own juices with her daughter. They kissed and held each other close, and Emily continued to tremble as her first ever sapphic orgasm faded.

“That was so good, Mummy,” breathed Melanie. “I came right with you. Now I have something else to think about when I wank!” Melanie kissed Emily and rolled off of her to position herself to her mother’s side.

“I can’t believe what we just did,” Emily managed after a few deep breaths. “You were absolutely amazing. Have you and some of your school chums been practicing?”

“No, Mum. I’ve not been with anybody. Seriously. There’s nobody that I want to do it with, boy or girl. And, until now, girls weren’t really part of it.”

Emily could tell by Melanie’s tone that she was telling the truth. “Well, my darling, if you do decide to go with girls, the lucky one won’t ever want to let you go!”

“Have you ever been with another girl, Mum?”

“Not until you, my love, not until you. But I’m not giving up Dale go run about the wood all naked and giggly.”

“Could we please do this again, then?”

Melanie finished her shower, dried herself off, quickly threw on a t-shirt and a pair of shorts, no bra, no underwear, and hurried downstairs. She kissed Emily’s cheek and smiled at Dale before she sat down at the table.

Emily and Dale talked about Emily’s day at work while Melanie devoured Emily’s home made shepperd’s pie. The more Emily and Dale talked, the more Melanie lost herself in picturing them both nude, fucking right there on the kitchen table. She pictured Dale pulling out of Emily’s sopping wet pussy just in time to spray his glorious spunk all over Emily’s heaving tits and belly and pussy for Melanie to lick up. A small moan escaped her lips.

“Slow down, girl! If you eat too fast you’ll choke!” smiled Dale.

At that, Melanie almost did choke. As Dale was speaking to her, she was just imagining taking his cock into her mouth. Timing is everything.

“You ok, love?” asked Emily.

Melanie nodded as she tried to regain her composure. Though between the fantasy and the coughing, Melanie’s nipples were straining through her already close fitting t-shirt and Melanie could feel herself blushing. She took a big drink of her soda and sat back in her chair. Dale and Emily finished their supper, unaware of Melanie’s fantasy.

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