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Melissa’s Passion

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:: For V ::

Horizons was full of surprises that year. I met several of my on-line friends for the first time during the course of the weekend event, but the most exciting aspect of those three days involved two particular members of the Net SF community.

Their names were Melissa and Ian. I had gotten to know Melissa originally in the sci-fi chat rooms, but I quickly discovered that she had a taste for erotica and soon she was turned on to my writing, so our conversations moved over to private chats. Needless to say, we burned up data lines between the two coasts several times a week. Ian, on the other hand, was someone I knew occasionally from the chats, but had never come to know well. He was from the UK and occasionally joined us for private chats when the times matched up, but those sessions never turned erotic.

When Melissa told me she was going to the big Horizons con in Chicago, I couldn’t wait to order my tickets. We agreed we should each get our own rooms, for the sake of appearance, but that she would let me crash in hers when “needed”. We both knew what “crash” really meant, but the sci-fi fan world is probably the biggest gossip forum on entire the planet, so we had to be careful. What neither of us knew at the time, though, was that Ian was going to show up at the last minute, and that changed *everything*…

* * * * *

The pool was a pleasant venue for us to get to know each other. Chatting and laughing, playing games in the water. Just a bit of social, public fun. But as the other hotel and convention guests departed, we found ourselves alone. Ian and Melissa began cuddling on the steps other side while I watched them. It was 2:30 in the morning. Perfect time for what was about to happen…

The two of them a passionate kissing marathon. Her hand grasping the back of his head as their mouths opened wide and their tongues clashed. His arms wrapped around Melissa’s shoulder blades, pulling her close to him. She reached one arm around his waist, below the water line, and pulled him on top of her. Soon she was pinned to the concrete stairs, the water lapping up around them, Ian between her legs, his mouth never breaking from hers. Her arms tightened around him, pulling him firmly down against her ample breasts. Melissa could feel the firmness of his manhood through his trunks, swollen against the soft bulge in her own bathing suit. It was incredibly erotic watching them move together with such desire. I continued to float gently in the shallow end as I observed them, growing more aroused with every minute.

Before long, their kissing and gentle movements rose to an intense orgy of writhing and thrusting. Melissa’s hands clasped tightly over Ian’s ass as he playfully bit into her throat. Her head was thrown back and she gasped and growled deeply. His erection must have been rubbing her roughly down there, because she was thrusting back hard in response. Seeming as if she could wait no longer, Melissa tugged on the elastic of Ian’s trunks and, during one of her passionate thrusts, pulled them aggressively down over his buttocks. Then she used her feet to remove them completely, casting them off to float in the water. After a moment’s shock, Ian continued ravaging Lissa’s throat, but his hands moved to her shoulders, where they grabbed the straps of her suit and pulled them down, tugging the material clear past her breasts. I found myself moving a little closer to the action as Ian admired her chest. Her breasts were large, but very beautiful. They shifted erotically in the water, her nipples tight from the sudden exposure to the coolness around them … or maybe it was Ian. Either way, she was definitely aroused and I knew I needed to be a part of this.

Melissa lifted her right breast to Ian’s mouth. He took the nipple eagerly between his lips, clutching her breast with his left hand like a baby bottle. Meanwhile, I slipped next to her on the stairs and put my over her tummy, holding onto her hip, my knee gently pressing against her left bosom. She turned her head and raised her chin. I cupped her cheek, lowered my lips and kissed her softly, making it last for many long seconds, but Lissa’s tongue pushed through impatiently, burying itself into my mouth. It seared the inside of my cheek, my gums and my teeth before it attacked my own tongue with passionate fury. I felt weak and could barely hold on to her. I had to clutch her hip tighter in order to steady myself. She was burning into my soul.

As Ian continued feasting on her, I let my hand slip from Melissa’s face and drop to her chest. It slid its way down to her other breast, feeling the soft globe, kneading it gently, taking the nipple between its thumb and forefinger and rubbing it, tugging it, making Lissa squirm with delight. Ian, meanwhile, was suckling like a hungry baby, taking her nipple, her areola — as much of her bosom as he could — into his mouth. Melissa writhed and threw her head back, breaking our kiss. I let my own oral attentions wander down to her breasts, feeling the roughness of her nipple against my lips before I took it between them. It was as wonderful to taste her as antalya escort it was to hear her moans of delight. After so much time sharing virtual affections and creating vivid fantasies about each other, to finally have Melissa’s body in my hands was absolutely incredible! And, to make it extra special, there were *two* of us tending to her ample chest — fondling, squeezing, kissing, suckling, biting — with Lissa contorting underneath us. It was going to be an incredible night.

I snaked a hand downward, running into Ian’s fingers just above her pussy. Together our hands slid downward over the soft bulge in Melissa’s bathing suit, cupping and massaging her covered sex. Feeling the heat of her sex through her clothing, Ian and I began to knead our fingers, clutching and squeezing her mound. We continued sucking and teasing her nipples as Lissa reached down with both hands and clutched the stairs to maintain her balance. She rocked her hips, pressing upward against our hands. It was obvious that she was loving the feel of our hands grabbing at her hot center.

Then both of us had the right idea: at nearly the same time, Ian and I pulled away from Melissa’s chest and moved our attentions downward, watching her breasts floating, lightly swaying in the water as we departed. Together, sliding our fingers under her rolled-down suit, we pulled it smoothly down over her ass, reveling her dark-haired sex. Then we slipped it off her legs and tossed it out into the water to float alongside Ian’s trunks. We sat back for a moment, admiring the thick black triangle between her legs, sometimes blurred as the water covered it, sometimes sharp, damp and glistening when the water receded. Melissa’s slit, visible as her legs moved apart while trying to hold herself still in the water, was partially open, revealing a deep pinkness within, which taunted us, beckoning us to enter. Ian and I took up positions on either side of her legs. I reached out with my left hand and rested the palm at the top of her mound, dropping my thumb down into the cleft of her labia. I began to gently massage near her clitoris while Ian’s fingers invaded her slit, pushing two of them up into her vagina. Together we pleasured her, rubbing and pumping our hands all over her pussy, listening to Melissa stifling gasps of extreme pleasure. Her hips shuddered as they started thrusting against our touch. She rocked her ass, rolling her back in waves, trying to bring on an orgasm. Ian could feel her insides trembling as he worked his digits around inside her birth canal. I rubbed furiously against the bud of her clit, making it harder and causing Lissa to cry out. She was getting close.

Then Ian pulled his fingers out and nudged her legs apart. She spread them eagerly as he slipped between them and lowered his head towards her pussy. I took advantage for the momentary freedom and slid my hand all the way down over her mound, feeling the dampness of her juices covering my fingers, and plunged a couple of my own into her. She was slick and hot inside and it felt so wonderful to touch her there, but then Ian’s face came into view and I withdrew. He brushed his lips and chin against her sex. He began to work around with his tongue, swirling around her clitoris, stroking the edges of her labia, then pushing his tongue forward into her slit. I watched this erotic scene, absently stroking Melissa’s tummy, occasionally dropping down into her pubic hair, and taking in the heady scent of sex mixed with chlorine while listening to the soft moans coming from Lissa’s mouth. She worked her hips, rubbing her pussy against Ian’s face, just as he was working his tongue into her body. I wondered how long either of them could hold out…

Eventually Ian pulled his mouth away from Melissa, his face covered with her juices, and offered me an opportunity a taste of our lover’s bounty. I anxiously replaced him between her legs and, taking her sumptuous buttocks into my hands, lifted her above the water and lowered my head to feast on her enticing sex. My mouth was greeted by the salty, tangy flavor of her passion, yet it seemed as sweet as nectar in my mind. I plunged my tongue deep into her, thinking of all the times we had talked on-line and on the phone about making love, and I gave everything I could to pleasure her. I was enjoying the taste and aroma of Lissa’s beautiful body, experiencing her hot, wet passion in a very special way.

I kneaded her smooth, round bottom, squeezing the powerful muscles of her ass and stroking the crevice with my fingers. Back and forth I worked them, spreading her cheeks wider as they worked toward her anus. As my tongue drew wide circles between her labia, my thumbs began to pull her puckered aperture open, using the moisture running down from her pussy to smooth the way for my thumb to enter her. I heard Melissa gasp as it disappeared into her body, sliding up to the root. I could feel her muscular ring gripping it tightly, amid the slick, wet smoothness of her hot rectum. I began moving my thumb back and forth and recruited the palm of my other hand to rub the top of her mound while I continued to devour her serik escort open slit.

I was so caught up in performing for Melissa, that I hadn’t seen what she had done to Ian. She had coaxed the poor boy to kneel on the steps and straddle her face. The combination of cool water and desire for Melissa had done a great job of stiffening Ian’s manhood. I had a perfect view of it now and I was stunned by its size. It was long and wide and curved slightly towards the tip, pointing straight down towards Lissa’s waiting lips. His scrotum was contracted tightly, revealing the exact size and shape of his testicles, which seemed to be the size of walnuts. Ian’s sex was a fine specimen of manly power and beauty, and he was preparing to put it to excellent use as he braced himself on the rails and lowered the shuddering prong towards Melissa’s hungry mouth. She took the head between her lips, causing Ian to let out a hiss of pleasure, and reached up with her hand to encircle the base of his member with her thumb and forefinger. Bit after bit of his penis disappeared into Melissa’s mouth, while her hand gently stroked the bottom few inches. Then her head started to move up and down slightly, sliding smoothly over his member. Ian’s ass tightened and kicked into motion, lightly thrusting himself into her steaming mouth, pushing his hardness deeper into her throat. By now his groaning had grown beyond a whisper and was almost hoarse with pleasure.

Meanwhile I tried to keep up with stimulating Melissa’s pussy, still licking and stroking her most intimate places. I replaced my thumb inside her bottom with my index finger, giving me more depth and more control over the movement of the tip as it explored every inch of her rectum. My lips and tongue smeared themselves all over her slit, in and out of her body, spreading the thick moisture of her sex everywhere. I tasted every corner of her mound, sucking on her labia, drawing circles inside her vagina, flicking her clitoris with the very tip of my tongue — I even darted it down over her anus a few times, much to Lissa’s delight. It was after I plunged three fingers into her, working them around while licking her clitoris, that she began to quiver inside. An orgasm was building within her loins, and I had no doubt that it would be a powerful one.

While Ian thrust more rapidly and with deeper strokes into Melissa’s throat, she was beating his erection rapidly near the base, sucking the tip and massaging his testicles with her other hand. His incredible size didn’t seem to intimidate her at all — it just excited her all the more. I knew that, when he came, there would be a big surge behind his orgasm, having to shoot down the great length of his member like that would be like a bullet firing down a rifle barrel: it would be a massive explosion.

I didn’t have long to wait for either of them to cum.

Melissa’s stroking increased. She added her thumb to the underside of Ian’s manhood, pressing in on the bulge of his urethra, and pumped faster. His hips began trusting harder, as did hers. I could feel her legs closing up around my ears as she crushed my head between them. Her pussy clamped down on my hand as I brought her to orgasm. The sphincter of her anus gently pulsed around my finger while the rest of her insides tightened and twisted in release. Even buried, near deaf inside her loins, I could hear her moaning through the mouthful of penis. Melissa’s hand clutched Ian’s cock tightly and moved even faster, beating it furiously while trying to keep the tip in her mouth. Finally, she pulled her mouth back and flicked her tongue rapidly over and under the tip of his erection, at the same time stretching out a long finger from his balls to probe his anus. That sent him all the way over and Ian began to buck, his hips pounding downward, and cry out.

“Uhn, uhn! Lissa, I’m … cumming!” he grunted.

She could feel his anus pulse and his manhood throb as she jerked her thumb and forefinger in short, rapid strokes against the base of his organ. Moments later Melissa’s face was showered with long, white ropes of cum that sprayed from of the tip of his flailing penis. It coated her lips, her tongue, her cheeks, her chin … some of it even landed in thick globs in her wet, raven hair. Then she took him back into her mouth and I watched the underside of his member twitch as the semen continued its squirting inside her mouth. She swallowed it greedily, her throat undulating with every gulp.

Just before she was painted with Ian’s spewing seed, I was working multiple fingers into Melissa’s body. I had been watching his muscular buttocks shuddering as he thrust himself into our lover’s mouth and Lissa’s fingers massaging his impressive genitals. I was s aroused that I began pounding my hands against her mound and ass. She was so tight and hot and wet inside both openings, and her hips were jerking so wildly, that I knew she would be coming any second. It was the moment of his ejaculation that triggered her orgasm. She lifted her ass into the air several times, pumping against my hands. Her anus and vagina both convulsed, side escort clenching and relaxing rapidly around my invading fingers. Juices flowed from her throbbing pussy, coating everything around her loins, including my hands. I kept my fingers inside her the entire time, allowing myself the pleasure of feeling her orgasm in my own way.

Soon Ian’s manhood started to diminish in size, allowing it to fit all the way into her mouth. She used both hands now to gently knead his balls and milk the last of his seed from within. Seconds later he was completely drained of cum and of strength, and could barely hold himself above her. He leaned forward, catching the top stair as he pulled away from her, panting heavily, his limp member slipping from her mouth and dangling above her face. Lissa gently caressed his hips and thighs, occasionally kissing and nuzzling his genitals, until he was able to move again. Stiffly, Ian crept down the concrete steps until he was beside her. Then, reaching around her body, he pulled himself close to her, his chest against her breast, and lay his head on her shoulder. For a moment or two they were still, then Melissa, brushing the spent semen from her mouth, leaned into Ian and kissed him warmly. His hands caressed her arms, her shoulders, her breasts — reveling in the beauty of her body and the warmth of her kiss — as Lissa lay back into the water, taking Ian with her, his head finally resting between her breasts. It was a beautiful, romantic sight.

I lay my head against Melissa’s tummy, just above her womb, and gently brushed the outside of her sex, twirling my fingertips playfully in her pubic hair. Then a reached around and caressed her hip and thigh, stroking the side of her right buttock. I felt her hand rest on the top of my head, running her fingers through my hair and drawing a line along the shell of my ear. The room was very quiet now, with just the occasional ripple of water or start-up of a heating system somewhere breaking the silence. It was quite peaceful.

A few minutes later I felt her tapping lightly on my temple, followed by her sultry voice.

“Hey, it’s your turn.”

My heart leapt. Her legs parted as I moved back into the water to remove my swim shorts. Nervously I pulled them down, trying not to be self-conscious about my genitals. I was nowhere near being as well-endowed as Ian, though I knew I had usable, if not somewhat impressive equipment. Funny that I should be more concerned about Ian’s reaction than Melissa’s. Perhaps it was just the leftover dominance and submission impulses humans had as primitive men. Or maybe it was a kind of jealousy or even vanity on my part. In any case, Melissa’s eyes lit up at the sight of my erect member and she encouraged me forward by using her fingers to pull her slit wide open, revealing the deep pink tunnel that led straight to her womb. With only a moment’s hesitation, I knelt between her legs and positioned myself over her, brushing the head of my penis briefly over her rough forest, then down into the cleft of her sex. I felt the familiar tingle of initial contact as my hardness slid in between her labia. Melissa adjusted her pelvis a little, allowing me to penetrate further. I started to rock my hips, which helped me spread her lubricant around. Then I moved my hands down over her hips and grasped her buttocks, pulling her up, and sank myself into her pussy, all the way up until my balls were pressed firmly against her ass.

“Uhhn!” we both gasped, as she took me inside.

What I had been dreaming of for many long months was finally coming true — we were making love. Unable to think clearly for the moment, I just began moving, pumping into Melissa with a steady rhythm, concentrating on the searing heat of her deep, wet sex. I clutched onto her bottom, using the strength of my passion to hold her in the air while we ground together. Her loins were swaying just above the waterline and her breasts bobbed and rolled with each of my thrusts. I noticed Ian’s hands creep over Lissa’s chest, grasping and massaging her bosoms with excitement, adding to the pleasure she was receiving from our lovemaking. The look on his face was all I needed to know he was enjoying this as much as we were.

I was just letting myself settle into the pace of intercourse when, after Ian looked up for a second, he nudged us frantically. We were so startled by this that Melissa and I pulled apart, sitting upright on the stairs. Through the frosted glass at the far end we could see silhouettes moving. Quickly we grabbed our floating swimwear and crawled up the stairs. The lights in the pool area had been dimmed by one of the guests earlier in the evening, so there were lots of shadows to hide among, but it was difficult to fully mask three gleaming wet, nude bodies. Finally we dove into the sauna just as the door opened on the other side of the room. If it wasn’t for the heart-pounding anxiety we felt at the risk of being caught, the scene would have been pretty sexy. Here we were, two naked men and a naked woman in a dark, secluded space, pressed closely together, trying to get a look out the cracked doorway. Melissa’s breasts were pressed roughly against Ian’s back and my half-erect penis was wedged pleasantly into the crevice of her buttocks. But we were too nervous to think about it that way as we watched the two security guards do a quick sweep of the area.

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