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Michele’s Mistake Pt. 08

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Chapter One

The recovery from my Birthday party took most of the weekend. I was totally exhausted from all the punishment and sex. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t have changed anything about it. I met so many new friends, with so many great experiences, and I have memories that I will never forget. When we did get back to Daddy’s house, I basically passed out. I slept late and we ended up just snuggling most of Sunday. We talked about what had happened and what I liked and didn’t like. It was a good discussion. When we were through with the Birthday party discussion, Everett dropped a bomb on me. He wants me to move in with him. He also wants me to become his personal secretary at work. That would interfere with my school schedule, so I am going to have to think about that. The moving in part is very tempting. It would give us much more time to play and allow much more time for us to be together. I asked for some time to decide. He has graciously, as always, giving me all the time I needed.

On Monday morning, his driver took me back to my apartment. When I got there, my roommates were waiting. Carol and Jill wanted to know how my Birthday party went and what The Pit was like. I sat down and told them everything. They were inthralled by all the stories. I even showed them the marks that were left from the party. I got flushed when they made comments on them. They were also giving me compliments on my body. I can’t say that I’ve ever been attracted to Carol and Jill in a sexual way, but their touching my marks and their kind words were having an effect on me.

Just about the time I was having those thoughts, I got a text from Daddy. He asks why I hadn’t sent the pic of what I’m wearing to class today. When I texted him that I’m was telling the girls about the party, he sent a text back that I should be getting ready for school. I sent back an apology and that I would be sending the pic shortly. Before I could go and get dressed, he sent back another text. (Which class is it that you’re going to miss?) I replied that it was Experimental Psychology, and I was currently carrying a 4.0 in that class. He text back that I am to put on my service collar, the one he gave me for the party, and go back into the living room and give each of my roommates a good orgasm.

They both heard my phone go off and the audible gasp from my response to it. Each of them came running to see what dirty little thing he’s told me to do. Little did they know, that they were going to be the dirty little secret. When I told them to wait for me on the living room couch, they giggle and headed there. I went into my closet and removed my clothes and put on my collar. When I headed back into the living room, they both gasps, as they watched me saunter into the room. They were sitting on the couch side by side, when I knelt at their feet and placed my hands on their thighs. I looked into their eyes and told them what Daddy had instructed me to do. They both looked at each other and smiled. I realized then, that they had been lovers. It’s something I guess I had wondered about, but never really knew for sure.

I reached up and pull Carol’s yoga pants down. When I grabbed the elastic band, both her pants and panties came down. She helped by lifting her hips up. While I reached up and stroked her sex, I had Jill lift up her sleep shirt. Now I had both of their pussies exposed in front of me. I leaned towards Carol first, while stroking Jill’s labia. They were both wet. My lips met Carol’s folds and I gently kissed them. I could smell her arousal and my fingers parted her lips and I pressed my tongue inside her. Her hand gently cupped the back of my head, as she pulled me closer. While my tongue was forced deeper into Carol, my fingers found Jill’s sensitive clitty. I worked my finger down through her wet slit and back up to her nub, using the natural lubrication to tease her.

I licked my way to Carol’s clit and swirled around it lovingly. I stopped only to wet my fingers, and inserted them into her waiting hole. I was now fingering both of my roommates. The thought that I was doing this to please them, but above all, to please my Daddy, had me dripping. I moved over between Jill’s thighs and began to lick her clit. I continued to finger both girls. Jill was so much more responsive to my tongue. Her hips were lifting to meet my fingers, as I laved on her erect bud. Carol was watching me lick her lover, while meeting my fingers with her hips too. Before long, Jill was coming on my face. Her hands kept me there, as I licked up all of her juices. I looked up into her eyes, as hers rolled back into her head. I curled my finger up and gently rubbed her sensitive spot. This caused her to orgasm again. As her body was racked with wave after wave of spasms, I increased the thrusts into Carol’s sopping pussy. When Jill was finally coming down, I went back to Carol’s needy slit. My tongue dove into her depths. Her hands grabbed my head and pressed me deeper still. I looked up into her eyes, just when Jill leaned over and took Carol’s right nipple into her mouth. This was all Carol could take. She started to writhe on the couch, as we both continued to lick her body. I curled my tongue up to flick it against the bottom of her G-spot. Her screams of pleasure were all the encouragement I needed. She came all over my face with her wet juices. There was no way I could have caught it all. She ended up covering my already wet face with Sahabet more girlie juice.

When I leaned up and started licking their combined juices from my face, I got another text. Daddy wanted to know about my progress was going. I took a picture of the two girl’s wet and swollen pussies to show him. He texted back that I had indeed been a “good girl.” He told me to get dressed and not to clean the juices from my face. I would wear it as punishment for having missed class this morning. The thought of people smelling the wet pussy juice on my face all day, nearly sent me to orgasm, but I was able to barely hold it off. I finally got dress and thanked the girls, as I was leaving for my next class.

Chapter Two

Today Daddy had me wearing a simple cotton dress. Of course I had no undergarments on, but I was wearing knee socks and flats. I had gotten use to my unconfined breasts wobbling, for everyone to see. I was supposed to go by the professor’s office whose class I had missed that morning. Daddy wanted me to apologize and ask for extra credit. Because of my grade in that class, I’m not sure why I needed to do that, but it was his wish. So after my class, which went by fast, I went to said professor’s office, and knocked on his door. He called for me to come in, and I went and sat down in the chair in front of his desk.

Professor Winston was a rather rotund man, in his last 60’s. Who had been a Psychologists most of his life but later moved to education. He had been teaching here for over a decade now. His grey hair and scruffy grey beard gave him that older, sexy vibe. Don’t get me wrong, other than every girl’s fantasy to make it with the teacher, Professor Winston was not my type. When his question snapped me out of my daydream, I caught him staring at my breasts. I looked down and realized that my nipples were pressing against my thin cotton dress. His question was, what had kept me from attending his class this morning? I flushed at the thought of what had actually made me miss. I fingered the O-ring of my choker. When Professor Winston cleared his throat, I was snapped out of my daydream again. He had moved to the front of his desk now and was peering down at me. His arms are crossed over his broad chest. His imposing stance startled me. He asked me again what had kept me this morning.

I swallowed hard, my finger still fingering my choker. I told him that my roommate had been sick and I was helping her. My eyes couldn’t look up at him, but his silence bothered me more. When I did look up, I thought I would catch him looking down my dress. Instead, I found him looking directly into my eyes. He seemed to be waiting for the real answer. So I broke down and told him. I left out everyone’s names, but I told him everything. That I was a submissive, that I had just come back from a party at a sex club. I told him that my Master (I left out the Daddy part. That would have been a much longer conversation), and I told him that my Master had punished me for being late for class by having me pleasure both of my roommates. I sat there in his chair with my hands folded in my lap, my legs together, and my head down. I waited for his verbal admonishment, but it never came. When I finally looked, I found him staring at me again. But this time, I noticed that he had a rather prominent bulge in his trousers.

When I asked him if he had any extra credit I could do to catch up on the class I missed, it came out sounding like a proposition. I tried to swallow the thought before it came out of my mouth, but I didn’t. It hung there in the air, while I waited for his answer. He finally told me that there was nothing I could do about the missed class but he thought a punishment was in order. I swear there was an audible gasp and a searing bolt of lightening that went to my core. I felt like a little school girl that had been sent to the principle’s office. My first thought was to text Daddy and see if this was something he would allow, then I thought that this is why he must have sent me. So I told Professor Winston that I would submit myself to whatever punishment he deemed appropriate. I must have been staring at his bulge, and involuntarily licked my lips, because he told me that I would not get off that easily.

He told me to stand and bend over his desk. He turned and locked his office door. When we returned, I was leaning over his desk. My ass was pushed back, preparing for his punishment. He ran his fingers through my hair, then pulled it back and whispered in my ear that he was going to redden my ass and to keep quiet because these walls were thin. I nodded my understanding. He licked the side of my cheek and said that my roommates had very tasty pussies. I felt the blood rush to my face, as he let go of my hair. His hand ran down my back until he grabbed the hem of my dress and pulled it up. When he noticed that I was not wearing any panties, he told me to remove my dress entirely. I stood and quickly slipped out of it, placing it neatly over the chair I had been sitting in. When I returned back to leaning over his desk, his hands cupped my ass. He was admiring my marks from the weekend. He touched them all. My body was humming. I could feel my nipples pebble and ache with need. My juices were leaking down my thighs. He reminded me again about making any noises.

His hand came down on my right cheek with a resounding thud. No warm up or working his way into it. He thrashed Sahabet Giriş me on one cheek, then the other. My behind was flaming before he stopped to stroke my red ass. His hand were gentle then, teasing me with touch. When his hand went between my legs, I almost came. His fingers traced the wet lips of my folds. He made a comment that my body was a slave to my desires, that having missed his class today was beyond my control. When his fingers slipped into my channel, he told me that this wasn’t a punishment at all. That it was a demonstration that my purpose, was to be an instrument of pleasure for my Daddy. He actually said Daddy. When he did, I came without permission. While my body was racked with spasms, he continued with thrashing my red ass. The pain mixed with pleasure, sent me over the edge again. My knees felt weak and I was trembling. When I thought I would go to the ground, his gentle hand held me up. He let me catch my breath and calm my beating heart. Then he told me to kneel. I turned and knelt at his feet. I watched as he unzipped his fly. His strong hand reached in and pulled out his nice cock. He placed his hand on the top of my head, as he stroked his tumescent shaft. It was only inches from my mouth, yet he wouldn’t let me have it. My mouth was literally watering. His strong hand stroked, as he pleasured himself in front of me. He stopped to squeeze his turgid shaft. When a drop of pre-cum came I out, I licked my lips and looked up into his eyes, begging to taste him. Instead, he wiped it on my face, rubbing it all over. His wetness was now mixed with my roommates juices.

The sight of my wet face must have stirred something in him, because when he started stroking himself again, it didn’t take long. His engorged cock right in front of my face was more than I could take. I asked if I could touch myself and he nodded. When my hands went between my legs, he told me to open my mouth and stick out my tongue. I did as I was told, my fingers were buried in my aching channel. He placed his hand on the top of my head again, and aimed his cock at my mouth. His strokes became more lusty. He came in thick ropes, that shot into my mouth and on my tongue. His feral grunts were hushed, but sent chills down my spine. With his cum filling my mouth, I came on my fingers like the slut that I am. He squeezed his cock, and drained every ounce of his tangy seed into my waiting mouth.

He asked where my phone was. With my mouth full, I nodded to my purse. He retrieved it and took a picture of me on my knees with his cum all in my mouth. He made me stick my tongue out further, so he could get a good shot. Then he sent the text to “Daddy” on my phone. He told me that he was sending a message along with the pic, that he looked forward to seeing Everett and myself at The Pit next weekend. (He knows Daddy?) Once it was sent, he allowed me to swallow his cum. He had me clean the remainder from his still leaking cock. While my mouth was on his shaft, he told me that he had seen me this weekend being taken by Master Marcos and Daddy, and that he wanted to have a shot at my pussy soon. He removed his cock and put it back up. He left me there on my knees, until he had sat back down. I didn’t dare move without being told. He left me there for a few minutes. My knees were beginning to ache, when he told me to get dress and that he looked forward to seeing me at the club soon. After I dressed, I left his office with “all of my cheeks” flushed red. The taste of his cum was still in my mouth. I smelled like a slut.

Chapter Three

Once I got home, I took a shower and cleaned the days film off me. I sent a text to Daddy that I had decided to move in with him. Then I took a long nap. My body was still recovering from the long weekend. When I woke up, there was a text from him. He was complimenting me on my mouth full of cum. I told him I was slightly miffed about being set up with the Professor. He said that he’s known Jack (Professor Winston) for years and thought he was a great guy and a great Dom. I still thought that I should have been warned, but I didn’t send this. Everett ended the conversation by saying that he and some friends would be by on Friday afternoon to help with moving my things to his house. I told him I would be packed up and ready by then.

As the days went by, there was not much going on. My class with Professor Winston were quite different. He called on me for answers when before, he would have selected someone else with their hand raised. I was at least glad he didn’t try to embarrass me. His eyes would catch me staring at his crotch and that was a little disconcerting. I left his class, more than once, flustered and wet. I wasn’t sure when Daddy would be taking me to The Pit, but I was daydreaming about having his cock in my pussy, Daddy’s pussy.

When Friday came around, I had all of my boxes ready. Jill and Carol were being friendly with me, and had fixed us all drinks. When Everett showed, he had brought Master Marcos, and Master Evan along with him. If I had been flustered in class, I was even more distracted now. Carol and Jill were the perfect hosts. We all sat around and had a few drinks before the men loaded up all of my boxes. The girls were commenting on Evan and Marcos, when they came back in and invited us all for dinner at Everett’s home. Carol and Jill were ecstatic. I was pleased that Daddy had invited them. He knew how hard it was for me Sahabet Güncel Giriş to leave my roomies. Before we all left, he let them know that he would be covering my part of the rent until the current lease expired. I gave him a kiss on the cheek and they gave him a hug too, for his generosity. They had been worried about having to rush and find another roommate in the middle of the semester.

After the men had unloaded my things in Everett’s house, they went outside, to begin cooking steaks out on the grill. The girls and I unloaded most of my stuff and were helping me put things away. I wasn’t sure where to put things, but I made it work. When we had finished, we decided to go out and check on the men. They were out by the grill in the backyard. They had been drinking beer and I offered to go fetch them more. Master Evan thought a flogger would be a better idea. I flushed at the suggestion. When Jill and Carol squealed their delight, Daddy told me to take the girls, and go get his two light floggers. We went down stairs to the play room. Carol and Jill were full of questions, many that I had no answer for. Mostly, they were impressed with all the toys, and equipment that Daddy had down there. When we returned, the men were laughing and having a good time.

I handed Daddy his toys. He looked over to Master Evan, and told him to take his pick. I wasn’t sure what he was choosing, but when he pointed to Jill, I figured it out. He told Jill to come over to him. She bounced over and presented herself. He asked her if she would like to feel what the flogger felt like on her skin. She nodded with a huge smile on her face. Having been on the business end of Master Evan’s instrument, I wasn’t sure how long that smile would be there. He took her over to the covered area of the backyard, and pulled a cord down from the metal rafter. Master Evan turned to Jill instructed her to remove her clothing. To her credit, she didn’t hesitate one second. He secured her wrist with the cord and pulled the end until her arms were above her head.

He took the flogger and began slowly. He started with easy strikes across her back. She took them with an easy whimper. When the tails started wrapping around and catching her breasts, she began moaning. He worked her all over, and kept it light. She was writhing in no time at all. Master Evan stopped and came to run his hands over her body, soothing her. Jill was really into this. I could tell that she was pushing near an orgasm. Master Evan tweaked her nipples and her head fell back in ecstasy. When he turned her around to face him and stepped back, I knew she was in trouble. He took the flogger and with a flourish, started swirling them around and striking her breasts. Jill’s breast are small and were taking a pretty good beating, but she was still right on the edge. When he felt that she was ripe for the taking, he asked her if she was ready to cum. She wasn’t able to vocalize her answer, but she nodded. He took the floggers and doubled them and started striking her, gently between her thighs. I wasn’t sure how she would take this, but the way her head fell back and she started moaning, I knew the answer. She started trembling and crashed over the edge, with a resounding orgasm. Master Evan kept his floggers going and kept her on there for longer than I thought was possible. When she finally seemed to be losing control, he came forward and held her tightly. He released her wrists and took her in his arms. They went inside and Master Evan continued his aftercare.

Chapter Four

I don’t know about anyone else, but I was so turned on. When Master Marcos asked Carol if she was ready, she jumped at the chance. She was stripping off her clothes before she was even instructed to. Instead of binding her, Master Marcos bent her over and placed her head between his powerful legs. He had her grab his thighs for support. He brought the flogger down on her upturned ass. With very little warm up, he began moving the flogger around, hitting her back, ass, and shoulders. Carol seemed to be loving it. He stopped to give her some soothing touches. Her body was very responsive. When he started again, it was with more flourish. Although the floggers were light, they can produce a nice sting. They seemed to be everywhere at the same time. Only when he curled them under her, striking her hanging breasts, did Carol start moving to escape the tresses. Carol’s breasts are large like mine. Master Marcos was very careful not to allow too much speed, so as not to cause any damage. Her squirming was fun to watch, with her head trapped between his legs. When he went back to her ass, she was able to take it better. He asked if she was ready to cum, she answered by saying that she didn’t want to be struck on her pussy. He told her to finger herself and began running the floggers up and the down the sides of her back. In no time at all, Carol was in the throes of her orgasm. Like Master Evan, he kept her there for quite some time. When she became too unsteady, he raised her up and held her in his arms. I had gone over to Daddy and he had his arm around me. Master Marcos also took Carol into the house for aftercare. Daddy and I gathered up the food and brought it into the kitchen. When everything was prepared, I bought the food to the table. We had a wonderful meal, and some great conversation about what had taken place outside. The girls were clearly still in subbie space, and the guys seemed impressed at their responsiveness. Both had been invited to come out to The Pit the next time we were going. Later that night, I thanked Daddy for including my friends in our lifestyle. I was wondering if I would lose touch with them after I moved away.

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