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Microchips Ch. 06

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(With special thanks to my friend ‘Irish Lass’ for her input and insight)

(Edited by “larryinseattle” who continues to turn my feeble attempts at writing into something worth reading)


When Dale woke up, Tanya was gone but the lingering aroma of her perfume and the throbbing in his groin told him that the night before definitely hadn’t been a dream. “I can’t believe this. Between the two of them I’ve been fucked more in two days then I normally am in a month,” he said to himself as images of Tanya and Natalie flashed before his eyes.

Reluctantly, he slid from his bed. His muscles were stiff and sore. He walked gingerly to the bathroom and turned on the shower, letting it warm up before stepping in. “FUCK,” he hissed as spasms of pain surged through his body when the water cascaded over him. He turned so he could look in the mirror and looked at the scratch marks that covered his back from shoulder to waist. “Forgot about those,” he muttered as the corners of the mouth turned upward in a devilish grin.

He took his time finishing his shower before he dressed and went downstairs to the kitchen. He saw Tanya and Natalie sitting on the back porch, talking as they nibbled on the leftover fruit and cheese from the night before. Fortunately, they had left the door partially open so he could hear them.

“So you’re not upset?” Tanya asked.

Tanya, at 45 years old, was the older of the two. She stood 5-foot, 9-inches tall and had a toned 34D-26-38 body. Her lightly tanned skin didn’t have a wrinkle that he was aware of, and he’d explored it in great detail over the last several weeks. Her hair was sliver over brunette and, at the moment, was pulled back in a ponytail exposing the delicate contours of her neck and shoulders.

He had met her when he was checking on rumors of a new development in the lingerie industry. She had originally worked for his father’s company in the Special Development Department but had left shortly after his death. Since then she’d developed a microchip that could be inserted into a women’s lingerie which would result in her reaching unparalleled sexual pleasure. She had also purchased a lingerie/porn shop where she was selling the chips. Now, the shop was gone, burned to the ground, it was suspected, by an overseas competitor when she wouldn’t sell them her research.

As he stood there listening, he remembered that he needed to call his friend at the Police Department and discuss his idea of how to catch those behind it all.

“Yes … and no,” he heard the second woman say, pulling him back to the present. “Seeing the two of you together last night and knowing what was going to happen had me a little jealous in the beginning. But to tell you the truth, I’m not sure if I was jealous because of what he was about to do to you or what you were about to do to him.”

Tanya laughed as she reached over and took the other woman’s hand. “Natalie, my dear, you are a naughty, naughty girl.”

Natalie joined in the laughter as she held Tanya’s hand. The feeling of intimacy that radiated from the two were triggering suspicions that they knew each other far better than he was aware.

Natalie, his step-mother, was only 6 years older than him. She’d been a model working for his father’s clothing factory when she and his father had met. It wasn’t surprising that he’d been instantly attracted to her. She was tall in comparison to many models at 5-foot, 7-inches but it only seemed to increase the beauty of her sculpted 36D-25-36 figure. Add to that a set of brilliant blues eyes, brunette hair, and a maturity far beyond her years, and it was no wonder his father had fallen for her. After a whirlwind romance, they married which hadn’t bothered Dale since they’d quickly bonded into a family. For the next three years they’d done everything together. Then his father was killed by a tiger shark while he’d been scuba diving

Natalie worked long and hard after that to turn the company into a one of the most well-known manufacturers of women’s clothing and lingerie in the industry. Then, just a few months ago, she announced she was making Dale the head of the research and development department. That led him to Tanya and her microchips and, in the end, to Natalie becoming his lover.

Now the two women were sitting on the porch talking like old friends.

“You should know,” Natalie giggled, as she squeezed Tanya’s hand.

“I wonder what would happen if Dale ever found out?” Tanya asked, an impish grin on her face.

“If I found out what?” he asked, innocently as he exited the kitchen onto the porch.

Natalie spun around, worried about what he may have heard. Tanya, on the other hand, replied nonchalantly, “We were just talking about what you suggested last night. You know, about me moving into the guest house. We were wondering what you’d say when you found out I decided to do it.”

“I’d say it’s a good idea,” he replied, down-playing his growing suspicions as he joined them. bursa escort “So what do the two of you have planned for today?” he asked as he popped a piece of cheese in his mouth.

“I hadn’t really thought about it,” Natalie answered. “I guess that depends on what Tanya needs. Since she lost everything in the fire, I guess I’ll be spending most of my time helping her.”

Tanya’s hazel eyes seemed to sparkle as she looked at Natalie. “Fortunately, I didn’t lose everything,” she interjected. “I may have lost everything at the shop but I have a storage unit a couple of miles from here with some clothes and furniture in it. I’d like to go and see what I might be able to use while I’m staying here.”

“Great,” he replied. “But I want at least one of the security guys to go with you. After what happened I don’t think it’s a good idea for any of us to be out by ourselves for a while.”

Both women looked at each other and then back at him, nodding in agreement.

“What about you? What’re your plans?” Natalie asked.

“As soon as I’m done here,” he began as he chewed on a piece of melon, “I need to give Gavin a call at the Police Department. I want to talk to him about an idea I have to catch the SOB’s that torched Tanya’s shop. Then I was thinking I’d run into the office. I wanna talk to Justin about increasing security at the factory and about the new security team he’s hiring to patrol around here.”

Neither woman said anything, realizing there was no way of keeping Dale from doing what he wanted, especially since they both agreed that security needed to be their greatest concern at the moment.

They spent the rest of their breakfast time talking about fashion, what Tanya might want to do to the guest house, and general ‘small talk’. When they were done, the two women went into the house to change into different clothes for the day while Dale went to the in-home office to make his call.

He was able to get a hold of Gavin, who then put him in contact with the Detectives who were working on the case. They, in turn, put him in contact with an Inspector from the FBI who said she’d call later in the day to talk to him about his idea.

As soon as he was done with that, he called Justin and made arrangements to meet. Forty-five minutes later, he and Justin were sitting in the company security office reviewing a file on the new team Justin had suggested. All the members were ex-military and had seen active duty overseas. Though they were just starting the security company, the references they had from previous military commanders, as well as two previous jobs, were more than enough for them to agree that this was the group they needed. When Dale looked at his watch after they were done, he was surprised to see how quickly everything had fallen into place so, with nothing else to do, he headed back home.

When the company car, now chauffeured by a one of the new security guards pulled into the driveway, Dale had the driver drop him off at the entrance to the back patio expecting to find Tanya and Natalie unpacking Tanya’s belongings in the guest house. What he found was something far different.

He didn’t see anyone moving around outside the small cottage so he slipped through the door and looked around. Boxes were on the kitchen table and floor while others were scattered across the living room, some opened and others still sealed. Then he heard muffled voices and followed the sound down the hallway, right to the doorway to the bedroom.

His eyebrows shot up as he looked inside. Natalie was laying on the bed, completely nude, her hair fanned out like a halo, her thighs spread and Tanya’s head buried between them. From where he stood he could just barely hear the slurping sounds as she tongued and lapped at Natalie’s pussy.

Tanya was naked as well, kneeling on the floor, her breasts swaying beneath her as she moved. His first impulse was to walk in and join them. With Tanya’s exposed pussy pointing at him, he was sure he could get behind her and slip his cock in her before she even knew he was there. Instead, he moved out of sight and watched the two women from the shadows.

Natalie lay there, her eyes closed. The back of her hand was pressed against her mouth trying to muffle her cries, while her bare breasts bobbed up and down. “Ohhhhh, eat me, baby. It’s been so long. Stick that talented tongue of yours in me. Yesssss, finger fuck me. Just like that, eat my pussy.”

He could see Tanya’s arm move as she drove her fingers in and out of Natalie’s juicy pussy. A wet, squishy sound filled the room along with the delicate aroma of Natalie’s arousal.

“Yes … yes … yes … you’re driving me crazy with that tongue of yours. Eat me, suck my clit. Ohhhhhh, fuck. I’m gonna cum. I can’t believe it’s been so long since you did this to me. Right there … lick me … ohmigod. Gonna cum. Now … yes … now … Arrgghhhhhhhh,” she moaned as she grabbed a handful of Tanya’s hair, pulling her bursa escort bayan against her body as her back arched as she drove herself against Tanya’s face and tongue.

Dale watched as Natalie soared into orgasmic oblivion and a tinge of jealousy flowed over him. Her face was contorted by her passion. Instinctively, his hand dropped to the front of his pants and he squeezed the lump that had formed there. For the briefest of moments, he thought about pulling it out and jacking off to what he was seeing but then the two of them began to stir.

They hugged and kissed, Natalie licking her cum from Tanya’s lips and chin. They held onto each other until Natalie’s breathing returned to normal. “Your turn,” she whispered seductively, as her hand gently caressed Tanya’s tit.

“You’re such a slut,” Tanya sighed as her lips met Natalie’s. It was obvious from the way their mouths moved against each other that their tongues were teasing and battling as their hands roamed over each other’s bodies.

When they broke apart, Tanya whispered, “After all these years. I couldn’t believe it when Dale walked into my shop. I didn’t even recognize him at first but when we told me who he was I knew that the woman he was talking about was you. I’ve missed you so much. And now, to be together like this again. Mmmmmmmm.”

“I know. I missed you, too. After all, you were my first lover. But when I met Dale’s father there was something …”

“Shhhhhh,” Tanya said as she lay a finger across Natalie’s mouth.

“I understand. There are some things that two women can share but there are also other things that only a man and woman can truly share.”

Natalie smiled as she looked into her lover’s eyes. “I really have missed you. I’ve missed your smile, your sense of humor, the sound of your vice, the curves of your body, … aaannnndddddd I’ve missed that delicious pussy of yours. Now, lay down and let me take care of you,” she said in a deep, sultry voice.

Tanya rolled onto her back. Her full, rounded breasts lay on her chest like small mountains, each capped by an erect nipple. And though he’d seen them before, they’d never looked so large or puffy. Even her areola appeared darker and were ringed by a row of goose bumps.

Natalie moved closer to Tanya, her lips descending on a nipple.

“Yesssssss … suck my tit. Gawd, I love when you do that to me. You know just how to suck it. Sooooo good,” she murmured as her fingers entwined in Natalie’s hair. “I could almost cum when you do that. Mmmmmmm, twist the other nipple. Yessss … like that. Now, pull on it … harder.” Tanya moaned as Natalie sucked one nipple and her fingers pulled and twisted the other. She pulled the nipple until it looked as if it was going to rip from Tanya’s tit before she released it to pop back against her chest. Natalie grabbed it again, twisting and pulling on it.

“Mmmmm. Bite it, lover. Bite it hard. Ohhhh gawd. Now pull that other nipple. Fuck, it hurts so good. I wonder if Dale has any idea how right he is about me being a ‘submissive’. Don’t stop. Ohmigod, please don’t stop. Each time you pull on my nipple it sends a bolt of electricity straight to my pussy. Oh gawd, I feel like I’m gonna cum. Feel how wet my pussy is. Feel what you’ve done to me. Finger fuck me. Slide your fingers into my cunt and fuck me. Quick … Ohhhh … yes … yes … like that … ohhhhh … yesssss … nowwwwwwww,” she chanted as her hips bucked against Natalie’s fingers until her body went rigid and her eyes seemed to glaze over.

Natalie’s fingers continued to slide in and out of her lover’s slit until, with one final shudder, Tanya collapsed on the bed. Once again, Natalie leaned over, but this time her tongue traced across Tanya’s full, pouty lips before sliding inside. The two moaned into each other’s mouths as Tanya rolled on her side, pulling Natalie tight against her. Their breasts flattened against each other as Tanya draped her leg over Natalie’s thigh, lightly rubbing her wet slit against the soft skin.

When they pulled apart a short time later, a sheen of sweat had appeared on their bodies, and their breathing was shallow and irregular. “Turn over and lie face down, just like you were with Dale last night,” Natalie whispered. “You have the most delicious pussy I have ever eaten and I want it right now”

Tanya rolled over and her large breasts flattened against the mattress. She wiggled her ass, teasing Natalie. “Is this what you want?”

From the angle he was at, Dale could see between Tanya’s legs. Her pussy was swollen and dark red. The lips were open revealing the deep cavern within while her pussy juices coated the lips and her inner thighs.

“Or would you prefer it if I was Alex?” Tanya teased.

“I knew it,” Dale thought to himself.

“Her pussy is nice,” Natalie replied, “but you have the sweetest one I’ve ever tasted. Besides, it has a special place in my heart since it was bursa merkez escort the first pussy I ever licked.”

“Hers is nice?” Tanya asked.

“Sweet and tangy at the same time but if you’re curious I might be able to get her to come visit some time. Then you can find out for yourself,” Natalie laughed, softly. “And to top it off she really knows how to eat pussy.”

“As good as me?” Tanya snickered, “but I’ll warn you right now, if you say ‘yes’ I’ll kick the shit out of you.”

Natalie’s response was a, not so gentle, slap on Tanya’s exposed ass causing the globes to jiggle and a hand print to appear. “Don’t threaten me, slut. I happen to know exactly what you like,” she snarled playfully as she bent over and kissed the reddened skin.

Dale realized, that even if he knew the world was about to end at that moment, there still wasn’t any way he could pull himself from the sight before him. He watched as Natalie’s tongue slowly slid from between her lips and began to lick and kiss Tanya’s ass. She started at the top and moved down across the globes until she gently parted them, her tongue disappearing into the crease.

“Owwwwww, that feels so good. Whatever you do, please don’t stop,” Tanya pleaded, her voice muffled, as she buried her head into a pillow.

Natalie used both hands to spread Tanya’s legs before lowering her tongue to her hypersensitive pussy.

Dale could tell from Tanya’s sudden intake of breath and soft moans, that Natalie was finger fucking her as well as licking her lover’s pussy. His cock got harder and his hand instinctively began to stroke it through his pants. The sight of the two of them lit a desire unlike any he’d ever imagined.

Natalie’s head moved in and out, up and down as her hands stroked and pushed her fingers deep into her lover’s pussy.

“Yeah … just like that. Shit! Yeah … yeah … yeah … eat me, Nat. Finger fuck my pussy. You’re so fucking good at that … Mmmmmmmm … Fuck me … eat me … Ohhhhhh … Yeah, yeah, yeah … agaiinnnnnnnn!” Tanya cried as she came.

Natalie’s hands became a blur as she fucked Tanya’s pussy while sucking and licking her juices as fast as they dripped from her.

Tanya’s body shook and trembled as her climax carried her higher and higher and when she finally came down, she gently pushed Natalie’s head away. “No more, sweetie. I can’t take any more. You definitely know how to eat me,” she sighed. She lay for several minutes, recuperating as Natalie slowly worked her way back up to her lips.

“What I’d really like to do right now is fuck you,” Natalie murmured. “You’re just lucky we’re not in my room or I’d get one of my toys and fuck you until you couldn’t move.”

“Promises, promises,” Tanya said, softly.

“Oh really? You just stay where you are and I’ll be right back,” Natalie replied, responding to the not so hidden challenge.

“No need for that,” Tanya whispered as she slid off the edge of the bed.

Dale barely had time to slip into the bathroom to avoid Tanya as she walked to the living room. He was trapped. If either woman came into the bathroom there was no way to escape. Fortunately, he heard Tanya rummaging through some boxes and then return to the bedroom. He had decided to wait a few minutes and then try to sneak out but then he heard Natalie.

“Is that what I think it is?”

“Yeah. This is actually the very first prototype I ever made to use my microchips in.”

Curious, Dale slipped from the bathroom and took up his position outside the bedroom door once again. When he glanced inside, he saw Tanya standing next to the bed while Natalie lay on it, her hand stretched out stroking the prototype.

“Wow. It looks so realistic.”

“It’s supposed to.”

Dale watched in amazement. Tanya was holding a dildo that looked so life-like it could have been real.

“But where is the chip?” Natalie asked.

“Here in the ball sac but I did something a little extra with this model. I ran microfilaments up the length of the shaft right to the tip. That way both lovers get to enjoy the sensations.”

“But how do you …?” Natalie began to ask only to have Tanya stop her.

“With this,” Tanya answered as she held up a soft leather harness. “Stand up and I’ll show you.”

Natalie was on her feet in and instant.

Tanya moved around behind her, holding the dildo and harness in front of both of them. “See, the dildo slips right here in this ring, then …” She paused as she wrapped the harness around Natalie’s hips. “You strap the harness on like this. Now, make sure the base is pressing against you right here.” She demonstrated by moving the toy into the proper position. “And the ball sac is rubbing against your pussy lips, just like this. Then tighten the harness and you’re ready for action.”

“What about the control box?” Natalie purred.

“Right here one the harness,” Tanya said as she pointed to the small box attached to the right side of the harness.

“Mmmmmm, I’m gonna like this,” Natalie snarled playfully as she spun around and pushed Tanya onto the bed. “Spread ’em bitch.”

Tanya instantly spread her legs, revealing the deep, wet tunnel between them.

“Wider, slut. Show me that cunt of yours,” Natalie commanded.

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