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Midnight Temptation

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We’re lying in bed one night, trying to sleep. You’re asleep, but unknowingly grinding your ass into my crotch. Preventing me from sleeping. So I whisper into your ear, “Mia! Mia!! You’re grinding your ass into my crotch again.” You reply, “I know. I’m doing it on purpose.” With that, a devilish grin crosses your face. I lean down and kiss you, our lips crashing hard together. Your soft lips caress mine as our tongues dance in each other’s mouth.

As we continue to kiss, I reach around and start fondling your breasts. Paying special attention to your nipples. I quickly lean you up and pull off your shirt, revealing your magnificent breasts. The soft glow from the pale moonlight makes them even more mesmerizing. I kiss you once more, then turn my attention to your earlobes. Nibbling and sucking each one as I continue to tweak your nipples.

I kiss my way down your neck, between your breasts, down your stomach. Where I realize that you’re not wearing panties. I glance up at you, and you wink at me and give that devious grin again. I continue kissing down until I find your clit, which isn’t difficult. It’s swollen to twice it’s normal size. I glance up at you once more, and our eyes meet. I can see the need in your eyes as you push your pussy up towards my mouth. I push it back down, deliberately grazing your clitoris with one finger as I do so.

With your hips and pussy finally under the control of my hands, I lower my mouth to your waiting pussy. Taking in the smell of the relatively small amount of juices that have already begun to flow. I take a deep breath in; the smell urges me on. I lightly flick my tongue ring across your swollen clit. You writhe and moan. I do it again. You writhe more. I close my lips around your clit as I suck and flick my tongue ring back and forth quickly over your clit. The suction added to the stimulation from my tongue forces you to cum quickly. I feel the beginning of your orgasm wash over you. So I clamp my mouth around your pussy.

I slide my tongue into your pussy, allowing all the juices to flow onto my tongue and into my mouth. I start swallowing as my mouth bostancı escort fills up. The taste is divine. Once your orgasm has subsided, I crawl back up to you and kiss you softly. I then flip us over, with you straddling me. I push you up just enough for me to be able to slide my hard cock into your now soaked pussy. Your pussy feels amazing. So hot and wet. I let you slide all the way down my cock, both of us moaning as your pussy seemingly sucks up my dick.

I place my hands under your ass and push up, pushing you off my cock slowly. Then I let you slowly slide back down. I repeat this several times. Then you whimper. I know what the whimper means. I slowly push you up one more time, then I ram up as hard as I can as I push you back down onto my cock. I repeat this. Slowly pushing you off, then ramming back in as hard as I can. You scream everytime I ram into your tight little pussy. Soon, I build a rythym. Ramming and pounding as hard as I can.

I pull up slightly, bending them at the knees. Allowing me to more easily ram in and out from this position beneath you. Then I hold your ass in place as I quickly and forcefully pound in and out of your pussy. You’re screaming now, with no cares as to who’ll hear and what they might say. You scream my name over and over, begging me to fuck you harder. I can’t resist such a request. I use the natural bounce of the bed to help the thrusting. You scream loudly once more before shouting that you’re cumming again. I start pounding even harder and faster. You scream as your body convulses from the powerful orgasm that ravages your body.

I stop now to let this orgasm subside. Once it has, you look down at me. You lean down and kiss me passionately. I start slowly thrusting in and out again. You stop me and tell me you want it from behind. You tell me to fuck you as hard as I can, and not to stop until you say so. We chuckle at that. You let me get from beneath you, then you fall to your hands and knees. I get behind you, cock in hand. I stop for a moment to examine your ass. Such an amazing sight. I can’t leave such an ass go un-spanked. So I turn ümraniye escort bayan slightly to the side and smack your ass a couple times, causing you to moan a little.

I decide that’s enough, so I square my hips with yours and prepare for entry. I slide my cock up and down your slit, even up to your puckered little asshole, a few times. You try to back to force my cock in, but I stop you. I grab your hip with my right hand and guide my cock with my left hand to your waiting hole. It slides in easily once again.

I lean forward and grab your breasts, tweaking your nipples again. I turn your head slightly, and bite into your neck. I continue to bite down as hard as I can. Getting deeper and deeper into your neck. I feel the skin break, and taste the blood rushing over my lips into my mouth. I swirl my tongue around. I loosen my bite, allowing the blood to flow freely. Letting it run down your back a bit. I lick it up off your back. I then lean back up, turn your face to me and kiss you. Spitting your blood into your mouth. Swirling my tongue around yours at the same time.

I begin to ram in and out of your pussy with the rythym of a piston. Pounding so hard, you moan with every thrust. I sit back, grab your hips, and pound as fast as I can. The blood from your neck flowing down your back, and down your chest where it drips onto the bed. I reach up and rub the blood all over your back. The warmth and color turning me on even more. I pull my dick out of your pussy, and cover my dick with your blood. I turn you around and shove my cock into your mouth. You clean the blood off my dick. This almost makes me cum, but I stop you. It’s not time yet.

I reach down while you’re sucking my dick and pinch your clit. Making you cum. Your juices start pouring out of your pussy like a river. I push you onto your back and start licking up all of your juices. I then delve my tongue into your pussy to lick up the juices as they flow out.

I lean back up and kiss you again. Making you taste your own pussy juices. I reach down and slid my dick into your pussy slowly. To lubricate it with your kartal escort juices. Once it’s nice and lubricated all over, I pull it out and set the head at the opening of your asshole. Waiting for your okay to do this. You nod your head at me. I slowly and gently force the head of my dick into your virgin asshole. Once the head is in, I stop. Allowing your asshole to acclimate itself with the presence of my cock.

After a minute or so, your asshole relaxes. So I slowly push in another inch. You scream in pain, so I stop and wait. This occurs several times before I’ve got my entire cock buried inside your sweet little asshole. Once there, I pull out very slowly. Then push back in even more slowly. I continue my slow, gentle thrusting for a couple minutes. Then I ask you how it’s feeling. You tell me I can go a little faster. So I do. You scream a little, but moan more. So I go a little faster. You moan even louder.

I start pounding a little harder with every few thrusts. Picking up speed as well. I stop for a moment to lead down and kiss you. I resume my thrusting while still kissing you. Making you moan into my mouth. I lean back up, and go back to my fast and forceful thrusts. I reach down and rub your clit with my thumb. Making you scream my name as you cum again. This time, you squirt. All over my stomach and crotch. Some of it splashes up into my face. Some onto your body. I wipe some off your stomach and lick it off my fingers.

Seeing you squirt like that gets me close to cumming, so I pull my cock out of your asshole. I stand up, and pull you onto your knees in front of me. You take my cock into your mouth and swirl your tongue around the shaft. You then pull it almost all the way out of your mouth, leaving just the head in your mouth. You work the head with your tongue, while jacking me off. This feels amazing. After a few minutes, I tell you I’m ready to cum. So you tilt your head back and continue to jack me off. Only a few seconds pass, then cum starts to shoot out. You aim my cock at your mouth, trying to catch it all. You keep jerking my dick, working all the cum out. A few more spurts come out, and they fall short of your mouth and land on your chin. You lick the head of my cock to get all the cum you can get.

I look you up and down, and at your back. I decide that we should probably get you cleaned up. That devilish grin crosses your face again…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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