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Midtowne Spa – First Time Bathhouse

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This is a true story of my first trip to a gay bathhouse and hopefully, finally sucking a cock!

I’m a versatile bi married white male. After a few years of marriage, the sex life with the wife was not as it used to be. The more porn I watched, the more I watched the hard cocks in the movies. I loved videos of a girl sucking a big hard cock. I was mesmerized by her face and her lips as she licked and lapped at the mushroom tip. How much she enjoyed the whole act of sucking a cock to completion! I wanted that to be me sucking a cock!

I started thinking back to how much I liked sucking my own cock (that’s a story in and of itself) and knew I had to do it again. Only this time for real and suck a real cock that was not my own!

I was in Los Angeles painting a rental condo we had downtown in Little Tokyo. The wife was back in Agoura Hills, so I had all the time on my hands to pursue these new carnal desires.

I was getting Hornier by the day. I started looking up gay bathhouses as I’ve been curious and have fantasized about the possibilities for years. After being horned up for a week I drove over to a porn store that had video booths. The layout had books and mags and sex toys at the front with booths at the back The booths were around the edge walls and had a big open area in the middle. The whole place was well lit and there were video cameras monitoring. Going into a booth on one side I was sad to see no glory holes anywhere. I dropped in a few dollars and pulled out my cock. Stroking away to the video showing hard and hoping someone would walk in on me. No luck so I left and drove over to Midtowne Spa.

As Bostancı Escort my map got me closer I circled the block and did a slow drive by. Still too chicken to go in and went back to the condo I was staying at.

Over the next few days I went online and kept looking at all of the gay spas and bathhouses in and out of town. I was just working myself up and would stroke my big 8″ cut cock each night. Playing with my big mushroom head and rubbing the Precum all over my cock. Dipping in to taste myself.

Bathhouses have always had an appeal as it is full of naked men. All are showered and steamed looking for one thing… Cock! Giving or taking.

It took a few days of driving around the block and looking at the Midtowne Spa building. Watching for lines as I was nervous about standing outside a bathhouse. Finally, I drove into the parking garage. Saw the attendant and went towards the front door. There was a line and my nerves started building. I wasn’t wearing my glasses as I thought if I don’t see or recognize anyone, I’ll be ok. The closer I got to the door the more nervous I became.

At last, I was in the door and got checked in. He gave me a rundown of what to expect and what facilities they had. I rented a locker and went upstairs. I was in my early 40s and in good shape. I’m 6’3″ 200 lbs. I have an 8″ shaved cut cock that has a 6″ cirCUMference. As I walked up the stairs and down the corridor past all the rooms, my cock was getting harder in my shorts. Guys were looking me up and down like the new meat on the block that I was.

I looked into the open rooms. Guys Ümraniye Escort were on their backs, stroking their hard cocks. Pre-cum glistening on the head lubing the shaft as they stroke. Others are on their knees. Ass in the air. Head down and not even watching the door at whose cock is next! Such cock sluts!

As I got to the lockers it was a lower one that matched the number on the key. I thought maybe the clerk could tell I was nervous and wanted me bending over to get at it. My cock was hard now, and it was difficult to peel off my shorts. I just went for it and as I pulled my shorts down my hard cock slapped back onto my chest. Pre-cum left a slick mark on my chest where the tip just slapped it. Naked and bent over feeling more exposed than ever but also as excited as ever. Gym class was never like this before! As much as I wished it would be.

I grabbed the towel. Threw it over my shoulder. Hey, I figured if I’ve got a big cock why wrap it in a towel?! Now that I finally made it into the bathhouse I was going to have the best time while I’m here. Walking back down the corridor I was having my ass grabbed as I walked by. Lots of come hither options to go into a room. That’s not what I was here for. I was here to see and get to as much cock as I could.

I decided to go upstairs and start at the top and work my way down. There was a nice sunny afternoon in downtown LA and the nude sunbathers were all over the place. Chaise lounges we’re beckoning me. I put my towel down and adjusted the back rest so that I could watch the talent. Most of the guys were just suntanning and Anadolu Yakası Escort getting that no tan line tan. I wasn’t here to tan and slowly started playing with my cock. It rose up as I stroked it some more. I caught the eye of a couple sitting across from me. As they watched me the younger of the two reached over and started stroking his partner’s cock! Mine was now rock hard as I watched these two. As the twink leaned over and started sucking on the other’s cock I was getting turned on. I ran my finger over my head and scooped up the pre fluid, then tasted it.

The older man was leaning back while the other started sucking his cock with gusto. We locked eyes, and he knew the show was turning me on. I spit on my cock to lube it up as I started long stroking my big cock. I played with my balls and tugged on them to try and stop the cum from gurgling out. As I watched more of the live sex show before me the sucker was now stroking his cock to full hardness. I looked back up and the older guy stared right at me while he grabbed the head of his lover and pushed it down on his hard, glistening cock! His balls twitched as he buried his bone deep! The cum shot out and filled his partner’s mouth. His cock was now just as hard, and he was shooting all over the ground. How I wished to be there on my knees catching that wasted load.

As he came up for air, he leaned in, and they passed the cum back and forth as the two made out. This was too much, and I shot my pent-up sperm load all over my chest. It was such a forceful blast that I now realized the man in the seat next to me began a slow clap.

I was so nervous at what had just happened I got up. Cum covered and walked down a flight of stairs to hit the shower and clean up. No point getting the towel wet so back over the shoulder it went as my now limp cock dangled between my by legs. My load of cum glistened on my chest as it was in full display for all to see.

More to CUM!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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