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Military Wife Plays While Away

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Jill and I have been married for six years. We met when I was 32 and she was just about to turn 30. I am an active duty officer in the armed forces, she is a nurse that also serves part time in the national guard. For the most part we have been happy.

Jill has somehow managed to maintain a body that would put many 18 year old girls to shame. At 36 she still looks like she is in her early twenties. Standing 5’5″ tall, 115 pounds, with shoulder length wavy brown hair, and hazel eyes, I still look at her with lust. The tattoos she got in her late teens and early twenties still look great on her. Lightning bolts that stretch around her waist accentuate a tight tummy and amazing, curvy hips.

Three months ago Jill’s military service took her to Biloxi, Ms. to cross train into a new career field. Neither of us were pleased with this, but we accepted it and did our best to plan for smooth sailing while she was away. Despite our planning and best intentions, her three months in Biloxi turned out to be the end of our marriage, and the beginning of a new life for her, in more ways than one.

Jill was in a class with five other white girls, two black girls, and three white guys. There were a few black men in other classes that the two black girls noticed immediately, as did one of the white girls that had more than a little thing for black guys. During the course of her training, classes often combined for physical fitness activities, as well as for study groups. As happens in these situations cliques formed pretty early on. Jill quickly fell in with one of the black girls and the jungle fever white girl. Initially this was not because of the prevailing preference for black men, but because her snarky attitude meshed best with the attitudes of these girls.

After the first week of classes the three girls, Jill, Kiesha the black girl, and Tiana the other white girl aligned into a pretty tight little circle. As the beginning of the second week roles around Kiesha and Tiana have started making small talk with the three black guys, and make their introductions. Their names are Jeron, Trevor, and Devon. It strikes you all as funny that they all have names that start with the same letters as the girls. You tag along and don’t think much of the situation.

Tiana, asks the guys if they want to get together to work out. The guys, who have eagerly been eyeballing the three girls readily agree. You recognize that this could be a kind of bad situation, but don’t think it’s too big of a deal and hesitantly agrees to go along. The hottest of the three men, the one that Kiesha and Tiana are most interested in immediately shows interest in you. Ironically, he is the one sharing your first initial. Jeron is 24 years old, 6’3″ tall and 220 pounds. You find him very attractive but keep it to yourself. You see that he’s being somewhat flirtatious and are quietly flattered that he is showing interest in you.

Kiesha and Tiana, while slightly jealous that the married girl is getting the attention of the hottest of the three guys, tell you that you should go for it. You laugh it off, and don’t really give the whole situation too much thought.

The rest of the second week the six of you work out together every day, sometimes running, sometimes going to the gym.

At the end of the week Trevor asks if the three of you would like to go to a movie with them. You guys think it sounds fun. At the movie Kiesha and Tiana make sure you end up sitting next to Jeron. You talk a little during the movie, there is a little leg touching during conversations in a subtle, not quite inappropriate, but not quite innocent manner. After the movie you go out for drinks. The six of you chat and drink, you spend about an equal amount of time talking to the girls and with Jeron. It is clearly semi-flirtatious. With a few drinks in you, you are having a fantastic time.

After the drinks you all agree to go back to the dorms on base. In the dorm lounge you all pile onto a few couches and watch another movie. You immediately takes a seat next to Jeron and lean on him as you watch TV. The night ends without anything else happening, but the ball is clearly rolling.

The following week you continue your work out routine. After meeting up on Tuesday you all have different ideas about which type of workout you want to do. The six of you split up with each of the girls going off to work out with one of the guys. Of course you have paired up with Jeron. The two of you wind up in the weight room together. Being as fit as he is he knows a lot about training and spots you while giving pointers on form and effective techniques. At one point he places a hand on your hip both to help aldatma porno you out and as a not so subtle flirtation. It gives you Goosebumps, which surprises you.

Afterwards Kiesha and Tiana tease you. “What did you guys do?” Kiesha asks.

Tiana jumps in, “You need to get you some of that dick.”

You blush, and respond, “We just worked out, he is so hot though.”

Your activities are noticed by others. Some racist types make comments about white girls hanging out with black guys.

One of the white girls in your class tells you that you should be aware of perceptions, “You know Jill, a married girl hanging out with two single girls and three young black men looks bad.”

This irritates you and you snap back, “Nothing is going on, we’re working out, and that’s all.”

At the end of the week the six of you plan a night out at a local casino night club. Kiesha, Tiana, and you get ready together. You’re thinking to yourself, Can I do something bad? You’re not sure, but you do know you want to dress sexy tonight. The three of you help each other choose what to wear. Kiesha and Tiana decide that your hip hugger jeans, strappy shoes, and sexy black open back shirt are perfect. You agree.

Before going out Tiana suggests that you guys need to go to the salon for manicure, pedicure, and Brazilian waxes. She’s not sure about you guys but she knows she’s going to fuck tonight.

At 9:00 P.M. Jeron and Kenyon swing by to pick up you and Tiana, Kiesha rides with Trevor. Earlier in the week you and Jeron exchanged numbers. He has a car and you don’t. You told yourself that the number swap was just a matter of convenience. A small lie to yourself.

On the ride to the club you ride up front with Jeron. Tiana and Kenyon climb in back.

At the club the two of you chat and share sips of each others drinks. After two drinks and some urging from Tiana you agree to dance with Jeron. You’re a little buzzed, a little touchy. You dance with Jeron, your hands wind up on his chest. After the first song ends you are just getting into it. The next song is faster, a little more melodic. As you guys move together your slightly moist crotch presses against his leg. He can feel your heat.

Jeron looks into your eyes smiling, and whispers into your ear, “You feel good against me.” You know he’s talking about your pussy. You smile back. As you shift yourself you feel his semi-hard cock against your hip. You think of a word to describe the feeling, you settle on impressive. You are now very wet.

Tiana and Kenyon swing next to you on the floor, Tiana’s looking at you, trying to get your attention, but you are locked in the moment, hands rubbing Jeron’s chest. His hands are moving along your ass and hips. “Your ass is amazing,” Jeron tells you as he gently kisses your ear.

Tiana gives up trying to get your attention and eventually makes her way to Keisha and laughs with her about how in a daze you were.

As this song ends your heads turn and eyes meet, followed by your lips, then tongues. Your pussy is now firmly pressed against his cock while you continue to kiss deeply rolling into the next song. Time is frozen for you even though you’ve now danced through at least four songs, kissing, laughing, and grinding until you are both sweaty.

Eventually you move off the dance floor for more drinks. The six of you are at a booth with not quite enough room, so you are sitting on one of Jeron’s knees. Your hand moves under the table to his cock which quickly hardens and grows through his loose fitting pants.

The funny thought occurs to you that, he needs to wear baggy pants to contain that massive cock. Jeron’s hand moves to your pussy at just the moment that your phone vibrates with a call from me. You ignore it knowing that, since you’re with the only six people here that would call you, it must be me.

You’re four drinks into the night, Jeron has had three and realizes it’s time to either keep drinking and get a cab, or time to take you home and fuck you. Jeron tells the guys, “I need to get Jill back to my place so I can hit that.” They laugh, slightly jealous, as they both want to fuck you too.

While the guys are talking you, Kiesha, and Tiana have time to talk. They give you shit about being in a trance earlier on the dance floor. You blush and laugh, “I guess we know how this is going to turn out,” You say.

The guys come over and ask the girls if you want to go back to Trevor’s apartment and play some cards and keep drinking. You all agree. Your heart is pounding at what you think is coming.

At the apartment you guys set up at a table in the dining ensest porno room, you immediately move to Jeron’s lap as he plays a game of spades with Trevor and Kenyon. You are sipping on vodka cranberries trying not to get too drunk. You are buzzed enough to have your inhibitions obliterated, but sober enough to realize that you don’t want to pass out before you get a chance to have Jeron.

Kiesha looks at you and Tiana and asks if you want to go out on the balcony and have a smoke. You agree. Out on the balcony Tiana says, “girlfriend, you’re about to change everything.”

“What do you mean?” You ask.

Tiana replies back, “The saying is true Jill, not all brothers are game changers, but I can tell from Jeron, he’s going to fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before.”

You smile and giggle a little, “We’ll see”. Then you add, “I can tell he’s going to be good from dancing with him, and oh my god, even with his cock soft I could tell through his pants that he’s packing.”

As you are out on the balcony the guys walk out, Jeron walks up behind you and wraps his big, strong arms around you, then kisses your neck. Shivers run down your spine, you feel your pussy tingle. You haven’t been this aroused in a long time, maybe ever. Jeron looks at Trevor and nods. Trevor smiles and winks back. You see this but before you can figure out what it was about Jeron has your hand and is walking you into the house.

Jeron leads you to the spare bedroom and closes the door after. As the door closes part of you feels embarrassed at having so clearly disregarded your wedding vows in front of five other people. You have a sudden surge of doubt. I can’t do this. You think to yourself. As Jeron turns towards you, you briefly think about saying that you can’t do this, but then his lips meet yours and everything else melts away.

With your lips together you move your hands to his belt and undo it. You then move your fingers to his pants and undo his button. As you begin to unzip his jeans you visualize what his cock must looks like. You want it so bad. With his pants unzipped you let them drop to the floor. Now is the moment of truth, and you realize that you can’t wait. You drop to your knees and level your eyes on his boxer briefs, and the unbelievably large bulge in front of you.

You put your hands on his hips and move your face onto his briefs. You open your mouth and let your teeth rest on the girth of his rapidly stiffening cock. You can’t believe how wide you have to open your mouth to get it around his girth. You let your teeth come off of his cock and press your lips against it kissing it hard. The head of his cock then pops out of the top of his briefs. You laugh, “You’re too big to fit inside of your underwear.” Jeron laughs too.

You grab his underwear and pull them down as he lifts his legs to step out of them. You are now looking at the full glory of his dark black, thick, and beautiful cock. You think to yourself, This is twice the size that I’m used to. Grabbing the base of his cock you kiss the head and move your tongue to lick the pre cum from his massive tip. You then run your tongue down the shaft and move your head sideways and take his heavy, warm, slightly sweaty balls into your mouth. You suck hard which makes Jeron squirm a little. He grabs your head hard forcefully.

You’re not used to the force that he uses, this turns you on even more. As you let his balls fall from your mouth Jeron tells you, “Stick your tongue out.” You look into his eyes with your eyes dreamy and entranced. “ANYTHING you want,” you say as you stick your tongue out. He then slaps your tongue with his hard, heavy cock. You then take it into your mouth and begin sucking it hard, making sure you get it very wet. You think to yourself, I need to make him feel good, I need to give him the best head he’s every had.

As you’re moving your head back and forth his cock hits the back of your throat and you gag. “I’m sorry baby, I can’t take it all, I’m not used to anything like this,” you tell him.

“It’s OK baby, you can make it up to me by letting me all the way inside that pussy,” he responds. You smile and stand up.

As you step back Jeron begins undressing you, kissing your body as he removes each piece of clothing. As he readies to take off your panties he sees how wet you are. You’ve soaked your panties. “Am I making you wet?” he asks.

You grab his hand and place one of his fingers inside your dripping wet pussy. Jeron moves his tongue onto your pussy and licks you once. You then lean your body and stretch your arm so that you can grab his cock. Cock in hand you drag him to the bed escort porno climbing up onto the bed and lying on your back as you spread your legs wide.

“I need to feel you inside me, your skin against mine,” you tell him.

Jeron moves over you as you grab his cock around the base and pull it towards your aching pussy. As the head touches your lips and slowly parts them you wince a little. “Go slow lover, my pussy is not used to real dick,” you tell him.

Jeron laughs as he slowly pushes into you. He’s no more than half way into you before you feel the head of his cock hit the back of your pussy. As it hits your cervix you moan, “my god.”

Jeron slowly, rhythmically moves in and out, pushing a little harder each time he hits the back of your pussy, and each time your pussy swallows a little more of his cock. After no more than two or three minutes you feel yourself intensely and suddenly start to shudder.

From out of nowhere you are cumming. “FUCK, FUCK, FUCK!” you yell.

Your body is shaking. You are embarrassed at cumming so quickly and at how loud you yelled.

He smiles and kisses you on the lips, “I think they all know you are enjoying it,” he says. You blush even more.

Jeron gives you a minute, but you want him to cum so bad, all you want is to please him. He then slowly starts to work in and out again.

After a few minutes he is almost all the way inside you. You lift your head up because you want to see that beautiful black cock disappearing inside your little pussy.

The shaking from your first orgasm has now completely worn off and you are getting wetter again seeing his cock pump in and out of you.

You look him in the eyes and tell him, “harder baby, I want you to punish my pussy, and I want you to cum.”

That’s what Jeron was hoping for, he wastes no time and begins slamming into you full force. You feel all 220 pounds of him slamming against your loins. You feel the head of his cock ending deep inside your pussy in a place where you have never felt a touch before.

You think to yourself, my god, I had no idea I could feel anything like this, anything so deep inside me.

Every little bit of your pussy is filled, and he is pounding you violently. He’s fucking you so hard you close your eyes and make noises that come from some deep and never before heard place.

Seconds later it builds up again, you reach up and pull your body slightly up to his torso and bite down on his shoulder as you cum again. ”

You feel like you have been cumming for minutes and begin to feel self-conscious. You are thinking to yourself, I need to make him cum, I need to make him feel good, I am so in love with this dick. As you ponder this Jeron starts to grunt.

His sweat is dripping on you. You open your mouth to let drops of his sweat fall into your mouth. You want to taste all of him. As you lick his chest you feel yourself cumming a third time, and just at that moment he pulls out.

You grab his cock and squeeze hard, “Fuck!” he yells.

You squeeze even harder and seconds later you see him exploding. A stream of thick white cum squirts over your body and falls over your breasts and neck. The feel of his warm cum on your nipples and neck as amazing.

You jerk his cock and continue to squeeze as a second stream comes out less explosively and pools thick as it runs out of his tip and onto your stomach. You look at it and it occurs to you that it looks like tablespoons of cum. I guess it makes sense that such a huge cock would shoot so much cum, you think to yourself.

You are still squeezing squeezing his cock when a third explosion shoots even further than the first falling on your chin, lips, nose, and just under your eye. You laugh as you continue to squeeze.

“My god Jeron, so much cum,” you tell him. You continue squeezing thinking to yourself that you want to squeeze every last drop from that cock.

As its apparent he’s done Jeron rocks back onto his knees, hovering over you. You look up into his eyes, move your hand down to your stomach and scoop his cum from your stomach. With a handful of cum you move your hand to your mouth and lick every bit of cum from your hand.

You look doe eyed into his eyes, “yummy,” you say as you move your hand back down to your breasts and scoop up more and lick it.

You do this until every bit of his cum is inside you. You wonder to yourself, how much cum do I have in my stomach?

Surprisingly to you, you feel a twinge of regret that you didn’t get to feel all that cum shooting inside your pussy.

“Jeron, that was amazing,” you say.

Jeron just winks at you then collapses by your side.

“We’re just getting started baby, we’ve got all night,” he says to you.

You smile and say, “I won’t be able to walk tomorrow if you fuck me like that again.”

He reassuringly tells you, “Don’t worry baby, I’ll take it easy on you, for now.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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