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Millicent Meets Cody and Bryan

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“No fucking way, dude!”

My friend Cody couldn’t believe my story about meeting Rose and going back to her apartment. I don’t even know why I told him. We were both a little drunk and it was late.

“You stripped and jacked off for this old lady?”


“I can’t see myself doing that shit.”

He pretended to be totally grossed out by the whole thing, except that I noticed he was adjusting his khakis to avoid having a noticeable hardon.

Cody and I are best friends. We both go to college together, except that I’m a year older. Even though he’s 21, he looks way younger because he’s thin and wiry kind of short. He gets carded all the time, which pisses him off. I think that sometimes he acts tougher than he is to make up for how he looks, which is basically like a high school kid.

Well I must have left a lasting impression on Rose because about a year later I was sitting in a coffee shop reading a magazine when I look up and see Rose standing there. This was the first time seeing Rose since I ran into her at Barbara’s bookstore last winter.

“May I join you?” Rose asked.

“Sure,” I said, hoping none of my friends would notice me sitting with her.

“I wonder if I might engage you for a service,” she said.

“What kind of service?” I wondered, figuring she wanted to see in the raw again.

“Well, my best friend Millicent is having a birthday next week.” She paused trying to find the right words. “Well, we share our little secrets and I told her about our incident last year.”

“You did?” I was pretty shocked. Of course, I told Cody, didn’t I?

“Yes, and I believe she was a little jealous,” she smiled. “I’d like to bring her a boy of her own to look at.”

“What do you mean, a boy of her own?” I asked.

“Well, Bryan, I’m wondering if you and one your friends would mind entertaining us for the evening next week.” I’ll tell you: Rose had gotten a whole lot bolder since the last time we met!

“Well, jeez, Rose, I don’t know, I mean that was a one-time thing …” I mean where did she come off?

“Oh, I would expect to pay you.”

I didn’t say anything, but my face showed I was interested.

“Five hundred apiece, for you and one your college friends,” she said.

I told her I’d think it over, then I called Cody.

“Is this some fucking joke?” he said.

“No. Its five hundred bucks,” I said, “for each of us.” “Shit,” he muttered.

“And,” I said, “I don’t have a job and neither do you. So I say we do it.”

“And she wants us to parade around her house naked?”

“Yea, that’s basically it.”

“Our friends better not find out about this,” he said. Which meant he’d do it.

So the following week, we met up at the bookstore, then walked over to Rose’s apartment. The doorman was expecting us and we were let up to her high rise. I could tell Cody was getting more and more nervous the closer we got. When we were in the elevator together, he just kept shifting back and forth on one foot and looking up at the ceiling.

“Relax, dude,” I said.

He nodded but didn’t say anything.

Rose let us in. I introduced her to Cody and she smiled approvingly. “Oh, Millicent will just adore him,” she said.

She led us down the hall to the bathroom. “You will each Escort bayan attend to one us,” Rose explained.

“Like a waiter?” Cody said.

She smiled, “Yes, dear. Like a waiter. You will bring out the food and drink and socialize with us. Is that understood?” Yes, Rose, had become much more assertive in a year!

“Here’s the washroom,” she said. “You can …” she paused for a moment. “You can .. disrobe here.”

“So you want us to come out naked,” I said.

“Yes Bryan, I very much do,” Rose smiled. Rose then left to attend to Millicent and we went into the bathroom. The same bathroom I was in a year ago. I kicked off my Reeboks and rolled up my socks in a ball. Then I pulled off my T-shirt and hung it on the back of the door. I unbuckled my belt and let my shorts fall to the floor. I turned around, wearing just my boxers, and looked at Cody. He hadn’t taken off a stitch.

“What’s the problem?”

He kept looking at the floor. “I just don’t know if I can go through with this, man.”

“Of course you can, ” I said. “Think of the five hundred bucks. No big deal.”

“I think walking around with my dick hanging out is a big deal,” he said in a loud whisper.

There was a knock on the door. “How are you boys coming?”

“Just fine, Rose,” I said. “One more minute.”

“It’s a couple of hours, dude, and then you’ll forget about it.”

Resigned to his fate, Cody started to take his clothes off. He was wearing sandals, so those came off right away. He unbuttoned his shirt and hung it up next to mine. Then he sat down on the edge of the tub and pulled off his jeans, revealing tighty-whitey underwear. We both laughed.

“I guess this is it,” he said, and then we both pulled down our shorts together. It wasn’t the first time we’d seen each other naked. We used to shower together after working out at school. We both have smooth chests, but he’s darker. He has brown eyes and wavy dark brown hair; I’m a blue eyed blond. He’s a couple inches shorter, skinnier, but he’s got more hair on his legs. And, yea, I have to admit that his cock is decent sized.

Another knock on the door.

“We’re ready Rose,” I said. The door opened and Rose scanned me from head to toe, her eyes stopping briefly at my crotch. My dick was sort of half hard.

“You look wonderful, Bryan,” she said, “Even better than I remember.” Then she looked at Cody, whose cheeks were flushed from embarrassment.

“You look very young,” Rose said.

“He’s 21, Rose.”

“A little shy?” she said.

He nodded. “Follow me,” said, “Its time we unveil you.”

I came out first, behind Rose. Cody followed me, through the hallway, and out into the large well lit living room. Millicent was seated in an easy chair and rose to greet us.

“Millicent,” Rose announced, like this was a formal gathering, “I would like to present Bryan.” She looked at me like she was staring at a vision for like a whole minute. Then she smiled and said, “I’ve heard a lot about you, Bryan.”

I took her hand and kissed it. Then she looked at my dick, which started twitching visibly.

Millicent appeared a little younger than Rose, but probably wasn’t. Her hair was tinted a sort of funny shade of red and she was wearing a light sort of summery pantsuit.

I Bayan escort said, “This is my buddy, Cody.”

They both looked at eachother and froze.


“Mrs. Fenwick?”

Rose said, “What, Millicent? Do you know this young man?”

“Why, yes,” Millicent said, “this was – is – the neighbor boy Cody, who used to mow my lawn when I lived in Oak Park. He used to play with my niece Kelly.”

Cody was speechless, but instinctively covered his dick with his hands.

“Well how nice,” Rose said. “You two already know eachother!”

Cody was red as a beet. But when Millicent offered her hand to him, he reached out and kissed it, unveiling his dick to her.

“Why don’t you boys bring out the wine and hors d’oeuvres,” Rose said. “They’re in the kitchen.”

Rose and Millicent watched our asses as we headed off to the kitchen.

There was wine on the counter with two empty glasses. I started pouring while Cody found some snacks in the microwave.

“This is fucking embarrassing, man!” Cody whispered to me. “That lady knows my mom!”

“Relax,” I told him. “She’s not gonna tell anyone.”

Cody brought out the platter of snacks, meatballs and cheese mostly, and I brought out the wine. Our dicks were semi-erect now and the ladies watched us flop back and forth while we serving them.

“We have such lovely waiters, don’t we Millicent?” Rose said smiling.

I looked across the table and saw Cody pouring wine for Millicent.

“Yes, I remember Cody when he was only 10 or 11 …” Millicent said, looking over his naked body. “He’s quite a man now.” She ran her hands up his legs. “Did you notice his hairy legs, Rose?”

“I did indeed,” said Rose. All this attention to Cody’s legs made him blush. It also caused his dick to thicken in little stages until it pointed straight up to the ceiling. This fascinated both of the ladies. Millicent looked up at Cody and then over to Rose and said, “I love the way young men show their feelings, don’t you Rose?” This made Cody’s cheeks even redder.

“Yes, I do,” Rose said looking up at me. Seeing my buddy’s raging erection caused me to get one too. In a couple of seconds my penis was sticking straight out.

Rose looked up at me and me smiled. “Now how do you boys do that?”

“I don’t know Rose,” I said. “It just happens.”

A couple of glasses of wine later, the ladies were standing at our sides looking us over. Millicent was stroking Cody’s hairless chest and caressing his nipples. Rose was running her hands up and down my butt.

“Look,” Rose said to me. “you’re leaking.”

“Pre-cum,” I said.

“Oh yes,” she remembered. Rose gently dabbed her finger around my piss slit and swirled the pre-cum around the head of my cock.

Millicent’s hands started down Cody’s chest and stomach and stopped where a trail of hair started just below his belly.

Rose’s hands started to explore my ass. She boldly brushed her finger against my butthole which caused my boner to pop up.

I looked across the table and saw Millicent gently take hold of Cody’s dick. Almost on cue Rose wrapped her fingers around my erect penis.

The two ladies were getting ready to milk their boys. It was going to be a competition: who would come first? Escort I knew I’d lose. Cody’s dick looked like a pink ICBM getting ready to fire.

Millicent seemed to know what she was doing as she rhythmically jerked Cody’s cock. I helped Rose get into the groove but it didn’t take long for her to start pumping for real.

Cody closed his eyes and moaned softly, “Oh fuck.”

Millicent pumped a little harder and then I heard Cody breathe heavily and say, “Fuck, I’m gonna shoot.”

His cum shot into the air like a cannon, some of it going over his shoulder and some of it landing on his chest and in his hair.

It didn’t take long for me to follow suit – spurt, spurt, spurt – onto Rose’s fine white tablecloth.

Afterwards, no one said a word. The ladies took some sips of their wine and we just stood there with our penises still swollen. Feeling weird. Millicent used a napkin to clean off Cody’s hair and chest. The ladies both watched us wipe the excess cum off our own cocks. Then Rose tipped her glass to her friend and said, “Happy birthday Millicent.”

The ladies bade us to go into the living room and sit. Somehow doing this, we felt even more naked than we were before. Cody sat next to Millicent on the couch, his hands awkwardly on his knees, his now soft dick in plain sight. Rose sat in an easy chair and motioned me to sit on a recliner. The seat arched back and I sat there with my dick hanging down between my spread legs and my butthole exposed. Which is I guess just what Rose wanted.

In this totally surreal and embarrassing scene, the ladies engaged us in conversation, like asking us what sports we played and whether we have girlfriends. They just dug the fact that we were sitting there totally exposed like it was nothing. And Millicent was fascinated with Cody, she just looked over every inch of him. After about 20 minutes of this banter, Rose must have felt she got her money’s worth.

“Well I’m sure you boys have other things to do,” she said, which was our cue to get up. “Just wait here,” she said, as if we could go anywhere. She told us that she left our checks next to our clothes in the bathroom. The embarrassment of the last half hour had caused our dicks to thicken up a little, which gave the ladies another little thrill.

Just then there was a knock on the front door. Both ladies were caught off guard. Who knocks on the front door in a high rise? Rose went over to answer it, a bit out of our view. We heard her talking to someone and hearing “oh, the doorman let you up … well, we’re in the middle of something … oh no …” and in a flash a girl about our age comes traipsing in and comes face to face with two naked boys – namely us!

She froze and dropped her backpack on the floor with a thud. She stared at me, first looking at my face and then letting her eyes drop down to my chest, stomach, and then half-hard dick. Then she looked over at my the dark haired boy behind me and said, “Cody? Is that you?”

Millicent came out from behind us and said. “Well, this is unexpected. Boys, I’d like you to meet my niece Kelly.”

“Kelly, this is Bryan.”

“Hi,” I said, embarrassed smile, dick hanging out.

“Kelly,” said Millicent, “you remember Cody.”

Cody, his head down in embarrassment, and both hands covering his penis, said feebly, “Hi Kelly.”

“I remember him all right,” she said smiling, “but not like this!”

So for me, and poor Cody, the story wasn’t quite over. Or to put it more accurately, one story ended and another was about to begin.

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