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Ministering Angel

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I would like to dedicate this story to a young lady know only to me by the pseudonym of “malp87” whom I “met” very recently on another adult site. Her sweet face, sexy body and dirty mind inspired this story. I would like to thank her again for helping me find the spark to fire my imagination, which over past months seemed to have abandoned me.

The events told below could have happened, but that is not to say that they did happen or even might happen sometime in the future. But one lives in hope!

Ministering Angel

New Year’s Eve: I wouldn’t have come to the pub if my friends hadn’t come hammering on my door insisting that I must join them and almost literally dragging me here.

So here I sit, nursing my beer, the party flowing round me. My friends, of course, are all with their partners, couples enjoying the celebration. The pub is full of couples, or small groups of friends all noisy in their drunken anticipation of the year to come. My eyes glaze as stare blankly into the amber depths of my glass. I feel lonelier in the midst of this throng than if I had been left in peace and alone at my house. A quiet sigh escapes my lips. Another year almost gone, much of it spent partner-less and alone, I feel the back tide of depression beginning to envelope me.

Whilst I was considering making a discrete exit and escape back to my home, a sudden explosion of extra noise rolled over the already deafening roar of the party. The chimes of Big Ben boomed out from the radio, and with the first stroke of the hour the pub erupted with shouts of “Happy New Year”.

“Happy New Year! Ha! What did I have to be happy about?” I thought as my dark mood deepened further.

“Come on mister grumpy!”

A female voice shouted close to my ear as I was hauled out of my chair and press-ganged into joining the circle to sing Auld Lang Syne. My arms crossed in front of me and my hands held firmly by a young woman on either side, I mumbled my way through Robbie Burns’s ancient rhyme. Yet, even with my senses dulled by misery a primal drive was still keeping watch deep inside me. My nose was filled with the scent worn by the young women pressed closely either side of me. My peripheral vision detected the way their pert breasts jiggled as they beat their arms up and down in time with the song. In my loins something stirred and began to take an interest.

Despite my rising lust I was still determined to make my exit. In the general confusion as people broke up back into their groups after the song had ended I slipped quietly out of the door.

I was half way across the car park when someone shouted.


I kept walking.

“Hey you stop! I’m talking to you!”

I stopped and turned around. There half silhouetted against the brightly lit façade of the pub I recognised the same young woman who had pulled me out of my chair and made me join in with Auld Lang Syne. She stood, her feet slightly apart and firmly planted on the tarmac of the car park, with her hands on her hips. In the half-light I could only make out the glint of the spectacles that she wore, but I could still feel the laser heat of the glare that she was giving me.

In a less strident, yet still half mocking voice she said:

“You miserable old bugger, don’t I even get a New Year’s kiss?”

She marched over to where I was standing, grabbing me by the shoulders and only having to reach up slightly she mashed her lips against mine. Automatically my arms enfolded her slim body and drew her close to me, her mouth opened, her tongue probed at my lips.

Dazed, confused by this sudden onslaught I pulled my face away from her.

The deep black pit of depression opened before me and I began to sob, hot tears rolling down my face.

Still our bodies were held close together and my man-brain continued running on its own agenda. What had started as a tingle in my loins a few minutes ago now grew in size and hardness and pressed firmly against her taught belly.

“What’s the matter?” Her voice now soft and quiet, almost whispering. Her fingers brushed the tears from my cheek. Then she gave a giggle and wiggled her hips against me.

“At least one part of you seems to be enjoying itself.”

I tried to pull away, “Sorry,” I croaked, embarrassment now adding itself to the list of negative emotions that were assailing me.

She held on to me to prevent my escape and put her fingers to my lips to silence my protests.

“No, don’t be sorry, I’ll take that as a compliment,” she said as once again she pressed herself against my swollen flesh.

Still trying to pull away, “Sorry” canlı bahis I repeated, “I just want to go home and be on my own.”

“No,” she spoke more firmly now as if some motherly instinct had taken control.

“You shouldn’t be alone, not tonight, not like this. Wait here, I’ll get my coat, I’m coming with you.”

The power decision had been taken from me, so I stood meekly waiting while she went back into the pub and collected her coat.


The short walk back to my house through the cold night air helped to lighten my mood a little, the heavy weight of depression that bore down on me had reduced. By the time we had reached my front door I was glad to have company, attractive female company at that.

I took her coat and hung it on the hooks by the front door, then ushered her into my living room. We settled on my big sofa in front of the wood-burning stove that still burned brightly despite having been left for several hours.

“I should explain” I began.

But once again she put her fingers to my lips to quieten me.

“No need, just be quiet and relax.”

We sat for a while in companionable silence; this was the first time that I really took in what she looked like. She had brownie-blonde hair that just came to her shoulders. Behind her glasses her soft brown eyes had a sparkle that hinted at something naughty just waiting to get out, an easy smile adorned her mouth. She wore an ivory coloured satin blouse the top four buttons of which were open to reveal a modest cleavage. The way the shiny material clung to her gentle curves and the absence of the hard lines of straps breaking the flow suggested that she might not be wearing a bra. Her simple, short, black skirt had been pushed further up her slim, black nylon clad, legs as she lounged on the sofa beside me. A hint of lace showing just below the hem of her skirt made me think that she was wearing stockings rather than tights.

My eyes kept being drawn back to her compact, pert breasts, and their gentle rise and fall as she breathed. I was certain that I could make out the shape of her nipples pushing out against the material of her blouse. Was she aroused or just cold?

“You can touch them if you like, I won’t bite you,” then she giggled “unless you want me to”

Damn, was I being that obvious, but it had been too long since I had been with a woman, especially one as young and pretty as she. My repressed lust was coming to the fore.

Without waiting for me to answer she took my hand and guided it to her breast. My fingers easily enclosed the satin clad fleshy orb. The firm softness of her flesh beneath my fingers and the hardness of her nipple pressing against my palm confirmed my suspicion that her breasts were indeed unfettered this evening.

She leaned towards me, tilting her head up, offering her mouth for a kiss. My free arm encircled her shoulders, drawing her closer. Our lips met in a long sensuous kiss. One of her hands went to my head, tangling in my long greying hair, her other to my thigh stroking and massaging my tight muscles drawing my legs apart and re-igniting the fire in my loins.

At last hot and breathless we broke our kiss.

“I don’t know your name,” I said huskily, ” what shall I call you?”

“Angel,” came her equally breathless reply, “just call me Angel.”

“Oh Angel, will you be a devil for me tonight” I laughed at my own joke.

“Try me and find out for yourself,” she purred.


This was the best therapy in the world, my ministering Angel had with her sensuous kiss banished the dark mood that had invaded my mind. I no longer felt like a lonely old man, my inner lusty youth was fighting to take control. He, the boy, wanted to throw this young woman back onto the couch, rip the clothes from her supple body and thrust the hard throbbing rod of his manhood deep into her yielding flesh. No thought of her pleasure, just the urgent need to sate his own carnal desires.

Yet the man still held firmly to the reigns of the boy’s lustful urges. The ultimate goal remained the same, but the man acknowledged what the boy chose to ignore. Lust is better served through mutual satisfaction.

I disentangled myself from Angel’s warm embrace and slipped from the sofa so that I knelt in front of her. My hands went again to her satin covered breasts. Softly I traced the outline of her womanly curves with my fingers. She offered neither hindrance nor encouragement to my explorations, but settled back into the soft cushions. Arms by her sides her eyes fluttered closed and a soft knowing smile once again spreading across her lips. bahis siteleri

Soon my fingers found her nipples, hard nubs of flesh thrusting against the clingy fabric of her blouse. I teased these little points with my fingernails feeling them extending and growing harder still. A soft moan of pleasure escaped from Angel’s lips. Her hips pushed forward causing skirt to ride even higher up her thighs, which she now parted invitingly.

For the moment I chose to ignore the invitation to explore the lower reaches of her body. With slow deliberate care I unfastened the remaining buttons of her blouse. Then teasing that garment from the waistband of her skirt I exposed the pale orbs her breasts, which stood up pert and proud upon her chest to my plain view.

Cupping these twin delights of Angel’s young womanhood in my hard coarse hands, I reached up with my head and placed a soft kiss on her moist and smiling lips. I didn’t linger at her lips but moved my attention to her neck, then her throat and downwards to the shallow valley between her breasts. My tongue now retraced upon her naked flesh the same route that had been taken by my fingers through her blouse. Eventually my tongue found her engorged hard nipple. My lips closed around this swollen nub of flesh, her breathing quickened, her hands clasped my head ensuring that my hungry mouth should give that part of her the attention she desired.

My mouth fully engaged with pleasuring one erogenous zone I freed a hand to make further forays into the as yet unexplored regions of this most nubile of young bodies.

My hand lighted upon Angel’s nylon clad thigh. Slippery but slightly coarse her stocking felt after the smooth softness of her bare skin. Once again her hips pushed forward, her legs parting further, inviting deeper exploration towards her most secret and intimate flesh.

Creeping onwards into the dark warm cave of her ever-reducing skirt, first my fingers found the lacy welt of her stocking. Then the tight elastic top that kept the stocking stretched upon her long, lithe, well-muscled leg. At last I found the last very few inches of bare, soft, creamy flesh of her uppermost thigh. I paused in my upward march caressing her soft warm skin with the tips of my fingers. Hovering almost at the very gateway to the core of her sex.

Meanwhile, my mouth had not paused in the pleasuring of her breasts. Giving each, in turn, the full attention they deserved. Lathering those pert fleshy mounds with firm strokes of my tongue until they glistened with a coating of my saliva. Each erect nipple I drew between my lips sucking hard fluttering the very pinnacle with the tip of my tongue, then biting just hard enough to bring forth from her squeaks of painful pleasure.

Her moaning became louder, her breathing ragged; she writhed under the lusty assault that I was making upon her super-sensitized erogenous places. Her hips surged up and my hand was driven into contact with her most secret part, but that way was barred to me. A barrier of rough feeling fabric, more lace I instantly imagined, prevented my seeking digit from penetrating the hot liquid core of her womanhood.

The narrow strip of Angel’s lacy thong was stretched tight, soaked with the juices of her arousal and enmeshed deeply in the folds of her intimate flesh. Soon I found, pushing out and trying to escape from that lacy trap, the hard protrusion of her clitoris. This unique organ, whose only purpose to bring pleasure to its possessor, I caressed with firm strokes of my invading fingers.

The effect was sudden as it was violent. She grasped and pulled at my hair, almost tearing it from it roots as she mashed my head hard against her petite breast. Her hips thrust up rapidly almost causing me to loose contact with the very nub that drove her frantic pleasure. Then from her lips broke an almost animalistic growl, building in volume and pitch as the first wave of her orgasm washed over her body.

The first peak passed. But I drove her on with my fingers and my mouth until a second wave engulfed her, louder and more violent than the first. Yet further I drove her, not relenting the vigour of my assault until the summit of the third and highest peak was broached.

Her breath was now coming in heavy sobs, her body quaked, wracked but the electric jolts of her powerful orgasm. She cried out and pushed me away.

“Stop, please stop,” Angel sobbed, “it’s too much!”

I released her, sat back onto my heels and observed the sexual carnage that I had wrought. Her face and upper body where bathed in a sheen of sweat and saliva, her blond hair stuck to her face. Her legs still bahis şirketleri spread and skirt pushed up high exposed the fleshy folds of her sex only scarcely covered by the lace of her thong. Her chest heaved as she tried to regain control of her breathing, and her body still shook as the last of the orgasmic aftershocks ebbed away.

The final act has still yet to be played. My rampant manhood complained bitterly of his continued imprisonment within my jeans. The lustful boy was tugging hard to wrest the leash of control from the hands of the man. Honour, at least in part, satisfied, the man gave reign to the boy.

“Stand up” I told Angel in a low commanding voice.

Meekly she obeyed. I, still kneeling, reached up under her skirt and drew her black lace thong down her legs. Without further prompting she lifted each of her feet to allow me to fully divest her of that sodden garment. Then reaching up again I lifted the hem of her skirt and exposed the swell of her mons and the neat, closely trimmed, dark triangle of her pubic hair. I leaned in and planted a single kiss upon that downy mound, inhaling deeply as I did so. My nose was filled with the musky aroma of her arousal.

“Now, turn around, kneel on the sofa and put your head on its back,” I further commanded.

Again she wordlessly compiled. For a third time I lifted the hem of her skirt, this time lodging it above the firm rounded swell of her buttocks. I reached between her legs pushing them further apart. Then with hands on her buttocks I pushed them apart and reaching down with my thumbs I opened the petals of the sweet flower of her sex.

I took a moment to admire the view of Angel’s most intimate exposure, even noting the way the pearly tip of her clitoris peeked coyly from beneath its hood.

The lusty boy would have to wait a little longer, the man wanted to savour this sweet prize.

I plunged my face into that exposed womanly flesh, greedily lapping up the sweet nectar the oozed from her hot moist depths. Neither did I forget to give honour to the focus of her pleasure. Teasing, sucking and nibbling at her exposed clitoris with the same passion that I had given to her nipples a few minutes before. Soon once again my Angel was quivering and moaning with renewed passionate ecstasy.

The time was right; the boy could at last be released to fulfil his own carnal desire.

I pulled away and stood, quickly loosing my belt. And then in one movement I pushed my jeans and boxers down my legs. My engorged penis sprang forth. Harder and fuller my erection seemed to be than any in the many months of my loneliness when I only had my own strong hand to service my needs.

I stepped up to the task, guiding the swollen head of my man-flesh into the embrace of Angel’s hot, soft, wet womanly folds. Grasping her hips I pressed firmly in until my flesh was fully sheathed in hers. I held, enjoying the tightness of her young firm body.

Slowly and with some difficulty, as her strong vaginal muscles clamped tightly about me to prevent my escape, I withdrew. Then plunging forth once again the final assault started in earnest, each successive thrust growing stronger and faster; Angel’s hips pushing back to meet my every thrust, her strong muscles gripping at each withdrawal. Presently the room reverberated with the sounds of flesh slapping on flesh and our combined moans of pleasurable exertion.

“Faster you bastard. Fuck my young cunt hard you filthy old fucker,” Angel cried out with orgasmic lust. Her foul-mouthed commands drove me to pound my flesh into hers with a renewed vigorous energy that I thought was long since spent.

Too soon my moment of my climax rushed upon me. Thinking nothing of consequences in my moment of ultimate passion I made a final deep thrust and help our bodies firmly locked together as my throbbing manhood spewed forth its seed, filling her young body with my precious load until her quivering fleshy sheath had milked me dry.

Eventually the moment passed, but still I held us locked together until my aging flesh began to wilt inside her. Disengaging our bodies I collapsed onto the sofa, and pulling Angel to me we kissed passionately. Then holding each other in a warm embrace blissful sleep overtook me…


I awoke still enfolded in Angel’s arms her sleeping half naked form held closely to mine. Despite the warmth of her body I shivered, the fire in the hearth had almost burnt out and the room had grown chill. Carefully I disentangled our bodies and woke my sweet lover with a kiss. But when I tried to stand up I staggered and almost fell as my jeans and boxers were still pooled about my ankles. My awkward moment caused her to giggle girlishly. With a struggle I managed to free my legs from their bonds and then, taking her hand, I led my Ministering Angel upstairs towards my bedroom…

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