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You position me in front of the mirror, your hands resting on my shoulders. I can’t look at myself, my eyes are fixed on you standing behind me.

Your fingers move to the buttons of my shirt and undo them, slowly revealing pale skin and lace. I feel the heat of your fingertips as they brush against my flesh. The shirt undone you slide it down my arms and let it drop onto the floor, a pile of pale discarded fabric. Moving to my skirt, I feel the waistband tighten as you pull at the button, slide down the zip and push the fabric over my hips.

“Look in the mirror,” you command me.

I see a woman reflected, a woman in heels, lace bra and silk knickers. I long to fold my arms across my chest, to hide, but instead I stand tall, thrusting my tits out, rising to your challenge. I feel your fingers on my back beneath the waistband of my knickers, stroking my skin with a soft touch. You pull the silk up between my cheeks, exposing more flesh and forcing the silk to mould to the outline of my pussy lips. Within seconds a dark patch appears on the fabric, revealing my excitement to your gaze. My cheeks flush with the stain of embarrassment as you reach around me and press your finger to the damp silk. A sound of satisfaction emanates from your throat as my hips move forwards pushing my pussy against your hand. I feel you pressing against me from behind, the heat of your chest against my back, the hardness of your cock against my arse. If I just bent forwards, would you take me now?

Your hands move to slip the straps of my bra from my shoulders, fingers sliding under the edge of the cups to rub across my nipples. A gasp escapes my lips as they stiffen in response, pushing against the lace, rubbing with every shallow breath. Cupping my tits, you use your thumbs to peel back the delicate fabric, baring my rouge pink nipples to your gaze. Your hands squeeze my flesh and I moan, wanting more, needing you to touch me everywhere. I’m captivated by the girl in the mirror and her lover, whose touch brings such a rosy flush to her skin.

Warm lips pressed to my shoulder, fingers tracing my spine, pausing only to unhook the bra, before continuing their journey downwards. Slipping under the silken knickers and dipping into the crevice between my buttocks. Feel my response as I tremble, anticipating the next delicious action. Using both hands you push the knickers over the roundness of my arse and down my thighs. You hold me as I step out of them and the shoes. And so I stand before you, reflected in my nakedness, your fingers pressed against my flesh.

Taking my hand in yours you draw it üsküdar escort down and trace the split of my pussy lips with my finger. Probing gently until the tip is moistened by my juices. You bring my finger to my mouth and smear my lower lip with stickiness, my tongue flicking to taste. Pulling me around you capture my lips, hungry to share the taste of me. It’s a fervent kiss, a melding of lips and tongues and moans. Your hands cupping my buttocks, mine in your hair, both desperate to get closer, to taste more.

Drawing back, breathing hard, we both turn to look in the mirror. Two images, one completely naked, one completely clothed, meet our gaze. In one quick move you pull your t-shirt over your head, no slow undressing for you! My fingers, itching to touch you, caress your chest, your stomach, returning to tweak your nipples to hardened nubs. Bending my head I tentatively touch a nipple with the tip of my tongue, before circling it and sucking it into my mouth. Judging by the moan and the way you hold my shoulders I think you like it. Nipping and sucking one, scratching the other with my nails. I stroke my hands across your stomach, pausing to caress the skin around your navel. Reaching your jeans, my questing fingers slip inside the waistband and brush against your hard cock. Kissing and licking my way down your stomach, I drop to my knees, face level with your crotch. You turn my head so that I see us so reflected.

Fingers trembling in urgency, I struggle to unfasten you. Laughingly you move my hands and in seconds your jeans are undone, displaying briefs taught over hard cock. My breath leaves my lips in a long sigh as my fingers reach out to brush against you, following the length of your cock, slipping under the waistband until my nails graze your hot cock flesh. Glancing at the mirror I see you head bent, gaze fixed on me. Impatient with your clothes my hands pull at your jeans and briefs, tugging them down your thighs. And there it is that gorgeous cock of yours, I moan just from looking at it. My fingertips flutter up and down the length and you can feel my warm breath against your skin. Your cock twitches, an invitation to my mouth I think.

Leaning forwards, one hand on your thigh, I press my lips to the tip of your cock, parting them slowly so that my tongue can flick against your flesh. My other hand moves to encircle the base of your shaft, squeezing and stroking. You taste so good that I can’t resist licking the underside of your cock from tip to base, pausing to tease your balls, before one long lick yenibosna escort back to the head. Parting my lips I insert your cocktip between them, sucking it in and out slowly. Letting you feel the warmth of my mouth, the pressure of my lips and teasing of my tongue. I can see in the mirror how full my mouth looks, how eager I look. Your fingers wrap in my hair, pulling my head down to force more of your cock into my mouth. Your shaft fills me, stretching my lips wide and my head back. Emitting a long sigh of pleasure as I give in and let you fuck my mouth, my fingers rubbing around the base of your cock, the other hand stroking your balls. I want you to cum in my mouth, to taste your spunk as it runs down my throat, so my hand on your cock moves faster and I suck a little harder. Your fingers tighten in my hair, holding my head still as you withdraw. I am left on my knees, mouth open, so ready to take you.

Taking my hands you raise me and step towards the bed. Sitting on the edge, you take my hips and pull me to stand between your legs. With the mirror behind me I know that if I bent to take your cock into my mouth again, you would see my pussy lips and parted arse cheeks. I move to do just that, but you stop me, positioning me to stand there with legs slightly parted. You lean forwards and capture a nipple between your teeth, teasing me, before sucking it into your mouth and stroking it with your tongue. My fingers are drawn to my other nipple, squeezing and twisting the hardened flesh between finger and thumb. With you tugging on my nipple I feel my pussy start to tingle and a shiver runs down my spine. The hand you had curved around my hip strokes over my belly and down to the top of my thighs. Probing fingers explore further, parting my pussy lips and grazing across my clit, before slipping into my pussy. I hear a satisfied groan, not knowing if it came from you or me.

Lifting your mouth, your eyes meet mine, “You are so wet and I’m going to fuck you.”

Your hands guide me so that my back is to you and once again I can see myself in the mirror, eyes wide, skin flushed.

“Sit on me baby,” your hands on my hips guiding me down.

I pause hovering above your cock so I can take it in my hand and guide it. Just press past the lips and let you feel my wetness with your tip, before taking all of you into me in a slow downward movement. I release a moan of satisfaction at how good your cock feels inside me and pause to savour the sensation. My pussy contracts around you and your cock throbs in response. This zeytinburnu escort feels oh so good and I start to rock my hips backwards and forwards. I feel your moan against my shoulder and your hands cupping my tits and pushing them together, squeezing my pale flesh. My hands on my thighs I start to rise, releasing all but your tip, before consuming you again. My hips circling every time I raise myself, ensuring you feel me tightly wrapped around you. With a final squeeze of my hard nipples your hands clamp firmly on my hips, inciting me to fuck you faster, pulling me down onto your deliciously hard cock.

The mirror reflects all and I see us joined, I see my pussy stretched around your hard shaft, swallowing it only to free it again. My eyes fixed on your cock surging into me. Your hand lingers over my pussy, stroking the parted outer lips, flicking my clit, eliciting a loud moan of frustration when you pause in you ministrations. My fingers quickly replace yours, brushing against your cock as we fuck, rubbing my clit in rapid motion. You know I’m going to cum and you thrust up into me, pulling me tight to you.

“Look in the mirror, into your face as you cum.”

All I see are wide eyes and parted lips, before my eyelashes flutter down and my body stiffens, my pussy contracting and pulsating tightly around you as I emit a long, loud moan, echoed by your own.

I open my eyes to see the reflection of you holding me, my hands grasping yours. You kiss the side or my neck and urge me to stand, my legs still feeling a little shaky. Stroking my hips and arse, you position me so that I am bending over the bed, resting on my elbows and if I turn my face I can see the mirror. I feel the heat of your body behind me, hands spreading my legs a little further apart. Fingers brushing my soaking wet pussy. Then you, the tip of your cock rubbing against me, probing my folds. Pushing slowly, until every inch of your cock has been consumed and you groan in gratification. Withdrawing completely, you grip my hips, holding me firmly and thrust into me in one move, filling me. Turning my head I can see you, your cock thrusting in and out of me. Oh it feels so good this deep, hard fuck, where every thrust is greeted by a sigh or moan of ecstasy. I feel your fingers rubbing over my clit, deliberate pressure meant to make my body tingle. Seeing your cock fucking me, feeling you deep inside me and your fingers against my clit, I know that I’ll have to cum soon, I can’t hold it back. My stomach tenses as I feel your pace quicken, fingers clutching at the covers as I feel those first sensations. Body tensing, followed by rippling contractions around your cock. You thrust harder, faster as my pussy squeezes you so tightly. Then you too succumb, thighs straining, cock throbbing as you erupt inside me, flooding my pussy with your spunk. I feel you pulsating as you expel the last drop of cum and wrap your arms around my waist, breath hot and laboured against my skin.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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