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day two

Nathan napped on the couch opposite me. I sat watching the waves make contact with the beach and watching him sleep. On the coffee table lay his opened journal. Feeling a magnetic draw towards his recorded thoughts, I picked it up and began to read. There before me in black and white his familiar handwriting revealed his account of our most recent sexual encounter.

As I read his words, my body came alive with sexual energy. His words were foreplay, a mental fucking. My hips began to grind into the cushions of the couch. My panties were now moist, my clitoris aching to be touched. So consumed in what I was reading, feeling and doing, I was unaware that Nathan had awakened and was watching me intently.

I felt his gaze and looked over to him. He smiled and reached for my hand to pull me towards him. He kissed me, the tip of his tongue forcing my mouth open to receive its warmth. Our tongues caressed as our bodies pressed together. His penis was thick and hard with passion. My own arousal made me the aggressor. I wanted him inside me. I led him into the bathroom and closed the door. Using the sink counter to kaçak iddaa support my weight, I leaned my body forward and looked back over my shoulder, my eyes inviting him to take me.

He was watching me in the mirror and stroking the naked skin of my back. He kissed me behind the ear his breath causing me to moan. His kisses covered my neck and shoulders, his teeth gently nibbling.

The mirror also allowed me to watch his wonderful face as he wrapped his arms around me to take a breast into each hand. He licked his fingers to provide a lubricant before massaging and pinching the tender nipples to a firm ready attention.

Reaching behind with one hand on each cheek of my soft buttocks, I spread myself open to him. “Would you?” My words asked, but my eyes pleaded for acceptance and returned passion.

He responded by sucking on his index finger and placing it on the elastic ring of my anus. Gently, he massaged and stretched the ring until my body melted with pleasure. When the ring began to relax, he began to press his finger against the ring. Patiently he allowed me to set the pace and accept his digit gradually. By kaçak bahis the time his finger had passed to the knuckle, he stretched the ring open wider, all the while rubbing the inner wall. Passionate moans escaped my lips as he added the second finger. My body rocked to greet his hand.

He removed his fingers and gripped my buttocks in his hands. He squeezed and plied the soft tissue in his hands. My body was heated with desire to be consumed by him. His thumbs parted the cheeks and the head of his penis pressed against the now eager ring .He guided just the head past the ring stopping to allow me to adjust to his penetration. His fingers stroked up and down my spine. I bent over further to give him full access to my body. We both began to rock and slide in unison as his shaft gained full entry to me. I was thrilling to this possession and his touch.

His left hand sought my pussy. His fingers parted my lips as he masturbated the clitoris. It was hard and sensitive to his touch. His middle finger slid into the damp walls of my vagina triggering an orgasm that filled his hand. Not breaking pace or giving me any moment to recover illegal bahis from the orgasmic ride, he reached up with his right hand and pinched the tip of the nipple. He shifted our bodies so that they were reflected sideways in the mirror; this allowed me to see his shaft slide in and out of my buttocks. Another spasm over pleasure washed over me. My mind reeled with the knowledge that his penis penetrated me so intimately and that our roles had reversed. He now possessed the power over me as I submitted my body and sensibilities to his hands.

We rocked deeper, his thrusts harder. His pinched my clitoris between two fingers; he bit me about the neck and shoulders. The sound of his heavy breathing rang through my ears. All the while, my clitoris throbbed, his penis swelled as the walls of my anus clung to his hardness. The zone of pleasure achieved by both my body and mind entered into unknown territory. Reaching between his legs I stroked his balls and tugged at the pubic hair that covered them.

Hearing his reciprocating moan of pleasure was the necessary key needed to turn the lock of my mind. Off I went to ride the waves of the most effervescent orgasm I had ever experienced. Bliss enveloped me as his own orgasm spilled to fill me. He continues to kiss me tenderly. Wonderful! Wonderful! I should like to do this again soon!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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