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Miss Orgasmic Ch. 1

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I’d just gotten home from work on a Friday evening when it all began…

Hi, my name is Peter Williams, a 19-year-old assistant web designer, living in a quiet suburb in Western Australia. I live alone, in a small unit, and like nothing better than to come home in the evenings after work and hop onto the computer for a bit of chit-chat. Sounds geeky? I expect it does, however, now the 21st century is upon us, I feel you no longer have to be out of touch with society to be in touch with technology.

I have a large circle of friends whom I talk to over the Internet Relay Chat network. The majority of my internet acquaintances I have met in person, either before very soon after we started chatting. I’m very socially active, I love meeting new people and going out for drinks or to clubs etc.

Anyhow, one such night I had just gotten home from work with some random junk from the local fast food outlet, and settled in behind my desk to see if there was anything going that night. I often used the Internet to plan mass-outings between friends, finding it lot more effective than phoning around.

As soon as I logged into the program, a notification list told me that quite a few of the people I knew were online, and I promptly began to chat to them. Nothing mind-blowing, idle chatter about their day at work or university, and whatnot. It turned out not much was happening that night – a lot of people were going to a local dance party, but I wasn’t particularly interested; the venue was a fair way from my suburb, and I didn’t feel like a long drive at that point.

A chime rang, and my notify list announced “***Miss_Orgasmic is Online.”

“Hello hello,” I said out loud to myself. Miss_Orgasmic was an older lady-friend of mine named Lisa, and someone you can have a lot of fun with, given the right frame of mind (that is, very, very dirty). I immediately messaged her, asking what she was up to that night.

Lisa and I flirted heavily – even though she had a long-time boyfriend whom she cared for very much. To both of us, the barriers between the Internet and reality were clearly defined. In person, we still got cheeky, but it was toned down a lot. This evening was like any other…we’d sew our conversation with innuendo and sometimes just bluntly beg each other for sex in front of a number of people who knew us both. They knew she was taken and knew it was all in fun.

Everybody went out after about seven PM, leaving Miss_Orgasmic and myself alone in the chatroom. We continued to joke for a while, but then both became considerably bored. While attempting to solve this dilemma, I came across an idea – there were some good movies on at the cinema at the time, so I propositioned her with the idea of catching one. As her boyfriend was working till 6am, she had money and was bored out of her skull, she accepted. I logged off to have a shower and get ready.

I showed up at Lisa’s house at about 8, a nice little place in a valley not too far from my own suburb. I knocked, and when she answered, I was blown away.

Lisa was a tall girl, about 6 foot, aged 21 at the time, with shoulder length dark red hair, piercing blue eyes, and a voluptuous and curvaceous figure. She was dressed in a stunning red outfit with a short skirt, which revealed legs that promised to go on forever. I suddenly found myself having very impure thoughts about this Sivas Escort older woman, and had to control myself before this became overly obvious. “Come in,” She said in a warm welcoming tone, and grabbed me in a warm hug as soon as I entered her hallway. “It’s great to see you!” I said as we broke our embrace. “You too,” she said and smiled warmly. “The movie doesn’t start till 9, so would you like a cup of coffee or a drink or something?” she asked. “Yes, white with one sugar, please,” I said with a smile, trying not to let my discomfort show. Lisa glided around the kitchen, producing two coffee cups and a sugar bowl while the coffee maker did its work. As I watched her move, I became more and more aroused at this fine specimen of female-kind.

We sat down on a couch in the living room, drank our coffee and chatted about people we knew, common friends and just general life. After a lull in the conversation, she turned to me and said cheekily “You look nice tonight.” At 5 foot 10 inches, with long brown hair past the shoulders, a slim but deceptively solid build and deep blue-gray eyes, I get a reasonable amount of attention from the ladies, however I am quite picky myself, so I don’t see a great deal of action. This night I was wearing a simple blue v neck, with a pair of loose white pants (although still fairly tight in a certain region). “Thanks,” I said with a shy grin. “You look stunning yourself, Lisa,” I replied. “Aww, thanks,” she said, and rested her hand on my knee. I gave her an evil grin and she sniggered back. We’d never really been this alone before, and I think we both detected a level of sexual tension there. I’d have to watch myself.

There was still half an hour till the movie, so we continued to chat. As we did the conversation began to get seedier and seedier, talking about our past exploits and conquests in the sexual realm. This lead to much giggling and raising of eyebrows. After a particular story of mine regarding an Orgy-gone-wrong, Lisa lost it laughing and her hand again returned to my knee. She looked up at me and said “Peter, you crack me up… If only you were 2 years older and I was single…” To this I chuckled and replied “You think you could handle me, do you?” in a flirtations manner. “Such a shame, in your sexual prime, and not getting any either,” she remarked coyly. “Well that’s more my fault, you know I’m very selective when it comes to that,” I replied.

I noticed her hand was still on my leg, but it had now relocated to my thigh, just above my knee, but said nothing. The emotions running around in my head were like a mist over my thoughts. There was a short silence, then Lisa broke it by remarking “Well I don’t see why a guy like you should be single for as long as you have been, even if you ARE picky.” I shrugged. “I don’t pretend to understand it either, but that’s life.”

“Hmmm,” she said thoughtfully. “Do you miss it much?” she inquired. “Not as much now it’s been a while, but yes, I suppose so,” I replied, a hint of regret showing. “I think it would suck to have to go more than a week”, Lisa said with a laugh. . “I must admit, I am very jealous of your situation, getting sex every morning and all,” I agreed. She replied, “Yes, but sometimes just having the one partner can get on your nerves a bit…” At that she trailed off.

Her hand had moved when I wasn’t paying attention… Sivas Escort Bayan It was now quite high up on my leg and creeping. I wasn’t in the frame of mind to object, so I let it creep. I looked into her eyes and saw only lust there… pure unbridled animal lust. Her ample breasts were heaving as she breathed deeply. She looked down at my leg and I followed her gaze. The positioning of her hand had pushed the lose material of my trousers tight against my inner thigh, revealing the outline of my swollen erection. She looked up back into my eyes as her hand moved to close around it.

“Jesus Pete… you ARE happy to see me,” she remarked with sideways grin. I couldn’t help but giggle, even though her hand, being where it was, was sending sensations throughout my entire body. She ran her fingers along the length of my engorged cock and leaned forward. As my lips met hers, my cock jumped noticeably in her hand as if in reply she squeezed it gently. As out tongues darted in and out of each other’s mouths, chasing and playing with each other, my hand slid up a stockinged thigh, hers continuing to rub my erection through my pants. I stroked the inside of her thigh lightly as I reached her panty-line, then lightly caressed the smooth material covering her crotch with my fingertips. Her legs opened slightly in answer and her hand drifted to my zipper.

Lisa began to slowly unzip my pants, after which she unfastened my belt buckle and pulled my pants completely open. I ran the back of my hand over her panty-covered pussy again, and she replied with a slight intake of breath and expelled tiny moan. As she reached in and stroked by cock through my boxer shorts, I let my hand slide back along the smooth skin of her inner thigh, causing her to shudder slightly. I toyed with the edge of her underpants for a while, before sliding one finger inside. She finally freed my cock from my pants, and began to stroke it with a feather touch, driving me wild. She then leaned back, letting her skirt ride up and offering me an unabated view of her panties. There was a small wet patch appearing on the crotch. I reached in to kiss her, and at the same time hooked two fingers into her waistband, and slid them down her legs and off her feet as I withdrew.

I looked down at her crotch again, and confirmed what I thought to be true – she was completely devoid of pubic hair – shaved, obviously. My cock jumped in her hand again, then I realized. “The movie!”

“Shit!” She exclaimed. “Do you still want to see it?” She asked. “I kinda did. Yeah,” I answered. “Well,” she said, and took my hand. “Zip up.” I did so, as she picked up her panties and threw them on her bedroom floor. She came back and winked at me. “We’ll take my car,” she said. She was up to something. I could tell by the tone of her voice.

As I climbed into the car, she sat down, turned the ignition and pulled out of the driveway. Once we were on the road, she spread her legs slightly. I could smell her pussy from where I was and, as was her intention. I reached over with my right hand and began to caress her inner thigh, moving to the warm damp regions of her pussy. I ran a finger along the entire length of her slit, dipping experimentally into her wet hole as I reached it, then traveling back up to stroke her clit. All the while she was moaning and struggling to concentrate on the road. Escort Sivas I began to slide one finger in and out of her, reaching in to apply pressure to her G-spot. At this it became too much, and she pulled the car over into the emergency lane. She grabbed my head in her hands and kissed me, deeply, passionately, and I replied by pushing a second finger into her snatch, rubbing and plunging in and out, while my thumb paid attention to her clit. Her breathing became ragged, and her eyes closed

With my free hand I reached up beneath her top, underneath her bra and took an erect nipple between my fingers, pinching and rubbing it firmly. All this attention to her erogenous zones proved too much for Lisa, and she began to build up to a massive orgasm. “Ahhh, Pete! MMM…” she half screamed. “That feels fucking… AHHH! AHHH!” she cried out as I felt her pussy pulse and contract as she climaxed for what seemed like forever. Her body shook and convulsed in the drivers seat as her head went back and her eyes closed again. “SHIT!” She breathed. She tried to compose herself, giggled, kissed me once more and we took off to the movies.

We got there in time to catch the last of the previews, and found we’d bagged a pretty much empty cinema. The implications of this ran through my mind and surely Lisa’s as well. We. Of course, chose seating in the back row, and thankfully, were pretty much isolated from the other 10-15 people in the theater. This cinema had the armrests you could push up between the seat backs to create a love seat, so we did. Before the opening credits had passed, I had a hand under her top and hers was working on freeing my cock with a minimal amount of noise. She took it in her hand once again as I caressed her nipple between my fingers.

She pulled her short skirt up again and I ran my hand along the soft skin and folds of her pussy, finding sensitive areas and toying with them. Meanwhile she ran her hand up and down my shaft, caressing and paying special attention to the sensitive regions on its underside. She looked me deep in the eye and then winked. She swiveled around and her head went into my lap. Her mouth closed around my cock as she kissed the head, her tongue darting out and circling it, sending shivers down my spine. I was hard as a rock as she lowered her head, taking more and more into her mouth, then coming back up, using her tongue for further stimulation the whole time.

I ran my right hand through her hair as she sucked my cock like I’d never been blown before – Lisa was truly an expert, and she proved this even more as she took me into her throat. I gasped quietly as she took every inch, until her nose was in my pubic hair. I ran my hand through her hair and massaged her scalp as she sucked me closer and closer to orgasm. She reached in between my legs and began to fondle by balls, and at that point I knew I wasn’t far away. I leant down and whispered, “Not long to go,” into her ear, and she squeezed my thigh in acknowledgment. She started to suck me faster, taking me into her throat on the down stroke, and running her tongue all over my cock head at the peak of her upstroke. With this renewed assault, I couldn’t take it any longer. I felt it coming, felt the tightening in my abdomen as the semen flowed, up my cock and into her mouth, as my body became awash with the sensations of orgasm. Lisa took my cum in her mouth, swallowing every drop that I shot, as she milked me dry with her hand and her lips.

Lisa sat up and licked her lips, as I leant back and relaxed. “Holy shit,” I whispered. “You liked that, huh?” Lisa teased. “Oh, what do you think?” I said sarcastically and with a smile.

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