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Missy Ch. 05

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Cum Covered

Anna’s sexual awakening began just before Mom died and it had a lot to do with her best friend, Ginette. At an early age Ginette had developed into quite a dish and had a fairly slutty attitude to go with it. She liked to strut her stuff. None of these frumpy, bulky, grunge getups for her, she was strictly into showing off what she had with the tightest, clingiest, cleavage-revealing blouses and micro minis that always hiked up just a little too much. Her Dad is a big shot movie producer and Ginette swears that she helped him land a three-picture deal with an A-list film star by offering up her virginity as a kind of sweetener. Seems the guy had a penchant for Lolitas and Ginette had a major crush on him, so everyone came out a winner.

Ginette spent a lot of time at our house. I’m sure she liked the stability and normality and love that we all shared. And Anna got a full dose of dysfunctional family at Ginette’s place. It was a constant carousel of drugs, booze and partying and Ginette seemed to exchange mothers about three times a year. Anna knew enough not to get involved in her best friend’s extracurricular activities but her body was developing too and soon the two were experimenting, touching each other and kissing, pretty harmless stuff.

But one night, Ginette took Anna down to her father’s entertainment room and put an x-rated movie up on the big wall screen and suddenly Anna was watching a bigger than life cavalcade of fucking, sucking capped by cumshots galore. As if to heighten the experience, Ginette quickly stripped, lying back on her father’s big leather couch and began masturbating. She tried to get Anna to follow suit but it was a bit too much for her. She did kiss her friend’s breasts, though and soon Ginette was rolling into a sweet, satisfying climax, leaving a nice, butt-shaped puddle of lubrication on her father’s crushed leather sofa. She recovered quickly and was eager to return the favor but Anna was having none of it.

Still, her eyes were glued to the big screen orgy in front of her. What most stuck in Anna’s mind was a scene in which a giant-titted slut spit tons of saliva onto a nice fat fuck tool and jacked it off with both hands while licking the cock head for all she was worth. The affect was immediate and a deep male groan was the woman’s cue to begin pumping for all she was worth. She was rewarded with a steaming stream of cum right between the eyes.

The guy ejaculated with so much force that her head actually jerked back but she kept control, squeezing the base of his organ so hard that the rest of his cum had no escape. With her other hand she scooped up some of his jizz and used it to masturbate him, priming him, stroking his now rampant cock. Stroking with blinding speed now, she eased her grip on the base and the result was a torrent of sperm that arched a good three feet up into the air, raining down on the woman’s blond hair, face, shoulders and tits. The way Anna described it, it was a sight to behold, a cum bath from one mad cock, the guy’s tool covered with spunk, the woman’s hands dripping with the stuff, and two of her on screen cohorts licking the rest off her torso.

It was a sight to behold and Ginette, sensing Anna’s fascination, stopped the DVD and replayed the scene from every possible angle, close-ups included. It was all making Anna hotter than an overheated vibrator and this time, she offered no resistance when Ginette unbuttoned her Levis and pushed her hands inside, touching her moist pussy as the explicit porno played out in front of them. Anna spread her legs wide and began crudely kneading her nipples from outside her blouse. It was all a bit rushed but had the desired affect as my sister poured down her first tribute to Venus at the tender age of 13. It would be her last one for a long time because exactly two days later, a drunk driver killed our mother.

The next year was a horror for the three of us. Dad was catatonic with grief, inconsolable. So he took flight, taking a leave of absence from his own company, packing us all up and shipping off to Hawaii. Dad regressed to the passion of his youth, spending his days surfing the swells on the north shore of Oahu. He’d stay in the ocean all day long, dragging himself home at night, falling into an exhausted sleep. As always, he made sure our resort had an Olympic pool for me and as long as I was in the water my mind was off my mom for a while. Anna took to sleeping, as much as 15 hours a day. I think we tried to help each other through it as much as possible but in the end, it was a loss that all of us had to deal with alone.

When we finally returned home, Dad kept up with the surfing, returning to his old teenage haunts, surfing the rocks off Palos Verdes. I went back to my old routine of swimming and school, but the ordeal proved to be a bit too much for Anna. She began having horrible nightmares, waking in a screaming terror, begging for her mom to comfort her. Not knowing where to turn, dad began letting her anadolu yakası escort sleep with him and before you get any perverse ideas, it was completely platonic.

As Anna tells it, dad even laid out the ground rules, dividing my parent’s big king size bed in half and using one of her old stuffed alligators as a divider. The nearness, the comfort, were just what the doctor ordered and Anna’s demons seemed to depart, or were at least held at bay.

As time went on, the both of them got used to a routine. When he was ready for bed he’d call her in her room and she’d slip over in her nightgown and snuggle in to sleep. It went on like this for well over a year.

Time heals all wounds and the pain of Mama’s death gradually ebbed as we got on with our lives. Dad went back to work, re-organizing his company, I was suddenly among the top five female prep swimmers in California and Anna just kept getting more beautiful and enticing all the time. Memories of mom receded, replaced by other thoughts. She rekindled old friendships and soon her and Ginette were pals again, without the hanky panky experimenting of earlier days.

One night as she slept next to dad, Anna was suddenly visited by a vivid and penetrating memory of the one porno movie she’d watched with Ginette and the resulting climax, the first and only she’d experienced. For nights on end, she replayed the scene in her head, growing more and more agitated with every mental viewing. One sleepless night, she rolled over to see that dad had pushed aside his blankets and was lying on his back, sleeping like a log. In the moonlight, she could see the enormous bulge tenting his boxer shorts and decided to risk just one touch. Anna says she wasn’t really nervous and was certainly not thinking about anything like incest. For her it was just curiosity and since boys her own age didn’t interest her, dad seemed a safe choice for experimentation.

Anna’s hand reached the silk fabric of dad’s boxers and gripped the hidden instrument underneath. Her first impression was surprise at how truly hard it was and how hot. Sensing that he was still in a deep sleep, she grew bolder, slipping her hand inside the boxer slit, her fingers coming into contact with a male cock for the first time. As she ran her fingers alongside it, the thing grew still harder. As she’d seen in the movie, she grabbed hold of it and began pumping it up and down and though he was still asleep, dad let out a sigh of pleasure that frightened Anna and she quickly withdrew her hand.

But as the nights went on, she became bolder. The next time she slipped her hand into his trunks, it was soft and she actually managed to pull it out of the boxer slit. Not knowing what to do with a limp dick, she simply held onto it and soon she felt it growing hard in her hand. In the moonlight, she watched it inflate to full size. Christ, it felt like an iron rod in her hand, beautiful to the touch. She began rubbing it up and down, carefully listening to Dad’s breathing to detect any sign of wakening. Soon she had both hands on the thing, playing and tickling the organ in her own innocent way. By and by, she remembered her pornographic mentor had used saliva to lubricate the stick. As quietly as she could she spit a puddle of saliva into her hand and smeared it on her fingers before grasping dad’s cock. Her hand now moved fluidly up and down the thing. What she didn’t know about was the hair trigger on a cock that hadn’t been touched by a female in almost two years.

Dad barely flinched in his sleep as a torrent of white hot goo pulsated out of his steely hard cock, plopping onto the sheets and pillow, like big dollops of cream. Anna was so surprised by the copious outpouring that she jerked dad’s fire hose in all directions with the result that half the bed was soon covered with splotches of cum. The last load dribbled down Dad’s cock onto her fingers and instinctively she squeezed on the deflating instrument, getting every drop out of it. Not knowing what to do with her sticky hand, she stuck her fingers in her mouth, licking them clean with her tongue.

Talk about love at first taste, Anna discovered that she quite liked the gunk, at least as delivered by her father.

Dad’s midsection was a disaster area, his shorts splattered with spunk, his shrinking cock slathered with saliva and cum. There was nothing Anna could do, so as soon as she was sure Dad was still asleep she reached over, took the tip of his rod into her mouth, sucked some more juice out of it and then let it lie. As Anna says, she was so horny that it took hours for her to fall asleep, and much like me she played with herself until she was just short of orgasm but never quite let herself go over the top.

The next morning, Anna feigned sleep as Dad awoke to find himself and the bed covered in crusty cum. Sure that he’d had a wet dream, he rushed to the shower, returning a quarter-hour later dressed for ataşehir escort the day. Anna took this as her cue to wake up and as she wiped her eyes, dad interrogated her gently, asking if she’d heard anything out of the ordinary over night. Anna pretended she had no idea what he was talking about and he told her he thought he’d had a nightmare and that his thrashing around might have interrupted her sleep. Anna played dumb and that was the end of that.

The next night, Anna had worked out a plan. Dad had put in one of his famous 13 hour work days, capped by some serious surfing with a bunch of guys half his age. He was out like a light by 10PM and was snoring quietly when Anna came to bed. Under the covers, she quickly shed her nightgown, reveling in the feeling of lying in bed naked for the first time, luxuriating as the cool cotton sheets rubbed against her body.

Following Ginette’s instructions, she first began stroking her own face, neck and shoulders, slowly moving down to her midsection and thighs, avoiding breasts and pussy. Soon she was overheating, curling her toes in delight as sensations cursed through her nervous system. Anna tortured herself for a good long while, slowly working to the underside of her growing breasts, tickling them with her perfectly pedicured fingernails. She then crossed her arms, pushing her tits upwards, cupping them and ever so slowly pinching her nipples between thumb and forefinger.

At this point, careful touching turned into passionate mauling as she pinched and twisted her titties, her brain gaga with fresh sensations. Her primal urges almost got the better of her and a hand shot down and clamped itself on the bone above her pussy, a finger shot into her cunt and emerged coated with lubrication that was quickly painted onto her erect clitoris.

Anna said she needed all of her will to stop short of orgasm yet another time but as she turned her attention to Dad, she knew this was her lucky night. Again, Father was lying on his back, fully exposed, having kicked aside his blanket. His dick was not only hard but had also snaked its way out of boxer short prison. It was lying there proud and stiff in the moonlight just waiting for someone to take possession of it. Anna volunteered.

Taking no chances, she pretended to roll over in her sleep and elbowed Daddy in the ribs. All she got in reply was more snoring. In this position she was close to his cock and risking everything, she again covered her hands in saliva and slowly, purposefully began stroking his engorged member up and down. Experience being the best teacher, Anna knew that he probably wouldn’t last long so she boldly moved over and sucked the cock head in between her pouty lips, tonguing the tip, poking into the slit. Braver now, she began pushing more of his giant prick into her mouth, and then bobbing up and down as she’d seen the porno actress do. And then came the brief moment of electric shock.

“Oh Karen, you suck cock so good, I miss you so much,” dad mumbled.

The sound scared the shit out of Anna and she dove underneath her blanket, like a scalded cat, only to hear Dad continue, “please Karen, don’t stop now.”

Of course, you guessed it, Karen was the name of our deceased mother and it was obvious that Dad was dreaming about her.

Say what you will, Anna’s a gutsy girl and realizing what was going on, she returned to her ministrations, re-greasing her hands with saliva and sticking the tip of his spear back into her molten hot mouth. Bolder by the second, she twirled her tongue around the head sucking on it like a straw, drawing the cum out of it as she pumped on the base with her hands.

“Oh my God Karen, I can’t resist you,” Dad moaned, “let me cum in you, please.”

And with that, a rifle shot of hot sperm hit the back of Anna’s throat with such forced that she gagged. As she released the cock head she got a second shot right in the chin and much as the night before, pointed it away so the rest of his load landed on the sheets.

“Goddam you, Karen, I want to fuck you so badly,” Dad moaned. “Please don’t leave me this time, I can’t stand it without you.”

As he groaned in his sleep, Anna was busy with part two of her plan, using Dad’s jizz to lubricate her tits and clitoris. She propped her hand just above her pussy and let her fingers massage her pearl-headed clit into a shuddering climax that was so intense that she must have passed out.

The next thing she remembered was a pair of rough hands feeling up her tits. Two palms gripped her boobs, pushing down, sinking her engorged nipples into her own soft flesh, like pushing a cherry into angel food cake. The pressure thrilled her and now she felt the weight of a man on top of her, spreading her legs, positioning the base of his hard cock between the lips of her gushing pussy.

The pole began to move up and down, slipping over her clit, up and down the slippery cleft of aydınlı escort her ass, making the most delicious contact. Anna didn’t dare open her eyes. She simply reached down and grabbed onto the cock head, eliciting a groan from the man above her. She was melting now, between the stimulation of her tits and clit but suddenly a scalding tongue invaded her mouth, poking and probing her teeth, challenging her own tongue to a hot, slippery duel. His lips met hers, wet and knowing, his teeth nibbled at her, in that exquisite range just short of pain. Anna was close to hyperventilating now as this man moved downwards, his hands now cupping her ample tits, pushing them together as he sucked both of her nipples into his mouth, fluttering over them with his expert, tireless tongue.

She jerked harder and faster on his shaft, and the ooze from his piss slit now lubricated it down to the point where her pussy juices took over allowing her hands a smooth glide. But just as she really got into it she lost contact with the thing as the man knelt between her legs and jammed his taut tongue into her virgin pussy. Anna was aching for an orgasm now, her ass sprang off the mattress to meet his mouth and he clamped firmly on her puffy labia, Mr. Tongue now finding its way to her swollen clit. Sensing her urgency, the man went to work in earnest, licking her nubbin, slathering it with saliva as a cocked finger invaded her slit. She could feel the rough finger, revolving around in her pussy, first pressing against her colon, then twisting upward, pressing hard on the rough area right behind the entrance to her pussy.

His tongue was now at warp speed, tickling her clit like a vibrator. It was all too much and she was on a collision course with the ecstatic moment of release. When she heard a muffled whisper,

“Cum for daddy,” the moment came.

Her hips bucked like a Brahma bull, and she screamed in relief, “Oh Daddy, I’m cumming!”

Instinctively, she grabbed his thick head of hair and pushed her midsection up into his face as his tongue continued to lap and smack her clit, then joining his finger in her canal, licking up her copious juices. Anna’s second collision was just as delicious and the joyous waves of orgasm rolled through her, leaving her weak and exhausted underneath this powerful man. As her climax subsided, he moved into action, spreading her legs even wider, grabbing his enraged cock and slipping the bulbous purple head into her sopping cunt.

“Ooooh,” she gasped. “Oh yes, fuck it, give it all to me, rock me,” she mewled, feeling the pecker punch through her hymen and land home, deeply imbedded in her womb.

There was no pain, simply an incredible pleasure as the steely cock rocked in and out, filling and then emptying her in rapid succession. She didn’t want this to stop but on the other hand, she desperately wanted to make this man cum. She could feel her cunt involuntarily nipping on the head of his cock as he slid into her cervix. It was rapidly becoming too much for him.

“You are so fucking, God awful tight,” he cried.

Eyes still closed, she could feel drops of sweat hitting her tits from above. He was pinching her nipples with one hand and she joined him, mauling her breasts, entwining her fingers into his, sensing the electric impulses that were building into yet another cum. She could feel it rolling through her now, gaining strength, and when his wet, slippery finger touched her throbbing clit, it was like putting a match to a short fuse. Her explosion came just as he withdrew and doused her tits and stomach with a blast of scalding cum. A primal, gutteral groan filled the room as two orgasms peaked and slowly subsided.

Anna was beside herself. She felt a pair of hands, shaking her, as if urging her back to life. Supremely satisfied, luxuriating in the pleasure, she opened her eyes to see…her fully dressed father, eyes full of concern, hands shaking her naked shoulders.

“Everything’s alright Anna,” he cooed. “You were having another nightmare.”

“Whaa?” she whispered, trying to make sense of the scene.

Now coming to her senses, she saw that she was lying in bed, her long naked legs wrapped firmly around her blanket which was bunched up at her crotch. Anna could feel the sweat-drenched sheets and the stickiness between her legs and then realized that her breasts were bare as well. But dad was re-arranging the bedding, covering her up.

“Don’t worry, sweety, everything will be alright. It was just a dream. Are you OK now?” he asked.

“Oh…sure,” she replied, slowly getting a grip on things. “Don’t worry dad, I’m fine. You’re right, quite a wild dream at that.”

“I’ll say. I was under the shower and I still heard you scream.”

Dad took Anna into her arms, comforting his daughter as best he could. If he’d only known what had really gone on inside her head. As the two broke their embrace, Dad’s eyes wandered to his side of the bed and Anna’s followed.

There they were, those telltale splotches of yellow, dotting the bleached white sheets all the way to the top of the bed. Obviously, it hadn’t all been a dream. Dad tried to be nonchalant as he quickly threw his blanket over to cover the evidence. Then he stood to go, but hesitated and sat back down on Anna’s side of the bed.

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