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Molly and Her Daddy Ch. 02

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Molly lay in her queen size bed, under the snowy white comforter. She felt mildly lonely and a little empty, now that her father had gone. Although she understood his regret and guilt, she was an adult and had been a willing participant in their incestuous activities. She stretched her legs and arms and yawned, trying to get comfortable in her bed. The more she thought about her dad, the angrier she got. Molly was angry that she had just made love to her father and he had abandoned her. She wasn’t really a one-night-stand kind of girl. So, Molly decided to do what any woman scorned would do- make her man jealous.

Satisfied with her plan, she rolled over and pulled her comforter up to her shoulders for a nap. The long car ride paired with a couple of hours of vigorous sex had worn her out.

Eric stood in the shower, thinking of what he had just done with his daughter. He had slept with her. For God’s sake, he hadn’t even used a condom. He had just cum inside his 20 year old daughter without even using a condom. What if she got pregnant? What would they do? Everyone would know they had had sex.

On the other hand, he hadn’t had sex that good in years. Eric didn’t even think the first time he slept with Jamie, Molly’s mother, that the sex had been that hot. Molly had been determined, dominant, and sexy with him. He hadn’t had to be the aggressor; she had done that for him. And he had loved it.

Suddenly, Eric realized he had another erection. He had been thinking about having sex with Molly and he was hard again; achingly hard. Was masturbating about fucking his daughter as bad as actually doing it? No. He decided to relieve himself and gripped his cock with his right hand. Thinking of Molly’s body, her mouth, her lips, and her skin had hardened his cock. He pictured all of the things he still wanted to do with her. He thought of laying on his king size bed in the master bedroom, his daughter straddling his hips. He thought of being inside her, watching her breasts lightly bounce with the movements of her hips. Thinking about cumming inside her had brought him to the edge and thinking about her orgasm pushed him over. He softly stroked his cock as he came against the shower wall with a grunt, wishing he was cumming inside Molly instead.

Molly awoke a couple of hours later, feeling rested and refreshed. She stood and stretched and realized she was still naked. After using the restroom, she slipped on a pair of pink panties, comfy grey plaid pajama pants, and a pink camisole. She brushed her hair and checked her reflection in the mirror. If she was going downstairs to see her father, she wanted to be the center of all of his attention.

Downstairs, Molly’s parents were both seated at the kitchen table, having take-out Chinese food. Eric looked up her, and she swore she saw a red tint to his face. He smiled and it caused the sudden blush to fade slightly. Molly smiled at her dad, feeling light hearted and hungry. So what if he’s embarrassed? She wasn’t.

“Hi, guys,” she greeted.

“Hi, honey. Give me a kiss.” Her mom ordered with a smile.

Molly obeyed and bent over to kiss her mother on her cheek. As she did so, she knew her dad was staring at her cleavage. She met his eyes and winked. This caused him even more embarrassment and he awkwardly cleared his throat and reached for the fried rice.

Molly grabbed a plate and served herself some sesame chicken, chicken with broccoli, and fried rice. She took a seat opposite her parents and began eating.

“So how was your trip?” her mom asked, eagerly.

“Oh it was great. We ended up only having two bedrooms, and of course, Jenna and Michael wanted to share. I bunked with Matt.”

“Matthew Larson? How is he doing? I didn’t realize he went with you kids. He’s always been so in love with you. And what a nice boy!” Jamie exclaimed.

What a nice boy, indeed, Molly thought. She wondered how her mother would feel if she knew Matt Larson had fucked Molly only days ago. She especially wondered how her father would feel. “He’s good. We kind of caught up. I haven’t really seen him since we graduated. He’s working at his dad’s car place and going to school. He’s leaning towards engineering, I guess.”

“Wow, good for him. Isn’t that good, dear?” Jamie asked Eric.

“Mmmhmm… that’s great. That’s a great major. It’ll take him places.” He answered. Eric’s eyes met Molly’s and he smiled a rather sad smile. Molly returned his smile and took another bite.

“What did you guys do?” Jamie wanted details about the trip.

“Oh, not a lot of exciting stuff. We went boating, tanned a lot, and went swimming a lot. We also drank a lot.” Molly laughed and thought canlı bahis of all the cocktails everyone had made.

“Ah well, that’s what vacations are for.” Jamie said with a smile.

The rest of the dinner conversation consisted of small talk about the weather, the great spring rolls, and the neighbor’s new car. Molly’s parents rarely talked about anything of substance. If you didn’t know them, you would assume they were strangers.

Molly helped cleaned up the dinner mess while her mother made coffee.

“Do you have plans tonight?” Jamie asked.

“Umm… I’m supposed to call Matt and so I think we might go out.” Molly answered as she rinsed the plates and loaded them into the dishwasher.

“That sounds fun.” Jamie poured two cups of black coffee for her and Eric and sat at the table.

Eric hadn’t said much the whole meal, but he piped up when he heard Molly would be going out. “Well, where are you going?”

“Oh, I don’t know. Maybe to the Peacock.” The Peacock was a popular dance club in town. Molly and her friends enjoyed it immensely.

“Oh.” Eric answered.

Molly knew he was trying to avoid playing the overprotective father and on top of that, he seemed to be getting slightly jealous. Good, she thought. She finished the dishes and headed upstairs.

In her bedroom, she dumped her travel bags out. Her cell phone landed on the floor and beeped with two missed calls. She scrolled down the list and saw that Matt had called, both times. She couldn’t help but smile. She was starting to like him.

Molly entered her code and listened to the messages.

“Hi Molly, it’s Matt. Uh.. Matt Larson. I know you said you’d call, but everyone was going out for a bite, and I was wondering if I could pick you up. It’s about 7 now, so give me a call.”

“End of message. To erase this message, press…” Molly interrupted the recording with the push of the seven key and listened to the next message.

“Hi Moll, it’s Matt again. It’s about 8 now and we’re thinking about going dancing. Give me a call when you have time. I’d… uh… I’d love to see you.”

She smiled at the butterflies his voice caused. She was developing a crush on Matt Larson from elementary school. Who would’ve guessed?

Molly dialed his number and waited for him to answer.


“Hi Matt, it’s Molly.”

“Molly! Hey! Want me to come get you? We’re headed to the Peacock soon.”

“Sure, I need to change and get ready. I showered earlier, so it shouldn’t take long. Can you give me like 15 minutes and head over?”

“Sure, sure. I’ll be over in a bit. We’ll just meet everyone else there.”

“Sounds great. Thanks, Matt.”

“Uh huh, see you soon.” He said.

“Hey Matt?”


“I’d love to see you too.” Molly said, and waited for his answer with a smile on her face.

“Good, I’ll be there in a few minutes.” He said, sounding relieved.


“Bye, Molly.”

Molly hung up the phone and grabbed her make-up bag. She applied her foundation, powder, blush, and mascara quickly. She also sprayed a little perfume on her pulse points before heading to her closet to pick out an outfit.

Molly was feeling pretty good about herself, so she grabbed a black miniskirt and pulled it over her legs and hips. She hooked a strapless bra around her breasts and reached for her blue halter top. Checking her outfit in the floor length mirror, she realized she had a panty line. Sighing, Molly pulled her panties down and slipped on a black thong.

She was so excited to go to the Peacock. They hadn’t been in awhile, and she was in a party mood. Especially since she had just been fucked and abandoned by her own father. She hoped that leaving the house with another man would drive him crazy with jealousy.

Molly was interrupted by her ringing cell phone.


“Hey, I’m outside.”

“Okay, I’ll be down in a sec. Bye!”

“Okay, bye!”

She grabbed her purse, tossed her cell phone in and ran down the stairs. Her parents were in the living room, watching a re-run of an old sitcom.

“I’m headed out.” She hugged and kissed her mom and then her dad. While she leaned over her father, she pressed her breasts a little firmer into his chest than she should have and quickly kissed his neck instead of his cheek. “I love you, Daddy,” she said softly.

“Bye!” She yelled as she headed out the door.

Eric sat on the couch, watching an ancient episode of Green Acres while his little girl climbed into Mathew Larson’s jeep. She was dressed to impress, even wearing a very revealing halter top and knee length black boots. bahis siteleri She must really like him, he thought. Maybe she was just trying to pretend nothing happened between them. Eric didn’t know, but these thoughts worried him. He decided to wait up for her so that they could talk things through.

At the Peacock, Matt never left Molly’s side. He kept his arm around her the entire night. Molly wasn’t sure how she felt about his sudden possessiveness, but it was vaguely comforting. It was nice to belong to someone so kind.

Matt was her only dance partner. Usually, she floated around the dance floor, dancing with strangers and friends. She wouldn’t have guessed Matt was a dancer, but he was. He kept up with her easily and really had some nice moves. On the faster songs, Matt pulled her close while she grinded her hips and ran her hands through her hair. To Molly, dancing had always seemed like fucking with your clothes on. It was so erotic and sexy that she usually ended up making out with someone against the back wall. Tonight was no different.

A few hours into the evening and multiple songs later, Molly found herself pressed up against her favorite wall, holding on to Matt and kissing him with an open mouth. He held on to her hips and tilted his head opposite hers; moved his tongue in sync with hers. He’s a good kisser, Molly thought. Kissing Matt without any alcohol in her system was just as passionate as it was that night at the cabin. They definitely had chemistry.

Matt broke the passion and deep breathing to ask, “Should we get out of here? It’s getting late.”

“Sure,” she answered.

Once in the car, Molly leaned over to kiss Matt’s neck. He started the engine and tilted his head away from her mouth, to allow for better access. She smiled once he started breathing heavily again, and leaned back against her own seat. She reached for her seat belt, while Matt buckled his. He looked over at her, smiled, and shifted into drive. She returned his smile and slid her hand down her neck to her chest. She bit her lower lip and dipped her finger between her cleavage.

“You’re so beautiful,” Matt said. He glanced at her as they stopped at a stop sign. He leaned towards her for a kiss, and then returned his focus to the road.

In Molly’s driveway, Matt parked and leaned against the seat. He sighed heavily and said, “I really like you, Molly. I would really like to give this a try.”

She smiled at him and said, “I’ve been thinking the same thing. I’d really like to see you more.” She was as surprised as Matt seemed to be at her words. Being with Matt had caused a lot of feelings to arise and she wanted to see where this would lead.

“Really?” He seemed incredulous.

“Yes.” Molly said, determined to make him believe her. She leaned over to him and kissed him softly on the lips. The softness of this kiss led to another hot and heavy make out session. Eventually, Molly ended up sitting on Matt’s lap, grinding her hips against his. Her hands were in his hair, and his hands were on her hips. The jeep was filled with muffled moans and heavy breathing as the two continued to kiss.

They were suddenly interrupted by the opening of the driver side door. They both turned to see Molly’s dad, Eric, standing on the pavement.

“Daddy?” Molly asked, confused. Matt pulled Molly’s skirt down and cleared his throat.

“Hi, Mr. James.” He said quickly, trying to avoid touching Molly anywhere scandalous.

“Get out of this car, Molly Alexandra James.” Molly didn’t know whether or not she was pissed or thrilled. “This is completely unacceptable and unladylike. Mathew, I’m ashamed that you would take advantage of my daughter in public like this. Please go home. You can talk to Molly tomorrow.”

Molly grabbed her purse and tried to gracefully climb off of Matt and out of the car. Eric caught her forearm when she stumbled and Matt’s hand ended up at the small of her back, trying to support her. Here she was, with her skirt bunched up around her hips, her hair a mess, making out with her boyfriend, and being supported by these two men who loved her in much the same way. She straightened her clothes and leaned in to kiss Matt on the cheek. “I’ll call you tomorrow. Bye.”

“Okay, bye. Goodbye, Mr. James.”

“Goodbye, Mathew.”

Molly led the way into the house and her father followed. She headed into the living room and sat down on the couch.

“Daddy, I’m sorry you had to see that. You’re right; I shouldn’t have been doing that in the driveway.”

“You shouldn’t have been doing anything with that boy. We slept together today, Molly. Doesn’t that mean anything to you?”

“Yes, bahis şirketleri but it obviously didn’t mean anything to you.” Suddenly, Molly’s eyes welled up with tears and she started to cry. Her daddy leaving her earlier had really hurt her.

Eric took a seat next to his daughter and wiped her tears away with his thumb. “Don’t cry, baby. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done that. I was just very confused and felt very guilty. It meant the world to me. You’re so beautiful and amazing and I love you.”

“Thank you. Apology accepted, I guess.” Molly sniffled and looked up at her dad.

“Good, I really am sorry. It drove me crazy to know you were out with Matt, wearing this.”

“Did it?” Molly played dumb.

“Hell, yes. You’re my little girl.” Eric’s jaw tightened as he said this. Obviously, he was thinking about Molly’s make out session with Matt.

“I just want to pretend that you’ve only been with me like that.” Eric said, suddenly.

“Okay, Daddy. We can do that. As long as you promise to never leave me like that again.” Molly said, and leaned back on the couch. She spread her legs, causing her black skirt to bunch up around her hips again.

From Eric’s position on the couch, he could see her black thong, wet with her lust for Matt. Instead of feeling a rush of rage and jealously, he just felt a rush of passion for his little girl. His cock was instantly hard at the view in front of him. Molly ran her slim fingers down her chest to her breasts, then down to her tummy. She slowly lifted her halter top to reveal her smooth stomach and cute belly button. She reached around behind her neck to unhook the top, letting the thin fabric fall to reveal her breasts. Molly’s nipples were hard and she slid her finger around each one, biting her lower lip, tantalizing her father.

Eric eagerly watched the peep show his daughter was putting on for him. He wondered how far she would go.

Molly’s right hand slid down to her thigh, then up to her wet panties. She lifted her hips up to pull her thong off. The wet panties were tossed through the air, landing on the floor at Eric’s feet. Her fingers found her wetness and he watched as one slim finger slipped inside her entrance. She tossed her head back and moaned, “Oh Daddy.”

Eric was torn; he wanted to watch his little girl masturbate, but he was aching to be inside her. His wife was asleep upstairs, dead to the world. She would never hear them making love. Suddenly, his decision was made. As Molly continued to touch herself, Eric stood and pulled his pajamas and boxers down.

Molly licked her lips as she saw her father’s cock spring into view. It was such a perfect size; not too small to be obnoxious and not too large to hurt. It had felt so good when he was inside her earlier.

“Mmm… Daddy. I want your cock inside me.” Molly scooted lower on the couch so that her head was laying flat and spread her legs wider. Her father lay on top of her, settling himself between her welcoming legs. Molly could feel his erection pressing against her opening; feel it pressing gently against her wetness. She clung to him and kissed his face and neck, while he did the same to her. Their gasps and heavy breathing filled the room while Molly started to arch up against her father’s hips. Her frantic movements were driving Eric crazy; he had to enter her.

Eric slowly guided his cock inside his little girl. Molly moaned loudly as he entered her. Her grip tightened around his neck as he started to move. His cock filled her and she loved his hips pressing against hers. She spread her legs wider and dug her nails into his back.

“Oh Daddy.”

He moved harder and faster inside her; their movements causing the couch to rub against the wall, making a scratching noise against it. Molly’s moans of ecstasy quickly concealed it and Eric continued his deep movements. She clung to him and let out a deep moan as she began to climax. Her pussy tightened around his cock and he continued to thrust harder into her. He wanted to be inside his little girl for as long as possible.

“Oh Daddy, I love how you feel inside me. Make me cum again.” She whispered, breathing heavily.

Eric rose to his knees, lifted Molly’s legs to shoulder level, and continued to move inside her. Her moans instantly changed with their position. Molly suddenly felt like her father was much deeper inside her, and his movements caused Molly’s second orgasm. This, coupled with her breasts bouncing gently with his movements helped push Eric to the edge of orgasm. Eric increased his pace and pressed his hips into Molly’s, fucking her harder to help himself cum. Eric came inside his daughter for the second time in twenty four hours.

“Oh, Molly. I love you.”

“I love you too, Daddy.”

Neither one of them knew where this was going, but they didn’t really care. They loved each other, as father and child, and man and woman.

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