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Mom and Son

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When son arrived in the kitchen for breakfast, his father had already left for work. His youthful-looking mother greeted him with a kiss, a warm coffee, and a store-bought muffin.

After sitting at the kitchen table eating and chatting for a while, Son asked, “Mom, why did you put your cotton panties in my pajama drawer?”

“I put them there as a reminder to talk to you this evening when you change your clothes.

“Talk to me about what?”

“You keep staining the bed sheets when you jerk off at night. I want you to stop that. You can jerk off on my panties. They’re so much easier to wash.”

With a twinkle in his eyes, he asked, “Can I make believe that you have your panties on?”

“Sure. If you really want, you can jerk of on them while I do have them on.”

“You shouldn’t joke like that, Mom.”

“I’m not joking. You’re twenty years old. You shouldn’t have to jerk off by yourself anymore.”

“My girlfriends help me jerk off.”

“Then why do you jerk off at night on your bedsheet and pillow case?”

“Because I need to jerk off more often than when I am out on a date.”

“Well. when you come home from a date and you need to jerk off again, come get me.”

“Yeah, sure. You’re in bed with Dad and you think I’m going to walk in and say that I need you to help me jerk off.”

“Your father snores too loudly for me to sleep with him anymore. I sleep in the guest bedroom. Actually, if you want, you can just come into the guest bedroom and fuck me.”

“And, if Dad is there?”

“If Dad is there, he intends to fuck me and he closed the door tight. If I don’t want Dad to come in, I lock the guest bedroom door. Remember, Dad doesn’t have the strong sex drive he used to have; the strong drive that you Escort have now.”

“What if I knock you up?”

“You won’t knock me up. The doctors had to tie my tubes when you were born. That’s why you are an only child.”


That evening, when Son came home from playing softball, he found his Mom and Dad watching TV. He chatted with them a while until they went to their rooms. Then, he went to the bathroom, urinated, and took a shower. When he stepped out of the shower, his naked mother was waiting to greet him and was holding a dry towel for him.

Startled, he asked, “Mom, what are you doing here?”

“I thought you might need a reminder of the love I offered you this morning. Here, let me dry you.”

Mom proceeded to dry her son. He stood mesmerized, silent, and still in amazement, his arms and legs outstretched for her to dry. When she dried the crack of his ass, she let the towel fall-away from her hand. She used her index finder to tickle his anus, dragged her thumb along his perineum, held his balls in her hand, and then kissed his rigid dick.

She picked the towel up and dried his penis and his balls. Then, she put the towel back down, lifted her two tits, looked her son in the eyes, and said, “Do you remember all the times you sucked on these?”

The question broke his spell. “No,” he responded.

“Would you like to suck them again? There’s no milk for you but you might enjoy the taste of my bare tits. I know I would enjoy having you sucking my tits again.”

Son accepted her offer. While he sucked her tits, one arm held her close while the other hand felt her ass.

She simply sighed.

When his mouth released her tits, she dropped to her knees and put her mouth around his erection. She didn’t Escort bayan have to suck long before he ejaculated deep in her mouth.

“I’m sorry, Mom. I lost control.”

“No, no, son. I wanted that. Only, I didn’t expect to get it so easily. Your father hasn’t cum that fast since our honeymoon. Now, you go to bed like a good boy. Remember, if you need me during the night, I sleep in the guest bedroom.”

The two went to their own bedrooms.

At one in the morning, Soo went to his mother’s room and found her fast asleep. He slipped into her bed, wrapped an arm around her, and quickly dozed off.

Fifteen minutes later he awakened to his mother’s gentle touch on his erect penis. She was gently rubbing one finger up and down the bottom side of his shaft. He reached over and took one of her tits in his hand.

She stopped stimulating his dick. “Feel me all over before you come,” she said.

He explored her bellybutton He pressed against her stomach simulating a fucking rhythm. His hand slid down to her pubic region. It was clean shaven.

“You had pussy hair a little while ago in the shower. What happened?”

“I shaved for you. I thought you might want to see my slit more clearly.”

“I do but won’t Dad notice?”

“I hope so. Every now and then I shave for him just to give him some variety.”

The incestuous couple kissed. Son’s fingers explored her vagina; his thumb carefully played with her clitoris. His erection became demanding. He threw the bed covers onto the floor; lifted her legs onto his shoulder; held her wrists down by her side; barely looked at her pussy; and unceremoniously pushed his dick up her hole.

She was helpless to prevent his premature ejaculation.

“I love you, Mom,” Bayan Escort he shouted as his cum exploded into her cervix.

“Ooh, what a load that was. I love you too, Son.”

They snuggled and slept through the rest of the night.

When Son awakened in the morning, his mother was no longer in bed with him. He put on the bathrobe he found in the guest closet and went to the kitchen. There he found that his father had already left for work. His mother was wearing only a pink housecoat. He saw an opportunity.

“I am taking possession of you, Mom. I’ve cum in your mouth. I’ve cum in your pussy. Now I’m going to cum up your ass. And, when I do, I will own you. You will belong to me, not Dad.”

“You can fuck my ass, son, but your father has been fucking all three of my openings since before you were born. You’ll have to share me with him.”

“I’ll settle for that. Lean against the counter and stick your ass out for me.”

Mom did as Son ordered. Son lifted her housecoat to her shoulders. He simulated milking her two dangling tits. He wet two of his fingers in her vagina and tried to lubricate both his dick and her asshole with her juices. Gently, he unsuccessfully tried to work his penis up her ass.

He reached beyond her, took a container of PAM off the kitchen counter, and used it to lubricate his dick. Then he sprayed his mother’s anal region. He used his fingers to spread the spray into her rectum. On his second try, he succeeded in jamming his entire dick as far up his mother’s asshole as it would go. She grunted.

Once he was in, he slowly, teasingly, slid his dick in and out of her bowels. Now, she purred with every one of his thrusts. After cumming in her twice in the last twelve hours, it took Son a full four minutes to deposit a third load of cum inside his lover.

When Son safely deposited his cum in his mother’s bowels, he said, “I own you now, Mom, but I still love and respect you.”

“Thank you, Master,” was her humble response.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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