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Mom Blows Son in the Changing Rooms

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Kylie brought her son out shopping for the day. It was her sister’s birthday and she’d completely forgotten to get a dress for it. While she would have loved to have gone shopping with one of her friends, her son, Jake, was the only person available at such short notice.

“Oh, look! These dresses are very nice. Let’s look in here.” She grabbed Jake’s hand and led him into the shop.

Kylie spoke with the sales assistant about what she wanted while Jake appeared to be already bored. If there was any redeeming factor for him, it was the oversize pictures throughout the shop of very attractive women wearing all sorts of dresses — short, low cut and formal.

“Don’t be such a pervert, Jake, staring at the pictures like that. One would think you’ve never seen a woman.” She beckoned her son to follow her through the store as she picked out dresses to try on.

Jake once again lost himself in a trance of staring at the pictures of the models. A smile grew across his face as he looked at their cleavage, their long legs and their amazing figures.

“Hey, Jake. Stop daydreaming, Honey. Come here and help out your mom. I want to try these on. Stay here so you’ll hear me if I call you?”

“Sure, Mom. But what about the girl that works here?”

“Oh, she probably has other customers to attend to. Besides, I won’t take that long.” With the two dresses she had around her arms, she flashed her son a smile and winked before entering the changing room and closing the curtain behind her.

Jake once again took this opportunity to look at the models. Only this time, the image of his mom crossed his mind. For a split second he imagined his mother in a short, tight dress, showing off her legs and cleavage. After noticing nearby customers, he snapped out of it.

Behind the curtain of the changing room, Kylie was imagining herself as the models in the photos. Although she wasn’t as young as them, she certainly felt proud of the body she worked so hard to maintain.

As she put on her first dress, she slid her hands down her stomach, appreciating how the long, black dress complemented her slim figure. She flicked her long hair over her shoulders and placed her hand on her hip as if posing for the paparazzi on the red carpet. The dress was strapless, so she propped it up a bit to not show so much cleavage before calling her son in.

While there was nobody else in the changing room area, Jake still approached his mother with caution. Kylie whipped open the curtains with excitement.

“Well… What do you think?” She then twirled around.

Jake was caught by surprise. He saw his mom in the same light he saw the attractive models on the posters. His took in the sight of his mother, knowing well that a simple ‘fine’ won’t cut it like he tried in the other shops.

He couldn’t stop noticing how attractive his mom was. From the high heels she wore, to how slim her legs were. His eyes stopped at her chest. He was always aware his mom had large breasts — his friends liked to remind him — but the dress had slipped down to show quite a revealing cleavage line. Kylie picked up on this.

“Oh! I’m sorry, Honey. It’s not very appropriate, is it?” She pulled the dress up again to fix the problem, but noticed her son was still fixated on her boobs. She looked at him disapprovingly, but it didn’t help. “Honey, I know you’re a young man, but you shouldn’t be looking at me like that. I’m your mother, remember?”

“Oh, crap! Sorry, Mom. I’ll, um… I’ll go wait out there again.” His mother gave him a forgiving smile, gently laughing at his awkwardness as he rushed outside the changing area.

The next dress was a longer, red dress. It was still slim fitted but was cut along the legs. Her immediate worry was that it had a revealing neckline and thought it might be too distracting for her son, but concluded that on the night, it wouldn’t matter.

The neck strap had to be tied a certain way. After multiple attempts, she called Jake for help. She heard him approach her changing room and aware that stores don’t typically allow two people in the same changing room, she whispered to him.

“It’s okay, you can come in. I just need your help with something. Just be quiet.” She turned her back to him as he cautiously came in. Facing the mirror, she beckoned him to take the straps that she was holding up.

Backless down to just above her firm, round ass, the dress showed off more adiosbet yeni giriş of her body than her son was comfortable with. He found himself taking in the view of his mother’s slim figure, imagining what was underneath the dress. Jake started to feel nervous, his hands trembled as he tied the strap.

Every so often his mom would admire herself in the dress by caressing her body, occasionally twisting and turning and tracing her hand around the neckline of the dress, admiring how it complemented her body. She was oblivious as to how this was making her son feel.

Jake couldn’t help but continue to lust after his mom. He couldn’t keep his eyes off her. He edged back a bit as he could feel himself get a little light headed as blood rushed downwards. Feeling himself get hard, he looked down to see if it was noticeable.

Kylie was delighted with the dress. She fixed up her cleavage which involved sliding her hand underneath the dress and repositioned her big tits. Jake couldn’t help but stare. When she looked back at him, he stared at her lower back and ass again, taking another step back as a precaution. He was now noticeably hard.

“Where are you going, Honey?” She asked him, whispering. Jake panicked and backed up into the curtain.

“Sorry, Mom. I thought I was done,” he replied. It was unlucky that the store assistant passed by the changing rooms.

“Excuse me, Ma’am. It’s store policy that only one person is allowed in the changing room at a time.”

Kylie turned around to look at her son in anger before coming up with a response.

“I’m in here alone. I was just on the phone. Sorry,” she replied. While waiting for a response, she looked around in a panic. Her son was standing still, afraid to move. It was then that she saw that he was hard.

“My apologies for assuming. I didn’t see your son leave the store.” The store assistant moved away now. “But I’ll be right here if you need anything.

Kylie covered her mouth, looking at her son in disbelief. Her son looked back at her, red-faced with embarrassment and shame. They spoke to each other in a barely audible whisper.

“Really, Jake? You’re hard right now? I’m your mother. Control yourself.”

“I didn’t mean to, Mom. I swear. It’s just… there’s not much room in here and you were moving about in the dress and-“

“Oh, so it’s my fault?”

“No, no. What I meant was-“

“Excuse me, Ma’am. Do you need any assistance? I can help you if you like.” The store assistant now hinting she was in there a long time, now aware that the two of them were in the room together. Kylie and Jake were lucky she wasn’t allowed to open the curtain and check.

Jake panicked and moved in towards his mom. Kylie moved too, but tripped on the clothes she placed on the ground earlier, falling into her son.

She kept still and as silent as she could, knowing full well her large breasts pressed up against her son’s body was only making him more aroused.

“Ma’am?” There was a moment of silence before Kylie could figure out what to say.

“Oh, um, don’t mind me. The dresses fit perfectly… I’m just being indecisive, that’s all. I’ll be out shortly. I’ll call you if I need help.” The store assistant didn’t respond, but they did hear her walk away from the changing rooms. Kylie and Jake still kept as quiet as possible.

“I bet you’re enjoying this, aren’t you?” She continued to press her body up against him until it was clear the SA was long gone.

“Mom, I can’t control it. I’m sorry.”

Kylie could now feel her son’s hard dick pressing into her. He was getting harder. She moved away ever so slowly, but still remained close. She was curious.

“What made you get so hard? Was it me? Was it the dress? I think I deserve to know. And don’t lie to me.” She looked at her son sternly to hint he had no choice but to tell the truth.

“It was everything, Mom. It was seeing you in the dress, looking at your legs, your body, your chest. And then it was the way you were posing.” Jake felt a weight lift off his shoulders as his mom didn’t react in anger, but began thinking about his response.

She smiled, but only slightly. As shocking as it was to discover the way her son looked at her, she couldn’t help but feel flattered that she could still attract the attention of a young man.

“Do you always look at me like that? What about when I’m just out of the shower, walking adiosbet giriş around the house in just a towel, or out sunbathing by the pool? Do you look at me then too?”

“No, Mom, I don’t. This is the only time,” he lied. Kylie didn’t seem convinced either. She moved up to him again to whisper in his hear.

“Have you ever jerked off to me?” She looked at him straight in the eyes to gauge his response.

Jake started to work up a sweat as he struggled to put words together — a response in its own right.

“Wow, Jake. Do all guys your age jerk off to their mothers? Especially with all those hot girls around campus.” It took her a moment to realise the nature of the questions she was asking. But she was getting a thrill out of it, so she continued.

Jake nodded as if to say no. Kylie stepped back a bit and looked her son up and down, pausing when her eyes met his hard cock sticking out. She thought of how long they were in the changing room and if the store assistant will disturb them.

“Well, it looks like it’s not settling down and we’ve been in here long enough. How about you take your cock out and jerk off?”

“What? Did you actually just suggest that? What if we get caught?”

“Just take your cock out and start stroking, son. I cant have you walking to the car with a hard dick. You need to get rid of it, now!”

Still unsure of what to do, Jake rested his hands on his belt and hesitated.

“Come on, Jake. I know I’m your mother but do I have to do everything?” She started unbuckling his belt and pulled them down to the ground, impressed when his cock sprung out in front of her. The thought of sucking it crossed her mind. But she got back up and surprisingly, her son started jerking off.

Jake couldn’t help but keep his eyes off his mom. She was standing there in the dress that now, left little to imagination. Kylie crossed her arms and looked around as if to allow her son to check her out while he was stroking his cock — anything to get out of the changing room.

“What’s taking so long, Jake? Hurry up!” She looked at him to see him stroking furiously and sympathised with him. “Would it help if I did this?

She leaned her back against the other side of the changing room and spread her legs apart, the slit down her dress moved accordingly as she revealed her long, slender legs.

Reaching down, she placed her hand on her leg and moved it ever so slowly towards her crotch, thrilled by the fact she had her son’s undivided attention. She slid her hand underneath the dress and began massaging her pussy, keeping her eyes on her son who now looked more shocked than anything.

She felt herself getting wetter. Her own breathing began to quicken, just like Jake’s. She also struggled to keep herself quiet.

She was now drawn to her son’s cock and how she would love to have it inside of her. However she quashed those thoughts as it wouldn’t be the right time or place. But the fantasy kept coming up. She saw how he was close to cumming and decided on a compromise.

She approached her son, close enough that her body was almost touching his. Jake slowed down, taking a moment to wonder what she was doing.

Kylie reached around the back of her neck, unfastened the strap and let it fall. Realising she’ll need to take the dress off anyway, she did so and stood in front of her son, fully naked.

“Well, am I as hot in real life as I am in your fantasies?” She asked him, twirling around again. She moved her hands all over her body, awaiting his response, until she noticed he was too shocked to say anything.

“Oh, Sweetie. You’re so cute. I love you so much!” Kylie kissed her son on the cheek in an attempt to wake him up.

She took her son’s hands and placed them on her natural, large tits and began moving his hands in the way that she liked them to be squeezed. She could feel her hardening nipples against her son’s palms.

“Oh, fuck! Mom!” his eyes widened once he became increasingly fixated on his mother’s tits.

Kylie saw this as the opportunity to make her way down. She hunkered down on her feet until she was eye level with his cock. She gently rubbed around her son’s crotch area, amused at how his dick twitched in response.

“Aww, Sweetie! You’ve got some precum here for Mommy.” She traced her finger along his shaft, collecting the precum that ran down it. Looking up at him, she opened her mouth and licked adiosbet güvenilirmi it off her finger. She cleaned it off by sucking her finger, moving up and down slowly, giving her son a hint for what was to come.

Not wanting to waste any more time, she took hold of her sons cock and started stroking it. Her soft hands wrapped around his throbbing cock. Kylie enjoyed the feeling of her son’s cock, feeling it pulsing in her hand. She wanted to taste him, she wanted his cock in her mouth.

She pursed her luscious red lips together and laid a soft, gentle kiss at the top of her son’s dick. Jake cursed in response, but before he could finish, his mom had already kissed him multiple times, up and down his shaft, with each one lingering for a short moment, leaving a lipstick mark in each place.

She moved down to the balls and started kissing and sucking on them. She noticed her son was now breathing heavy and quickly and that he was as hard as she could make him, so she eased off.

Sticking out her tongue, she licked all the way from his balls, up the shaft and swirled it around the head a couple of times before putting his dick in her mouth entirely.

Ignoring the gentle groans of her son, she moved her free hand down and once again resumed rubbing her pussy, still managing to keep up the pace of sucking him, she knew he was very close.

She closed her eyes, no longer hesitant or guilty about imagining what it would be like to fuck her own son. She moved up and down his shaft with increasing speed as she was imagining him thrusting into her.

She too was gently moaning, no longer caring if they got caught. Focusing on her clit, the tingling feeling was becoming more present.

“Come on, Sweetie. Can you cum for Mommy?” She moved up to focus on mostly sucking and licking the head. Making sure her lips and tongue were covering those extra-sensitive areas. She noticed her son’s breathing quickened and he tensed, naturally holding off cumming.

“That’s it, son. You can cum on Mommy’s tits.” She held the bottom of his shaft with her hand, ready to point it at her big tits. She was about to cum too.

“Cum for me, Sweetie. That’s it. Cum for your mother!” She placed her mouth over his dick again and really worked her tongue around the head, making sure to stimulate the frenulum too.

“Mom… I’m gonna cum… I’m gonna…”

Just let it all out, son. Mommy wants you to cum so hard for her.”

Kylie watched the cum shoot out of her son’s dick and onto her tits. She watched her son’s range of reactions as she felt the warm cum against her chest. She had her mouth open but couldn’t say much as she was close to making herself cum.

She felt a warm wave pass through her body as she kept rubbing her pussy. That tingling feeling grew. She bit her lips, holding her moans as best as she could.

She let out an elated sigh as cum came flowing out of her pussy, dripping all over hand. She kept rubbing herself to completion. She took a moment to catch her breath before standing up again.

“Your turn,” she said. She placed one of her cum covered fingers against her son’s lips.

Jake started to lick his mother’s cum off her fingers.

“Do you like the taste of your mother, Sweetie?”

“Ma’am. Are you okay in there? You’re taking an awfully long time.”

Recognising the impatient tone of the store assistant, Kylie finally realised the urgency to get out. She fumbled about, cleaning the room and getting dressed.

Kylie poked her head out the curtain, cursing as the store assistant was waiting there, unimpressed. She assured her son it’s all okay and to sneak out in a couple of minutes while she’s paying for the dress.


“I’m sorry I took so long. They’re all fabulous dresses. I just couldn’t make up my mind,” Kylie said, trying get the store assistant to walk with her, but instead she received a short nod in response.

“I’ll be with you in a moment. I just have to clean the changing rooms for the next customer. It’s just store policy. If you wish, you can wait at the till. I’ll be there momentarily.

Kylie didn’t have a chance to respond before she pulled the curtain to the changing room wide open. The SA raised her hands to wish she wanted nothing to do with whatever this situation was and began walking out of the changing rooms, but stopped to ask Kylie something.

“Totally unrelated, but did you have something to eat or drink before you came here?”

“No, why?” Kylie asked, puzzled.

“It’s just… some sauce, or something, may have fell onto your chest,” she replied, pointing on her own chest where Kylie missed a drop or two of her son’s cum while cleaning up.

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