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Mom Lets Me Touch Her Ass Pt. 03

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We were a little late for our reservation but our table was still unoccupied so we sat down to have dinner. We talked about mom’s job and my school work over two bottles of wine. It was the first time that mom and I had drunk alcohol together since I had only just turned 21. She told the waiter it was my birthday so we managed to get our first bottle on the house.

On the way to the movie theater, we stopped at the bridge to take a view of the city and watch the sunset. Overlooking the river, we stood arm in arm as mom expressed her appreciation for me being back from college to see her. Considering we were both a little tipsy from the wine, and what had happened on the train, I took the liberty of moving behind my mother and hugging her from behind. I didn’t hesitate to let my dick push against her ass as I held her tight. She leant over the edge of the bridge with her head down on her forearms. I leant in and asked if everything was alright. She got up and took my arms to face me.

“Kyle, sweetie? I gotta ask you. How long have you had a thing for my ass?” She asked me. I just stood frozen. I didn’t know how to respond. I was embarrassed by the question. She looked at me for what felt like an eternity as I couldn’t look a her. I didn’t feel I could admit that she had been the object of my fantasies for the best part of a decade.

“You know what?” Sensing my discomfort, “Don’t worry about it. Let’s just enjoy our night.” She apologized for asking, told me she loved me and put her arms around me. As I reciprocated, she leant her head into my chest. I was still feeling a little uneasy until mom reached for one of my arms and pulled it down so my hand met her ass cheek. She put both arms back around me, I leant my chin on the top of her head and moved my other hand down to her ass and squeezed her globes with both hands. She squeezed me tighter as I caressed and kneaded her juicy butt. As my dick got bigger and harder, poking at her stomach, she pressed her tits into me. I was in heaven. The woman of my dreams was encouraging me to touch and grope her luscious booty. She didn’t seem to care that I was her son. “How could things get any better?” I thought.

“I don’t feel like seeing a movie tonight.” Mom told me. I took my hands off her ass, lifted my head off her chin and asked what was wrong. She pulled away from me and looked me in the face.

“I feel like dancing. Whaddaya say the three of us go to a club?” Looking down to my obviously hard dick and giggling. I told her that sounded great.

“Sure. We can always watch a movie tomorrow. Little Netflix and chill.

“Isn’t that what people say when they wanna bang?” She asked suspiciously. I told her I didn’t mean it like that. She told me she wasn’t that out of touch, slapping my chest. canlı bahis She turned to walk away from me towards the end of the bridge. I just stood there and watched her ass move with each step she made. She stopped to look back at me, now nearly fifteen feet away.

“Hey, if you just stand there. You won’t be able to watch my ass anymore!” She shouted. I jogged over to her and we walked together into the center of town, holding hand with interlocked fingers.

“Where was this going?” I wondered. Obviously, she is my mother so I’d hate for anything to affect our relationship in a negative way, but at the same time I wanted that ass!

When we arrived at the entrance to the club, mom commented that she must have been the oldest person there. I told her that with her complexion and body, she looked like she was fresh out of college. The security told the men to line up on the left and the women on the right. Mom’s line was shorter than mine so she got to the bouncers first. I saw the thick, huge titted female bouncer smirk as she saw mom approach her for a body search. She put her hands round mom’s back and noticeably moved them up and down her ass for longer than was professional. When she was finished, mom moved inside. I saw the bouncer look back to check out my mom before calling forward the next lady. I watched with mixed emotions.

“That bouncer just assaulted my mom.” I Thought. “I should make a complaint.” However, my mind wandered to imagining those two thick ladies naked together; me fucking the bouncer’s tits while mom made out with her as I came on her face and the bouncer’s 36DD’s. I was called over by the male bouncer, who took one look at me and grimaced before telling me to move on. I was perturbed by the bouncer’s expression until I reached into my pocket to take out my phone and noticed the hard on that had developed from imaging mom and the female bouncer sharing my thick cock. When I met up with mom, she looked pissed off.

“That female bouncer groped me. That was totally overboard!”

“I know, I saw… I told you that you had a nice ass.” I joked.

“Hey! Cheeky bastard!” She replied, slapping my ass before we dropped off our coats. The dancefloor was dark and crowded. Some kind of deep house music was playing. It was really loud and the bass was sounding and feeling huge. She took me the hand and let me to a space by the wall before we began to move our bodies. I looked at mom as we danced. I was a little awkward. I had never been in this kind of environment with a family member before. I took her hand and gave her a twirl. She laughed and gave me a look of “don’t beat around the bush.” She was looking at me in a way I’d never seen before. It thought I saw a lusty look in her eyes. She put her arms around my bahis siteleri neck and leaned in to me so that my back was against the wall. I put my hands on her hips as we swayed. I had them there for several minutes, not sure if I was living in reality or some weird dream.

“Hey! What’s wrong with you? why are you being such a robot!?” Mom shouted in my ear. “Loosen up!” She then took her arms back and turned around and began to grind her big ass against my crotch. Side to side and up and down, I felt her juicy cheeks rub on my dick. My member was throbbing. It had to be the biggest boner I’d ever her had. Mom put her hand behind my head and pushed her butt against my dick so that it wedged in between her thick globes. She placed her other hand on top of mine, which was still on her hip as she bumped her booty in time with the beat against me. I didn’t need a clearer signal. Mom was encouraging me to grind on her. I wasted no time in thrusting against her as she twerked and slammed back into my junk. If we kept this going, I thought that I was going to explode in my pants. However, it was possible that tonight was going to be a one-time thing so I didn’t wanna waste a minute of grinding on my mom’s ass. I humped against her as she reciprocated.

She bent over as if to touch her toes so that the full width of her ass presented itself like a giant target for my rock-hard shaft. I grabbed her hips and thrusted against her, running my shaft along her crack. Even with all this clothing, mom’s cheeks still managed to hug my dick. I put my hands over her shoulders and pulled her into me. She the full weight of her ass to press all the way into my cock, almost crushing it. I was in heaven, but I was worried her beautiful big ass was gonna injure me so I spanked her really hard. This made her stop and turn round. I was worried she would be mad but she moved closer to me. Now with our arms round each other and no space between our torsos, I groped her ass all over; caressing, kneading and digging my fingers into her cheeks, humping my dick against her midriff. I moved one hand from her ass to under her chin and lifted her head up to look as me. I went in to kiss my mom on the lips. I was disappointed that she didn’t welcome my request. She put her hands to my lips and turned around so now she was away from me.

“Oh, god! I’d fucked it up! It was going so well but now it’s over!” I thought. I saw her take out her phone and I saw her moving her thumbs on it. I Didn’t know what was happening so learned in behind mom to shout in her ear.

“I’m sorry!” She didn’t even acknowledge that I’d said anything, never mind respond. She just kept using her phone.

“What are you doing!?” I asked.

“Just stand by the wall!” She instructed. I stood by the wall bahis şirketleri feeling a shamed and sorry for myself. Mom just stayed on her phone. I had my head down from the guilt of crossing the line of trying to kiss my mom.

“Couldn’t I have just been content with her letting me grope and grind on her ass!? God dammit!! I’m such an idiot!” I thought to myself. I saw her turn round and approach me. I tried again to apologize. Again, she acted like her didn’t hear me. She just turned around and kept looking at her phone. I got right behind her, so close that my chest touched her back.

“What are you doing!!?” I shouted in her ear so that she couldn’t not hear me. She turned her head my way’

“There’s no more trains! I’m ordering an uber!” She replied. She went back to using her phone and as the beat dropped, I could feel mom bumping back with the music; her ass against me with every bump. Whatever erection had gone away from the failed pass at my mom had very quickly resurfaced. She kept bouncing to the beat with her booty bumping my boner.

“It’s booked, Let’s go!” She told me as we both left the club, getting our coats on the way. In the uber, we didn’t say anything to each other. There was no physical contact. I looked out the window terrified of what was about to happen next. I was sure that the night was over and mom didn’t wanna speak to me again “But the booty bumping before we left” I wondered “Was that deliberate contact with my junk or did she just like the song?”

We got out of the uber and mom told me sternly that we needed to go inside to talk. She didn’t want the neighbors to hear anything or, god forbid, get any ideas about was going on.

Approaching the driveway, I watched mom’s ass as she walked in front of me towards the front door. I figured I was back to sneaking glances at her ass again. It was a lot of fun while it lasted, but I guess that reality was about to bite me in the ass.

As we got inside, mom told me to go into the living room and wait for her. She went upstairs to remove her earrings and heels. She didn’t show any signs of wanting to be playful. We looked and sounded dead serious when she spoke to me. I just sat there with my head down, feeling like my life was over.

“Fuck! I’m in trouble here!” I thought. “There’s no way this is gonna end well for me.

A few minutes later, mom came downstairs, still wearing the figure-hugging dress that turned me on so much. Except, this time, I didn’t feel the least bit aroused. She came over to the couch and sat next to me, looking very serious.

“Okay, Kyle. NOW you and I need to have a serious discussion about what happened tonight, and figure out what we’re going to do about your sexual attraction to me and your fixation for my ass!” Mom asserted. I gulped.

“Well if told her I liked her ass and that got me a date where I could grope and grind on her,” I Thought. “There’s a small chance that if I’m honest about wanting to fuck her, I might just get to…”

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