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Mom Named Barbie Ch. 08

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Big Cock

Chapter 08 – Barbie makes her appearance in his mom’s apartment

Sitting in her car the significance of what she had done hit her, she had shown her tits and pussy to people she didn’t know, not intimately; if someone had told her three months ago she would do either one she would have called them a liar, and now she had done both! Last summer she had thought Barb was a wild woman, but it was nothing compared to what she was doing now; the only difference was last summer she had changed her personality for the rich men she dated, this time she was changing her personality for herself. As she turned the key to start her car she whispered to herself “I’m beginning to really like this Barbie person”.

Remembering she would be wearing a wig tomorrow there was no way she would be able to hide all of her thick long hair so she quickly turned into a chain hair salon near the liquor store. When the girl asked how she would like her hair cut she immediately knew what to say “I want it short, something sassy; fun and playful”. When the stylist finished she could not believe the difference, her hair was shorter than it had been since she was a little girl. With the weight of her long hair gone the short style was bouncy and cute. She instantly looked at least five years younger as well as fun and playful just as she had requested; Barbara asked herself “Why didn’t I do this years ago”.

Back at her apartment she prepared side dishes for the next day and put them in the fridge, anything she could do this evening would save time tomorrow. She went to bed early hoping this Christmas would be much better than the last; but she could not get it out of her mind that while the day could change her relationship with Jay forever, it could also be a disastrous failure. Insecurities crept into her thoughts, what if she had gone too far with the transformation, what if she had misinterpreted what Jay meant by ‘fun and playful’?

For a brief moment she regretted getting the outfit and all she had done earlier in the day, what was she doing? She was almost forty years old mature woman and she was acting like a horny slut; and she had done it all for her son! What kind of freak was she? Jay had said he never imagined girls could be so perverted; is that was she was doing, was she being a pervert?

But Jay had said he liked that Barbie was fun and playful; even though she thought she had pretty much made a fool of herself on their date, his mom had practically flashed her tits at her son. And what about when she intentionally flashed her panties at him as she got in her car? After all that he still wants to spend Christmas with Barbie?

Then there is the little detail of Jay telling Barbie that he loved her after his mom masturbated on his thigh, it seemed he did not mind a little sex play as long as in his mind it was Barbie and not his mom. But what choice did she have, Jay had said he did not want to spend Christmas with his mom or Barbara, only Barbie; so in order to see Jay for Christmas she was going to have to make Barbie a real person, void of any signs of his mom or Barbara.

Well, the costume was certainly fun and playful, exactly what Barbie would wear; it was a good start. She had done everything she could to bring Barbie to life tomorrow; she would follow through with her plans and hope for the best. If he enjoyed the outfit half as much as she enjoyed picking it out everything would be ok.

Having worked through the episode of anxiety she was feeling a little better about Jay coming over. Deep inside she knew her preparations were excellent, she just could not let go of thinking how much she had hurt Jay, and she did not want to do anything to hurt him again. She was only doing as he had asked, and in her opinion she was doing it very well.

Barbie woke at her usual 5:00am but she had a feeling it could be a late night for her and Jay so she set the alarm for 7:00am and rolled over hoping to get a couple more hours of sleep. As she pondered some of the possible scenarios of Jay’s reaction to the costume she soon dozed back off to sleep.

The alarm sounded and she was up and busy soon afterward. Rather than dress in sweats as she normally did when alone in her apartment she asked herself ‘what would Barbie wear’. Ah, she had just the thing; she slipped out of her nightgown walking to the kitchen naked stopping by the ‘whore room’ slipping on a pair of acrylic heels. Her apron was hanging on the wall by the stove; this is all Barbie would wear, the apron and heels, and nothing else! She was surprised how sexy she felt, it was like she was the horny girlfriend waiting to be fucked by her man; if things went well today perhaps this would not be the only time she wore just the apron and nothing else, except for heels of course.

Cooking the ham would be the most time consuming task of the day so she prepared it and slid it in the oven. Next were the side dishes and dessert, they were almost ready, only canlı bahis needing to be warmed just before Jay arrived. It was now 11:00am, the only thing left was for her to shower and get dressed.

Using the coconut rum Barbie mixed a drink and sat down to relax for a few minutes. She felt much better about today than she did last night, she was ahead of schedule and everything was going smooth. She was determined this would be one of the best Christmases ever for both her and Jay; or it could better be described as Jay and Barbie’s first Christmas together, and she would do her best to make sure it was memorable for both of them.

Having finished the drink Barbie mixed another this time using the bourbon, she took the cup with her to the bathroom. She shaved her legs then carefully eliminated every hair from her vagina. Thinking about how Barbie would be dressed for Jay the razor sliding across her soft sensitive skin around her pussy almost caused her to orgasm, she wondered what would happen if she actually touched herself down there.

Barbara did not want to find out, she did not want to satisfy her desires before Jay arrived, she wanted her cunt to remain aroused and horny for the rest of the afternoon and evening; being sexually excited would help her be fun and playful the way Jay likes Barbie to be.

In the shower she discovered washing the shorter hairstyle was much easier than it was before, yet another benefit having her hair cut short. Scrubbing her tits with the soapy luffa made her nipples long and hard, when she washed between her legs her knees went weak; it took every ounce of willpower in her body to avoid giving herself an orgasm. Convinced she was as clean and as fresh as possible she dried off then went to apply her makeup before she gave in to satisfying her sexual needs.

Not sure what would be best way to do her makeup Barbara walked into the den picking up a fashion magazine off the table; the second drink had made her a little unsteady, but the effect the alcohol had on her libido was unbelievable, her clit was throbbing, aching for attention, her pussy felt empty needing to be filled. Being this horny already she had no idea how she would make it through the afternoon and evening without doing something she may regret. Becoming Barbie and yet maintaining her composure might be more difficult than she had thought.

Back at her makeup table she flipped through the pages of the magazine until she found a picture of a look she felt would perfect for Barbie. A smoky shadow for her eyelids, dark thick eyeliner bringing it to an erotic point past the corners of her eyes, dark rouge for her cheeks and bright red lipstick. There was also an article on body makeup with instruction on shadowing her chest to emphasize her cleavage. Thankfully she was still had plenty of time to apply the additional cosmetics.

Now to conclude her transformation of his mom into a fun and playful girl like Jay had requested, a girl that had a wonderful naughty side with an unpredictable personality. First the stockings, she cautiously pulling them up her legs, next the sheer red thong, she looked in the mirror; Barbie was already looking so sexy she was becoming even more aroused just looking at her.

Next was the dress, she pulled it down over her head placing her big D tits in the support cups sewn into the bust. Putting her arms in the long sleeves was no simple feat; it was not easy for a girl to look sexy.

Never having worn a wig before Barbie had no idea of the best way to put it on, but a short period of trial and error and all of her hair was hidden underneath, the wig fit perfectly; if she did not know better she would swear it was her natural hair. Using bobby-pins she attached the Santa hat to the fake auburn hair. She had waited to put the shoes on last to avoid falling off the extremely high heels and spraining an ankle; sitting in the emergency room instead of entertaining Jay was not how she wanted to spend the evening. She did not even want to think how embarrassing it would be to go to the hospital with her son in such a provocative outfit.

One final detail was to pull the belt tight to accentuate how small her waist was since she had lost weight above her wide womanly hips. Now it was time to evaluate the finished product; Barbara delicately walked to the full-length mirror on her bedroom door. OMG!

She did not even recognize herself; it was as if she were looking at a completely different woman. Damn! Barbie looked hot! Had she done too much! How could any man keep his hands off her as sexy as she looked! These were not questions she asked herself out of concern; they were compliments on how worthwhile and successful her efforts were in transforming Jay’s mom into sexy, fun and playful Barbie.

She turned to see how the mini-dress looked from the back, and that is when she discovered it no longer completely covered her ass like it did in the store. She immediately knew what the difference bahis siteleri was, when she had tried the costume on she did not cinch belt as tight as it is now; pulling it tighter to show off her small waist had pulled the back of the dress up over her full round ass making it shorter than it was in the store. If she were not as tall as she was it might not be an issue, but the eight inch heels and her longs legs put her butt at a height where it was impossible not to notice the bottom of her bare ass was visible under the dress.

Proud of how small her waist appeared, especially with her wide hips, loosening the belt was not an option. Then, the more she looked at her round cheeks visible beneath the dress she thought the exhibitionism would only add to the excitement of the afternoon. Why worry about the small difference if the way the costume fit her now made her look even better? She would leave it the way it was; it would give Jay a little extra something to look at when she had her back to him.

Now 2:00pm, Jay would be there in an hour or less, in the past he had been known to show up early. She put the apron on over the costume as she rushed around the kitchen trying to finish the food preparation. Everything was ready except for the ham and it would only be a few more minutes. She mixed a stiff drink to calm the anxiety she was experiencing as the time for Jay to arrive neared. The potent cocktail disappeared surprisingly fast, Barbara thought she must have spilt it because she did not remember drinking it that quickly.

As she placed two candles on the table, aligning the decorative centerpiece between them Barbara heard a knock on her door. Her heart raced, he was here with only the door separating them; taking a moment to calm down she took in a deep breath as he knocked again.

Barbara untied the apron pulling it off throwing it in the corner of the room as she leaned back against the counter with her hands gripping the edge on each side of her body; she crossed her ankles with one knee bent in her best provocative pose. Thankfully she had unlocked the door just before she put the candles on the table she called to Jay.

“Come in, it’s open. I am finishing up in the kitchen”

When Jay stepped inside she was not sure what he was expecting, but evidently he was not expecting a sexy redhead wearing a seductive Santa’s helper costume standing in his mom’s apartment. Jay did not say a word; he just stood there looking at her, his hand still on the open door, his face not giving any clues to what he thought of Barbie.

“Hello Jay, thank you for wanting to see me again. Thank you for wanting to spend Christmas with Barbie.”

She wanted to eliminate any doubt that neither Barbara nor his mom was the woman he was looking at; she wanted to assure him the horny redhead he was staring at was indeed Barbie just as he had requested.

But there was no doubt in Jay’s mind this was neither his mom nor Barbara; thus the reason for his silence. She had been so successful at turning his mom into Barbie he could not believe his eyes, his initial thought was ‘who is the sexy woman leaning against the counter and why is she in my mother’s apartment, I don’t think I have met her before’. He looked Barbie up and down, from the extremely high heels on her feet to the cute Santa hat sitting atop beautiful auburn hair, nothing looked familiar; he felt sure he did not know the woman standing in front of him.

The heels were higher than anything he had ever seen his mom wear; they made her sexy legs look much longer than his mom’s. This woman had wonderful big tits that appeared to begin at her neck and casted a shadow on her tiny waist, her wide hips flaring out creating the perfect hourglass figure; there was no way his mother had a body built for sin like this woman.

Then there was the makeup, there is no way this was his mom, although his mother is very attractive, this woman was so alluring it was as if her face was saying ‘come fuck me’ without having to say a word. And the auburn hair, his mom had long brunette hair with blonde highlights, even if she had colored her hair; her hair was straight not like the long wavy seductive dark red locks of the tall sexy creature standing in his mother’s kitchen.

He closed the door and walked toward her stopping to stare at her again from the other side of the elegantly arranged table. She was beginning to interpret Jay’s silence as disappointment, that is until he spoke.

“OMG Barbie, is that you? You’re beautiful. OMG!”

“So, I take it you approve?” as Barbie did her best to twirl in the eight inch heels; the back of the mini-dress flying up exposing even more of her full round ass with the thin piece of red fabric between her cheeks.

“Oh yes, I definitely approve, you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. You look… You look amazing! Do I know you? I don’t think we have met before, because if we had I would certainly remember bahis şirketleri you. I have never seen such an attractive sexy woman in my life.”

Upon hearing the wonderful compliments, she was pleased that she had created a persona so different than his mother. She wanted to erase any thoughts of his mom when Jay looked at Barbie; but she never expected a reaction like this. Overwhelmed with emotion she rushed to his side of the table throwing her arms around Jay’s shoulders, pressing her lips to his giving him a deep, passionate kiss.

Jay did not return the kiss; he was too startled and expectedly so; he still questioned if he knew this woman? There was no way this could be his mom and she couldn’t be the same Barbie that he went out with for his birthday. While the attractive woman on his date was fun and playful she still looked like his mother; but this woman had a body built for sex and the outfit was saying she would be a willing participant.

When Jay did not kiss her back Barbie realized what she had done, she felt she understood his reluctance to return her act of intimacy. Even though she was Barbie and not his mom, so far there had not been any meaningful physical contact between him and Barbie; sure he had given her the peck kiss in the motel room; but for the most part their relationship had been more fantasy than real. Her actions had made it much more than that now; it became very real, very fast.

Barbie had kissed him without warning, his mom had gave him a passionate kiss on the lips; she had definitely crossed a line that a mother should not cross with her son. In bed in the motel room, even though her actions were more sexual than the kiss they were not as intentional and out in the open as this kiss was. She feared Jay thought the kiss said she wanted a physical relationship with him and his not returning the kiss indicated he was not ready for their relationship to become physical.

They stood there staring into each other’s eyes, each of them not sure how to interpret what had just happened. A tear run down Barbie’s cheek; had she ruined a beautiful evening before it even got started, how she could be so stupid?

In the heels Barbie was taller than Jay; he reached up and gently brushed the tear from her cheek with the back of his hand.

“Barbie, is it really you? You’re so… I didn’t recognize you; you’re so beautiful… so sexy. I knew you were a very attractive woman but I never imagined you could look like this; I actually thought I you were someone else. That is why I was so shocked when you kissed me, I didn’t recognize you; I still can’t believe it’s you.”

“It’s me Jay, just like you asked for. You wanted to spend Christmas with Barbie, well here I am.”

“But, you look so… Different.”

“I know Jay, I can’t believe it myself. I want to make this a special day for you. I want to be different than anyone you have ever met before.”

“You accomplished that very well; I actually thought I had never met you. My first thought was that after the things I had said to you that you felt I did not want to see you anymore so you either convinced someone else to be Barbie or you hired a professional.”

“No Jay, it’s me, the same Barbie that was your date on your birthday. Well… not exactly the same Barbie, the auburn hair is not real; but the rest is all me, although wrapped a little different.”

Another tear rolled down her cheek, he wiped it away with his thumb. Barbie closed her eyes in response to his caring touch; she still feared she had done something she shouldn’t have. Her eyes were closed when she felt his hands on each side of her face pulling her head down; then she felt his lips touch hers.

Jay lightly brushed his lips against hers and then he kissed her softly, it was better than she thought it would be, his gentleness expressed more emotion and passion than she imagined possible from just a kiss. She kissed him back, the soft kisses slowly progressed to their tongues touching; this kiss was just as she had wanted their first real kiss to be. Barbie was melting in his arms; at that moment she never loved anyone as much as she loved Jay. His affection let her know her efforts were successful in convincing Jay neither his mom nor Barbara was in the apartment this afternoon.

She pulled her lips from Jay’s telling him to stay where he was. She turned off the oven taking the ham out placing it on top of the stove. Then she cleared the plates and silverware from the table removing the centerpiece and candles. She placed the candles on the counter, pulling a match from a drawer lighting each one. As Barbie walked back to Jay she turned out the lights; the flickering flames from the candles reflecting on the walls providing the only light in the apartment.

Reaching underneath the mini-dress Barbie slid the thong down her legs carefully pulling her heels out one at a time. With her panties now on floor she moved back in front of Jay, kissing him passionately just as she had done when he first arrived, only now he reciprocated with the same enthusiasm. She pulled his arms around her body then placed her hands on his shoulders pressing her tits against his chest.

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