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Mom’s Nighttime Surprise Ch. 04

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As we rode along in the car, my mind went back and forth. One moment I was lusting for each of my sons sitting in the back seat and the next I felt very ashamed. My mind was in complete turmoil. The woman in me, or maybe it was the girl in me, had a taste for their cocks. My pussy got damp just thinking about how hard and ready they were. My oldest son’s cock was big and wonderful, bigger than any I have ever experienced. Oh, how I wanted to feel it deep inside me.

I didn’t understand it, but I had truly enjoyed my other sons cock in my mouth. Just as my pussy began to throb, I looked at my husband driving and a wave of guilt hit me. I thought, I better stop it now; I need to put it out of my mind. I needed to get back to a normal life. Over and over my mind struggled for the right answer. I just didn’t know what I should do.

We arrived back home about mid-morning. I was surprised to learn my husband would be leaving again soon. I had completely forgotten about his business trip out of town tonight. We had talked about it before we went camping, but with all the camping activities and issues on my mind, it had slipped my mind.

Time flew by, and before I knew it, my husband was heading out the door for the airport. I decided I needed to take a long shower to relax. I jumped in the shower and all the lust rushed back into my mind. All I could think about was how ready I was to feel a big cock in my pussy. My son had the cock I need and the desire to take me and pump me all night. I just needed to let it happen. The guilt came over me but went away quickly. I wanted it so badly last night, now I had my second chance. I had to do it. I shaved and did all the things a woman tends to before a big date.

It was still too early in the day to make a move, so I didn’t really leave the bathroom on a mission, but I was ready. As I walked down the steps, my heart nearly stopped. My son was in the living room with a bag packed. He was standing there with a very pretty girl. He must have called her. He said, “I was waiting for you. We are going to go out for the night. I will be back tomorrow, maybe. I’ll call you, Mom.” He walked over to hug me goodbye.

As they walked out to the car, I felt sad. I thought, how could I compete with her? Look at that little ass, perfect breasts, cute face. I was so jealous; I couldn’t understand how such a tiny body could take a cock that big. Hell, I would fuck her too.

I went back in the house disappointed.

I went into the living room, laid on the couch, and flipped on the TV. I idly flipped around the channels, but really could not find anything I wanted to watch. I closed my eyes and all I could think about is what could have been. I could have had that big cock all night long. I knew he wanted me and I wanted him too.

My irritation was replaced by fantasy. I wondered what they had done up till now. He must have kissed her.. I’m sure he must have rubbed his hands all over her firm tiny body and tight ass. I could see them undressing, her tight clothing falling to the floor.

I lay back and imagined them. In my mind, she stood there, with her pale ultra thin perfect body, his cock bursting at the seams. I dreamt of her fumbling with the button on his jeans until they came undone. She unzips the fly, allowing the jeans to drop to the ground. Pulling his boxers down, she watches as that enormously wonderful cock springs out.

His big cock presses against her avcılar üniversiteli escort small body as he leans to kiss her. She holds the massive cock in both hands. She can barely get a cock that size in her mouth but she tries, working the shaft up and down.

I imagined her pushing him back on the bed and continuing to work his long thick cock. At just the right moment she stands on the bed facing him, her legs straddling him with her pussy directly above his cock. His cock is nearly up to her knees. She lowers that perfect ass down letting the head of the cock part her soft pussy lips. She slowly takes in about half of the cock with her head down watching it go in. Her head and hair flip back, her eyes closed as she drops the rest of the way down the shaft.

I realized my eyes were closed and I was rubbing my pussy. My pink sweats had a damp area showing through. It was still too early for bed, I decided I would masturbate later.


I was on my third glass of wine when I realized it was getting a little late. I flipped off the TV and walked up the stairs to the bedroom. It occurred to me I had not seen my other son all night long. I wondered what he was up to? I knocked on his door, got no answer. I opened the door, just to make sure he was ok.. He was sleeping, with the light on.

I closed the door and went to my bedroom. I undressed looking at my body in the mirror. I wasn’t as tight or toned as the little slut, but not bad, most men still wanted me. I turned off the light and lay in bed.

I love to masturbate and that is exactly what I did. I rubbed my pussy, thinking about the hot nights at the camp. I was so ready to feel a cock in my pussy. I briefly thought about using the dildo but it was feeling so good, I didn’t want to stop. Oh, how I would like to suck his cock again, my mind flashing back to the tent and the feel of his cock in my mouth. I paused, thinking of my younger son, asleep in his bed.

I wondered if he always slept that soundly at home, but my mind rebelled – what if he didn’t? But the thrill of going in my son’s room began to excite me even more. Maybe I could walk in there, see what I could see, then just leave. I jumped out of bed, and put on a robe.

I knocked on the door when I got there, said his name and heard nothing. I opened the door, said his name again and nothing again. I flipped on the dimmer light just enough to see and there was no movement. Damn, I thought, he is covered up, I wonder if he is dressed?

I noticed his undies on the floor with his jeans in a ball, and it excited me to know that he might be naked. I went over to the bed, called his name but nothing again, just soft breathing. He was lying on his side facing me, covered, with his arm hanging off the bed. I touched his hand and said his name.

The covers were only on his body loosely and I didn’t think he would wake if I moved them. I moved the covers up so he was uncovered from the waist down. Yes, he was naked, but he was totally soft, not what I had been thinking about. I wondered what I should do next.

I’m not sure where the idea came from, but I was so turned on I couldn’t think. I straddled his hand and lowered my hairy pussy down until I felt the top of his hand and his thumb touch my pussy lips. I rubbed my clit as I felt the warmth of his hand parting my lips. I brought myself to an orgasm quietly. I thought, I better avrupa yakası escort leave now.

I went back to my bed thinking that I should have done more, but unlike my older son, I didn’t really know if he wanted me. I needed to test the water in the morning to see if he would respond to seduction.


I used several of the typical female seduction tricks throughout the next day; each made me more and more horny.

When I woke in the morning, I was still obsessed with discovering if my son wanted me. I decided to wear something totally inappropriate, but something that could still be excused. I stripped my night clothes off and stood, totally nude, for a moment. I went to my panty drawer and found the thinnest see-through panties I could find. I considered a thong, but decided against it. I decided to go braless and wear a night shirt, thin and short. When I was standing without much movement, the shirt would cover my panties, but when I bent, or moved aggressively, the shirt hiked up above my butt and stayed there most of the time.

My son was in the kitchen area eating at the table when I came down. I had to walk by him to get to the sink. I came up behind him and wrapped my arms around his chest and tummy as he sat there. My braless breasts pressed against his back and I kissed his neck and said good morning. I felt his surprise as I let go and continued to the sink.

My nipples stiffened up even with the brief contact and my excitement grew by the time I reached the sink. I turned and said, “Did you sleep well, honey?”.

He finished chewing and said, “Yes, Mom.” He looked into my eyes as he spoke. I watched his eyes move to my nipples, then down my body quickly. That was a very good sign. I thought he liked what he saw.

I turned to the sink and reached up for a glass. I was sure this would hike up my shirt and it did. The sink had a mirror on the back wall so I could easily see what he was doing and watching. He never realized I could see him watching me.

As I poured the water, I saw him do a double take and notice my ass showing. The crack of my butt was clearly visible. I put the glass down and fixed my shirt, I didn’t want to be too obvious.

I started doing dishes and noticed he was watching me, looking at my ass. It was time to give him a full view. I dried a few dishes and bent down to put them away. I could not see him as I did it, but I was bent completely over for about 30 seconds or so. In that position, my see-through panties showed my ass and pussy lips clearly. I stood up and turned and he quickly put his head down as if he didn’t see.

While his head was down, I hiked the front of my shirt up just enough that my pussy hair could be seen through the panties. I said, “I’m going to go get changed now, I need you to help me with things today, OK?” His head came up, looked me in the eyes, and said “OK”. His eyes darted up and down, from my face to my pussy. I walked towards him and squeezed his shoulder as I walked by.

I was so excited as I went up the stairs to get dressed. I could feel his lust and it only got me hotter.

I decided to occupy his time all day long. I would keep him busy working and I would try to tease him at different times to keep him interested. I put on a tight pair of jean shorts over my panties. These shorts tended to crawl up my pussy lips and butt crack; I thought that would do wonders. bağdat caddesi escort I stripped off my tee shirt and put on a baggy basketball tank top and I left my bra off. I put my hair in a pony tail and headed back downstairs.

The day went by as I expected. I stayed near him as much as possible. He had very little time alone. The tank top I wore hung loose when I bent over. He took the opportunity and I caught him eyeing my breasts several times that day. I think he could see my nipples from the side, through the arm holes, but I couldn’t be sure.

After a late dinner, I asked him to watch a movie with me. Nothing exciting happened during the movie, but it did make him a bit tired. I told him I was going to the shower.

When I got out of the shower, I realized the TV and all the lights downstairs had been turned off. I was sort of bummed out, my plan had been to go down in front of him in my towel. I walked down the hall to see if he was in his room. The door was shut so he must have been in there.

I knocked on the door to see if he was still up. I called his name but no sounds. I opened the door, it was dark. I called his name again, and again there was silence. I flipped the dimmer light on just enough to see what was going on in there..

My heart began to race, I was so happy about what I saw. He must have come up, undressed, and showered in his own bathroom. He was lying on his bed, on his back, naked and his cock was almost completely hard. It looked like he must have started stroking his cock but then he fell asleep. His cock was not as big as his brother’s, but it looked very nice.

I called his name yet again and there no movement. I walked over to the bed to cover him, and he still didn’t move. I only put the cover over his feet as I watched him.

This was just what I wanted tonight, and I couldn’t turn back now. I reached out my hand and wrapped it around his cock. His cock stiffened up fully. I checked one more time to see if he was going to wake up. I bent over and moved my head closer to his cock. I could feel my pussy tingle as I made the move. I opened my mouth and took his cock inside.

I was very gentle as I bobbed my head up and down his shaft, taking all of his cock in my mouth. My towel sprung off, falling to the floor as I continued to suck. My large breasts swayed and moved as I sucked him. I pulled and pinched my nipples as I sucked. I rubbed my throbbing pussy as I tasted the pre-cum leaking from his cock.

All I could think about was taking that cock in my pussy. I didn’t even know if he had fucked a real pussy, but I didn’t care. I stopped sucking and stood up. My breathing was heavy.

I moved his hand to his side and I climbed on the bed, straddled my son’s legs and body, facing him. I reached between my legs and lifted his cock to my pussy. As his cock touched my pussy, I felt a flush of juice wash my opening. I lowered my pussy down on his cock and slowly started to inch it inside me.

As I slid down the shaft and finally to the bottom of his cock, I let out an uncontrollable moan. He was still sleeping and it felt so good. I looked down at him as I started to rub my clit. I was so worked up that the first orgasm wave hit me fast, and my pussy contracted. I kept rubbing and rubbing and boom, another one hit me. Shivers went through my body.

I’m a little hazy on what happened after that, but I do know I started to ride his cock, up and down, fast and faster. I closed my eyes and bucked up and down on his cock. I could feel his cock beginning to throb. Faster and faster, I ground his cock into my pussy.

I could feel he was nearly ready to cum. I looked down to watch his face and just as I felt the pulses of warm cum shooting into my pussy, he OPENED his eyes!

To be continued.

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