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Mom’s Panties Runneth Over!

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42 year old Helen Walker crouched in her son’s bedroom closet peering out through the inch or so crack between the door and the jam. Her skirt was up around her waist and her right hand was jammed down into the front of her bright blue Vanity Fair nylon panties, working her incredibly swollen clitoris as she witnessed the scene before her.

She had come home early because she had dropped off her car at the shop and decided to have the driver bring her home instead of taking her back to work. It was closer and then she didn’t need her 18 year old son Erik to pick her up later.

She had been gathering laundry to throw a load in to wash and had been in his closet gathering up his strewn about clothing when she had heard the front door chirp as someone let themselves in. She looked at her watch and figured it was Erik home from school. She heard him race up the stairs and was opening his closet door to greet him when she saw him running into his room with his pants open massaging and squeezing his very large erection as it jutted from his fly. She had stopped herself just in time from bursting into his room. Helen stepped back from the crack of the door wondering what to do. It was obvious what her son was planning and since her car was not in the driveway he had no idea she was even home yet.

She had seen his angry throbbing erection and was amazed at the size of it. Curiosity got the better of her and she looked out through the crack to see him standing across the room. He now had something in his other hand; she thought it was a hanky, the way he was holding it under his nose. But then he released his stiff member and using both hands held up what he had been holding to his nose.

Her breath caught in her chest when she realized that what had been under his nose was not a hanky but the pair of yellow silk La Senza panties she had put in the hamper this morning before her shower. The same panties she had been wearing when she had masturbated before work. They had been very wet and she had even used them to wipe up with when she had finished. Now her 18 year old son was holding them open studying the incredibly stained gusset which was probably still damp because she had gushed so much of her juice into them earlier. She watched as he brought them to his nose again and took a big long pull of her naughty scent.

Then she watched as he stuck his tongue out and swiped it over the mess she had left behind. His body shivered as he tasted his mother’s juices and she could see that his steely rod was profusely leaking precum. She knew it was wrong to watch him but since that louse of a husband and father had left her a year ago, it seemed that she always needed to cum and bakırköy üniversiteli escort the sight of her son thoroughly enjoying her dirty panties made her already swollen pussy begin to leak into the panties she now wore.

So, here she crouched, peering at her naughty son abusing her oh so dirty panties, working her swollen hard clit, feeling herself climb toward an incredible orgasm. She was so wet that she was making slopping noises as she rubbed her button harder and harder. She hoped he didn’t hear and by the way he was working over her panties it appeared that he did not know that she was only a few feet from him about to have a mind blowing cum.

Erik leaned against his dresser and she stared wide eyed through the crack as her took her silky yellow panties and wrapped the cummy gusset around his steadily leaking cock. His cock was completely shrouded in her dirty panties as he began to pump his rigid member with her panties. The sight of her son getting ready to blow his pent up load into her panties was too much for Helen and with an intensity that surprised her, she came hard into the Vanity Fairs she was wearing.

She tried to be quiet as she came but the orgasm that ripped through her body was so forceful that before she could stop it, a gasp escaped her lips. She saw her son stop stroking instantly and turn his head toward where she was hiding in his closet. Helen went to stand up from her crouched position but her legs felt all rubbery and she stumbled forward into his room with her skirt still up around her waist and her hand still in her panties.

Erik stared open mouthed as his gorgeous mother tumbled from his closet where she had been watching him abuse her dirty panties. He tried to stuff his achingly hard cock, panties and all, back into his pants as quickly as he could but was having a difficult time of it because he had been so close to cumming that it would just not go down.

“Don’t stop!’ his mother said breathlessly to him. “I’m so sorry for spying on you but I couldn’t help it! I didn’t mean too, but you didn’t know I was in here and before I could say anything you had already started to, you know, and when I realized that you were using the panties I masturbated into this morning it made me all wet and swollen and I had to join you. You using my dirty panties on your big dripping cock made me so hot that I just had to rub myself and I came so hard, look,” she said as she stood up and moved closer to her startled son. She placed one foot up on the dresser so that her legs were spread and the soaking crotch of her bright blue panties were on display to him.

“See what watching bakırköy bdsm escort you did to me,” she said as she showed her son the large wet stain in her panties and her glistening thighs. She noticed that her son’s cock which had started to lose some of its rigidity as she explained the situation to him began to pulse again sheathed in its yellow silk confines.

“You’re not mad?” He asked sheepishly reaching down to squeeze and pull at his now again steel-like erection. As he did a large dollop of precum pushed its way through the used gusset of her little yellow panties that he still clutched around himself. She felt more of her juices dripping into her blue panties as she watched the dollop sit for moment on the head of his cock and then start to drip from her panties and string toward the floor.

“Surprised, yes, but how could I be mad at you for being so naughty and jerking off in your mother’s dirty panties? It makes me so hot to know that my panties make you want to cum. I didn’t mean to startle you. I want you finish. You’re beautiful and your cock is beautiful and by the looks of things you need to finish.”

As Helen was talking she had reached out and caught the strand of pre-cum as it stretched toward the floor. The silken liquid pooled in the palm of her hand and without really thinking she brought her hand to her mouth and licked it clean of his sweet nectar. The taste made her shiver and the blue panties she was wearing got that much wetter.

Erik watched his mother licking her hand clean of his pre-nut and began to pump his engorged cock once more in earnest. This made him leak even more into the yellow panties that were now completely soaked with his pre-seed.

Helen took her foot off the dresser and stood directly in front of her son. She reached down and removed the sopping panties from around his young turgid cock and in one swift movement shoved them into his gasping mouth. With the other hand she grasped her son’s rigidity and began to pump him toward his own orgasm.

“I want you to cum in these,” she said with a voice thick with lust as she pointed to the bright blue panties she still wore. “I want you to cum in the ones I’m wearing while I’m still in them. It would be so hot to feel your seed mixed with my own girl juice. Cum honey,” she cooed into his ear as she leaned closer to him, “cum in your mother’s panties. Cum in the panties she’s still wearing!” And with that, she began pumping his steel pipe of a cock for all she was worth.

Helen stared into her son’s eyes as she watched him chew on her abused yellow panties. It made her so hot to see her dirty panties dangling from his mouth. bakırköy elit escort The faster she pumped, the faster he chewed. She could feel his cock grow harder in her hand and knew his orgasm was imminent. As she pumped with one hand, she reached under his huge swollen nuts with the other and merciless teased them with her long manicured finger nails. The more she teased his aching nuts the more he leaked. Pre-cum was flowing freely from his piss slit as she felt his balls tighten up. She knew he would cum at any second.

Erik looked into his beautiful mother’s eyes as he felt his orgasm fast approach. It started in his toes and the top of his head and worked toward his pulsing aching member as his mother’s hand flew up and down it.

Just as he was about to cum and his balls couldn’t get any tighter his mother did the nastiest thing he had ever seen. She pulled the waistband of her bright blue panties open so that he could look down into her drenched panties and see her beautifully trimmed pussy and her juices that had pooled in her destroyed gusset. She aimed his big cock head into her open panties and said “Cum!”

It was all too much for Erik and he let go with the strongest orgasm of his young life. Rope after rope of his incredibly thick viscous nut shot out of the head of his hard pulsing cock right into his mother’s waiting panties. There was so much cum that it covered her pussy mound and filled the front of her Vanity Fair panties.

The more she pulled, the more came out. His mother didn’t stop tugging on his now deflating cock until every last drop of his teenaged seed was pooling in the gusset of her still worn panties. When she was sure that he had no more cum for her panties she let the waistband snap back into place then leaned down and kissed the shrinking head of his once rigid cock, cleaning him of every bit of warm sweet cum that clung to the crown.

When she had gotten every last drop, she tucked his now softened cock back into his pants, zipped him up, took the yellow panties from his mouth and helped him toward his bed where she let him lie back and catch his breath. As she stood beside his bed he looked over at her crotch which was now eye level and took in the hottest sight his teenaged eyes had ever seen. His mother’s panties were now incredibly soaked with his and her juices. He had left so much of himself in her panties that his thick seed was seeping through the gossamer fabric and clinging to her thighs. Her panties were practically transparent with their juices and he could see her in all her swollen glory.

Helen stroked her son’s face as he stared at the mess he had left in her panties. As his eyes began to close and he drifted off to doze, she patted the front of her panties making a big wet smacking sound and pushed more of his seed into her womanly crevice. Just as his eyes closed, she leaned down still cupping the mess in her panties and whispered in her darling son’s ear, “Now Mommy has a little something for later,” and kissed him on the forehead as drifted off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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