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Monday Molestation

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Monday morning Lainey got up, showered and got ready for work. After her sex filled weekend, she was still feeling frisky and decided to go with no panties or stockings. She wore a thin, lace bra with a silk, lavender button up top and a black pencil skirt. She left her apartment and decided to take the bus to work.

On the bus, she thought she felt a slight rubbing on her butt. She wasn’t sure but it wasn’t a bad feeling and she didn’t feel threatened so she didn’t worry about it. As they got closer to her stop, the feeling on her backside got more and more intense until she could no longer deny that someone was definitely touching her. Just as she was starting to really enjoy the rough squeezing, it was time for her to get off and head into her office building.

Lainey headed to her cubicle on the second floor and saw Sharlene on the way. “Hey, how was your night on Friday,” she asked her friend. Lainey was trying to figure out what she would say about her night when Sharlene wanted to know where Lainey disappeared to but she couldn’t come up with a lie.

“Oh, umm, well, it’s kind of hard to remember everything. I drank too much,” Sharlene replied. And Lainey decided that she could just use the same excuse. They exchanged jokes about their drunken shenanigans over the weekend and went their separate ways to get ready for the work day.

Lainey opened her laptop and found an email requesting that she head to office 1001 on the fifth floor for a nine o’clock meeting. Office 1001 was Jeff’s office. Lainey and Jeff had experienced a very erotic evening together Friday night at the party and Jeff had been thinking about it ever since.

The memory of their time together had stimulated Jeff all weekend. He had gone home Friday night with his wife, Alice, after his time with Lainey and couldn’t stay off of poor Alice. Alice wasn’t usually in the mood for sexual activities so Jeff did the only thing he could. He slipped her sleeping medicine in her food and drinks and fucked her like a rag doll. He even fucked her ass, which was something she always said no to. On Saturday when Alice questioned him about it, he lied and said that he didn’t realize she had been that drunk and that he thought she really wanted it. Then he snuck alcohol into her drinks and continued to play with his unsuspecting wife for the rest of the day. He sucked her nipples, ate her pussy until she cried and begged for him to stop even though she was still cumming and then let her pass out naked on the couch. He left her there and jacked off on her as it pleased him being sure to clean her up before everything wore off.

Now as he waited for Lainey to come to his office, he thought about his time with her and all of the escapades with his wife and became very hard rubbing himself through his slacks. He planned on fucking Lainey today.

Lainey got off the elevator, found office 1001 and knocked. She didn’t hear anything so she pushed the door open. “Hello. I’m here for the meeting,” she said unsure of whom else might be in the room. She saw Jeff and recognized him, “Oh, gosh!”

“Hi, Lainey. Come in,” Jeff got up from behind his desk and walked over to usher her into the room. “Please have a seat,” he directed her to a black leather sofa in the back of the room behind the two chairs that sat closer to his desk. The sofa was for more intimate conversations and one on one meetings. “One minute and we’ll get started,” he walked over to his desk, hit the intercom button and instructed his secretary to hold his calls. As he walked, Lainey could see that he was stiff beneath his pants. She immediately felt her cunt quiver and leak a little.

“Uhh, umm, Jeff,” Lained started, “I know I said we could be friends but I think maybe we shouldn’t.” Lainey wanted to fuck Jeff. She needed a cock in her after the way she was used by Jackson but she knew only a true whore would fuck another woman’s husband.

Jeff sat down next to Lainey with a look of mischief in his eyes, “I missed you. Give me a hug. Didn’t you miss me?” Jeff pulled her into a close, front hug rubbing her back while he thought about how nice her DD breasts felt crushed against his chest. He held her there longer than would be considered appropriate, nuzzling her neck and breathing in her bahis siteleri perfume.

“But you’re married and we’re at work. Someone might come in,” Lainey complained. She felt his breath on her ear and neck. His hands were rubbing her back so deeply it felt like a massage and the way they traveled all the way to her upper back and clear down to her butt was very relaxing. Lainey had to focus extra hard not to be lulled into Jeff’s coaxing ways. She didn’t realize that his firm caresses were untucking her shirt from her skirt.

With Lainey so close to him, all Jeff wanted was to explore and play with her. Whispering and lightly kissing her ear he said, “No one is coming in. We won’t be disturbed. We’re still friends, right?” Jeff gently pushed his right hand between them while still holding Lainey close and began to fondle one of her large breasts. He could already feel that her nipple was stiff through her silk shirt and thin bra. “Come here, baby. I’ve been thinking about you.” He began to peck small, soft kisses from her ear across her cheek to her lips.

He kissed her full lips, which were a half a shade lighter than her mocha skin. With little licks of her bottom lip between tiny kisses, Jeff continued to grope his princess but also used his free hand to guide Lainey’s hand to his swollen groin. Once he felt her small palm rubbing him and her skinny digits outlining his hardness, he exhaled roughly. “That’s my sweet girl,” as he began to unbutton her shirt and return to groping Lainey’s left tit with only her lace bra separating his hand from her skin.

Lainey was having an even harder time resisting the urge to allow this married man to have his way with her in his office while his wife was somewhere oblivious to his actions. “Jeff, I don’t think we should be touching each other like this,” she told him in a small voice while she stared down at the large bulge in his pants that she continued to rub and drag her fingers all over.

Jeff noticed Lainey’s gaze and chose that moment to pull her shirt farther open and begin using his other hand to grope the other breast. With both of his hands squeezing and molesting Lainey’s heaving tits, he spoke to her ending each statement with a deep kiss that lasted longer than the one that came before. “Just let me feel you a little. I need you, Lainey. Daddy needs his princess.”

He had been twisting and torturing Lainey’s pointy, nickel sized nipples and she could barely stand it any longer. Lainey broke the kiss, “But Jeff -,” her words were cut off by Jeff’s mouth. He returned to kissing her and attacking her breasts. He refused to remove his hands or allow those painfully stiff nipples any relief.

Lainey squirmed to free herself from the erotic embrace until Jeff had no choice but to remove his tongue from her mouth to calm her down. “No, no, baby. Don’t be that way. Sshhh.” He moved in for another kiss but Lainey turned away.

“Jeff,” she exclaimed.

“Sshh. What’s my special name? What did you call me the other night,” he moved his hands from her chest and rubbed her shoulders pushing down her bra straps in the process. Lainey looked down with no response. “Hmmm, baby? What was it? You remember don’t you?” Lainey’s tits were almost free of her bra as Jeff had pushed the straps down and only needed to flip the cups that held Lainey’s wobbly tits. Jeff lifted her chin and looked in her eyes, “What’s my name, baby?”

Lainey knew what he wanted her to say. She remembered the way Jeff had been so demanding that she chant the special phrase over and over again while she orgasmed. She remembered the way he showed her what it was like to be a slut. She remembered the way he shot his load on her face and then watched her lick it up. Lainey looked into his eyes and said what she knew he wanted to hear, “Daddy.”

“Be daddy’s good girl,” he flipped her bra cups down and her full tits came tumbling out. “Ohh, yes. That’s what daddy needs.” Jeff knelt down and licked and sucked her nipples. He went back and forth between them and only gave them a break to nibble all over her huge globes. In the process, he was gradually pushing Lainey farther back until finally her upper back was laid on the arm of the sofa with Jeff on top of her devouring her fantastic tits. Jeff began canlı bahis siteleri to push up her skirt, unzip his pants and position her ankles on his shoulders.

“Jeff, please. We ca-,” Lainey started to say but was cut off. Jeff pinched and twisted a nipple and simultaneously slapped her other breast. “Ahhh! Ow,” she called out.

Jeff instantly started massaging her breasts. “Don’t make daddy punish you, princess,” he began to insert his cock into her dripping pussy. His length was an average six inches but his cock was fat measuring five and a half inches in girth.

Lainey needed to be fucked. After the way she was used with the Uber driver she had been on edge and felt pleased that she had tried to resist the urge with Jeff for as long as she had. But she needed this even if it was wrong. “Yes, daddy. Yes, Daddy Jeff,” she said as she relished the feeling of his prick parting his juicy lips.

Jeff was rutting into Lainey hard now. Hearing her refer to him as “Daddy Jeff” really made his dick leak. A steady stream of precum was leaving his dick and coating Lainey’s insides. He was mesmerized by the bouncing of her tits in his hands. He loved the way she laid there with her eyes beginning to glaze over making little gasping noises and letting herself be used by him. “That’s it, Lainey. Let daddy use you.”

It felt so good and all Lainey could think about was how badly she needed to cum. She chased her orgasm like a wanton whore. She bounced back into the cock that filled her and moved her hand down to her pussy to rub her clit. Jeff couldn’t believe that after all of her hesitations and resistance that he was watching her fingers roll around her enlarged clit. “Yes, that’s it, baby. Cum for daddy.” The sight of Lainey flopping like a rag doll on his thick dick was getting to be a lot for Jeff but he was trying to hold off.

Lainey’s head had fallen back over the end of the sofa so that her head dangled as her body bounced to the rhythm of Jeff’s pounding. Suddenly Lainey’s glistening, brown body began to convulse and she started gasping, “Dad-ddy! Da-ddy J-Jeff! I’m cumm-mming!”

“Oh fuck,” he pulled out of Lainey’s spasming pussy and let loose on her stomach leaning on one hand placed next to Lainey’s shoulder on the couch so that he was towering over her. In the excitement of her orgasm her legs had fallen from his shoulders with one landing on the back of the couch and the other hanging off the edge with her foot almost touching the floor. Jeff was seizing still cumming on her stomach, “Fucking bitch made me cum!” Once he had calmed a little, Jeff began to scoop up the puddles of cum and wipe them on Lainey’s mouth while he continued to slightly jerk his sensitive dick. “Ohh, daddy’s slut is so good. Making daddy cum like a good little girl. Eat up, baby.” He pushed his cum into her mouth and smeared it on her lips.

Lainey was in a hazy fog from the most powerful orgasm she had ever had. Her fingers were still on her clit giving her tiny aftershocks that made her eyes roll back into her head. Between licking her lips and swallowing the cum that was fed to her she mumbled, “Thank you, Daddy Jeff. I love it. Love Daddy Jeff.”

Once he had finished feeding all of the cum to Lainey, he gave her nipples another suck and sat back on the sofa admiring his slut. He watched her sleep and moved her hand so that he could inspect her pussy. He planned on eating it later and wanted to get the lay of the land. She had plump lips, which showed no sign of the opening to her pussy when parted. Her clit was still noticeably large and he hoped it stayed that way. He wasn’t sure if it was always that size or if this was from the sexual romp. Although he had just cum, the perfect pinkness of her pussy contrasted with her dark skin made his dick jump. He stuck a finger in her pussy as far as he could making Lainey squirm in her slumber. He just couldn’t resist. She was such a mess that he wondered if her insides were still just as wet as they had been when he was fucking her. He pulled his finger out to find it completely saturated with Lainey’s cum. It was mostly clear but one pebble sized white glob stuck to the side of his finger.

Jeff felt his dick really begin to stiffen. He starting jerking it and gave his canlı bahis finger a lick. Lainey tasted sweet, like fruit and honey. He stuck his finger in his mouth and sucked on it while he continued to pull on his cock. He loved the way she tasted. Lainey sighed and shifted on the couch kicking Jeff a little. He looked down at her heaving tits and wet pussy and decided he had let her rest long enough.

Jeff spread Lainey’s legs, parted her pussy lips and dove in with his tongue. He noticed that her clit wasn’t as large as it had been earlier but it was still a nice little bump he could lock his lips around. He licked between her lips sucking up the juice that collected there and felt Lainey shift again. He kept licking and dipped his tongue in her wet hole. She was swimming in cunt juice and he delighted in slurping it out of her. He moved lower and licked around her ass hole. Lainey squirmed and tried to tighten her cheeks during her nap but Jeff held her plump little black ass open and bathed it with his tongue.

He moved back up to her pussy and licked her clit. She tried to close her legs but Jeff held her open so that he could have his fill of her sweet treasure. While he licked and sucked her clit, he moved two fingers inside her pussy and began to massage her inner wall. Lainey began to make panting noises and sounded like she might be waking up. Jeff didn’t care and kept at his task. He heard mewling and felt hands pushing at his head. Jeff lifted his eyes as he continued his assault on the swelling bump between his lips, and saw Lainey’s head turning from side to side as her ass began to scoot and jump around on the sofa.

“Ugh, mmmm, oooo,” the sounds escaped her mouth as she was somewhere between asleep and awake. Jeff was relentless. He still continued to suck her and pump his fingers into her until both of her legs went completely straight and he felt his hand begin to fill with her juices. She was squirting.

Jeff jumped up and thrusted into Lainey. She woke up completely and was still cumming. “Ahhhhhh! Oh god, daddy!”

“Shut up, bitch,” Jeff demanded. He used his hand covered in her cum and shoved it over her mouth. He began smearing her juice all over her face, “Look at daddy’s princess! Daddy’s girl is a fucking mess!” He began shoving fingers in her mouth and throat until she gagged. Jeff leaned over her, wrapped one hand around her throat and gripped a bouncing titty with the other and began to lick her face and lips. “You’re a fucking cunt and you’re gonna make daddy cum in this pussy, princess. Ohh, fuck yea!!”

Lainey was done cumming but she was so wet her pussy was noisily slapping against Jeff’s groin. “I’m not on the pill, daddy,” she whispered.

Realizing that Lainey could get pregnant only spurned Jeff on more. “Take it, baby! Let daddy breed his little chocolate slut!” Jeff began to buck and fill Lainey completely with cum. He slowly pumped her a few more times while he sucked her nipples.

Lainey tried to push Jeff off to hurry and get his cum out of her but he held her down with one arm and held a hip with the other while he deeply thrusted into her, “Who’s pussy is this?” When she stopped struggling he moved his hand and thumbed her clit. “Who’s pussy in this?”

Lainey shivered from his touch, “Daddy’s pussy.”

Jeff drew back and thrusted back in once more, “Good girl.”

When Jeff completely withdrew his cock from Lainey, it was covered in thick in white cum but most of it was pooling from Lainey’s cunt. “Put your legs up, baby. I want it to soak in. Jeff made her lay there with her legs in the air while he walked around to her front and shoved his cock into her throat. Then he got dressed and still made her lay there letting his baby batter go to work in Lainey’s unprotected pussy.

“Da-daddy,” Lainey was hesitant to speak. Her nipples were still hard and her dark brown pussy was coated in white globs and lines of cum.

“Yea, babe. You can get up now,” Jeff was completely dressed and leaning on his desk staring at Lainey. “But give me your bra.”

Jeff watched Lainey get dressed but kept her bra. “You can go back to your cubicle but no more bras. If I catch you wearing a bra, daddy will have to punish you.” Jeff knew that some people had probably heard his rigorous molestation of this slut and he wanted everyone to see that she had been claimed.

He fondled her tits, pulling on her nipples on last time and then then sent her out the door with a hard, loud slap on the ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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