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Monday with Joan

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Hearing the familiar sound of a vehicle pulling up into the driveway, John walked quickly over to the blinds by the front door and pulled the slats apart just a bit so he could peek through. Joan quickly and quietly stepped out and used the fob to lock it and proceeded to the front door as John reached over and unlocked it so she could walk in without waiting. Joan stepped on in and he immediately closed and locked the door behind her. It was a quiet suburban road with a lot of trees so it was easy to move about anonymously. Glancing at the clock on the wall it was twelve noon sharp.

They had been doing this for so long now that they had the routine down perfectly. The time together that they spent was brief and far between, but that is the way it had to be under the circumstances. He could only see Joan here when his wife was out of town on business or sometimes on Wednesday or Thursday afternoons at her place since she only works part-time. This time his wife’s flight was on a Sunday morning and would not return until Tuesday so this Monday afternoon was perfect. Joan’s husband was still at work and her two kids were still in school. John took a half-day off from the office so he could see her. It always felt a bit rushed but it would have to do.

Turning to face her, John pulled her to him and they shared a quiet, but firm embrace, taking the time to feel her body up against his. The difference between Joan and his wife was significant. Joan was white, 45, 5’5″, with straight brownish hair that just touched her shoulders and gray eyes. She had a nice round behind that her jeans hugged in a way he found particularly attractive which was in direct contrast to her smallish breasts that were just an afterthought to him. John always fashioned himself an ass man and Joan was “gifted” in that department.

His own wife was shorter, blond, and more voluptuous. He loved everything about her body but it was something that he had grown used to and the differences were part of what made it so exciting to him. Joan kinda looked like Jodi Foster to him, but was every bit the soccer mom type you would see everywhere and never notice. It was her everyday ordinary style that was a refreshing change from his wife’s professional buttoned-down fashion sense. Her “I don’t give a fuck” attitude was very appealing.

John was African-American, 5’10”, about 180 pounds, black hair, brown eyes, with a thick but perfectly trimmed goatee. Not muscular in any way, but not fat either although some exercise wouldn’t hurt. He didn’t know what Joan saw in him, but he wasn’t complaining. He was living in the moment.

Along with the jeans, Joan was wearing a purple t-shirt and a pair of white sneakers. It was what she would wear in the course of a normal day and what John preferred to see her in. There was no need to play “dress up” here as it all was going to end up on the floor anyway.

John was wearing the tan Dockers and button-down shirt he had worn to the office that morning. Leading her to the couch in the living room, they both sat down and he hurriedly opened the bottle of Apothic Red that he had set out beforehand. It was her favorite and he made sure to have some on hand when he knew they were meeting. A couple of glasses were a great icebreaker for the slight amount of nervous tension in the room.

They didn’t talk about anything significant. The news, politics, Joan even complained a little about her daughter’s bus schedule. It was truly just a way to pass a little time before they started. After she finished her second glass Joan excused herself saying he had to go to the bathroom.

She really did, but this was usually the sign that she was ready to get started. Joan disappeared around the corner and went into the half bath where John could actually hear here urinating. Anticipating her return he rose from the couch and stood silently. He heard her flush and the sounds of her washing her hands and started getting a little antsy as he was eager to get going.

Joan came back into the room to find John standing there waiting for her. Without making a sound he walked over to her and circled around behind her putting his left hand gently around her throat and the right on her midsection and pulled himself snugly against her, deliberately bringing his hard dick up against the small of her back.

It was something he had done numerous times before. It was their version of foreplay without having to talk about it too much. Joan sighed softly and pushed her back closer to John and they both just stood there silently.

John started caressing her from behind working his left hand down Joan’s throat and bringing the right one up began to massage her breasts. Of all the things that turned her on, touching her there really got the juices flowing. She let her hands go limp and John took over. Keeping his left hand on the outside, he slipped his right under the bottom of her shirt and slid it under her bra and dragged it across her left nipple which became rigid immediately.

Joan audibly gasped and beşiktaş escort groaned at the initial touch as John moved to the right one and elicited the same response. He brought his head down and started lightly kissing her neck as he continued to fondle her. After touching her for what was probably only about twenty seconds he removed his hands from her body and gave her a light shove in the middle of her back. Taking the hint, Joan started walking with John right behind her.

As many times as they had done this Joan knew the way. Veering off to the right she found the stairs to the finished basement where the spare bedroom was. It was there only for company and just had a queen sized bed that used to be in John’s apartment years ago, a short dresser with a mirror attached, and a small nightstand with an old brass lamp.

They walked in and he closed the door behind them as Joan went and stood facing the foot of the bed, her back to the mirror. John strode over and felt for the shades that covered the egress window and opened it just enough to let enough light in so they could see.

John returned to her and sat on the edge of the bed facing her and pulled her to him.

Buring his face in her torso, John took deep breaths and let his hands roam all over the backside, particularly her bottom. He loved touching her so much and he naturally gravitated to that area, caressing it, rubbing it, stopping just short of kneading it as Joan cradled his head in her hands.

Moving his hands to the front, John unbuttoned her jeans and slowly pulled down the zipper exposing a sliver of her panties to him for the first time. They were blue with a satiny finish and that was enough motivation for him to jerk them down suddenly to her knees so he could see her in all her glory. She could easily undress herself, but John enjoyed doing it himself so much more and he was getting a little bit pushy.

“Slow down baby” she admonished him. “We have all afternoon”.

Making sure she didn’t stumble, Joan took a step back which allowed John to get down on his knees before her; his face directly opposite her crotch. He didn’t say a word. He was staring at it taking it all in.

Yes Joan was 45 and after a couple of kids, her body was far from perfect. She was a little jiggly in some places, but she exercised enough where she was by no means pudgy. All the bike riding in the summer and spin classes in the winter left her nice and firm.

John took his attention from the wonderful sight before him and turned his attention to her shoes. He loosened the laces and removed them from her feet and slid the jeans down the rest of the way to the carpet and she lifted her legs one at a time and he took them all the way off. Taking off her socks revealed her bright red painted toenails that really stuck out from her pale skin.

Taking no pause, John stuck his right hand on the inside of Joan’s right leg and started dragging it up towards her crotch. Joan slightly spread her legs and let him touch her where he was so desperately fixated.

John felt her vulva through the blue satin, running the knuckles of his fingers across where her clitoris would be. A light groan slipped from Joan’s lips as she placed a hand on his left shoulder to steady herself and his motions became more and more focused.

Giving up the last of his resistance John brought both his hands up and cupped Joan’s buttocks and brought his nose back to where his hands were not a minute ago. He pressed his nose firmly into her and inhaled deeply. Her sweaty sweetness was intoxicating.

“Oh yes, yes, yes.” he kept whispering as he ground his nose into Joan firmer and firmer with each passing moment. Joan slid her right hand down and cupped the back of John’s head and pulled him tightly against her and aggressively began to grind herself against the bridge of his nose, a telltale patch of wetness beginning to form in the fabric from her ever-growing excitement.

Feeling herself nearing climax, Joan suddenly pushed John away to make sure that didn’t happen so soon. Stepping further away from him she pulled her t-shirt over her head in one quick motion and reaching behind, unclipped her bra and dropped it to the floor, standing before him topless, her nipples rigid and at attention, a wry little grin on her face.

John rose to his feet and grabbed Joan forcibly by her upper arm.

“Turn and face the mirror”. he snarled through his gritted teeth.

Joan began to turn around just not quickly enough to satisfy him so he spun her just a little to get her as he wanted her.

“Assume the position”.

Joan without hesitation placed her hands on the forward edge of the low slung dresser and bent over as far as she could, sticking her panty clad bottom out as far as she could to give John a clear view of the object of his desire. He had always had a panty fetish that Joan was so willing to indulge. It was attention that she didn’t get at home and she loved every second of it. If he beşyol escort wanted to bury his face in her ass she was all for it.

There was just something about her that made John lose control and made him want to ravage her, but he knew to slow down so he could enjoy every inch of her body. He stood away from her in admiring the vision before him following the curve of her ass and the stark paleness of her skin. Reaching out his left hand, John began lightly touching and tracing the outline of her panties with his fingers, making eye contact with Joan through her reflection in the mirror, her breathing becoming noticeably heavier with each passing second. He loved the feel of the slick fabric and the heat radiating from her ass.

Maintaining the eye contact he took his hand away and started to undress. First the shirt and t-shirt, and then the shoes and slacks and in short order he was completely nude; his hard black dick sticking straight out in front of him; his own rapid breathing becoming more and more apparent.

No longer in total control he planted himself directly behind her and taking his dick in his right hand, he began rubbing the head on the smooth satin of her making sure to keep the eye contact with Joan in the mirror. He knew that even though he usually took the dominant role in all this, she was clearly the one in control and the dirty smirk on her face let him know that. Seeing her spread out this way only got him more and more excited and somehow had resulted in him getting even harder and he grabbed his erection down by the root and started tapping her ass with it, reveling in the sensation of the small thud he could just make out.

John began alternating between rubbing her with it and tapping her and finally took his hand away. He pushed himself snugly against her and using his left arm pulled her up off the dresser making sure his dick was positioned straight up and the tip was digging into her lower back. Joan’s arms were dangling loosely at her side. John wanted her to feel every inch of what she knew was coming.

Finally, for the first time, he slid his left hand down into the front of her panties and felt her pussy. Joan was wet. Soaking wet. She had a nice full bush that John adored. She trimmed up the sides for neatness, but the rest was pretty much left as is and John inserted his middle and index fingers, eliciting a low guttural groan from her.

John only kept his fingers in her for a couple of seconds as he started pulling them out along with some of the creamy goodness and smearing it over the outside of her pussy soaking down some of her hair and making sure her clitoris was nice and slick. After doing this a few times, he switched hands and brought his brought his cream covered left hand up and smeared as much of it as he could on first her left and then her right nipple, making sure to pull on each nipple to get them good and erect.

Joan’s “thing” was having her tits played with. You could do just about anything you wanted to her IF you gave them ample attention; something John was happy to do. They weren’t large by any measure, the label on her bra saying “36A” but they were super sensitive and while not perky, they still looked fantastic.

While tweaking her nipples he had slipped his stronger right hand down into Joan’s panties and after getting his middle and index fingers wet began making small slow circles over her clitoris. The dual sensation was more than enough to bring about the change in attitude that John was seeking. Reconnecting through the eye contact in the mirror, he could see her demeanor change. The smirk was gone and was replaced by the more serious look that let him know she was getting into this.

Joan looked like she was almost in distress, but that was her not quite letting go emotionally. John began massaging her clitoris more aggressively forcing Joan unconsciously to bend over slightly and grasp the edge of the dresser with both hands bringing her face to within a few inches of the mirror. Her right tit falling perfectly into his left hand and allowing him to start savagely pinching the nipple between two fingers.

“That’s my dirty girl,” he said to her reflection. “You know how much I want you and see me so infrequently.” “You don’t know how much I touch myself in between our visits.”

“But I don’t want us to get in trouble Sir, otherwise we’d have to stop,” she responded in almost a pleading tone, her arousal betraying her outward composure.

“Quiet!” he shot back at her. “No talking.”

John kept increasing the pressure on her clitoris and her right nipple, resulting in Joan’s communication being reduced to a series of grunts, almost like an animal and he continued to work her over at an ever-increasing pace. He could tell she was getting ready to pop. Her face and upper chest were starting to get that telltale redness that indicated she was almost there.

Joan’s hands lost their grip on the dresser and as John kept up a consistent rhythm on her clitoris beykent escort and nipple, her knees began to slightly buckle and she began to grind herself along with his hand, her ass pressing up against him, keeping him completely engorged, a slight dribble of pre-cum appearing at the tip.

Joan looked back through the mirror at John with the most distressed look on her face he had ever seen. He knew she was ready, but also that she wouldn’t under these circumstances unless she had permission so he toyed with her just a little.

“Wait for it.” he whispered in her ear while keeping up the pressure.

“Please?” she responded, the impending orgasm building in the increasing desperateness in her voice.

“Tell me why I should let you.”

“Because you love to watch me cum Sir.”

“Yes I do Joan, but I love touching you so much that I like to make it linger a bit”. “Can’t you feel how wet you are.” “Don’t you love it too?”

“Oh God, Yes, but I can’t hold it much longer!”

“OK. You can cum on the count of three, but don’t hold back on me.” “I want to see you really get off.”

More because he wanted to experience some pleasure himself he began to whisper in her ear.

“1…2…3.” “Cum all over my fingers Joan.” She didn’t need to be told twice.

From deep down in her lungs came the loudest, low pitch groan that he had ever pulled out of her. The sound seemed both tortured and relieving at the same time as Joan’s eyes rolled up in her head and her body spasmed uncontrollably, her empty hands making fists and immediately opening back up as though she was gripping some imaginary object.

As she continued to shudder she fell back against John and he had to use his left arm to wrap around her so she wouldn’t fall over, but kept his right hand firmly on her clit, continually rubbing her in an evil fashion. Her sweaty, body finally fell into a state of oversensitivity and she began to whimper from the stimulation.

Removing his right hand, John put both arms around her and picked her up just enough to move her the two or three feet from the dresser to the bed, laying her down on her back on top of the blue comforter in the middle of the mattress. As she lay there catching her breath, John took the opportunity to pull her soaked panties all the way off and tossed them aside.

Then he climbed onto the bed as well and spit directly into his right hand to get himself slick enough and after hooking her left leg around his right arm, slid himself all the into Joan’s quivering wet mess. With no intention of doing it softly, he gave it to her in a brutal, primal fashion. She kept giving the same response with each deep stroke, which only made John pump her harder.

“Oh God!” “Oh God!” “Oh God!” was the constant refrain with each stroke pounding deeper and deeper into her, her juices being whipped into a froth around the bases of John’s dick. Feeling the head of his dick rubbing up against Joan’s walls, he felt the familiar tingle there and new he was going to cum too.

By now, Joan had recovered enough to focus her attention back on him and recognizing the familiar look on his face made sure he knew what to do.

“Anywhere you want Baby.” “Just not inside me.” looking directly into John’s eyes.

“I know,” he responded; the strain of holding back as long as possible present in his voice.

He kept sawing back and forth inside Joan, his balls making a loud slapping sound as he slammed into her over and over. Sensing he was finally going to pop, Joan took her right hand and brought it up between her tits and dragged it slowly down to her pale belly and back up and gave John his last bit of verbal motivation.

“Right here Baby.” “Spill it all over me.”

Not needing to hear anymore, John pulled out and dropping Joan’s leg to the side, he started feverishly jerking his dick as he felt the head was going to explode. Thick, white strands of cum poured from him and covered her. With each pulse, a different part of her body got covered.

The first one hit her in the throat, the second squarely between her tits, and finally all the residual blasts thickly coating her belly; a steady stream of “Fuck!” or “Oh shit!” escaping his mouth with every shot.

Sitting back on his haunches over Joan, breathing hard like a maniac,

John watched as she brought both hands to her midsection and started rubbing it all into her skin. It was something she liked to do and John LOVED to watch her do it. He wished he could cum inside her but understood why he couldn’t. Temporarily exhausted, John fell over on top of Joan still breathing heavily as his sweat comingled with hers. His weight pinning her to the bed.

After a moment he caught his breath and turned his lips and kissed her lightly on the neck. She turned her face to his and raised her head seeking his lips. John abruptly turned his head away.

“You know we can’t do that Joan.”

“Yeah I know, but I want to so badly.”

“But we both know it will only cause problems.”

John rolled to his right and lay next to her as they both came down from their high. They just laid there in the shadows talking casually about all kinds of things: her kids, work, plans for the summer. It was all designed to pass the time for round two when they would start up again.

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