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Morgan and her Grandpa Pt. 03

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*Everyone in this story is 18 years of age or older.

Grandpa Henry came home after his weekly card game and could hear moaning coming from his room. He then headed upstairs thinking maybe he left his television on. He opened his bedroom door to find his gorgeous 18-year-old granddaughter completely naked with a curvy brunette between her toned legs munching on her tight snatch. Grandpa Henry in complete shock was frozen in the doorway.

“Oh yes, eat that pussy baby,” moaned Morgan. She then opened her eyes and noticed her grandpa had finally come home. “Hey there, sit down and watch me and Tanya,” ordered his naughty granddaughter. Tanya looked up with a smirk on her face and greeted Grandpa Henry. Tanya was a tall and very curvy brunette with a few extra pounds but in all the right places.

Morgan wanted Grandpa Henry to experience his first threesome. “Come here Grandpa; I want to suck your fat cock while Tanya eats my pussy.” Grandpa Henry still frozen in shock had not moved an inch. “What are you waiting for? Get that fat grandpa cock over here and shove it in my mouth.” Grandpa Henry’s cock was now in charge, and it wanted to be sucked. He pulled down his pants and boxers as he walked over to his waiting open-mouthed teen slut.

He kneeled next to Morgan and fed her his meat stick as she desired. Grandpa Henry caressed her perfect D-cup tits while she worshiped his cock with her mouth. Tanya began to suck on Morgan’s throbbing clit as she slowly slid her fingers in and out of her dripping wet twat. Grandpa Henry knew how much his whore of a granddaughter loved dirty talk. “Mmm yeah sweetie, you look so good with a fat cock in your mouth like a good little whore.”

After several minutes of delicious cock sucking, Morgan looked up at her grandpa and said seductively, “Grandpa, I think it is time for you to let Tanya’s pussy to get feel that beautiful cock.”

Tanya lifted her head from between Morgan’s legs, looked at Grandpa Henry and said, “I want it, Grandpa.” Grandpa Henry was lost in the moment, didn’t think twice of fucking a total stranger his granddaughter brought home for him. He quickly moved around to the end of the bed behind Tanya. He proceeded to grab Tanya’s fat round ass and gently slide his hard old 9-inch cock into her tingling twat. Morgan focused on her grandpa’s face as he enjoyed the tender pussy she brought him.

“Oh God! Oh Fuck! Oh God!” Morgan began to scream like a whore over and over again as she began to cum. Tanya kept licking Morgan’s wet opening and was rewarded with a rush of pussy juice from the writhing teen’s pussy.

Morgan then gave an order, “Fuck her harder Grandpa; she wants that big thick cock to pound her slutty little pussy.”

“Yes, yes I do, give it to me Grandpa,” moaned Tanya.

Grandpa Henry reached underneath Tanya, grabbed her huge tits and began pounding her with long hard strokes. He was hitting spots inside Tanya that had never been touched before. She never been filled like this before and even though it was slightly hurting there was no way she wanted Grandpa Henry to stop drilling her from behind. Tanya felt her pussy get warm as waves of pleasure radiated throughout her body. Tanya shuddered in ecstasy as her vaginal walls clamped down around Grandpa’s cock.

“Oh fuck! I’m cumming on your grandpa’s cock.” Grandpa Henry gave Tanya a few more hard strokes and shot his load deep inside the young slut’s womb. He then slowly pulled out his softening cock.

“Good job Grandpa, you fucked her good,” said a delighted Morgan.

Tanya stood up slowly as her legs were shaky from the earth-shattering orgasm that she just experienced. She then knelt down over Morgan’s face. Morgan leaned forward and began licking and sucking Grandpa Henry’s seed right out of Tanya’s snatch. Tanya proceeded to kiss her slutty little friend passionately as they swapped Grandpa’s cum. They lied next to each other in a sweet embrace and continued to kiss as cum ran down their chins.

“Did you like being Grandpa’s slut?” asked Morgan.

Tanya with a huge smile answered, “I did, he is so sexy.”

“He is… and in such good shape for a grandpa,” Morgan proclaimed as they both stared at Grandpa Henry. He was still catching his breath as he leaned on the end of the bed.

“Sweetie, you didn’t get to cum.” Both girls started to laugh.

Morgan replied, “Grandpa, I came a few minutes ago. I guess all your blood is still south. And I came three times before you came home.” Morgan winked at her grandpa then looked at Tanya affectionately, and they again engaged in a passionate kiss.

After Tanya had left, Grandpa had many questions and concerns. He lied next to Morgan on the bed and caressed her soft, smooth body. “She was okay with me being your grandpa?” questioned Grandpa Henry.

“Yes, she loved it. Couldn’t you tell? I met her on a chat line for girls with taboo fantasies.”

“How old is she?”

“Twenty-two years old. She just graduated college.”

“She looked much younger. But Morgan, you Escort bayan just broke our deal, I didn’t want anyone to know,” pointed out Grandpa Henry.

Morgan swept her long blonde hair out of her face and said, “Don’t worry Grandpa, she doesn’t want anyone to find out. She is engaged and getting married soon. The last thing she would want is for people to know she had sex with a girl and her grandpa.”

“Are you sure that she won’t tell anyone?”

“Of course, I am very careful about who I mess around with. I only play with people I know have a lot to lose if people find out. Just like all the guys, I sucked for clothes and the two guys in the video I sent you.” Morgan hugged her grandpa and pressed her soft, supple tits against him. She knew how to calm him down and be putty in her hands.

“I knew you would like a threesome with two young sluts, my dirty grandpa.” Morgan then wrapped her arms around Grandpa Henry and kissed him on the cheek and said, “that big beautiful grandpa cock should get to please lots of pussy. That will make it happy?”

“Yes, yes it will.”

Morgan added, “I am sure I will find more girls for us to share. “I really do love girls Grandpa; I love the taste of pussy.” Grandpa Henry never totally got used to how his granddaughter spoke so openly about her sexuality and sexual desires.

“Grandpa I want you to feel something amazing. Get on your stomach.” Grandpa Henry was confused but complied with her request.

Morgan pushed her grandpa’s legs apart. “What are you doing sweetie?” Grandpa Henry, all of sudden, felt a warm wet tongue on his asshole. “Morgan!” She didn’t stop for a second as she continued to lick her grandpa’s asshole like a cat licking her paw. Grandpa Henry was embarrassed but aroused.

“Grandpa, just enjoy it,” implored Morgan.

“Okay, sweetie.” Just as Grandpa Henry got out those words, she stuck a finger in his 70-year-old virgin ass. His entire body went rigid.

“Grandpa, relax, and this will feel good,” Morgan said reassuringly. She was eventually tongue deep in her grandpa’s ass, and both were loving every second of it. The pleasure was so overwhelming; Grandpa Henry started to moan “oh yes, oh yes,” over and over.

“Yes, sweetie, don’t stop, don’t stop.”

“Mmmm… I have a dirty grandpa who likes his ass tongue fucked by his dirty granddaughter,” snickered Morgan.

“I will be right back; I bought a new toy with this week’s allowance. I saw it in a porno, and I want to try it on you. But close your eyes and keep them closed until I tell you to open them. He was disappointed there was no longer a wet warm tongue up his ass.

Morgan left the room and came back wearing a huge black strapon dildo. It was quite thick and 7 inches long. She stood for a moment looking at her naked grandpa. She spit on the dildo as she thought about what she was about to do to her Grandpa Henry. She was quite the sight, a young petite blonde with huge tits and a tight toned frame adorned with a big black dildo strapon wrapped around her hips. Grandpa Henry felt his naughty granddaughter lean over the top of him. A few second later, he felt something hard pushing on his asshole and then a sudden rush of pain as Morgan penetrated her grandpa. She held still for a second so Grandpa Henry’s asshole could adjust to the huge object invading it.

“Morgan, this is too much!”

“Grandpa, just relax, I promise this will make you happy.” Morgan began to massage his ass with her hands and slowly moved her hips back and forth. The slow grind replaced the pain with pure anal pleasure. Grandpa found himself moaning and pushing himself back against Morgan.

“Oh you like it Grandpa?” questioned Morgan even though she knew the answer.

“Oh yes, yes, fuck yes.”

“Grandpa like’s his ass fucked by his granddaughter?”

Morgan was going to make him beg for it the way Jamal made her beg for it in the video.

“Yes sweetie, fuck my ass.” Grandpa Henry realized what he just said, but there was no turning back now.

Morgan was pile driving Grandpa Henry’s ass as hard as she could. She laid flat on top of him, her huge supple breasts squished against his back. He loved how her soft, smooth skin felt pressed up against his body. Morgan whispered in his ear, “someday you will do this to my virgin asshole.” An excited Grandpa Henry then felt his cock explode underneath him. Morgan could feel him orgasm underneath her, and she knew the thought of fucking her ass was the reason.

After Grandpa Henry had rolled over onto his back, Morgan licked the cum off of her grandpa’s twitching cock and stomach. She then saw the mess on the bed and lapped it up too. “I won’t let a single drop of your seed go to waste,” purred Morgan.

“Just when I think I know you, sweetie, you do something I never saw coming,” replied Grandpa Henry.

“Well, school is out next week, I will have even more time to make you and your big fat cock happy, ” giggled Morgan. “And you still haven’t let my pussy have what it really, Bayan escort really wants. It wants you 9 inches deep.”

As Morgan walked out of the room still with the strapon dildo around her hips, she stopped and said, “and eventually fuck this,” she spread her round cheeks apart and showed her grandpa her tight virgin asshole. She then giggled all the way down the stairs. A moment later, Morgan yelled up the stairs before she left. “Grandpa, don’t forget I will be gone this weekend; I am visiting my best friend Brooke at her parent’s cottage.

“No problem sweetie,” said Grandpa Henry.

Brooke had been the captain of the cheerleading squad the year before. She had gone away for college and rarely saw her best friend, Morgan. Her parents had a cottage and were having a family weekend, and Morgan was invited too. Morgan had flirted with Brooke for years, but she never showed any interest to have some lesbian action with her bestie. Brooke had very feminine petite features. She was only the cheerleader who was smaller than Morgan who would gaze at her when they used to shower after practice. She loved Brooke’s perky A cup tits and firm backside. Brooke had long curly strawberry blonde hair that Morgan would always brush aside so she could see her gorgeous green eyes.

Brooke picked up Morgan, and they went together to the cottage. They were the last to arrive, and everyone greeted them at the door. There were 19 family members there for the weekend. All the guys were staring at Morgan the second they arrived. Brooke’s 84-year-old grandfather came out of one of the bedrooms to see who had come in the door. He was very thin and walked with a cane.

Brooke introduced Morgan to her the oldest member of the family. “Morgan this is Grandpa Maurice.” Morgan gave Grandpa Maurice a big hug and asked him the standard questions you do when you first meet someone. She kept staring down at his crotch wondering what his 84-year-old sausage looked like and if she could make it happy. Her grandpa fetish seemed to involve more than just her own grandpa.

That night, the teen slut snuck into Grandpa Maurice’s bedroom after everyone else went to bed. Grandpa Maurice was asleep in his bed. She slipped off her t-shirt and boxers. Now completely naked, Morgan tip toed her way over to Grandpa Maurice. She pulled down his blanket and began to rub his soft old cock through his boxers. Her pussy began to tingle and glistened with her sweet pussy juice. She then bent down and kissed his ancient cock through the fabric. She then climbed into bed and straddled him.

“Grandpa Maurice… Grandpa Maurice… I’m here to make you happy with my mouth.”

Grandpa Maurice awakens to a gorgeous blonde slut straddling his frail body. “What dear, what do you mean, why are you naked?” asked a very confused Grandpa Maurice.

“When was the last time your cock was hard?” Morgan whispered seductively as she pinched her protruding pink nipples. Morgan knew she had quite the challenge ahead of her. It would not be easy to bring an 84-year-old cock back to life. Poor Maurice couldn’t even remember his last erection.

“I don’t know, it has been so long,” sighed Grandpa Maurice.

“I am going to make it come back to life for you.” Morgan got in position to start the geriatric cock rejuvenation process. Morgan took his soft old wrinkled dick in her mouth and massaged it with her tongue as she caressed his gray-haired chest. Grandpa Maurice’s heart was racing as he felt ecstasy that he thought he never would again. Having a gorgeous teen like Morgan was only a fantasy for most, but Grandpa Maurice has this tight 18-year-old beautiful slut naked in his bed worshipping his manhood with her mouth.

Grandpa Maurice started breathing heavy as he felt his prick swell. Morgan started to suck harder and harder as she was close to achieving her goal.

Grandpa Maurice blurted out, “It’s alive.” Within seconds, his body convulsed, and he shot one stream of cum down Morgan’s throat. Grandpa Maurice thanked her over and over again as he caught his breath. Morgan left quickly; she feared getting caught. She went back to her room with a sense of pride as she now believed she could make any cock hard.

The next morning Brooke took Morgan aside to ask her where she went last night when she left the bedroom they were sharing.

“Please tell me you didn’t fuck one of my cousins?”

“I swear I didn’t do that.” Morgan then saw Brooke’s parents walk out onto the deck and she remembered she had the goods on Brooke and decided to tell her the truth. “I actually went to your Grandpa Maurice’s room, and I sucked your grandpa’s cock and made him very happy.”

“Yeah right.”

“But don’t even think about telling anyone or I will tell your parents about how you smoke weed and fuck black guys at college.” Brooke knew if her parents found about either, they would stop paying her tuition. She had two very religious and racist parents.

“Wait you are serious? Why would you want to do that?”

“I like a challenge.” Escort Morgan was becoming more daring and if she wasn’t careful her good girl image around town could be destroyed.

Brooke was disgusted with her best friend and didn’t know what to say. She didn’t want anyone to see how upset she had become, so she took off to her room. She avoided Morgan for the rest of Saturday. This just gave Morgan more time with Grandpa Maurice. Morgan’s goal was to make Grandpa Maurice’s ancient cock hard as many times as possible.

Grandpa Maurice always had a nap after dinner. Brooke went to check on her grandpa; his nap was longer than usual. She opened his bedroom door and found a naked Morgan bobbing up and down on her grandpa’s stiff prick. Brooke shut the door as fast as she could and waited for Morgan in the hallway. Morgan came out of Grandpa Maurice’s bedroom as she wiped his cum off her chin. Brooke pushed her against the wall and said, “Cut it out, he has a bad heart you sick bitch! He could die!

“Then he will go with a smile on his face,” snickered Morgan.

Brooke pushed Morgan again against the wall. “You think that’s funny?” yelled an increasingly upset Brooke.

“Okay, okay, I will leave him alone. But you know if you really loved him, you would let me make him as happy as possible.”

“If I’m truly your best friend, you will stop this sick game.”

“I already said I would leave him alone.” Morgan stayed away from him for about 3 hours that Saturday evening. Whenever Brooke was busy doing something, she would sneak into her grandpa’s bedroom where he spent most of his time. Morgan was able to put her oral skills to work six times in total during the weekend. Each time it was much more of a challenge to get Grandpa Maurice’s dick to get hard.

The last time on Sunday afternoon was by far the toughest challenge of Morgan’s cock sucking career. After 20 minutes of mouth fucking, Maurice’s 84-year-old manhood was letting him down as it was completely flaccid. Morgan decided she needed to use more than her mouth. She straddled his crotch and grinded her tight smooth, soft pussy lips up and down his soft shaft. She then put Maurice’s hands on her huge fun bags and moaned like a whore. Morgan continued to grind her increasingly moist snatch on Grandpa Maurice’s rod until it was ready to be sucked. The sensation of her tender pussy on his member was definitely the trick. Once he was hard, she quickly made Grandpa Maurice cum with some deep throating. She slowly closed Grandpa Maurice’s door as he fell fast asleep right after he came. As Morgan turned, she was smacked upside the head and fell to the floor. She looked up and saw Brooke standing over her with rage in her eyes. “You promised, you sick little whore!” barked Brooke.

“I can’t believe you hit me, you bitch. That was going to be the last time but fuck that, now I am going to visit him whenever I can,” sneered Morgan.

“Morgan, you are fucked up, why do you want to keep doing that?

Morgan then came up with a plan. “My grandpa likes to make deals, how about I make you one.”

Brooke shook her head in disgust but decided what else could she do. “Fine anything as long as you leave my grandpa alone.” After they made the deal, Morgan stayed away from Grandpa Maurice’s bedroom the rest of the day until she and Brooke left together.

The pair of teens showed up at Grandpa Henry’s house later that evening. Grandpa Henry came downstairs to find two naked teens standing in his living room.

“I promised your huge dick more young pussy,” giggled Morgan.

As they made their way up the stairs, Morgan reminded Brooke of all the things she had to do and say or the deal was off.

“Grandpa Henry, I’m your fuck toy for the night.”

“Now go suck his cock like a good little whore,” commanded Morgan.

Brooke was making good on her promise and was quite impressed with the size of Grandpa Henry’s cock. It was her task to get his manhood ready for her young pussy. She took his stiffening rod in her hand and marveled at its length and girth as she gently teased his mushroom head with her tongue. Morgan caressed her grandpa’s chest and cheered Brooke on. A few minutes later, Morgan grabbed the back of Brooke’s head, forcing her mouth off her grandpa. “Let’s go upstairs and see how much cock that tiny pussy can take.

Once in Grandpa Henry’s room both teen beauties straddled the excited old man. Brooke rode Grandpa Henry as he ate out his granddaughter. Morgan and Brooke kissed and fondled each other’s breasts as the both grinded on top of Grandpa Henry. Brooke was learning a lot about herself. She enjoyed the touch of a girl and age wasn’t an issue. She was loving the 9-inch thick cock stretching out her vaginal walls.

Morgan then made her way behind Brooke and licked her cute virgin butt hole. Morgan rubbed her back hole with her thumb and without warning pushed it deep into Brooke. Brooke gasped but focused on the 9-inch shaft deep in her slick cunt. Before long, Morgan had three fingers vigorously breaking in Brooke’s butt hole. Brooke was moaning like a whore as she bounced up and down on Grandpa Henry’s fat cock and Morgan’s fingers deep in her ass. Grandpa Henry was taken by Brooke’s petite frame and femininity.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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