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Mother Takes Matters in Hand Ch. 02

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‘Now, Eric,’ she said sitting back down on the bed and drawing her son down beside her. ‘I hope that acting out that grubby little fantasy has demonstrated how unpleasant it can be giving in to your desires.’ She was all business like. ‘I also hope that you can now see that I am someone who can help you, so don’t be shy in confiding in me when you are disturbed by these base and unnatural longings.’

‘Uh thanks, mum. I will. And I’m sorry about today.’

‘Alright Eric,’ she smiled in a martyred way. God, she needed to be fucked sooooo badly. ‘Now, hand me your underpants there behind you, and I’ll clean that messy slime from your penis. Personal hygiene is most important.’ She took his scrunched up jocks from him and, holding the deflated cock in one hand, started to wipe it in long slow strokes, squeezing and dabbing in a clinical manner. Jesus, even limp it was like a fucking hose pipe. She was careful to wipe all around and underneath the stiffening shaft, and then the scrotum with its plum sized balls. She was determined to get those into her mouth before too long!

By the time she had finished he had a raging hard on again and she looked at him disappointedly. ‘Eric, I can’t believe this! What dirty thoughts are going through your mind now? We’ve only just finished dealing with one manifestation of your perverted lust and now, even in the presence of your mother, you are clearly unable to control your grubby little urges!’

‘Oh mum, I’m sorry. I just can’t help it. Your hands feel so good.’

‘My goodness, Eric, you are hopeless!’ she said in despair. Then, with a resigned sigh, ‘Tell me what you are fantasising about now.’

‘Aw mum,’ he replied. ‘It’s really embarrassing.’

‘Does it involve me again?’ she asked, sighing and forcing herself to release his hard cock. He nodded guiltily. ‘I suppose it’s something worse than what we just did,’ she speculated. He just looked at her and after a pause, when it was clear he wasn’t going to say anything, she added, ‘What do you imagine could be worse than making me suck on that revolting penis?’

‘I’m sorry mum. It’s just that I have this recurring thought of us, uhh …. you, know, being together….’

‘You mean, having sex,’ she said for him.

‘Uh huh.’

‘Oh Eric,’ she said in disappointment. ‘Is this something that you think about a lot?’

‘Yes, mum. Sorry.’

‘And how do these unhealthy thoughts start?’

‘Well, mum. Different ways.’

‘Such as?’

‘I guess I think about you sitting on top of me while I’m lying back on my bed,’ he said, once again going all red.

‘OK then,’ she sighed after a pause. ‘Lie back and let’s see how we go this time.’ He lay down in a flash, his enormous cock lying on his stomach, stretching past his navel. ‘You can’t have imagined I would just come in and impale myself on your wretched penis,’ she said hand on hips doubtfully. ‘Something that size could do serious damage to a delicate woman like me, especially if it went in dry. And I certainly wouldn’t be at all moist at the prospect of having sex with you.’ She walked over to the head of the bed and looked down at the clueless face of her eighteen year old son. ‘

You would have been thinking you needed to put lots of saliva on my vagina, making sure I was well lubricated before I could possibly let your penis near me.’ She stared at him and he nodded. Then she quickly straddled his face and lowered her muff onto his mouth.

He soon got the idea and she could feel his tongue probing in her swampy bush. ‘You need to put lots of saliva all over the opening,’ she encouraged, ‘and deep inside the tunnel, as well.’ Oh sweet Jesus, she thought as his tongue slid around her ripe swollen gash. If he finds my clit it will be all over in a moment. ‘Just getting a woman’s vagina wet isn’t enough preparation for sex,’ she said trying to keep her voice level. ‘You need to make sure her breasts are well massaged and her nipples rubbed.’

His hands came up to her breasts and she put hers over them, making sure he did it the way she liked. After a moment she had to lean back and steady herself she was so dizzy. His hands went on kneading her pillowy tits and every time his fingers closed over her nipples it sent a tingling jolt straight to her cunt. Despite herself, she was beginning to lose her self control and she started to grind her cunt into his face, moving it back and forth on his mouth, rubbing her clit against his nose, leaving long streaks of her wetness.

Finally she got a grip and paused, composing herself before saying, ‘I’m sorry, Eric, I just can’t get any enthusiasm for what you want to do – the thought is just too repulsive. It’s impossible for me to be properly prepared.’ Her son’s face collapsed in anguish and disappointment and she savoured it a moment before sighing. ‘No doubt bayan arkadaş you’ll just masturbate even more – or worse! – if we don’t satisfy this nasty little curiosity. I guess I’ll just have to try and go along with it as best I can.’

Relief then excitement came quickly into the boy’s face as she moved back to his groin, took his dick in one hand, and positioned herself over it. She guided the cock head to her cuntal opening and wiped it back and forth between her labia. Once it was slick, she quickly inserted it and lowered herself until it was wedged halfway in her. God it felt wonderful – it had just been too long and her cunt spasmed and clamped around the delicious intruder. Helen groaned and Eric looked up in alarm.

‘Mum! Are you OK?’ he asked worriedly.

Helen opened her eyes and focused on his concerned features. ‘It’s better that we go through this and get it over with,’ she gasped in a pained self-sacrifing tone, ‘than have you going around with evil thoughts filling your mind.’

‘It looks like it’s really hurting, Mum,’ he said in some alarm.

Helen just gave him an accusing grimace, then sunk down till her hips were touching his, groaning again. Sweet Jesus – she had never been so filled up! Her cervix was pulsing and the lips of her cunt were splayed so far open she wondered if they would ever close together again. ‘What now?’ she gasped.

‘Uh, you move up and down,’ Eric replied. ‘But mum, it looks like you’re having trouble.’

‘Well, you can’t expect me to enjoy it! The thought alone of what we are doing is enough to make me feel ill; but actually doing it is positively sickening, especially with a deformed penis like yours that seems designed for the sole purpose of giving women pain.’ Helen moved gingerly up and down a few inches, then leaned forward, dangling her tits in the boy’s face. ‘It might help if you suck my breasts again – at least it will be more tolerable for me and help me take my mind off the discomfort.’ Eric latched on in an instant and as she fucked up and down her nipples were pulled back and forth between his lips till they felt stretched way beyond their normal size.

Helen was soon on the verge of orgasm. Eric was now thrusting to meet her and the fucking was becoming erratic and frenzied. Helen came with a heaving panting shudder, her entire insides clenching and spasming. Eric looked worried for a moment but continued to pound into her cumming himself while she was still cresting and setting off another tremor through her entire body.

Afterwards, as she lay panting and limp, he was apologetic and consoling. He hadn’t meant to hurt her and he was sorry he’d made her have sex with him. He could see now that his thoughts had been wrong, and so on. She gathered her composure and went straight to the bathroom to ‘make herself clean again’. As she stood in the shower, the hot spray soothing her still tingling skin, she marvelled over how good it felt to fuck again and wondered why she had waited so long.

The rest of the morning, Eric kept mostly to himself, tiptoeing around her whenever he ventured from his room. For her part she ignored him except for the occasional accusing glance. After lunch she announced that as it was such a warm day she was going to sunbathe – it would make her bruised body feel better. Eric looked suitably guilty as she went to her room to change. The bikini she’d bought was miniscule and on her voluptuous curves looked particularly obscene. The little white triangles of the top barely covered her nipples, let alone her large cushiony breasts, and if she did it up tightly (as she did whenever Eric was around) her breasts bulged around it. The bottom was a lewd g-string. The front was tiny and didn’t even cover her pubic hair (which she liked bushy and never trimmed); and the thong in the back wedged mostly in the cleft of her generous buttocks.

Eric always got an instant hard-on whenever she appeared in it and lurked around watching her. And today was no different. As soon as she was out on the secluded patio, he appeared, hovering about as she struggled with the lounge, settled, applied tanning lotion, lit a cigarette and started flicking through a magazine. After a half hour, she let the back of the lounge down and lay on her stomach, legs slightly splayed. She waited a couple of minutes then looked over her shoulder at Eric, whose eyes were riveted on her crotch where her pink hairy labia were bisected by the thong.

‘Get me a juice, will you darling?’ He snapped to and walked into the house, unsuccessfully trying to disguise the lump in his pants. Helen waited until he had set down a glass by her side then asked him to rub tanning oil on her back. She could hear him gulp, but he barely hesitated. As he picked up the bottle, she reached back and untied the bayan partner string of her bra. ‘I don’t want any pale lines spoiling my tan,’ she explained. God, his hands felt good on her skin! At her direction, he rubbed the lotion in slowly and deeply with wide circular motions. He did her back, then legs, then, boldly and decisively, her buttocks. Helen wondered if the dampness she felt in her cunt was visible to him as he gazed at the parted junction of her thighs.

When he had finished, she looked up to thank him and halted in mid-sentence, a frown coming to her face. ‘Eric! I can’t believe it!’ she said in angry disbelief. ‘You have an erection again!’ He immediately reddened and started to mumble an apology, but she cut him off. ‘What happened this morning should have been enough to pacify any normal curiosity for at least a week. What is wrong with you!’ He started to reply, but again she cut him off. ‘I am beginning to think that there is something seriously wrong with you.’ Narrowing her eyes, she asked coolly, ‘What were you thinking about just now?’

‘Nothing really, mum. It must just be the heat or something.’

‘Don’t lie to me!’ In her outrage, Helen was now raised up on her elbows, her tits, free of the loosened bikini top, swinging heavily. ‘You were thinking those kind of thoughts again, weren’t you?’

‘Aw mum, I couldn’t help it ….’ Eric’s eyes were travelling rapidly from her face to her breasts.

‘You were thinking about me again, weren’t you? Your poor mother, more than twice your age, who you’ve already abused twice today?’ she accused. He hung his head and nodded. ‘God help you Eric!’ she said in despair. ‘What exactly were you thinking this time?’ He started to stammer, but in his humiliation couldn’t put the words together. ‘It must have been something pretty depraved to have incited your lust after such a short time,’ she snorted. ‘Let’s see, it can’t be that you want to put your penis in my mouth or vagina – those particular curiosities have already been satisfied.’ She looked pensive for a moment, then her eyes widened in shock. ‘Oh Eric!’, she gasped. He looked at her blankly. ‘You animal! You want to put it in my bottom!’ He started to protest, but she wouldn’t be interrupted. ‘I ask you to rub a little lotion on my back and before I know it you’re fantasizing about holding me down and ramming that wretched penis in between my buttocks!’

‘But mum …’

‘Don’t try and deny it, Eric.’ she said angrily, raising one arm to point as his erection, her breasts heaving. ‘You’re probably sorry I showered twice this morning, paying careful attention to make sure all my intimate places are particularly clean. You’d probably be happier if I was dirty down there so that you could taste it when you licked me to get me ready for that foul organ you seem unable to control.’ She’d better be careful – with all the the thought of humid arse cracks and sweaty butt holes she was in danger of leaping on that sweet hunk of a youth, throwing him face down on the ground and burying her face between his cheeks.

‘It’s a blessing your poor father isn’t here to see what a brute you’ve become. You are in danger of becoming a predator. I know about men like you – you get a foul thought in your head and unless it is exorcised it becomes an obsession and you end up preying on some poor unsuspecting female, forcing her to submit to your base needs!’ Helen shuddered in disgust, her breasts slapping together. Eric’s eyes were glued to the swinging orbs. ‘So,’ Helen continued, her eyes closed in martyrdom and clearly struggling to overcome her abhorrence. ‘As a matter of duty – after all, you are my son and I feel a heavy responsibility – I will be your prey, your victim, and let you act out this sick fantasy. And once we have gotten it out of your system, the world will be a safer place for women, and I won’t end up with my only son in gaol.’ She sniffled to hide a smile at the confusion that was evident in her son’s eyes – this was so much fun!

‘OK Eric,’she said in a flat emotionless voice, turning away and raising her hips. ‘Take off my bikini.’ There was barely any hesitation before she felt his clammy hands tugging down the g-string. ‘At least get me good and wet before assaulting me with that awful penis,’ she continued, getting onto her knees and resting her face on her forearms. She smiled, picturing the look on her son’s face as he gazed at her upraised bum and winking anus.

After a moment, his hands smoothed over her buttocks and she felt his breath against her skin, then the touch of his tongue deep inside the crevasse of her cheeks. She felt him drip saliva and follow it with his tongue, and then he was tentatively licking around her rosebud. Sooner than expected, he zeroed in on the crinkly hole and was licking at it like a dog. bdsm escort Helen suppressed a groan of excitement and regretted that she had cleaned down there so thoroughly. Clearly Eric was his father’s true son (not to mention his mother’s!) and would relish a little careless residue! Well, all in good time ….

As she felt his tongue caressing her anus she bore back, hoping he would push it in. But he didn’t seem to understand. ‘Eric,’ she said in a warning tone. ‘If you expect to get that penis into my bottom, I have to be wet on the inside.’ There was a pause in the tongue action and then, as she felt the tip against the puckered skin, she bore back and felt it slide in. Again she suppressed a moan, biting her forearm. That was soooo nice! She felt his tongue circling around and spit being pumped in. She repressed an urge to hump back at him – ohh, she liked being rimmed – and instead let out a long-suffering sigh. ‘

OK, Eric,’ she said reluctantly after a couple of minutes. ‘You’d better get this over with.’ She felt his hesitation and continued. ‘It’s lucky we’ve got the tanning lotion here to use as a lubricant.’ She had chosen it specially – thick and oily. ‘Use as much as you can.’ She heard him slapping it on that monster cock and then a few cool splashes directly onto her anus.’ Then nothing. Was he afraid to go on? Surely he knew what to do, after this morning.

‘You think you’re going to hurt me, don’t you? Well you are. It is a terrible thing you are making your mother submit to, and it will be hard to bear. But I’d rather you did it to me than some poor innocent unsuspecting girl. I care for you and understand that boys like you have base emotions.’ She waited a few seconds, but still nothing. Jesus, if she didn’t get that cock in her soon, she wouldn’t be responsible……..

She looked back over her shoulder at Eric, lathered shining cock in hand, trying to find a way to get in the right position behind her skyward pointing arse. He looked at her pleadingly. ‘You’ll have to do this standing up – at least at the start,’ she said gently, relieved that it was only a matter of how to begin. ‘Put your legs either side of my thighs and then ease your penis in.’ She watched as he climbed awkwardly over the lounge, then turned away again. She felt his cock probing between her cheeks and as soon as it touched her puckered hole, pushed back strongly at the same time as he thrust forward.

She wasn’t expecting him to be so quick, and gasped as the fat cockhead burst past her sphincter and plunged deeply into her rectum. Her head snapped back and she howled in shock, clamping down with all her might on the immense intruder. How had she thought it would be easy to take such a massive prick up her arse, especially after so long? ‘Ow, ow ow, ow!’ she cried. ‘Stop, you’re killing me!’ But Eric seemed unaware of her discomfort and was shoving and levering himself to get a better angle. He had his hand in the small of her back and was forcing her down onto the lounge. Suddenly she collapsed forward, pulling away from his dick, giving her some relief though not totally dislodging it. Eric quickly followed her down, his full weight coming down onto her back, causing her tits to mash into the lounge, and driving his cock all the way into her bowel. Her head was still arched back and she could feel his damp breath on her neck and shoulders. She struggled against him, but he subdued her heaving with erratic jabs deep into her backside.

And then it started to feel better and soon only a slight burning sensation remained. Helen was still panting and struggling, but excitement was building and the old pleasure of anal sex was back. Perhaps it was helped by the rough treatment – Stan had nearly always given her a long punishing spanking before buggering her – but her body was definitely responding. She continued to complain and cry in pain, but she was now bucking back at the spike hammering her guts. The nipples on her crushed breasts were hard as pebbles and each time they were forced into the coarse material of the lounge, a jolt of pleasure arrowed to her cunt. And the bouncing weight of her son on her backside was mashing her puffy swollen vagina into the lounge, putting almost unbearable pressure on her clit.

She didn’t know how long she could last and started to work her anus on the large cock, clamping and squeezing, milking it for all she was worth. At the same time she stepped up her howling and struggling, the delicious clash of their sweaty bodies and the plowing of her butt making up in some small part for the three years of abstinence. Then her orgasm burst with a rare intensity, causing her to almost throw Eric off as she convulsed and then arched her back. But Eric, close to his own orgasm, managed to stay in the saddle and tugged roughly at her hips until her arse was again at the right angle and he could resume his plunging thrusts. Helen’s orgasm went on and on, made more intense by Eric’s handling of her squirming sweat drenched body. It wasn’t until he stiffened, came inside her and collapsed exhaustedly onto her back, that the pulsing waves diminished.

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