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Mother’s Help

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My second semester of college was pretty intense. Lots of psychology lots of math. Between working, studying and classes, I never had any time. A friend of mine had introduced me to methamphetamine as a study aid. What I had not anticipated was what an all over aid it could be. Made studying way easier. Late nights were no longer an issue. I seem to be excelling in both my studies and at work. And my sex life skyrocketed seemingly overnight. It was like a miracle drug for me.

What I had not anticipated was how much it would overtake my life. With summer break coming up it was definitely time for me to go home to help out with the house and take a break away from the dope.

Besides, mom also needed help. Dad only passed a year-and-a-half ago, and Mom is telling me how difficult it has been to keep up on the house without him there. Things are falling apart and she never had to deal with it before. The plan was to stop a dope week before I went to moms. Well it was not going as planned. Only two days off of it and I was going out of my head. So I got enough to take with me and drove off to moms.

Pulling up to the house I saw mom sitting outside working on the flower bed. Sundress and sun hat. She looked as beautiful as she ever did. Mom never seemed to age, however, since Dad passed she had seemed more frail than ever. Maybe this was only in my head.

She didn’t seem to notice me pulling up in the car, so I rolled down my window and hollered at her, “You always gave those rose bushes more attention than you did me!”

“And they have never given me the amount of trouble that you have, now get out of that car and give your mom a hug!”

Mom looked me up and down after she gave me a hug,

” I don’t think I’ve seen you weigh so little in years. How come you’re losing weight? Are they not feeding you there?”

The guilt of knowing exactly why I lost the weight kind of tripped me up a bit.

“That’s why I’m home so you can fatten me up!” I quickly replied.

“Well then, get your things up to your room, I will start working on dinner so you won’t wither away. I have your room all ready for you fresh linens and everything.”

So I gathered everything went up to my room, I was ready to get high again. The 6-hour drive was quite exhausting. Once I put everything away, I began to go to load a bowl.

I peeked out the door and hollered to the kitchen “Hey ma, I’m a little weary from the drive do I have time for a nap before dinner?”

“Sure! It won’t be ready for probably another half an hour. I’ll wake you when it’s ready!”

Perfect half hour was just enough for me to get high and watch a little bit of porn on my laptop. I pulled up my favorite website, selected the video I wanted to play, and took a marvelous hit off that glass pipe. I made sure to keep the volume down so as not to get anybody’s attention. I took my pants off and let my rigid erection free of the confines of my tight jeans. As I was taking another hit off the pipe, the door opened and mom walked in.

“DAVID, I was… nevermind, I’ll see you at dinner.” She stopped halfway through the doorway and paused for a moment, “Dinner is nearly ready David.” she said gazing at my cock. She seemed shocked, as her eyes widened, then realized she was caught staring.

I’m not sure what she got more of an eyeful of, pornography, my rigid penis bouncing on my belly, or the drugs. Escort bayan It didn’t matter I could tell she was crushed.

Dinner was always a formal event for Mom. Should usually wear a nice blouse with a skirt or even a dress. She sat there in front of her plate wearing the same sun dress she was wearing while working in the garden. She barely even looked up from her meal. And I really was not hungry. Once she stopped eating I got up to clear the table. I offered to grab her plate then she placed her hand over mine.

“David” she asked with deepening concern, “how long have you been smoking methamphetamine?”

“Mom, it’s only been the past two semesters. I tried to quit before I came home, but it was too hard. I was struggling with the workload, balancing a job, trying to have somewhat of a social life, and a girlfriend to boot. I toyed with the idea of dropping a few of my classes and even giving up the hours at work… then a friend of mine let me try this. That seem to be the answer to all my problems. I had boundless energy, I even brought my GPA up to a 3.8, and got a raise at work.”

“You’re here with me for the next 3 weeks David, promise me you will try to quit before you leave. That is all I ask. I won’t bring up the smut on your computer, or seeing you in all your glory, that’s normal for somebody your age. But the drugs I cannot accept. Will you try for me?” Her voice was almost quivering as she stared deep into my eyes and stroked my forearm.

For the first time ever that I can recall, her touch and her gaze had me turned on. I could feel the blood rushing to my head, my face had to have been flushed.

“Yeah mom, I will.” Now feeling thoroughly embarrassed, all I could think was to get back to my room. ” I think I should go shower now and get some sleep Mom.”

I kept telling myself that it was just a side effect of the dope. It’s unnatural to be turned on by her. I never have been before. As a matter of fact I used to get thoroughly disgusted when my friends would say how hot she was. It’s my mom I don’t see her that way. Maybe it was just the fact that I was getting ready to masterbate when she caught me and I still needed to blow some steam off. So I pulled up my browser again and this time, I typed in mother and son taboo on the browser. Maybe just a test for myself. I turned the volume up a little bit so that Mom would not just barge in. If she heard the noise she would just walk on by. It wasn’t long until I made a mess all over my bare belly. I certainly wasn’t tired so I figured I’d grab a towel and go take a shower.

That shower felt incredible. I could feel all my muscles relax. I just sat in there and soaked for a while.

I couldn’t sleep that night so I figured I’d just smoke some more dope. By 3 in the morning I was pretty wired. And thirsty. Wasn’t sure if I wanted to leave the safety of my room or not. But my thirst prevailed.

As I walked into the kitchen I noticed that the TV was on in the living room.

“It’s 4 am David, were you planning to sleep?”

“Um, well I was thrirsty.”

“David, I’ve heard you fidgeting around in your room all night. Are you even going to try to quit? Or are you just trying to buffalo me?”

“Mom you know it’s not that easy. But yes I want to.”

“David, go to your room gather up all your drugs and paraphernalia and bring it in here.”

“What for?”

“Please Bayan escort David, don’t ask questions, just do this for me. Okay?”

I didn’t know what she was planning on doing… destroy everything in front of me? Or control it for me.. I didn’t know.

I brought everything and laid it down on the coffee table in front of her. She carefully observed everything. She then reached out and picked up the glass pipe.

“So, do I just light the bowl like smoking pot?” she asked me while studying the glass pipe.

“Huh?” I asked, clearly confused.

“David if I’m going to help you with this I need to know what I’m up against. I don’t know the first thing about this or how to help. So David, how do I light this?”

“Mom, I don’t..”

“David, let me do this.” She interrupted.

“Can I do it for you? It’s a bit tricky”

“Ok, show me then.”

I then sat down across from her. She was sitting in her nightdress, her knees slightly exposed and legs crossed. I held the pipe to her lips and told her not to inhale until I told her to. I brought the lighter to the bottom of the bowl and begin to warm it. I couldn’t help but to notice her cleavage from the light coming off my lighter. And something about holding that pipe to her lips was very sexy. When I saw it start to smoke I told her to inhale.

I asked her if she wanted to do it again, to which she asked, “Tastes awful, do I need more?”

“I would say two or three hits for the first time Mom.”

She nodded to me and I repeated the process for her. After the third one she gathered up all my stuff and handed it back to me.

“Off to bed then.”

I hesitated standing up, because in my pajamas it would not have been difficult to see that I was turned on by watching her.

“You can go back to your room. David that’s all I wanted to see. I said go…”

As I stood up I saw her eyes drop to see my massive erection through my pajama bottoms.

She giggled and then covered her mouth as she asked if that was a side effect.

I nodded and then turned and scurried off my room. I could tell she was feeling the effects already.

All I could think about was placing that pipe against her lips as I lit it for her. How the lighter illuminated her chest… I was beyond turned on. I opened up my computer and it was on the same mother son porn I’ve been watching earlier. I didn’t take any time in getting naked. I leaned back in my chair and began to stroke my hard prong. Going very slow this time I wanted to focus on that movie and imagine it was me and Mom. In the movie the mother was seducing the son, I couldn’t help to think how exquisite that would be. Every act that they performed on one another, I could imagine me and my mother doing. Perhaps it was the drugs, but I didn’t care, I was so wildly turned on. I wanted to watch it over and over. Once the scene ended, I started back at the beginning.

“I can definitely see what lured you in, this stuff feels amazing.” My mother’s voice broke through the darkness. It wasn’t till then I realized my mom had been standing in my doorway and that I’d never shut the door in my flustered hurry to the room.

“How long have you been standing there Mom?” I stammered.

“Long enough to know the plot of the movie you watched twice now.”

As I turned around to look at her I realized the shoulder of her nightgown Escort was sliding down her arm and her nightgown was partially hiked up.

“As well as long enough to see you have been stroking yourself for over a half an hour. David, do you think of me like that?”

“Well… not.. till recently mom,”

“Son bring everything back out to the living room, bring your laptop too.”

As she walked out of the room I threw my pajama bottoms back on, gathered everything and hustled into the living room.

She picked up lighter and fired it up this time on her own… as she exhaled she asked, “David would you be a dear and restart the movie?”

As we started to watch the movie together she slid her nightgown mid-way up her thighs.

“You know, you really didn’t have to get dressed again on account of me. I already saw what you’re doing, why don’t you continue to enjoy yourself baby?”

As she encouraged me she slowly slid down deeper in the chair, raising her nightgown higher to expose her slightly hairy pussy.

David would you like to watch me rub my pussy, like he is his mother on the movie?” Without my answer, she propped her legs up on the coffee table, spread her knees wide so that I could see her pussy dripping wet and glistening by the glow the screen. I could smell her sex. As she circled her fingers around her lips, I could hear how wet she was. The more excited she became the faster she rubbed her pussy. She then started to fuck herself with her middle

and ring finger, matching the rhythm of the mother and son Duo she was watching intently on the screen, only taking her eyes off of it to watch her son jerk off to her. She began to shake and moan louder. No longer able to hold back, I pressed my mouth into mom’s dripping cunt, spreading her lips with my left hand and fucking her with 2 fingers from my right.

“DAVID…STOP!! YOU’RE GOING TO MAKE ME…” Before she could finish she covered my face with her ejaculate, squirting more than any woman I have ever seen.

I sat back into my chair and continued beating my cock for her. Never had i been so completely rigid. I was so wildly turned on by her at this point that I started to moan. I wanted to blow with each and every tug. Mom, sensing that I was close, came over to me and dropped onto her knees. She then took hold of the base of my cock, sliding her lips down my shaft taking every inch in her throat. She slid my cock deep in her throat, till her mouth pressed against my pelvis, gagging slightly, I was throbbing in her throat as her muscles contracted around me. She began to run her mouth up and down feverishly. Twisting the base with her hand she looked at me, smiled and winked, “Does baby want to cum in mommy’s mouth?” and she shoved it into her throat once again… forcing me to moan loudly, “Mommy!! I’m cumming!!” As i thrust my hips into her face, i could feel my cock pumping the most intense orgasm i ever experienced. She grabbed my ass forcing me deeper into her hot, wet mouth, taking every drop down her throat as I shot wave after wave of hot, thick, cum.

She slowly brought her head up off my lap, sliding my cock out of her mouth carefully to not waste a drop of my huge load…

As she looked up at me with a stream of my ejaculate running out of the corner of her red lips, she ran it into her mouth with her finger to savor it.

“Can you use mommy as your little slut baby?”

She looked beautiful naked. Sweat glowing on her beautiful breasts, silhouetted by the glow of the computer monitor still playing the porno that fueled our fire.

I smiled back and said, “I will make my mother my whore.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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