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Mother’s Lies

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Ms Kristin gratefully acknowledges the help of Pilot4029 in gathering her thoughts together…


Dear Hubby

Am enjoying the stay at the Hotel du Cocque , though sadly too much time is being spent on negotiation and not enough on relaxation! *S*. Still things are going slowly with the Germans, but we hope to have a new contract assigned soon. Despite it being hectic I am managing to get down to the spa for an hour every evening. Hopefully back Friday evening!

Take care,

Kristin x

Dear Son,

You’ll be pleased to know that the contract negotiation ended yesterday morning and so instead of having to spend all day in boring meetings, Mummy was able to go shopping! I went to Galerie Lafayette but also some small, specialised stores and mmmmm… did Mummy have a good time! Yes you’ll be delighted to know I bought some new lingerie, a tight-fitting new black slip that really shows up Mummy’s wonderful maternal breasts beautifully. Added to this I picked up some new Oroblu stockings in tan with an elaborate pattern on the stockingtops, which is designed all around the letter ‘i’, I think we both know what that ‘i; stands for! I checked out the Fogal range they stock but didnt find anything that the London shop on Sloane Street doesn’t have so I skipped them. I saw a fabulous Christian Dior basque son, but they didn’t have my size. They ordered it for me and I will pick it up tomorrow. Fabulous deep red wine colour, with black lace on the edges, I KNOW you will adore it!

But back to what I DID buy immediately, of course I couldn’t let such an ensemble go without purchasing some shoes too… I found a delightful little shop on a back street that included some deliciously designed stilettos. I found a pair of black ‘fuck me’ pumps that I just know your cum is going to look fantastic dripping down it. I tell you what… I don’t want your father to find them, so I’ll hide them in your wardrobe when I get back and on Sunday, when your father is out playing golf, I will give you a little modelling session, how does that sound? Hmmm… make sure you do not cum inside them before I come to your room for the modelling, my nineteen year old stud 🙂

Hugs and kisses,

Mummy xx

Dear Hubby

it doesn’t feel like these meetings will ever end! Spent all day in the conference centre and feel like I’m getting one of those dreadful scratchy throats from all the air conditioning. Still maybe having a couple of glasses of wine tonight with their team, so not all bad!

See you soon,

Kristin xx

Dearest Son,

wow, what a night! Your Mother decided to go on the prowl last night for some action, some… cock… (I know you love it when Mummy says that, David). Well I found cock… to be precise David… I found some YOUNG COCK in the hotel bar. *S* I was dressed to kill by the way as a woman should when on the prowl, my red evening dress , with the split up the side, you know the one you nearly tore off me on my birthday… dark brown stockings, red heeled sandals… and Mother was showing plenty ‘up front’… Let me rephrase that. I was showing lots of cleavage my son, you recall that that red evening dress has quite a decolette *S* His name was Paul, he was a 24 year young salesman staying over at the hotel and I joined him at the bar. One or two glasses of wine later I’d learned he was engaged, due to be married in April next year. Well, Mother couldn’t let a fine specimen like him go to waste. I asked him to walk me back to my room and he agreed coming in for coffee. As he got comfortable I decided to give him a treat. I changed into my red undewear with matching sussie belt and sloooowly walked back into the room so that he could enjoy the view. He gasped as I first stood in the bathroom doorway and then walked into the room placing one high-heeled sandal in front of the other.

“Paul,” I told him. “Your wife to be will never do for you what I will tonight…” He had a look on his face that I’ve seen you wear before, Son. I told him to unzip and get his cock out. It was already soooo… eager for my attention. “Now, now, ” I said “Auntie Kristin likes all her nephews just like you are now. Oh, can you pass Auntie her baby oil Paul?”

Once I had the oil I flicked open the cap and began to run my fingers over the top of the nozzle in a suggestive way as I looked into Paul’s eyes, mimicking with my fingers a nice slow wank, using the bottle of baby oil as if it was a cock. Needless to say, my tongue also did it’s magic on my lower lip as I looked at him. Paul watched on with astonishment as slowly, I got down on my knees in front of him and, dropped the straps on my bra. I poured a generous amount of baby oil into my palms and began to smear baby oil all over my breasts. His cock twitched in anticipation as I leaned forward and pushed both my breasts together, sliding his member inbetween them and slowly began to lift them up and down. He moaned with intense pleasure as “Auntie Kristin” wanked her “nephew” with her halkalı eve gelen escort big tits, careful to return to the base of his cock each time and make my breasts tremble a little to stimulate his balls. Up and down, up and down… He was calling me Auntie in no time at all and I started enjoying the incestuous thrill that makes me cum that much harder. I hummed with satisfaction as pre-cum began to splatter on my motherly breasts and I could feel my pussy getting wetter and wetter. I was looking up into his eyes all the time and licking my lower lip every now and then. I then pushed the envelope as I gently whispered. “Do you like mummy’s breasts on your cock Paul, do you enjoy mummy’s titfuck”? It seemed as if the combination of the tembre of my voice, my tone, and the naughty words sparked something deep inside him cause he moaned loudly and almost shouted “Yes mummy pleeeeaseeeeee….” I knew I had him where I wanted him — deep inside my perverse incestuous desire!

With a gentle but firm “That’s enough, young man, mummy needs your cock elsewhere” I stood up and wriggled out of my stained red panties which I cheekily threw at him and then walked to the bed, getting on all fours, exposing my cunt to him like a bitch on heat… which your Mother then was… *S* “Come on son… do mummy… fuck your mother now, Paul…” These words worked like magic and within a few seconds, he ploughed his rigid prick inside of Mummy and began to fuck me like he was a teenager again. I urged him on telling him how much I wanted my son’s cum inside me and with a loud grunting moan he began to spray his seed deep inside my cunthole. As we collapsed on the bed, I took hold of his spent cock and gently began squeezing it with my fingers, it was then I began to chuckle to myself, that the rest of the night would be spent making sure I drained this young man’s balls in a way his wife would never be able too.

Mummy hopes you cum well, baby boy.

Mummy xx

Dear Hubby,

well the contract negotiations have certainly taken their toll, I’m worn out! So apologies if I fall straight asleep when I get home tomorrow night. Should be back about 4pm.

Kristin xx

Dear David,

Well after a night of having Paul’s cock inside me, I’ll admit I was a little tired, but after a day relaxing at the spa and getting a delightful woman named Maria to give me a massage, I felt I was getting needy again… What can I do son.. I have a high sex drive and I love it. And so do YOU, LOL!

I decided to play online instead of prowling again, I did need SOME sleep after all! I logged on to my IM account and wondered who I should be tonight. Tonight your Mother wanted to be with a woman, but I did fancy a little S&M should be prevalent too. I chose my ‘slutmummy’ account and went into the femdom rooms. I was in luck… Her name was ‘MrsGarraway’. She was a married woman with a son at University. We decided to chat and I took a little risk…

MG: Why are you named ‘slutmummy’ seems a little crazy? 🙂

ME: lol

ME: Well… it is because I fantasise about my Son using me as a sex slave sometimes, technically I switch… but in this case I love the idea of my Son tying me up, spanking me, teasing me, fucking me… Shocked?

MG: Oh my… No, it’s the other way around for me, I guess. I long to have my Son serve me as a loyal servant while i am his Queen… I want him to call me Your Highness while he eats my pussy… silly, I suppose!

ME: Not at all, your Highness…

MG: Oh, I see, a Lady in Waiting Slut sent for me… Why are you not on your knees to worship me?

ME: Sorry, your Highness. *dropping to my knees* I worship and adore you, my Queen.

MG: That’s better slut, now lick my boots like the little bitch you are…

ME: Yes, your Highness.

MG: You attend the Prince, do you not, slave?

ME: Yes, Your highness.

MG: Were his balls full this morning?

ME: Yes, your Highness.

MG: And did you suck his royal cock dry?

ME: Yes your Highness, until his cum filled my mouth and ran over my face.

MG: Mmmm *opening my legs*. Concentrate on this royal pussy now, slut.

ME: Ohhh, yess, your Highness.

MG: Mmm, yes, bitch, that’s right, lap at the cunt of your Queen. I am glad you that suck my Son’s cock dry, he needs to cum twice a day at least or his balls get terribly swollen.

ME *lap, lap, lap* Yes, Your Highness.

MG: Though I do enjoy slapping and kicking his balls when they are in that condition.

ME: Mmmm, permission, your Highness?

MG: Oh well, Slave, if you must…

ME: *rubbing my pussy as I lap at yours*

MG: I see that me talking about dominating my Son turns you on, Slut. Well it turns your Queen on too. Yes, the Prince comes to me with his swollen balls and his hard little dickie and Mummy has to deal with it. So I lock the door and pull back the tapestry… Well you know halkalı grup yapan escort that the cross is there, don’t you, slut? I whipped you there last week.

ME: Yes, your Highness.

MG: I tie up my naked Son with silks and let him hang there while Mummy tells him off for being so filthy and dirty, wearing only my stockings and thigh-high boots, my tits are free so he might suckle them during his punishment… Yes I tell him what a bad boy he is and then kick him firmly on his balls, it only takes two or three kicks of my pointed toe and soon he is squealing with delight and yet begging his Mummy, his Queen, for mercy.

ME: cccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc

A delightful play, wouldn’t you agree, David? Needless to say, your Mother licked MrsGarraway to a ferocious cum as well and we both retired, away from our computers sated.

Anyway, baby, no more cumming now until I see you on Sunday, I want your cock hard and your balls full, young man! Your Mummy needs it hard!

Mummy xx

Dear Hubby,

well Paris is much like it was a few months ago, though less tourists this time of year. Hopefully the meetings should pass quite quickly. I wish I had more time outside the meetings to enjoy the gold and red colours of the autumn in the parks and boulevards. Ahhh… c’est la vie!

With any luck I can do some shopping while here, but don’t worry, I shan’t max out the cards! Enjoy your company do tonight, I think I’ll be getting an early night here.

See you Friday.

Kristin xx

Dear David,

You’ll be pleased to know that Mother has arrived safely at her hotel just next to the Madeleine, you remember the “Hotel de Seze” in Rue de Seze and how you asked me about the strangely dressed ladies parked in fancy cars along the street and how I had a problem explaining to you what a “prostitute” is… LOL… ah, those days ? Remembering our weekend here last year, I immediately masturbated myself to an orgasm even before unpacking, LOL.

Now before I say anything else I’d like to say thank you for Sunday *S*, wow! You always make Mummy feel like the complete woman when we fuck and you always fill Mother up so well. It is just that…when you enter me son… I feel as if my pussy and your young cock were just made for each other! I adore it when you do not cum for a few days and then I get a full load of your young, nineteen year old, virile sperm in my pussy! I know your cock had been aching ever since you saw me wearing those outrageous heels I brought back from my last trip… Well I hope Mummy didn’t disappoint, Son! I loved it when you chased me across the landing and we fell on to my bed, I just adore the way you spread my stockinged legs wide and fucked me like the virile young man I raised you to be… Your father is a good man, but he is not from the same stock that we are… We are incestuous and lusty and passionate and… but oh, you make my pussy ache, David, thinking about you pinning me to the bed screwing me over and over…

Mummy has to touch herself now, David, I have packed my other version of ‘you’, such a fine present for a Mother, a dildo modelled on her Son’s cock. Of all the presents I have ever received David, this one is really THE BEST! *S* Tonight I am going to a club, David… a very special club that specialises in all the kinky things that you and I enjoy Son… I hope to have lots of naughty fun…and promise to write in detail when I return *S*

Oh, by the way… Your father is out of the house tonight, go to my shoe cupboard and look in the second chest. There you will find something mummy left for you… I hope you enjoy…. *S* But… no cumming my son! Mummy wants all of that young sperm saved for herself!

Mummy xx

Dear Hubby

hope you’re not too hungover from the corporate do! I got to bed early and then walked around Paris a little before my meeting with the Investors. Dull, dull, dull!

Back Friday.

Kristin xx

Dear David,

OH MY GOD! WHAT a night! Well how to begin… First of all let me explain how I was dressed… I had my black leather bustier on which as you know pushes Mummy’s breasts together and up and makes them look magnificent before tapering away to those lovely leather suspender belt straps. My stockings were Christian Dior ‘Ultra Dior’ in French Champagne, it seemed appropriate for the occasion! Adorning my feet were black patent Robert Sanderson peep toe pumps. I rounded the outfit off with a black leather coat that ended just above my knees, but still showed plenty of clevage… it felt so naughty walking the streets dressed up like that LOL To be perfectly honest, it looked quite slutty my son and I DID feel like I wanted to be a slut that night!

I arrived at the club just after 11, a non-descript door with just one word ‘NOIR’ inscribed on the front. I made the necessary introductions to the doorstaff who dressed quite conservatively halkalı masöz escort and made my way inside. Basically, you need to have the password.. or a membership card or to be introduced by a member as his/her guest. Well.. as you can expect from mummy.. I am a member *S* I sat at a table next to the dance floor, which was slowly but surely becoming quite busy…and with such an array of characters! Doms and Dommes, subs and slaves, sluts and whores and pimps… . I called the waitress and ordered a cognac. The waitresses were dressed in a completely black leather and PVC approximations of a French Maid’s uniform, the skirt barely covering their pert arses, which were thrust out by the stiletto sandals each wore with seamed stockings. I let my eyes roam over these pretty young things, before the dancefloor gained my attention.

There were several gyrating couples, stroking fondling and kissing each other, not strictly man and woman either, but all mixtures, getting more and more turned-on by the music and each other… Some of the outfits were simply outrageous. One gay couple were dressed as peacocks, their stiff pricks jutting out in front of them held in place by cock rings. One woman wore a catsuit with a tail that was an *actual* cat o’nine tails and playfully she went from person to person, slapping her tail against their backsides.

It was then I caught the eye of Claudette. She looked ravishing with bright red hair and a pout that would stop you in your tracks. While she must have been forty or so, she shone out, her red stilettos dangling off black stockinged legs, that lay beneath a split red leather skirt. Her bosom nestled beautifully beneath a red halter-top. I smiled at her… She smiled back. It was just one of those moments David… when the eyes say it all. No words are needed… the eyes just find each other, connect, click… Mmmmmm I just KNEW I was in for a HOT NIGHT!

Now, it was just a question of who comes first… the age old game between two people who KNOW they will end up in bed (or park or wherever LOL) but that decision, the who comes over first is crucial in defining the way the relationship will go. Being the one who approaches doesn’t on its own put you in either a dominant or a submissive position, it is more the WAY it happens. Anyway, I decided to let her come to me, to let her make the first move and then to exploit that to my advantage, to take charge. When she crossed the room to me, I felt so good! It wasn’t just a case of recognising the opportunity… It was also an awareness that I have the advantage, that it is up to me to accept or reject. Well… there was NO WAY I would reject her advance and when she purred in my ear I listened so attentively… she had such a wonderful dark, soft voice…and oh lord, that French accent… you know how it makes mummy’s knees weak! We chit-chatted, made polite conversation, mildly mocked some of the crazier costumes and then she asked me if I knew what was upstairs at this place. I told her I did and that I had 200 euros ready for the room. Claudette smiled and said she was was prepared to pay for it all… she had something special in mind and asked me if I would kindly accept it. I raised my eyebrows and she reached into her handbag took out a pen and a small notebook and wrote something down. I picked it up and read it:


I gasped, realising I had struck gold. Trying hard to contain my excitement I kissed her once on the lips, traced my lips along her cheek to her earlobe and whispered “Let us go. Now!”

At the top of the stairs a hostess asked us what we would like and I just smiled, placed my hand around Claudette’s waist and showed the hostess the notebook. Claudette had the cash in her hand, the hostess smiled back, took the money and told us the room was ours for the night, giving us a brass key. I shivered as Claudette pressed her hand into the small of my back and we arrived at the closed door. Upon unlocking it, I gasped once more in surprise.

Inside it looked like any normal suburban living room. There was a tv, a three-piece suit, a table with chairs, a cabinet… But as we walked in and as Claudette locked the door behind us, I noticed the little differences. Each of the chairs had ankle cuff restraints. The coffee table in the centre of the rug had a dildo attachment, the cabinet was full of crops and holding devices. I trembled as Claudette kissed the back of my neck and welcomed me to my new home. As I surveyed the room once more, Claudette poured a glass of red wine from the side table. She looked at me sexily, hungrily and then in her gorgeous French accent said “Ms Kristin, I am your Son’s teacher and just so you know… we have been fucking like rabbits after school. I don’t think you like that very much do you?”

I smiled, my heart racing… I undid my coat, letting it fall to the floor, it was her turn to be pleasantly surprised as she looked at my body, and the way I was dressed.

“No, Claudette. Ms Kristin does not like it… You’ve been a VERY BAD GIRL…” And then, I walked over to her, took her hand…and slowly led her to the coffee table with the dildo attachmant and coldly said “You are lying Claudette… you are not my son’s teacher… but I am also sure you have MANY things to confess to me that are true! Sit on that dildo RIGHT away slut…and start singing!”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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