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Mother’s Red Shoes Ch. 04

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Alex grasped the base of his cock between his thumb and forefinger and, breathing steadily, gripped solidly.

“Mmm that’s it, baby, show Mummy what you’ve got.”

Katherine Peterson sat on the bedroom chair with her hands flat on her lap. Wearing only her underwear, a Secrets in Lace plunge bra in black and oyster with a thong to match, her long, luscious legs were encased in black Wolford satin stockings. The stay-up band gripped her thighs as she moved her hands across the stockingtops, tantilisingly close to her pussy.

Below her, Alex, her Son and recently her lover was naked, on his knees jerking his cock back and forth in front of his Mother’s legs. The twenty-year-old’s aim was to christen his Mother’s new shoes. Though it would have seemed odd to them a few weeks ago, the simple act of Alex’s cum now touching a pair of her heels drove Katherine insane with lust. Whatever chemical reaction had taken place, whatever molecular magic had made this occur, they both loved it.

So, on Katherine’s feet were a brand new pair of black Azagury satin court shoes. A four-inch heel on both, Katherine slowly lifted one to let her toe connect with her Son’s ballsack. Alex moaned with pleasure as his Mother stimulated his cock and balls with her new heels. Well worth the wait, she decided, well worth the money.

Originally Katherine had hoped to simply walk away with some shorter heels for a family wedding that Alex and herself were attending the next weekend. However when she had seen the shoes in the window display and Alex had squeezed her hand, she knew she had to have them too. They had left the store with both pairs, the black court shoes and a pair of brown leather slingbacks with a one inch heel. Much more respectable, for a family wedding at least. These lay in the box to Alex’s left, but right now he was concentrating on the beautiful figure of his Mother.

She leaned back in the chair and pressed her pointed toe further into Alex’s balls. He moaned and sighed and began to grip his cock harder. Katherine stared at her Son’s large, beautiful member, and smiled with delight. It fulfilled her, it consumed her. She would think about it at work, over dinner, while out grocery shopping. It was so hard to ignore. Sometimes when they were both alone in the car she would make him take it out of his jeans just so she could see it, that length of meat that drove her wild.

Alex had leaned forward to kiss and lick her nyloned legs. His cock still in his left hand, jerking, he balanced himself on her thigh with his right, clawing and kneading her thigh. He looked up at his Mother with unbridled lust, she knew he was quite capable of raping her there and then, that full, thick prick ramming deep inside her… But not tonight. Tonight she needed something else.

“I… I can’t hold on much longer, Mum…”

“I know sweetie, hold still.”

Alex straightened up, his cock, red and angry in front of him, standing hard. With both her heels, Katherine gripped the base of his cock and began to jerk backwards. The effect on Alex was instant.

He cried out in pleasure and pain as his Mum’s heels jerked him off, the stiletto heels pressing into his full balls.

“Ohhh! Ohhh, Mum!!”

The cum spat out of his cock with obscene urgency. It splattered over her black stockinged legs, it reached the dark black of her stockingtops, it dropped like rain all over her new heels. Alex cried, his hand cradling his aching cock and balls. Katherine gasped.

The moment the cum had hit her shoes, the surge ran through Katherine. That wicked, unholy power flowed through her body. Her fingers were pulling at her nipples through the thin bra material as she watched her Son erupt all over her. Her pussy, was no longer tingling. It was on fire. Trying to shake her head clear she quickly spread her legs far apart, planting her cum-covered shoes firmly on the ground.

“Pussy, now, Son…”

Alex was still dizzy and stumbled forward to the inviting site of his Mother’s thighs. He kissed her stockingtops and then the bare, pale flesh of her thighs. Katherine forced her legs wider as she guided her Son’s head to her sopping wet sex. She urged him on and innovia escort then gasped when Alex’s tongue, moved aside the thin thong and finally grazed her clit.

Katherine sat panting in the faded light of the bedroom, her Son’s mouth buried between her thighs, kissing her pussy like it was her mouth. His tongue moved all over her lips before settling on her clit and then flicking it up and down with abandon. She moaned with pleasure as his fingers gripped his Mother’s pert arse and buried his tongue in her pussy up to her hilt. Her fingers moved from her nipples to his hair, tousling it, pulling on it. She wanted this cum, she could feel this cum.

“Yes… yes…” her voice rose with each intonation. She wanted to grind her pussy into his face, to use him like a machine. She began to buck with her hips as his tongue moved faster and faster over her enflamed sex. Her thighs squeezed together around his head as he brought her closer and closer to her orgasm. Katherine began to scream.

Her climax seemed to shatter both of them, she rocked back and forth with her hips, head swung back in ecstatic bliss. Her fingers were tangled in his hair, pulling to keep the union of mouth and pussy as she rode out the climax. He cries turned to mews of echoing delight as it reverberated around them both. And when Alex looked up she smiled with such love.

And as Mother and Son held each other, wrapped in an orgasmic dream, the light in the room began to fade and gave way to dusk. Katherine stood up and took her Son’s hand leading him to her bed. The weekend was young and there was much fucking to be done still. Katherine closed her eyes and dreamed about the deep, long screwing her Son would give her that morning.

Neither of them noticed the tiny drop of cum seeping into the brown leather of the slingbacks still wrapped in tissue paper in their open box.

* * *

Five days later and Alex was adjusting his tie, his arms bared on a suit that was a little too small for him. Katherine poked her head around his bedroom door. Tutting she walked over.

“Here let me do it…” She straightened the tie and his collar. “There, now you’re all set to escort me.”

Alex looked his Mother up and down. There was no denying it, she looked hot in her cream two piece skirt and jacket. He noticed her light coloured nylons too, topped-off with the brown slingbacks.

“Mmm, come here…” Alex grabbed his Mother’s bum and pressed himself against her. She smacked his shoulder and pushed back.

“Stop it! You’ll ruin my make-up! This is a family gathering remember…” Katherine turned to her Son’s mirror and checked her lipstick.

“I know, it’s just difficult when you look so good, Mum…”

“Down boy! Maybe later…”


Katherine sighed and smiled. Putting her purse down, she faced Alex and then slowly, demurely reached down to the hem of her skirt and bent her leg. In time honoured fashion she slid her skirt up to the band of white that crowned her stockings, clipped to a soft cream garter belt.

Her Son sighed with happiness as Katherine let him get a good look. If time allowed she knew she would do this everyday for him. Then she dropped the skirt and grabbed her purse.

“Come on, we need to get moving!”

The boy nodded as his Mother walked out and then noticed something odd. He was aroused, yes, but uncomfortably so… He tried to forget about as he figured it would go away.

The wedding ceremony was thankfully a short affair. It was Katherine’s cousin who was remarrying and herself and Alex both perched in a pew on the bride’s side throughout. Alex fidgeted during the service and Katherine kept giving him looks. What was wrong with him? She couldn’t have riled him up that much could he?

The reception took place in small hotel mercifully only across the road from the church. Alex hurriedly found the gents as the guests began to help themselves to drinks and quickly locked the door of a cubicle. Inside he gingerly unzipped his trousers. His cock sprang straightforward, much to his surprise. God, it felt good to be free of its confines, but the only time it got this hard was istanbul escort during his playtimes sessions with Mum. The young man decided to try and ignore it. He carefully pushed the cock back inside his suit trousers and walked slowly to the washbasins.

Outside Katherine was waiting for him holding two glasses of champagne. The puzzled Mother leaned in, her voice low.

“What on earth is wrong with you? You look like you had ants in your pants in the church!”

Alex gratefully accepted the glass and took a swig.

“I’m really, I mean really… full-on down there! Like one of your play sessions…”

Katherine looked about nervously to make sure no one was watching them.

“Well, can’t you do something about it?”

The young man frowned. “I could try, I’m just hoping it will go away.”

“Well let’s hope it does. Go on, go and sit down while I talk to your Aunt Jean.”

Alex decided to join some his younger relatives at a table. As the drink flowed and Alex chatted he found the sensation was slowly receding. It had been exactly like that feeling of when Mum wore those special red shoes he liked so much. Like they were here… Could one of his relatives be wearing some? The thought worried him but doing a quick scan of the room he shrugged it off. No, it had been when he’d been close to his Mother. Like his Mother was wearing a pair of the ‘christened’ shoes. Alex’s eyes widened as he began to think what might have happened. He decided to try an experiment. Excusing himself from his chatting second cousins, he walked over to where his Mum was sat listening to his Aunt Jean. Before getting to the table he paused. If he was right about this he may need a distraction. He quickly crouched down, pretending to tie his shoelace, when in fact he was doing the exact opposite. He then approached the table.

“Hi Aunt Jean, nice to see you.”

Alex smiled at the heavy-set woman in her fifties sat opposite his Mother. He really didn’t like his Aunt Jean too much, but a sacrifice had to be made in the interests of science.

“Hello, Alex, how are you- oh, be careful, your shoelace is untied.”

Feigning surprise Alex quickly crouched down to tie it. He hoped the ruse worked, he knew his Mum would hate the idea of him touching her shoes in such a public place. Luckily Aunt Jean seemed to be content with wittering on about how useless his Uncle had been.

God, his Mum’s legs looked sexy. The nylon of the stockings shone in the sunlight of the afternoon through the hotel windows. Her pretty toes glistened beneath the satiny mesh of the stocking. Those slingbacks were wonderful. Katherine flexed her toes allowing the strap to fall slightly down her ankle, creating a gap between her foot and the shoe. An image flashed into Alex’s mind. His cock trapped inbetween that gap. His Mum gently pressing her stockinged heel on to his cock, milking it as she mashed it against the shoe. His cock was beginning to spring back into life.

Aunt Jane was still talking about his Uncle. Alex used the opportunity and quickly dragged his fingers across the leather strap and his Mother’s nylon toes.

The effect was instantaneous. Despite feeling his Mother kick out at the touch, Alex’s cock suddenly began to swell again. No doubt about it, his cum must have landed on the slingbacks by accident. Sweat began to bead on his brow. Standing up, he awkwardly turned sideways. His head was rushing, he felt dizzy.

“You OK, Alex? You look like you’ve had a funny turn.” His Aunt Jean stared at his reddening face.

“It’s a, um, dodgy curry I had last night. Excuse me. Back in a bit…”

Alex walked quickly away from the table back in the direction of the toilets. Trying not to look anyone in the eye and aware that his cock was rapidly expanding, he fumbled through the toilet door and returned to the cubicle he had previously found refuge in. His cock ached for release, it was demanding to be set free!

He unzipped his trousers once more. It was a monster! Thick, purple, veined and throbbing. Jesus, what a fool he’d been! Why couldn’t he have left his Mother’s shoes alone? God, he needed relief. He went kadıköy escort to grasp the base of his cock and immediately cried out. What was wrong?! He tried once more only to shout in surprise.

The feeling was just too intense. What the hell was he gonna do if he couldn’t wank?! At that moment, he heard the toilet’s outer door creak.

Shit! No not now! He bit down on his hand and leaned against the cubicle door. Go away! Go away!

“Alex… it’s Mummy… where are you, darling?”

The soft voice wove feelings of comfort and extreme lust through the young man. He opened the door lock.

“In here!”

Katherine hurried over and slid though the gap he had left. Locking the door once more she gasped as she saw the eager prick bobbing in front of her.

“Oh dear Lord…” Mesmerised, Katherine reached out and touched the cock with thumb and forefinger.

“No, Mum- I AHHHH!” Alex cried out.

Katherine started back. “Do you make that noise when you touch it?” Alex nodded, frowning. He was clearly in desperate need. Katherine weighed up her options. Her Son needed assistance. A Mother’s touch. A comforting hand. In her mind the image of her wearing a tarty nurses uniform appeared. Now where had that come from? She could kneel down and suck it out of him, but then he would still be wailing, not to mention getting her stockings dirty on this bathroom floor! She decided on one option. The most assertive option.

“Stand up straight and try not to make a sound!” Alex nodded at his gorgeous Mother’s instructions. She inched around the back of Alex in the cubicle and then in one swift movement, her right hand wrapped around his body to grab his cock while her left hand reached over his mouth and handgagged him. She gripped on both tightly. Alex’s body stiffened in surprise.

Katherine whispered in her Son’s ear. “Make one fucking sound and you will go without me for a month!”

The lad swiftly nodded his assent. Katherine knew she needed to work fast. Gripping the base of her Son’s cock her hand worked the shaft as fast as she dare, lest Alex bite her hand in an attempt to scream. Instead he made the smallest of mewing noises. Katherine clutched at his cock harder than ever before. He shuddered as his Mother pulled and yanked on his manhood, pausing only to squeeze his cum filled balls. Her hand clamped over his mouth felt good, she was in control. Her mouth moved back to his ear.

“Such a dirty little boy aren’t you, coming into a filthy place like this to wank! What would your family think?! It’s a good job you have your Mother her to help show what a depraved little boy you’ve become! You’re going to cum for me now… cum for me, get all that dirty, sticky cum out of your balls. Do it for me, Son, do it for Mother now!”

Alex bit down on his jaw to stop himself from screaming as the ropes of white semen ejaculated all over the walls of the cubicle. Katherine maintained her grip on his penis and mouth as he twisted in extreme pleasure, the tension pulsing from him as his Mother drained him. She squeezed and milked the large cock until the last few drops fell onto the floor. Alex shook. Slowly Katherine slid her hand from her Son’s mouth.

“Better?” she smiled at him. He nodded, taking deep breaths of air. Still half in a daze the lad grabbed some toilet paper and began to wipe down the walls. Katherine reached into her bag and picked out a dainty white handkerchief. Wiping her own hands, she turned her Son towards her and used the hanky to wipe down his cock. At that moment the toilet creaked open once more.

Katherine, holding her Son’s cock in her hands, with the hanky draped over it, froze.

“Is everything OK?” came the voice of Aunt Jean.

“F-fine,” Katherine croaked back, not realising how dry her mouth was. “Alex has just been a bit ill, that’s all.”

“See you in a minute then.” Aunt Jean left the toilets.

Katherine wiped the last few drops of cum from his cock and pushed it back into his suit trousers.

“Come on you,” she said. “Let’s go back and tell everyone that you’ve got a dicky tummy.”

“Heh, I had a dicky something, Mum…”

“Cut that out!” Katherine reopened the cubicle door. Then in a voice loud enough to be heard outside. “And that means no more drinking for you today, young man!” With that, she grinned at Alex and walked out. He moved over to the wash basins, scowling.

He could have sworn that as his Mother had left, she’d wiggled her arse at him.

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