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Moving up with my Boyfriend’s Dad

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When I was about to begin high school, my family moved a few towns over. We were very much a working-class family. My Mom was a secretary in a doctor’s office part-time. My stepdad (more on him in another story) owned his own business, with very modest success. My parents decided they would use that modest success to upgrade our schooling. We moved to a wealthier town. We went from middle-class in a middle-class town to lower-class in an upper-class town. This made me a bit of a social misfit. It was only a few towns over, but diversity in our old town meant Puerto Rican and Black. In my new neighborhood, diversity meant Jewish and Indian. Socio-economic standing did not mean anything to me previously, and here it made it hard to fit in.

I grew up a bit of a tomboy. Usually hung out with the boys and played football. I was athletic and liked to play baseball and football. Obviously, that was not available to girls as you got older. When I started high school, I got into gymnastics. I really enjoyed it, but still had trouble making friends. The girls in gymnastics had grown up going to upper-class gyms with the best equipment. I was new to it, and was just athletic. I had the right build at the time. I was short, flexible, not an ounce of fat on me. My first couple years in the new school was tough. I remember really wanting to fit in with the popular kids. But they were always off on ski trips to their parent’s cabins. The athletic kids played sports we just did not play like lacrosse and field hockey. They talked about their older siblings at Ivy League schools. This just was not my environment. Then, adolescence came with a bang.

As the years passed and nature ran its course, I filled out. I turned 18 that summer. A late bloomer, for sure. My breasts grew. My butt and hips widened. I spent that summer begging my parents to drive me back home to our old town, and if they wouldn’t, then I spent the day sunning in our backyard. I was always pretty, but now I had a body to go with it. And instead of just that cute kid, I was now a woman. I had light brown hair, green eyes. A beautiful smile. I began to get attention from men. My stepbrother’s friends would come over and wolf-whistle while I was in my bikini. If they weren’t being obnoxious, they were subtle in their ogling. I noticed and I enjoyed the new attention. I’d be lying if I said, I didn’t. And I learned how to keep them coming back for more. When laying on my stomach, I would undo the clasp on my bikini top. If they were sleeping over, I’d walk out of my room wearing a t-shirt and panties. It was my awakening. It wasn’t just boys, though. When we would be out as a family, the older men would take an extra look. When I did make it over to my friend’s houses, their Dads seemed to enjoy having me around more. I had to admit, the attention of older men, excited me even more.

Before the school year, I begged my step-brother to take me to the mall for new clothes. I had saved all of my allowance and had volunteered to do extra chores. I bought clothes that fit our school, and my new body, better. I also bought new underwear. I was determined to be a part of the popular crowd.

Of course, I still had my insecurities. That is why, in hindsight, I settled. When the first boy came sniffing around, I snatched him up. His name was Dan and was very into me. He played football and lacrosse. He was in the same grade as me. He was Jewish. His father was incredibly successful. He was in the concrete business and was a Ankara escort regional VP. His parents had divorced a year or two before that, and Dan had taken it very hard. Apparently, his Dad had been unfaithful but his Mom had no proof. When she accused him, he kicked her out. Although Dan was resentful of his Dad, he chose to live with him. Dan’s financial well-being was wrapped up in his Dad and he needed him to pay for college. From what I understood, his Mom practically begged him to live with his Dad. Dan did not have the most athletic build, he was a little stocky. He was not typically attractive. But he was smart. There were certain things to be attracted to, but really I just wanted a boyfriend. At the time, I thought I was head over heels in love.

Subconsciously, Dan was my in to the popular crowd. He was not a core member, but someone who hung out with them occasionally. He had the money and background. He was just not conventionally high school cool. We would go to parties when they were in town, but we seldom got invited to the ski trips or beach weekends. But I was happy with my little niche.

In the fall of my senior year, I began working for Dan’s dad. His name was Mike. As I mentioned, Mike was very successful. Although Dan talked about him like he was a ladies man, I never saw any women around. We spent the vast majority of our time at Dan’s house. He always seemed to be focused on his business. I decided I needed a job because I wanted to save up for a car. When Dan told his Dad, his Dad offered for me to work for him. Dan already did, so I thought that would work out great. Well, his Dad did not want me to work in the business. He wanted me to run the house. Basically, it was my job to clean the house, pay the bills, sort the mail, take the dog for walks, clean the pool, etc. It certainly was not glamorous but he paid me well more than most high school juniors were earning in their jobs. And I was over at the house most of the time anyway. Now I had to be there, even when Dan was not.

Dan’s dad started putting a lot on his plate. He put him in a college prep courses. He put more on his plate with the business. He demanded top grades because he wanted Dan to excel and take his job one day. It was a lot of pressure. Although I was spending more time at the house, I felt like it was with Mike more than Dan. Mike was very kind to me. He always complimented the work I was doing for him. He also complimented my looks. He always told me how beautiful I looked that day. He said that this was my house too and gave me a key. I was permitted to use the pool whenever I wanted. The master bathroom had a jacuzzi tub and he told me I could use that as I pleased. Of course, I took advantage. I was over there a lot. He allowed me to use an extra car of his. And now I had a lot more money to do with whatever I wanted. And I noticed Mike look at me in a different way.

He was touchy feely. He would hug me often. When he did he squeezed me tight. And would look down at me, not necessarily at my face but through my cleavage. If I was using the pool or laying out, he would come outside and talk to me a bit. Always wearing sunglasses. But I could tell he was taking in my body. One day, he walked in on me in the jacuzzi tub. There was no chance he did not know I was in there, although that is what he said. You know how loud those things are.

I liked it, though. This older, successful man seemed to be interested in me. This was not about high school cliques, anymore. Ankara escort bayan This was above that. I encouraged his advances. I wore less clothing to their house. Sometimes just a bikini top and very tight, short shorts. I used some of the money that I had to buy clothes, underwear, and bikinis that were more revealing. And I only wore them at Mike’s house. It was no longer Dan’s house to me, it was Mike’s.

I began to snoop around his stuff a little more. His closet was incredible. I can still smell what his clothes smelled like. I found handcuffs in there once. I found condoms. I realize that it sounds tacky, but I noticed they were magnum-sized. I was in lust for Mike.

May brought prom. Dan and I planned a whole weekend together. We were going to the dance Saturday, and spend Sunday by the pool with some cold beverages. At least, that was the plan. Saturday, we got ready at Mike’s house. I had spent more on my dress then I had spent on anything yet. It was a very tight pink dress that went to about mid-thigh. I had stiletto heels to go with it. My cleavage really stood out in the dress (by now I was a 34D). I could only wear a g-string with it (any other underwear would show) and no bra. When Mike was taking our pictures, he seemed to be looking at me exclusively.

As we were getting in the limo, Mike said, “Dan, I am going to need you at the office all day tomorrow. We have a big sales pitch coming up Monday with the new insurance company opening here.”

“Dad! Laura and I had plans tomorrow!” Dan protested.

“Sorry, pal. You are welcome to stay, of course, Laura,” said Mike.

We drove off. We made the best of it, but Dan was in a sour mood all evening. He needed to turn in early so we barely got to party at all. When we got back to the house, Dan went to bed shortly thereafter. I went to the living room to watch tv. I was wearing a t-shirt of Dan’s and my g-string. I did not realize Mike was still up.

“Oh! I’m sorry, I figured you were in bed,” I said to Mike.

“No worries, join me!” said Mike.

We stayed up for a couple hours chatting and watching cable movies. He was drinking and as always, he allowed me to have a couple cocktails. We had a lot of fun. We sat on the couch together and at one point, Mike put his hand on my bare leg. His thumb massaged my inner thigh as his hand sat just above my knee. I was incredibly turned on and wet. My face was flush. I just tried to carry on the conversation as if nothing was happening.

Eventually Mike, declared it was time to turn in. I agreed. It seemed to happen abruptly. I wondered what he was thinking. We walked upstairs together, me ahead of him. As we were walking, it occurred to me that he may be able to see my ass in the g-string. I tried to sway my hips a little more as we ascended. When we got to the top of the stairs we turned to each other to say good night, he leaned in to kiss my cheek and I moved my mouth towards him and kissed him on the mouth. I hurried away before I could see his reaction.

The next morning, Dan left early for work. I got up with him and made breakfast for myself. Afterwards, I changed into my bikini and sat by the pool. An hour later, Mike got up and came outside with a cup of coffee. He was wearing just boxer shorts, and he looked incredible.

“Beautiful morning, beautiful woman,” he observed to me.

“Thank you, you’re not so bad to look at yourself,” I replied.

“You flatter me,” he said.

I was so turned Escort Ankara on by this man. I wanted to see how far this would go. “Would you mind applying some sun block to my back?” I inquired.

“I think I can do that,” he hesitantly agreed.

Immediately, I flipped to my stomach. I undid the clasp on my top and threw it to the side. “No tan lines for me!” I excitedly said.

He sat down and I felt the cool lotion hit my back. As his hand touched my body, I involuntarily groaned. “Sorry it just feels great,” I said nervously.

He said nothing and continued. He was thorough and I had to bite my lip several times to prevent noises from escaping my mouth again. Several times his hands grazed the sides of my breasts.

“All finished, I think,” he said.

“Can you get my legs, too?”

“I suppose.”

He moved further down and began working my legs. I was wearing Brazilian style bottoms. It’s not quite a thong, but it doesn’t cover everything. As he came close to my ass, I opened my legs further to him. But he stopped.

“I don’t think I should go any higher,” he said.

“Please!” I shrieked. “I really want an all over tan and will have to change suits if you don’t put the lotion higher.”


He proceeded. Since he was nervous, he put too much lotion there and had way too much for my ass and top of my legs. He tried the best he could and it felt amazing. When his hands first touched my ass cheeks, it was his turn to groan.

“I need to wash my hands,” he said and ran inside. As he did, I noticed he was erect.

This was it, this was my time.

I got up and discarded my bikini bottoms. I was completely naked as I followed him into the house. His back was to me at the sink as I inched behind him. I crept behind, and placed my hands around his waist and grasped his member. It was huge.

“Do you mind?” I said as I dropped to my knees. He turned and looked at me, as my hands grasped his boxers and took them to the ground. His cock sprang free and slapped me in the face. I licked it and was in total, complete lust for Mike. I tried to take as much of it into my mouth as possible. He was starting at me, and seemed to be out of control lust for me, too.

“You teasing bitch,” he growled. “You take that cock. I have been wanting this for years, and today I am going to give it to you.”

I loved the dirty talk. As his cock escaped my lips, he forcefully pulled me up to him. I hopped into his grasp and put my legs around his torso. My pussy lips, wet with ecstasy, were grazing his cock. We kissed. It was not remotely beautiful. It was tongues everywhere. Dirty.

He threw me across the kitchen island and buried his face in my cunt. I screamed in pleasure and had the most intense orgasm of my life. He licked me clean as I orgasmed multiple times. He laid down on the floor, and I mounted him. I placed his cock at the entrance of my box and sat back. It was pure ecstasy. I had to work him in a little at a time, but with each inch I was fitting in I was cumming all over his cock.

As I worked his cock further into my pussy, he was mauling my breasts with his hands. It hurt but it felt good at the same time. As I had enough in that I was able to sit back on his cock, I began to bounce up and down. He got a pained look on his face and I just continued knowing that he was about to cum inside me. He did and I felt him shoot his love juice into my womb. It was incredible.

We fucked the rest of that day. Shortly thereafter, I broke up with Dan. I continued to work for Mike, but my job duties basically became fucking him. Mike paid for me to go to college, claiming he wanted me to join the business. But we both knew, I was his whore.

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