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Mrs. Hansen Ch. 03

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Thanks again for the comments and criticisms. For the person that wrote the full page email THANKS I NEEDED THAT?

Part 3

The drive home was uneventful except I could not keep my eyes off those gorgeous legs that were Mrs. Hansen. Her dress was hiked to the middle of her thighs and showed enough skin to keep me excited in anticipation.

Was she really going to let me do things to her that I had only dreamed about? Was I about to lose my virginity? God, these thoughts ran through my mind and my pants were about to burst. I only hoped that what I thought would come true would prove to be real.

We pulled into her drive, she pushed the remote on her visor, the garage door opened and she pulled the car in and parked. Shutting off the engine she pulled the keys from the ignition tossing them to me she spoke for the first time since leaving the shopping mall lot and huskily said, “Open the door and wait for me in the den, Jason.”

Fumbling with the key in the lock my hands awaking nervously I finally won and the door opened.

Mrs. Hansen scooted past me in the door way and as she did her breasts lightly past over my chest and I gasped with arousal. She smiled demurely and headed up the stairs. I closed the door and entered the den.

I sat down on the couch and nervously tapped my knee when Mrs. Hansen called down. “Jason, get us something to drink. There is soda or juice in the refrigerator. I’ll have a glass of cranberry cocktail, please.”

I went to the kitchen and was really shocked to find this room huge and well stocked with every kind of appliance that it was difficult to make out the refrigerator but finally opened the correct door and reaching the bottle of cocktail I turned and almost dropped the bottle.

“I’m sorry if I startled you, Jason. I thought you heard me come in.”

“Uh, no, Mrs. Hansen you scared the he…heck out of me,” I said breathlessly. My eyes were immediately drawn to her chest as the gown she chose was low cut and cleavage abounded.

“Again I’m sorry, pour us a glass and bring it to the family room.” Hunting around for a minute I found the glass cupboard and grabbed the glasses. antalya escort Pouring the glasses full, I put away the bottle and headed for the room where I could see Mrs. Hansen sitting in the loveseat that was positioned so she could be seen from the doorway. I was taken aback a little and my eyes met hers as I slowly approached the glasses shaking in my hands. I managed to set both glasses on the coffee table before I spilled the juice in the carpet.

As I stood before her not 3 feet away I could look down the front of her dressing gown and my eyes set upon her nearly naked breasts.

“Sit down her beside me Jason.” She reached for the glass of cranberry cocktail and sipped slowly. “You’ve been staring at me since we left that mall, are you ok?”

“Yes, Ma’am. You are just so beautiful I can hardly keep from staring.” My gaze was once again drawn to her breasts. They were ample and seemed to be about to burst from the gown. I sat down a few feet from her my excitement was evident, my breath was harsh and a bead of perspiration formed on my forehead.

“Relax, Jason. I’m not going to bite you; I may suck you and lick you but I won’t bite.”

Mrs. Hansen inched her way closer and breathed lustfully in my ear, “I want you to touch me, Jason.” I turned towards her and nervously laid my hand on her breast. She moaned softly and laid her hand on my thigh. I fondled her breast nervously until she laid her hand on mine and pressed harder. I took the hint and kneaded her globe forcefully. I noticed her nipple was hard so I took the nub of flesh between the first and middle finger and rolled it back and forth.

I was proud to her moan and her whispered breath, “That’s good, Jason.” I felt her tongue snake into my ear and lick heatedly. “Suck my nipple, Jason, suck it hard,” I took her right nipple and licked tentatively. “Suck hard, Baby, c’mon and do it.” I took the little nubbin and part of her tit and sucked as hard as I could.

“Oh God, yes…that feels so good.” She took my left hand and placed it between her parted thighs and moaned, “See how wet you make me, Jason, I can’t wait for your cock there. It’s been so long. I’m so hot please kemer escort put your finger in my pussy.” Her panties were so skimp and soaked with her juices that they tore when I tried to slide them away from her mound.

“Just rip them off, Honey stick your finger in, hurry.” Her hips were undulating madly as her hips sought the relief of my finger that she desperately cried for. I came in contact with her furry bush and her hair was matted from her overflowing juice, my finger immediately seeking her wet canal. I stretched the two middle fingers and entered her.

The hole there was hot and wet. I plunged my digits in as far as I could go and pulled out slowly.

“Yes…Oh God, yes…finger fuck me, Jason I am so close to cumming on your hand, please harder, do me harder.”

My wrist was starting to cramp from the position we were in and I spoke excitedly, “Lie back, Mrs. Hansen, my hand is hurting and I want to be able to finger you as I sit beside you on the floor.”

She wasted no time and lay back with one foot on the floor and the other stretched across the back of the couch. This opened her cunt like a flower petal and I could smell her excitement. I reached for her pussy and plunged forcefully three fingers and started banging her hard. Her whimpers of joy were music to my ears and I was not going to let up until I made her cum hard!

“Pull your cock out Jason; let me see you stroke yourself while you finger me.” I did not withdraw my fingers form her but I managed to stand up and drop my pants and boxers. My dick sprang forth like a springboard. I sat back down and wrapped my hand around my hard-on. I was wet from the pre cum I had leaked while I fucked Mrs. Hansen and that acted as a lubricant. I stroked cautiously; I did not want to cum yet! I was hoping that I would get a chance to yet lose my virginity.

My right hand was furiously fucking Mrs. Hansen’s pussy, my left hand stroking my cock. Mrs. Hansen’s eyes were drawn to my crotch and watched as I jacked my dick. “You don’t know how hot it is to watch you stroke your hard cock; I’m going to cum on your fingers now, stand up and stick your konyaaltı escort hot cock in my mouth. I want you to fill my mouth with your horny teenage cum when I orgasm.”

Man, hearing her talk like that I almost wasted my sperm to the carpet but I pulled myself up and tentatively leaned across her head. I touched the head of my wet dick on her lips, her mouth opened and I dropped a few inches in. Her lips closed and voraciously sucked in more of my meat.

“Jason, you don’t have to be tender…Shove your cock in my throat. I want you to face fuck me”

I lost it. The only thing that I thought about was cumming in this older woman’s throat and her swallowing my sperm.

As I added a fourth digit in her pussy I grabbed the hair on the top of her head and forcefully pulled her face to my pubic hair, her swallowing and slightly gagging only fueled the fire in me. I was fucking rapidly in her mouth and would occasionally draw back enough to let her catch her breath.

This lasted for a few more strokes and her breathing became rapid and her hips were straining against my hand seeking the orgasm she had waited so long for and it was drawing near. So was I and as I felt and heard her scream, her vaginal walls sucking in my fingers I knew she was cumming.

Her pussy actually ejaculated her cum and it soaked my hand and the couch. Her river flowed for another few seconds and it was then that I felt the tickling in the head of my cock and as my balls were drawing up and wrinkling I came with a force like I’ve never felt. Volleys of sperm coated her cheeks and throat and I felt her try to swallow the load I had deposited.

She started to gag and her hands flew to my hips and pushed me back a little but not enough to withdraw completely. She continued to suckle and I shot a couple more times but with less force and Mrs. Hansen kept swallowing to keep up. I felt her tongue under the crown licking the few drops that dribbled out.

After I had none left in me I withdrew my hand from her pussy and stumbled back down to the floor. My knees weak and shaking. As I sat she reached down grabbed my wet wrist and brought them to her lips. Kicking each finger of her juices she looked at me with a gleam in her eye. She knew that her sucking my fingers would turn me on again and in no time my cock hardened.

“That was so good…I can’t wait to have your cock deep inside me…”

Part 4 coming soon??? Should there be???

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