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Mrs. Jennifer C Ch. 01

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Long awaited liaison with an older coworker’s wife! This story is purely a tale of fantasy, although the character base is quite real the actual events never took place (except in my wildest dreams).

Jennifer had the most amazing breasts Jimmy had never seen. You see she was the wife of a coworker. They had been acquainted for some 17 years and all this time she had been the object his fantasies. Although he no longer worked with John he was still in touch via mutual friends. This is how Jimmy came to find out about the demise of their marriage “if ever I could be a chance it must be now” he resolved. How could I make this happen?

Jennifer, at 42 was about 6 years older than Jimmy and throughout his sexual existence and driven by his desire for her, he had developed a love of mature women; he found them more open and sexually relaxed than younger immature “girls” as he put it. He adored their curves, their voluptuousness, their wet almost gaping pussies rather than an unaccommodating vice like pussy. He loved the way their breasts sagged slightly, the paunch they often produced. Now more than ever he wanted her badly. Jennifer was just so damn sexy and her ex absolutely treated her with such contempt he was surprised they actually lasted this long.

Jimmy had hatched a plan. He began to frequent any bars or clubs that they had ever been to previously to see bands and socialize, he’d hoped for a possible chance meeting. Never did they cross paths.

Then one day after some 6 months of hoping, as he drove home after work one afternoon there she was by the side of the road. Her sporty little car bonnet was up and she had her mobile phone to her ear. Unable to believe this turn of fate he swiftly pulled his work Ute to the curb. A wide glowing smile illuminated her beautiful face when she realized whom it was that had kindly stopped to help and not some sleazebag stranger. As he stepped out from his vehicle he heard her trailing words “hold on mum, I think a knight in shining armour has just come to my rescue, call you back shortly!”, “Is your timing incredible, I’m so glad to see you Jimmy, my car has just stopped and I have to pick up Katie [her eldest child] from work” she exclaimed.

“This may take a while” he said “Call John and see if he could get her and I’ll see if I can get you moving again” Jimmy suggested. As she made the call, in the background he could overhear her side of the ensuing argument and realized that John was not happy about the situation but alas agreed when she said she would be there as soon as her car was fixed. He had meanwhile discovered what the problem was. “You’ve had trouble starting this lately?” he asked when she returned to his side, more a statement than a question.

“Yes” was her reply, “how did you know?”

“Well your battery terminals are corroded and I noticed your hazards are slow and dull, I guess either your battery has dropped a cell or two, or maybe just the bad connection is the problem”. “Did you pull over and stop here?”

“Yes, I had to take a phone call and then it wouldn’t start again”.

Jimmy cleaned the terminals after collecting some tools from his Ute then produced a jump-pack to get her car started. “Oh god” she said when it fired up first time “you are a winner!” as he took his tools back to the Ute she followed close behind “Kylie is at Johns for dinner now, no rush, care for a drink? I owe you one!” She exclaimed.

“A drink with this gorgeous, shapely blonde, how could I refuse?” he thought to himself and promptly agreed. They drove to the nearest bar, a new one in town and to spite her stern disapproval Jimmy brought the first round. Jimmy could have sworn her blouse was buttoned higher when they were at the roadside, now he was confronted with her generous cleavage and just a hint of the red lacy bra beneath her black silky top. They mutually decided to adjourn to the verandah to sit as there was nobody out there. They caught up on passed events including the details of her cheating ex and his escapades. He also noted that she had managed to keep the family home and Katie was living with her but Martin was with his father.

Jennifer opened her handbag and produced her cigarettes, as she removed one Jimmy was quick to offer her a light from his pocket. Women who smoked had always been a turn on to him, he had long come to the realization he was a smoke fetishist and Jennifer was always one of the most elegant and sexy women he had ever seen partake. As she drew on the cigarette and exhaled to the air above, her breasts heaved in unison. Jimmy was becoming increasingly more aroused being in her company. After three drinks they had to stop or neither of them would be able to drive anywhere. As they got up to leave Jennifer could clearly see the discomfort Jimmy’s swollen member was causing him, he had to excuse himself to attend to gents in order to get his bludgeoning cock under control. “He is really turned on by me” she concluded to herself, “has he always been?” she wondered trying to recall if she had felt this before, “He couldn’t get his eyes off my breasts, unless it was to watch antalya escort me smoke”. Jennifer could feel the increasing wetness of her pussy soaking the gusset of her red panties at the kinkiness of this intriguing man, “hmmmm” she thought as she unfastened another button of her top. As Jimmy came out of the gents’ room she passed him with a radiant, cheeky smile and entered the ladies room. “I am going to fuck him” she concluded as she lowered her wet panties and sat to drain her swollen bladder.

Afterwards Jennifer washed and reapplied her mauve glossy lipstick in the mirror, her wet panties now placed inside the top of her handbag she had decided she was going to tease the hell out of him before letting him claim his prize, “could I last that long?” She asked herself “as long as I can” was her silent answer. She wanted hot sex badly, it had been over six months since she had taken a lover and that was nothing special to talk about. A ‘Wham bam thank you mam and drift off to sleep type’ since then her toys had been her reliable plastic partner. She had now decided that Jimmy was to be her next lover and this kinky little tease she had planned would only increase the sexual tension and inevitable release when the moment arrived.

As she re-entered the room Jim stared wide eyed at the vixen before his eyes, a broad smile adorned his rugged, rough shaven face, he glared brazenly at the milky white deep cleavage he was fronted with. “What?” She said with a slight giggle.

“Dim-witted idiot” He replied.

“Hey” She retorted with fake disgust in her voice, she knew where he was heading with this, but nevertheless wanted to hear his words.

“John” He quickly elaborated. “You are an incredibly beautiful, sexy and intelligent woman Jennifer, he was never worthy of you” he elaborated while looking her over from head to toe. Jennifer was of course glowing inside having heard the compliment spoken aloud before turning and heading for the door.

As they made their way outside to the car park jimmy began to wonder if indeed his fantasy was beginning to slip away from his grasp. He needn’t have been too concerned because as they crossed the parking lot toward their vehicles her hand slipped gracefully inside his back pocket. Before he’d realized what was happening he turned to look just as she was moving in to kiss him. As their lips made contact it was as if a jolt of electricity was charged through his entire system, he was indeed taken by surprise. It was a soft lingering kiss, not overtly passionate but incredibly sensual. Her hand lightly squeezed the cheek of his ass.

They broke the kiss shortly after “Thank you for rescuing me” she quickly added “I think I at least owe you dinner sometime soon?” was the subtle invitation offered “Call me” she added.

“Do you still have the same number?” he quickly asked.

“No. The home phone has been changed but you have my mobile number” she said smiling as she moved in closer to him once again while slipping something from the top of her handbag, she forced her hand into his back pocket again but this time depositing her soiled panties and her business card. Again they kissed but this time with much more fever as their bodied closed in on each other, their eyes closed as their probing tongues began to explore the others mouth. Jennifer rested her weight on the ball of one foot as she leaned into him, His embrace was strong and comforting as their bodies melded into one mass. Jim could taste the fresh aroma of her last cigarette and began to harden instantly, the effects of which didn’t pass unnoticed to Jennifer. Her protruding nipples as they pushed against her blouse, lightly scratching against his chest as they embraced, so prominent even through their clothing.

‘Blip Blip’ went the keyless entry doors of her car as she broke from their coupling. “Tomorrow!” was the last word she said before opening the door and slinking into the driver’s seat. Starting the engine and pouting a kiss and a wink directed at Jim as she drove away to pickup her daughter, her tongue seductively ran across her upper lip.

Awestruck was the only way to describe Jimmy’s feeling at that moment, he reached behind and extracted the garment and card from out of his pocket. The scent of a woman filled his nostrils as he brought his hand toward his face to examine the printed details before him. He felt as if he was going to cum in his pants right then and there. He drove home, his mind playing over and over the events of the evening as he drove in silence. Once home, parking the Ute and opening the door to his house he tossed the panties upon his bed and made a beeline to the fridge. He extracted a cold beer before heading to the bathroom for a warm relaxing shower.

Completely toweled off and in his casual clothes he quickly prepared some dinner and retreated to the office to check his emails as he did every evening. A quick flick of the remote control and the stereo swung into life with Deep Purple’s “Lady double dealer”. After answering all the mail requiring urgent attention he opened a new email and typed Jennifer’s address kemer escort into the recipients line, subject, Incredible! He pondered for a long time what exactly he would write but instead chose to leave it at that and send it away with only his signature attached which of course contained all of his relevant contact information.

After 2 beers and dinner he retreated to his lonely bed to read when his mobile chimed out an incoming text warning. It was Jennifer’s number; obviously she too was at her computer earlier and had gotten his email. Interesting, he thought to himself as he retrieved her lacy panties from the side table where he had since placed them and read the text; Got you on my mind Jimmy! No dinner tomorrow kids at my home, Friday netball, but how is Saturday for you?

Saturday is looking like the brightest day of the week! Where, when? He replied. Half an hour had passed without a reply, all the while with her luscious body entrenched in his thoughts, visions of her sensual display of smoking, his cock began to harden again, with her aromatic panties as his link to their encounter he masturbated wildly, leaving his seed entrenched in the gusset of the garment.

Later when he was all but drifted off to sleep his mobile brought him back to life; TO BE ANNOUNCED, was all that it read.

Thursday was one of the longest days he could remember enduring in a long time. Thankfully it was busy enough to keep his mind occupied so it wasn’t filled entirely with thoughts of her all day. He thought it best not contact her at all this day although he most desperately wanted to. Again that night he preceded sleep with a vigorous masturbation session, his head swimming with visions of Jennifer.

Friday started equally as busy but a breakdown callout saw him heading to near Jenifer’s work. He decided to take a chance and text her phone; Hi there. I’m working nearby, feel like lunch? The text was sent off and he was packing his equipment back into the Ute after repairing the disabled machine and cleaning up.

Promptly he received her reply; Hi there!!! Sure would. What about Finnegan’s in 15 minutes? Finnegan’s bar and grill was just around the corner so he could/would be there in 5.

See you there! He quickly fired back. Arriving first he chose a table outside hoping to catch another show of her seductive smoking and ordered two waters and two beers while he waited.

Jennifer saw Jimmy first as she strutted toward the bar. His back was to her where he was seated at the footpath dining area therefore he didn’t notice her approach. She slid her hand delicately, snaking across his shoulders and bent down to his neck as she whispered “Hi there stranger” softly into his ear.

Quickly he turned toward her, a smile widening across his face. Jennifer clicked upon her high heeled, knee high black leather boots to the other side of the table. She stood elegantly poised while hooking her handbag strap over the back of the chair. Then bringing the remains of her almost finished cigarette to her red painted lips and drawing upon it as she lowered her full round arse into her seat. All the while taking note as Jimmy watched her every move intently. Reaching across to the ash tray upon the table she began to stub it out, she exhaled a sexy plume of bluish smoke toward the sky from her sexily pursed lips.

Jimmy had noticed her white stocking clad legs below her navy blue denim skirt and wondered if they were pantyhose or stocking and garter. Closely hugging to her bountiful round breasts was an almost sheer white t-shirt or bodysuit, it was hard to tell as it disappeared into the hem of her skirt. What he did notice was that there was no visible definition of a bra beneath. The see through black negligee type sleeved shirt she wore over the top was tied in a knot loosely at her midriff. Jennifer clasped the glass of water from the table and sipped, the entire time her eyes locked with Jimmy’s. They chatted about their day at work, music and other things while they ordered and ate.

The waitress had cleared the table and left the bill, Jimmy drew his packet of cigarettes from his pocket. Offering one and lighting it for her noting how elegant her red painted nails were as she withdrew the offering from his packet. He stared at her unashamedly as she drew deeply in the first plume of post meal smoke her eyes rolling slightly reacting to the immediate rush before he too lit his own cigarette. The conversation turned to dinner the following night but Jennifer was not giving too much away as to her intentions. As she took her next drag she traced the index finger of her unoccupied hand up and down her cleavage slightly pulling the material of her bodysuit aside exposing even more flesh of her left breast. At the same time he felt the toe of her boot glide between his inner thighs, he was hardening by the second “you truly love to watch me smoke don’t you” she stated.

“To me, it’s one of the sexiest things I have ever witnessed” he truthfully replied.

“Then we should leave now” she said, quickly standing and pulling konyaaltı escort the strap of her handbag onto her shoulder and heading off down the footpath obviously deciding the time was right.

Jimmy quickly extracted some money from his wallet and placed it onto the bill tray before hastily heading off after her. It certainly wasn’t helping his condition seeing her sexy arse wiggle as she strutted ahead of him. Trails of spent smoke were wafting over her shoulder every time she exhaled. The cigarette swaying between her outstretched, painted fingers as she strode. As Jimmy caught up to her Jennifer stopped, drew one last time on her cigarette and stomped on it after discarding it at her feet. Looking him directly in the eye she slowly exhaled through her sexily pursed lips expelling the air and smoke from deep within her lungs as a sexy sly smirk came across her face.

She took Jimmy by the hand and dragged him with her into a small service alley that led in between two high rise buildings. When they reached the end he noticed there were closed doors all around, most likely fire exits or back access to the surrounding offices. There was also a large wire mesh bin almost full with empty cardboard boxes. It was here that she stopped, stepped behind the bin and at the same time dragged him by the hand along with her. In doing so she effectively blocked the view from anyone who passed the entrance of the alley. Jennifer placed her hands upon his hips and drew him to her. They kissed for maybe an entire minute, writhing together coupled in heat and passion as their hands explored the curves and flesh of the other. Jennifer broke the kiss, stepping back one pace. Jimmy began to follow her until she placed her hand flat upon his chest in a gesture signaling him to stay put. Her hands writhed upon her own midriff snaking upward until she cupped her own breasts, squeezing and teasing herself. Her nipples stood proud through the thin material of her top. Now obviously stating she wore no bra.

“Show me your cock Jimmy” she demanded as opposed to asking.

“Here, are you crazy” he wondered aloud.

“Show me your hard cock, right here” she added as her fondling was intensifying. Her knees were drawn together and her feet were slightly apart for balance as she began to visibly squirm in front of him mashing her thighs together. Jimmy loosened his belt, unbuttoned his pants and lowered his fly before sliding his palm beneath his underwear. Obviously grasping at his semi-rigid shaft and squeezing as he watched her display of self pleasure.

“Take it out for me, stroke it, like you did with my panties held to your nose the other night Jimmy, masturbate for me and I will smoke for you right here now. And hurry up honey, my lunch is almost over” she offered. Having heard this he didn’t care if was on centre court at Wimbledon, she had him.

Jimmy extracted his pulsing cock and began to squeeze the shaft while stroking from the base to head. Jennifer extracted her cigarettes from her bag and immediately struck a light to the tip, drawing upon it while held between her sensually manicured fingers. Her other hand after dropping the lighter into the top of her bag then went straight to her crotch hitching up the hem of her denim skirt before groping beneath.

Jimmy’s fist was pumping faster. Jennifer was drawing deep upon her cigarette, exhaling into the air directly between them then running her tongue over her red lips as she intently watched him pump at his cock. Between drags on her smoke she would occasionally insert her wet fingers into her mouth tasting her own nectar upon her tongue before placing her hand back beneath her skirt. He was literally fucking his hand, his hips thrusting to and fro “Cum for me baby, cum now” she said squatting before him drawing the last out of her cigarette before tossing it aside.

Her fingers replaced his upon his bludgeoning shaft with an interlocking grip at the base, her tender red lips lightly kissed the tip of his knob as she begun to slowly expel the smoke upon his tool. Her mouth opening and closing, her lips began squeezing at the sensitive tip of his cock as the hot smoke wafted upward from his groin. “Oh fuck Jennifer” he breathed, Jimmy was awe struck at this and any hope he had of prolonging the event went out the window as the cum rushed up from his balls.

Her mouth now closing around the previously exposed section of his shaft as jet after jet of semen filled her mouth and slipped down her throat as she frantically swallowed his entire offering. Tenderly she rose from her haunches, her hands still working his sensitive shaft when she closed in for a tender, wet kiss. Jimmy could taste the starch like, salty remnants of his ejaculate upon her tongue as they swapped spittle. Jennifer released one hand from his slowly deflating penis, lifted the hem of her skirt and pullet the gusset of her panties to one side. As she wiggled her hips toward his groin she guided just the tip of his deflating penis into her sopping wet entrance. The intensity of Jimmy’s kiss increased as the touch of her swollen labia crowded around the head of his still sensitive cock. She rubbed it up and down her cleft. He brought his hands to her heaving chest and grouped wantonly at her melon like breasts. The heat of her pussy was intoxicating to the touch, her blood engorged clitoris felt the size of a small marble.

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