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Must Come Down

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The sequel to – ‘What goes up…’ Read that FIRST.

Lying on the large, double bed, Harriet sleepily eased her naked body onto its side and the hollow gold crucifix around her pale neck slipped lovingly between her large, firm breasts. Her body heat gradually warming the red pubic hair folded neatly within.

She opened her eyes – remembering.

Today was the first anniversary of Sonia’s death and Harriet intended to visit the grave of her former lover.

Tears crept into the corner of her eyes as she recalled their meeting at Eleznick’s Cafe and her discovery, that day, of her bisexuality.

“Sentimental me,” she murmured softly into the crushed, feather pillow.


In the almost deserted cemetery parking lot, Harriet left her car and walked the remaining short distance to Sonia’s grave. Approaching the secluded spot between the spread of two ancient elm trees she saw a young woman kneel and place a large floral wreath on the early morning damp earth.

The woman had long, flaming red hair shining like a beacon in the sunlight. The slight breeze lazily shifting its lustrous waviness.

Harriet stopped; held her breath, tightly grasping her own floral tribute.

The woman stood up and turned towards her and for one heart stopping moment Harriet thought it was Sonia.

Closer scrutiny revealed that it was a near likeness but not her former lover. The lips were thinner and the nose, straighter and longer. Nevertheless, it was still a very beautiful face.

‘Who is she?’ Harriet had to know.

She moved closer towards the grave.

“I’m sorry to intrude on your grief,” said Harriet. “If you wish I can return later.”

“No. Please stay. Are you… were you a friend of Sonia’s?” asked the young woman, quizzically. “Only, I can’t recall seeing you at the funeral.”

“I was a very close friend… but was unable to attend. Are you related to Sonia?” asked Harriet.

“I’m Marisa, her younger sister. You are…?”

Harriet extended her hand and lightly held onto Marisa’s pleasantly cool hand, it was at that moment that she caught the woman’s full fragrance.

It had been Sonia’s favorite perfume.

“Harriet… Harriet Edwards,” she muttered, slightly bewitched by Marisa’s likeness and scent. “May I place my flowers with yours?”

Marisa gazed intently at her as Harriet bent down and arranged the flowers.

“Sonia spoke of you,” said Marisa, “We held no secrets from each other and I hope I don’t embarrass you when I say that she loved you a great deal… I can see why.”

Harriet blushed as she stood and faced Marisa.

“It’s kind of you to say so.” Tears welled in her eyes, her voice was heavy with emotion as Harriet continued, “I loved Sonia…” She held eye contact with Marisa, “…so very much.” She shook her head as if to throw off an emotional weight. “If you know who I am,” she said more assertively, “then you know that it was my ex-husband who killed her.”

“Yes, I know but I don’t hold that against you. In fact I can understand your feelings. Can we be friends?” she asked, smiling warmly.

Harriet beamed delightedly. “I was going to ask same question.”

They hugged each other tightly like old friends meeting again for the first time in many years; each woman shed an emotional tear.


During the next two weeks Harriet and Marisa met frequently during the evenings.

Harriet knew that Marisa was still a ‘working girl’ and could not see her every evening.

Although they were from totally different backgrounds they found much to talk about and of course the common bond between them was the shared love of a bitter-sweet memory.

Each evening’s conversation brought Harriet revelations from the two sister’s childhood that intrigued and provoked her into more intimate inquiries. It was late one evening after Marisa had drunk too much that she eventually related the full story of their upbringing.

An aunt in Cleveland, Ohio had raised the two girls after the tragic death of their parents in a road accident when they were very young.

The aunt had no idea that her male lodger regularly abused the girls.

Not until Sonia was of an age to properly understand what was happening did she take matters into her own hands. One evening when she went to his room she also took a long, sharp kitchen knife. He awoke to a stinging pain and wetness between his legs. His penis was missing. They never found where she buried his manhood.

Upon his discharge from hospital he moved out of the neighborhood and the girls never saw him again but the events of those years left deep psychological scars that occasionally resurfaced during adolescence. In Sonia’s case it manifested itself whenever she made love in the dark. She froze when touched and could not enjoy any foreplay.

When she was eighteen Sonia found a special love with an older, more understanding man. She nurtured this relationship for a number of years. It helped to overcome her sexual fears and provide the foundation Trabzon Escort for a sexual awakening that she wanted to share with her sister.

One weekend they teamed up, making love to this same man. It was an intimate occasion that gave both girls an insight into their sexuality and what love could be achieved without fear or pain. The man was impressed with them and suggested that their talents could be financially rewarding for them all. For a small percentage of their earnings he would set them up in business as high-class escorts.

For a number of years they quietly earned a great deal of money and built a substantial clientele. Everyone satisfied with their role until one hot, stifling July evening, an out of state Senator whispered to Sonia that there was more money to be made in Washington.

“…you’d be nearer to me, too honey. Nearer to where the big money is and where the action lies,” he said, knowingly, his large, white hands roughly squeezing her large breasts as she sat astride him, his huge erection sending waves of pleasure within her vagina.

By September they were in business for themselves. They rented an apartment in a block whose residents cared nothing for their lively business.

The Senator had his ‘sexual freebies’ while promoting the names of new clients. The girls services were in constant demand among the affluent society in which they now found themselves.

They were riding the crest of a wave when the police raided their apartment. They were charged and convicted of prostitution.

Instead of prison sentences they received only a heavy fine, thanks mainly to some monetary sweeteners given to the judge provided by their friend the Senator. It wiped out their savings and afterwards the Senator told them they were on their own and were not to contact any of their clients or him again.

The sister’s knew they had reached a turning point in their lives. It was time to go their separate ways.

Out of the blue Sonia received a phone call from Frances, a high class Madame, who had seen her in the media and wanted Sonia on her books. She eagerly agreed and during this period Sonia gave part of her income to finance Marisa until Marisa met Carlos who became her pimp.

That evening, as Harriet listened intently to the full story of Marisa and Sonia’s life, her emotions were in turmoil. She understood that Marisa was a totally different person to Sonia and Marisa could never replace those deep feelings she had shared with Sonia. She saw the pain in Marisa’s eyes and felt a need to reach out and protect her from further harm or degradation.

Following their third large drink, and during a lull in the conversation, she stood up and walked over to the couch where Marisa was sitting. Harriet seated herself close to her, took Marisa’s glass and placed it carefully on the small occasional table. She grasped Marisa’s hands in her own. Speaking softly, her voice deep with emotion she said, “Marisa, when we first met you asked if we could be friends and you must know that your friendship means a great deal to me. What I’m offering you is the opportunity for to quit your work and live with me…”

Harriet raised Marisa’s fingers to her lips and kissed them.

“I’m not making this offer lightly. I’ve really become very fond of you these past few weeks.” She kissed Marisa’s fingers again. “Please say you’ll stay.”

“I’m flattered by your offer, Harriet… I… I don’t know quite what to say. I’m not stupid. I know that you might consider my friendship a close alternative to my dead sister’s. But I would rather be with you every day than force myself to have sex with the type of guy that Carlos seems to find for me these days.”

“It’s true, I can understand your fears,” said Harriet, gazing warmly into Marisa’s dark brown eyes. “You remind me a great deal of Sonia but I’m asking you as a person to be my friend not the image of my former lover. That is the difference between wanting you and perpetuating my feelings for someone who has gone out of my life. Will you stay?”

“Are you really fond of me, Harriet or is this just a phase that you are going through and next week I could find myself back on the streets with no help from Carlos once…” She stopped in mid sentence. “What are we going to do about Carlos? He’s hardly likely to shake my hand and say goodbye to his only meal ticket.”

Harriet grasped Marisa’s hands tightly. “Leave Carlos to me. I know people who owe me enough favors to put him somewhere out of harm’s way. Carlos is less important to me at the moment than to our continuing relationship.

“I’ve asked myself some soul-searching questions and found that I love being with you. I enjoy your company. I want you with me all the time not just a few evenings a week. I miss you when you’re not here. There’s a void inside me that only you can fill and where money is concerned I’ll honor any outstanding financial commitments you may have. And, so that you may feel free to leave at any time, I’ll even place ten thousand dollars into your account. Trabzon Escort Bayan I don’t want you to feel that’s a bribe. It isn’t. It’s to show that I care enough to ensure that you won’t want to leave. I’ll also arrange for an acceptable weekly allowance to be paid into your checking account.”

Marisa sat quietly with her head bowed deep in thought. “You won’t hurt Carlos will you?” she eventually said. “Financially Carlos has been good to me over the years but I can’t seem to break free of him.”

“No, I won’t hurt him, just place him somewhere safe for a while.”

Looking directly into Harriet’s eyes Marisa said, “Then I accept your offer, Harriet, but apart from being your companion what else am I going to do to occupy my time?”

“Well, as I said earlier I’ve given it some thought and, if you’re agreeable, we can start straight away on re-educating you to become my personal secretary…”

“Secretary… But I don’t have…”

“Don’t worry about what you don’t have,” interjected Harriet, “I’ll make sure it’s provided. I’ll personally oversee your education. It’ll take time. I don’t expect you to become a qualified secretary in the next six months. It most likely will take at least a couple of years.”

“Thanks, Harriet. It seems a rather inadequate word for what you are giving me,” said Marisa, inching forward in her seat and as Harriet released her hands Marisa wrapped her arms gratefully around Harriet and hugged her tightly. She affectionately kissed Harriet’s cheek.

Their eyes locked.

A close observer would have seen a momentary search for refusal.

A fleeting downward glance at the others lips.

They leaned forward. Their lips met.

At first they kissed slowly, tentatively, then, as their initial inhibitions quietened their passion engulfed them.

Harriet broke free and cupping Marisa’s face in her hands. “Marisa,” she gasped, gazing wantonly into her eyes, “I do so want you,” she said.

Marisa said nothing but casually stood up and Harriet led her by the hand out of the room towards the stairs.

The bedroom was awash with moonlight as they slowly undressed each other. Harriet remembering the first time she and Sonia had made love in a lustful manner but now she brought a deliberate slowness to her actions. Wanton embers burned brightly between them as they gazed at one anothers naked bodies. Their kisses aroused their passion as they fell onto the bed. Surrounded by silvery moonlight they tenderly caressed each others breasts and thighs.

Marisa arose and straddled Harriet’s stomach, her hands clutched Harriet’s wrists pressing them onto the mattress above her head. Leaning down she intimately kissed Harriet’s mouth, then, licking and kissing her way down over her neck, she moved her wet mouth onto Harriet’s ample right breast. She engulfed the long, dark rosebud that flowered under her warm tongue’s delicate touch. Harriet sighed. Marisa’s long wavy hair teased and tickled Harriet’s hot, sensitive skin. She closed her eyes and moaned as delicate fingertips awakened her other nipple into maturity.

Harriet broke free from Marisa’s hands and stroked the backs of her fingernails down over Marisa’s cool slender back, down towards her small, firm delectable buttocks then along her smooth thighs. She arched her neck and moaned when Marisa’s teeth pulled gently at her long, fleshy nipple. Her own hands caressed upwards towards Marisa’s own pert breasts. Breast’s that hung like two ripe apples on the bough. She gently rotated her palms on Marisa’s already excited pink nipples. Marissa arched her head and moaned loudly. She turned around on the bed and with her knees straddling Harriet’s body she delved down into Harriet’s shaven pussy. Her arms went under and around Harriet’s thighs; both hands free to explore and probe Harriet’s moist, fleshy lips; lips that, for some considerable time, had not felt the loving, slippery caress of a hot, wet tongue. Each stroke bringing a pleasurable groan and upward thrust from Harriet’s pelvis. Harriet’s clitoris engorged with desire protruded to electrify and stimulate her desire.

Harriet’s own exquisite outpouring of emotion manifested itself by clasping both hands up over Marisa’s back and she lifted herself up to tongue Marisa’s clitoris into full bloom.

For a while they stayed locked in this position each woman hungrily devouring the other; each savoring the delights of Lesbos, until they sensed the others approaching orgasm. Both manipulating their tongues in an intense effort to bring the other to orgasm.

They came simultaneously, crying out in the glow of their passion. As their climax waned they lay side by side panting in each others arms. Their labored breathing fanning flushed faces.

They kissed as lovers kiss, deep and long, tongues entwined, tasting the nectar of each others love.

Harriet spoke first. “Oh, that was beautiful, Marisa.” She leaned forward and kissed her new lover.

Marisa responded by returning her kiss with an intensity of feeling that touched Harriet’s Escort Trabzon heartstrings. She cried. Tears flowed copiously down her cheeks to mingle with her kiss.

Breaking the seal of their lips Marisa said earnestly, “Harriet what’s wrong?”

“Nothing, Marisa… Nothing’s wrong at all. I’m just extremely happy and glad that you’ve brought warmth to my bed.”

“I’ll keep us warm forever, Harriet.”

They showered and slept till late morning.


During the day Harriet used a public phone so the call wouldn’t be traced back to her. She phoned the Police Commissioner concerning Carlos. Two days later he was arrested for possession and dealing in illegal substances. Three weeks later he was tried and convicted, receiving a two to four year prison term.

This was a blissful time for the two lovers. Their minds, emotions and bodies entwined. Joy adorned their faces for the world to see.

At home, Marisa studied intensely for eight hours each day, five days a week. Her paid female tutor was impressed with her ability to grasp subjects quickly and to ask probing questions.

At the weekend the two lovers would spend hours together attuning their bodies to a sexual pitch that culminated in earth shattering climaxes. Once they became familiar with each others bodies they enjoyed making love in the surrounding grounds of the house. This sexual enjoyment progressed further as they made love in public places; anywhere there was a certain amount of risk to being caught.

Their love games became intense journeys into erotic stimulation. Each partner tempting the other into more outrageous situations.

Harriet didn’t appear to care too much that if she’d been recognized then her position as a lawyer could so easily have become compromised.

An onlooker may have recalled what Shakespeare wrote in ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream:’

Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind,

And therefore is winged Cupid painted blind.

In their minds, a cloak of intimacy was thrown over them; concealing them from the eyes of an inquisitive world.


Nine months later Harriet broached the subject of Marisa having her face remodeled so that when Carlos was eventually released from prison if ever he saw her he wouldn’t immediately recognize her.

“Harriet, you forget I know you. I know how your mind works. What you really want is for me to look like Sonia. But I can live with that. You have given me so much and if it pleases you to see me as Sonia then yes, I’ll do it. But remember, my name is Marisa and I’ll always be Marisa no matter who I may resemble.”

The surgeon at the clinic was more than pleased with the results of his work once the residual bandages were removed some weeks after the operation.

Her nose instead of being broad and straight was now smaller and angular when viewed in profile, her lips thicker, more fuller.

She looked exactly like her dead sister.

“My dear,” said the consultant surgeon as he said goodbye, “you were beautiful when you arrived but you are more glamorous with your departure. It pains me to see you go,” flirtatiously kissing the back of her hand.

“Doctor, you say the most romantic things. But do you truly mean them or are they simply additional tools of your trade?” asked Marisa, perceptively.

That evening when Harriet walked into the lounge, Marisa had dressed for the occasion. She wore some of Sonia’s old clothes that she’d managed to keep hidden from Harriet.

Her coiffed hair gave her added height, while tiny strands of coiled hair hung down beside her delicate ears. The sheer white satin blouse accentuated her bare breasts and was tucked inside a pink mini skirt that clung sensuously to her black silk pantyhose. Long leather boots swept up from the floor, molded to each thigh.

“Good evening Harriet,” said Marisa, hands on hips, standing beside the open log fireplace. The room’s only illumination came from the flickering flames as they back-lit her figure. Shadows danced over her breasts. As she breathed deeply her aroused nipples acknowledged her feelings.

“You look… stunning,” gasped an admiring Harriet, “I’m not sure what I expected but now… Well, I’m lost for words. Except to say, Marisa, I love you.”

“Harriet, I love you too.”


Eighteen months later Marisa passed her exams with distinction and became Harriet’s full time legal secretary.

They immediately become involved in a criminal case that involved a great deal of media attention. Harriet hated this close scrutiny but endeavored to maintain her poise amidst the barrage of questions aimed at her. The questions became more personal as the interviews progressed throughout the trial period and she was aware that her relationship with Marisa could be exposed at any time should the media delve too deep.

One evening, when out dining with Marisa, a photographer caught them emerging from the restaurant and their picture made the following day’s tabloid papers.

In Baltimore Penitentiary, Robert Edwards sat on his bunk eating an apple and reading the newspaper. As he turned the page Harriet’s picture leaped out from the jungle of text. His heart raced when he saw the face of the person beside her. He could not believe it. It was Sonia. And yet…

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