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My 35th Birthday Weekend Continues

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This story follows “I Travel from Mexico to Las Vegas” and provides more details of my 35th birthday weekend with my soon to be bride Catherine.


On Lake Mead, Nevada, USA

It was my birthday weekend and my fiancée had rented us a rather large luxurious houseboat for a night.

Catherine wanted alone time with me and she got it.

We were both nude in the master bedroom in the bed.

There wasn’t anyone around for miles.

I was in a moment of tortured bliss.

Mentally and physically.

Torture is pain of course, and bliss is pleasure.

A contradiction.

Candidly, I have no idea as to how many men actually have this kind of experience.

It’s when you’re hard and ready to blow, and want to blow, even need to blow, but another part of your body is being deliciously teased by a female who knows exactly what she is doing by not allowing you blow your load.

Let me give you an example.

When I was in Mexico, little just turned eighteen year old Lourdes massaged me every morning as I lay nude face down in the hotel bed.

I loved the feeling of her soft pubic hair on my thighs and butt.

That soft downy tuft emphasized to me that she was nude.

It also emphasized that she was my servant; her job was all about pleasing me.

That she had pubic hair at all was a decision I made and she would have willingly accepted if I had shaved her bare or had her waxed.

It felt extra special when Lourdes straddled one of my thighs and her pussy, hair and all, pressed down on the back of my leg.

I could feel her wet, spread lips on my skin.

She liked the feeling so much she rubbed herself on me; humped my leg getting worked up.

I even felt her hard little bump, her erect clit as she moved her body up and down my legs.

And when Lourdes bent over to rub my neck and shoulders she made sure that her puffy hard nipples and large firm teenage breasts caressed my bare back.

While Lourdes was performing this task, I had many carnal thoughts about her, including one that involved having her body painted in milk chocolate and having me lick it off of her firm, young breasts, but better yet having Monica (The Maid) lick it off her pussy until Lourdes screamed in agonizing pleasure.

I also visualized her being held up by ropes in the sun overlooking a pool being whipped into an orgasmic frenzy.

(I got that idea from a story on Literotica about a mother and daughter being whipped in public in a village in Africa when the daughter got caught with grass).

I thought about having Lourdes being the center of attention of four older females who had their way with her, eating and finger fucking her to orgasm after screaming orgasm.

I wondered what it would be like to impregnate her, what our baby would look like. To fuck her without a care in the world.

I even thought about allowing young Lourdes fuck me in the ass with a dildo strapped to her body.

I thought she might rather enjoy that.

I wasn’t sure if I would like it but I did enjoy her rimming me as part of my daily massage.

These kind of thoughts were delightful to have; it was a great way to fire up my brain and a natural progression of my middle aged horny mindset.

You can read about these massages in my story “I Travel from Mexico to Las Vegas.”

When Lourdes massaged me, I am not ashamed to say that I always got an erection. Quickly.

To be fair, I might have already had an erection in anticipation of her arrival to our suite.

Keep in mind I was sleeping next to a nude Catherine and we had sex two or three times during each night.

That should give you some idea as to what I thought of Catherine.

I couldn’t get enough of her.

When you are nude, and you are sleeping nude next to a woman, you’re going to be hard, most of the time.

I’d wake up, hard, I’d snuggle up against a warm nude Catherine, she would wake up and we’d make love.

She never said no, or not now.

Catherine would let me take her any time I was in the mood.

Anyway, Lourdes’ rubbing brought a lot of blood to my cock. Making my erection a big one, a hard one. Sometimes, I dripped pre-cum, that was how hot Lourdes got me.

Lourdes knew this, and she would continue to massage me, and would also start teasing me, making the experience a highly sensual one for me.

She was likely on some kind of quest to see how big she could make me, or how hard she could make me. (She had not had all that many experiences with adult cocks so she was looking at this time with me as a real adult education opportunity).

But Lourdes didn’t actually touch my cock; she touched other areas of my body with her fingers, hands, mouth, tongue, teeth and lips to torture me. In the story you can read how she rimmed me each morning. I loved it.

One time Lourdes nibbled on my balls before she slid under me to suck my cock. The alternating feelings of her teeth, tongue, lips and fingers on my sack were pure torture for konyaaltı escort me but I was in bliss. It was a feeling I had never experienced before.

How a young woman with not all that much experience learned to pleasure me like that I have no idea. Whoever taught her I would have built a house for.

But both Lourdes and I knew the torture would end as Lourdes snaked, on her back, under my crotch as I was up on my knees, so she could bring my hard cock and tight balls to her waiting mouth to suck me to completion.

Lourdes goal each morning was to maximize my pleasure and delay my gratification but we both knew that the my torture would eventually end as I unloaded into her wet oral cavity, grunting, groaning and pumping all the while.

Lourdes, at the direction of Monica (The Maid) did this to me every day when I woke up in Mexico.

I give Catherine a ton of credit for not being jealous of what Lourdes was doing to me.

I don’t know of any other woman, especially your fiancée or wife, who would like lying next to you naked in bed while another woman is blowing you.

Back to the torture.

If you read my story “I Partner with Linda, a Salon Owner” you can read about my experience at an Asian massage parlor where I was tortured for four visits despite being a good customer (and a heavy tipper) before I put a halt to the torture.

I stopped going there because there was no relief in sight. No end to the torture.

If you read to the end of the story, you’ll see how I changed both the game and the rules and as a result, started receiving many happy endings.

As I was lying there in the houseboat, nude, on my back, enjoying the stillness of Lake Mead that afternoon, in a big bed in a beautiful houseboat, my mental state was one of extreme happiness and fulfillment, with my fiancé taking care of my now very hard cock and paying extra special attention of my now fully stimulated balls, my mental state was one I would call great.

It was great because I knew that Catherine would not leave me high and dry with an erection but would surely provide me with relief.

I’d been begging but her response was “I need more tongue time Master.”

“Sweetie I need to cum” I whispered to her.

Catherine didn’t respond. She was in another world, making love to my balls.

I repeated myself.

Catherine stopped her oral love making only long enough to say “Not yet Master.”

At that her tongue slithered down to my starfish which had been untouched to this point.

She released my hands and pushed my thighs up to give herself full access to my sensitive backdoor, interrupting the silence to say “Master please do not touch yourself.”

With that Catherine began her oral assault on my starfish. She licked, kissed and rubbed with her fingers all around before gently pushing in past my tight ring and slowly oh so slowly began finger fucking me.

The only lube she used was the moisture from her mouth.

I really wanted Catherine to jack me off at this point but this was her show so despite being uncomfortably hard I held off, not knowing how much more I could take or how much longer I could take it.

Catherine kissed my thighs and said to me “Master, I think you need to cum now. How would you like to cum? You can cum in my pussy if you like. Or you can cum in my mouth. Or …”

There was silence as she slowly continued to see saw in and out of my ass, but she lifted her head and slowly circled my very tight sack with her tongue.

My swollen balls were filled with a billion or so swimmers, just dying to be freed to go swimming, somewhere; anywhere … and then she said “in my virgin ass.”

So, in my fog of sensual purgatory, I heard Catherine say something to me.

But I didn’t think I heard Catherine correctly.

Maybe I am slow on the uptake; maybe my mind was playing tricks on me, maybe I’m dozing, but did I hear her just say “Or my virgin ass?”

Apparently it registered in my brain because my cock jumped under the blanket and I heard Catherine laugh.

“Oh my Master, I think I have something you want. Something only for you. Is that true?”

She tongue returned to my balls, teasing them.

I laughed then said, “Catherine, maybe you should consider that I have something you want.”

I was thinking she wanted my erection. And why not, she always wanted my erection.

I knew she was smiling and her licking, teasing of my balls continued, as did her finger slowly fucking my ass.

Between licks, Catherine said “I woke up when you were fucking Kayla in the ass that first time after our dinner with her.”

She took her fingers out of my ass and spread my hole, then rimmed me, then stuck her tongue up my bung hole causing me to groan, in surprise and pleasure.

Then Catherine continued “It made me so hot to hear what you were doing to her. You were bringing her pain and pleasure and she didn’t know what hole you were going to go into next. It sounded like she was coming constantly, non stop, and you were kültür escort some sort of super sex hero who wouldn’t be denied. Listening to her taking your cock I rubbed myself to three orgasms before you came back to bed with her.”

Catherine’s tongue went back to my balls, her hands were rubbing the two creases between my thighs and sack.

This was an amazing feeling – I swear my cock felt as if it grew by three inches.

What she was doing to me made me feel so fucking good that what she was saying to me wasn’t registering until the 30 second tape delay got the message from my ears to my brain.

Did Catherine just say she heard Kayla and I fucking? Me fucking Kayla’s ass? And that she loved it so much she came three times rubbing herself?

Catherine took her hands down from rubbing my creases and held my sack up so that she would kiss her way up and down the sensitive creases.

“That evening with Lourdes was something else. When you had me help you take Lourdes ass for her first time …” her voice drifted off … “I kept you up all night fucking me I was so turned on.”

Her kisses of my creases turned to licks, and the sensitive sides of my tight sack got the benefit as her flat tongue cleaned my baby making balls again.

I groaned again and I swear my balls got bigger, fuller; more rotund than ever before.

Catherine lifted the blanket to see my Saturn Rocket appear.

I could hear a sharp intake of her breath. I guess she was surprised how large and hard I was.

The tape delay was on but it now registered in my brain that Catherine was very turned on when she participated in Lourdes first anal session in Mexico.

“It made me feel important when you asked me to get Lourdes ass ready for you. I liked spreading her cheeks so you could take her. The sight of your big hard cock forcing its way into that tiny hole was unbelievably erotic.”

Catherine kissed each ball.

“I liked seeing Lourdes flinch as your cock touched her hole for the first time; how you took control and put your hands on her waist and pulled her onto your cock, pushing in slowly, hearing her moan as she took it, every inch of your magnificent cock.”

Catherine’s tongue returned to my starfish, my sack now being teased by her manicured fingers.

“Then you pushed in to her balls deep and I loved watching her take it. You have no idea how wet I got when you ordered me to lick Lourdes pussy. It was such an incredible turn on to do your bidding as you took another woman’s ass for the first time.”

Catherine turned and started kissing my inner thighs.

“I can only image how good it felt when you came into her ass with me playing with your tight balls. I know it was painful for Kayla and for Lourdes but I only care about you Master and how I can bring you pleasure.”

Catherine licked the space between my starfish and the bottom of my tight sack and I groaned.

My pocket rocket was dripping a bit from the tip and read for a new adventure into space.

A tight space.

Birthday sex.

Catherine was going to give me birthday sex, the best kind of sex.

I knew she was smiling because she absolutely loved making me hard and keeping me that way.

Then Catherine said “And last night when you took Susan’s ass, I was in heaven.”

She licked the base of my penis, right where it comes out of the sack.

People say there aren’t many nerve endings there but I know better.

So does Catherine.

“When saw you take mount Susan, I almost came, I knew I couldn’t hold you off any longer! I wanted what those girls were getting. Jack, Master, I want your cock in my ass!”


“Right now!”


That night, we climbed up on top of the boat and snuggled under a blanket and watched the stars twinkle.

It was an unbelievable sight, something neither Catherine and I had ever experienced before.

It renewed my faith in a Higher Being, a Supreme Being.

It made me think of that Eagles song “Peaceful, Easy Feeling” with the lyrics:

And I want to sleep with you in the desert tonight.

With a billion stars all around

While we were lying there, Catherine started rubbing my chest, something I always enjoyed.

She held me close. I liked her being naked next to me.

She said “Jack, I don’t know if this is a good time to talk but I want to ask you for some favors.”

At that point her hand moved down to my belly and she started using her fingernails, tickling me, which always got me excited.

I kissed her and said “Ask away.”

“Well,” she smiled, “I wonder how you would feel if I went back to college after we got married. I need to learn a lot of stuff Jack, to help you in the business and frankly, sometimes I feel like an idiot because I have no idea what you are talking about.”

My concern was too much change at one time for the girls to handle, and having their mom in school would leave less time for them, so I said to her “I would like for you to take one on line class starting markantalya escort in the Fall, after the girls are settled in school and your folks are all moved in. I don’t want to hold you back but I want to make sure our family gets off to a good start. Okay?”

She agreed that would work. She wanted to talk to me later about what class to take and I kissed her again and said “Anytime after you’ve done some research.”

Under the blanket she found my erection and began to tease it. To thank me.

Then she said “I think I am going to need some help around the house. What do you think about having a full time housekeeper?”

We talked about it and we arrived at the point where we should hire two housekeepers. That way we would have coverage six days a week, seven if we needed it.

Catherine wanted to know if the ladies we hired could be French speaking so that she and the girls could keep up their language skills and I said that it was a great idea.

Then she started teasing my already hard balls and said “I think I will have our new housekeepers wear French maid outfits. Would that be okay with you Jack?”

I groaned and said “Whatever you want sweetie.”

We kissed for a minute and then she climbed on top of me, but didn’t put me inside of her and she wouldn’t let me insert myself into her.

My cock was sandwiched between us.

It was a little frustrating.

My cock was hungry for her pussy and she was denying me.

Then she asked me a very direct question. “Jack, I want your permission to grow my pussy hair back.”

I looked at her and she looked at me and she said “I think you really like fucking the ladies with hair Jack. I think it is a huge turn on for you. I watched you with Lourdes and then with Susan. The only reason I had Susan put that dildo in her pussy was because I knew you’d stick your big dick in her if you could.”

I smiled at her and said “What are we talking about sweetie?”

She kissed me because she knew she had me.

“I want a thin trimmed bush with my lips visible.”

“Will you be able to wear your bathing suits?”

“Jack, I think you need to create some new suits for me that allow for hair.”

I nodded in agreement.

I had just wanted her shaved because I wanted to shave her and I knew it would make her constantly horny.

But since I first shaved her we had been together every night (almost) and I was able to take care of her urges. And my urges.

“I’ll agree Catherine but I still get to trim you and shampoo you.”

She laughed and kissed me “Okay, honey you can do that.”

We agreed that during the spring and summer she would be shaved and in the fall and winter she would grow her pussy hair back.

Catherine wasn’t finished with her favors.

She moved around a bit, making me hard.

Catherine smiled at me.

“Jack, I have some more things to ask of you.”

I pulled her in for a deep kiss.

“I want to stop taking the pill.”


“Now, today.”


“I want to have your babies. I remember when I was pregnant with Marie and Natalie, I was the horniest woman on the planet. You will love me being pregnant.”

“Okay sweetie lets do this. When we get married, stop taking the pill. I don’t want anyone counting the months back and thinking we had to get married.”

“That sounds good to me.”

Then Catherine asked me if we could have a family dinner every Sunday with her parents and I replied that it would be a wonderful idea. I asked who would cook and she said “My mom and I, and we’ll teach Marie and Natalie how to cook and bake as we go.”

Her teasing continued and I was pretty stiff.

“You like that don’t you Jack? Me grinding on your big thick long hard cock.”

We kissed and smiled at each other.

Catherine asked me about tattoos. She said she didn’t want one, but her asking the question made me wonder what was behind her thinking.

She just wanted to know what I thought of them. I told her the truth “I don’t like them on men or women because I think it makes people look trashy.”


I took her ass four times on the houseboat and she loved every time we did it.

The first time she was on her back, because she wanted me to be looking at her while we enjoyed the most intimate sexual act between a man and a woman. The second time she was on her tummy; the third time she climbed up on top of me and the last time I took her doggy while she rubbed her wet pussy.

Each time I came deep I pulled myself into her tight slick cavern. It was amazing.


We ended up staying out on that houseboat until about 3pm the next day, Saturday.

On the drive back to the hotel Catherine told me our plans for dinner that evening.

It was another, very pleasant, birthday gift.

Unbeknownst to me, Catherine had set up a dinner with my close friends, my business buddies.

I made mention of them in my third story, “Monica the Maid’s Three Hole Day.” We get together to golf, eat, drink and discuss business stuff. The three of them, and their wives, had attended my wife’s funeral in January and then we got together in mid March in Scottsdale, Arizona, where we enjoyed attending some LA Dodgers Spring Training baseball games.

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