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My Adventures in Pleasure Ch. 11

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The last two postings dealt with the time my cousin came, and then brought her mom too – and I came a lot with two well filled out women, pleasuring me and each other like there was no tomorrow! That took its toll on our strength, and Thursday came on us at almost 8am, instead of the usual 6am!

When I woke up on, I was lying on my back, with the two women curled up against me on either side, my arms pinned by two sets of soft breasts, and two different hands wrapped around cock and balls. My hands were pinned between two pairs of soft, fleshy thighs, and when I tried to move, I got two different moans from either side! My cousin Jyothi quickly rolled on top of me and impaled herself on my erect dick, sinking down fully. She then began to slowly rock herself back and forth, while her mom Sarvani raised herself on her elbow, and fed a breast into my mouth, which I began to suck in earnest. Sarvani then got up behind Jyothi, and slowly began pushing her daughter forward with each rocking motion, till her own pussy was over my dick. At this point she raised herself and took me in, holding on to her daughter for support by grabbing her tits in each hand. They kept pushing each other back and forth, so over the next 15 minutes, I was alternately inside each of the women.

As things heated up, Sarvani pushed Jyothi fully forward, till her pussy was just a lick away for me. As I began to lick Jyothi’s pussy, sticking my tongue in, Sarvani began to move faster, still holding on to zeytinburnu escort Jyothi’s tits, pulling on her hard nipples. I reached up to Sarvani’s melons, and began to knead them in time to all the action, till I could not hold back, coming inside my aunt. This set off a chain reaction, making Sarvani moan that she was coming, so I took Jyothi’s clit between my lips and sucked hard, making her gush on my mouth and chin! Both of them then collapsed on the bed, and we lay there recovering.

We then got off the bed, brushed and washed up, and were sitting around having coffee, when Jyothi got a call from her boss, asking her to return the same day to her office. We discussed that Jyothi would go back, and Sarvani would stay on and take her scheduled flight on the weekend, which did mean that I would still have one pussy with me!!

Jyothi got her ticket changed, so I dropped her off and went to work, looking forward to lunch! Sarvani was waiting for me, dressed in panties and a tank-top I knew to be Jyothi’s, looking so hot that I forgot about the food on the table, preferring instead the mature dish in front of me! I sat down on the sofa, and pulled her on to my lap, hugging and kissing her full and ready mouth! Though I had a hard-on, we just were comfortable cuddling and chatting. She said how happy she was staying with me, and that she was available for me when ever I needed, making me wonder where this was leading to! As she began massaging aksaray escort my hard dick through my pants, she blurted out that Jyothi was having an affair with her boss, and was to marry him!! I realized that I had been taken for a ride, but quickly decided that it was worth having a well endowed woman sitting on my lap and asking to be fucked! I said the only thing I could – “Congratulations”, asking for details. Apparently, they had a thing going on for a while, and it had a lot to do with his wealth!

As we kissed, I began to knead her tits underneath the top, while she unbuckled my pants and pushed them down just enough to pull out my dick, positioning herself over it. I pulled her panties aside, so she could sit on my cock. She began moaning into my mouth, and I pulled on her hard nipples, as she ground herself on my dick. This got us both so excited that as she started to spasm, I pumped a load into her, and we both just sat with me in her, recovering our breath.

She got off the sofa, asking me to get cleaned up, as the food was getting cold. When I stood, I realized that she had cum so hard my pants were wet, leaving me no option but to wash up and change. Lunch was good, and we ate well, with the appetite we had built up! I had to get back to work, so we made plans to go out in the evening, for want of anything better to do.

That afternoon, I did a quick calculation on how big a ride I had been taken for, realizing also that ataköy escort it was a bit late to cry over split milk! I just made up my mind that shopping would be limited to the outlet mall, or Wal-Mart!!

Work stressed me out that afternoon, and I managed to get back only by 7pm. I took a quick shower, and had a beer while Sarvani got ready, so we could go for a drive and eat out.

In the parking lot, we met an Asian woman who had parked next to my car, and stopped to chat. She said she was Pamela, and I introduced Sarvani, without indicating relationships. When she heard Sarvani was at home the whole day, she suggested they should meet up and spend time. Without thinking, I said Sarvani made great Indian food, and they could meet to exchange recipes, intending it to be a joke, but both women immediately planned for meeting in my apartment the next morning at 10am!

Dinner was casual Indian food – her being vegetarian playing an important role, and we got back a little late. The stress of work and general tiredness resulted in our brushing our teeth and falling into bed in our underclothes, where we lay having a casual conversation. I believe she sensed my feelings about being used, and said that she would always be available for me, while slowly massaging my dick, and pulling it out of my briefs. I was aroused enough to roll on top of her, pull down her panties and plunge in! She wrapped her thighs around my hips, and thrust her hips at me against each stroke, where I could feel her growing wetness. Having fucked so frequently over the last few days, I could hold on till she came in a flood, and the spasm of her cunt muscles took me over the top quickly. We held on to each other with me inside, rolled to our side and fell asleep quickly.

to be continued…

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