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My Awakening Ch. 04

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Hi! It’s me, Chelle. I’m feeling so horny again, I thought I’d tell you another of my true adventures while I sit here all by myself and wait for my boyfriend.

After getting so sexually aroused in the park (Chapter 03) we decided to head to a nearby pub for some refreshment, so I could recharge my batteries a bit! The evening was drawing in but the heat of the day was still lingering, turning into one of those lovely times where eating outside is just beautiful.

‘I’ve brought you a change of clothes’ said my b/f as we reached our car.

I opened the bag he presented me with and there was the most fabulous little dress. It was knitted from very fine white clingy jersey material, had a rather plunging neckline and little tab buttons all down the front. I dived into the back of the car to do a quick change act then emerged to stand beside the open door to give him a whirl. His grin told me everything I needed to know!

With my hands at my sides, my finger tips could quite easily touch my bare thighs but the most amazing thing about it was the way the material turned into open crochet work just below my boobs, extending half way down my hips before it became solid again, barely covering my bum and pussy. It was wicked and just suited my desire to show off some more. Plus it accentuated my tan!

On the drive to the pub I found myself stroking my nipples through the thin top and could see two stalky swollen teats straining to burst out. The thought of going into a public bar with just this on had turned my pussy to goo again. As we walked to the main entrance from the car, I could see my b/f was looking at my cleavage.

‘I can just see the darker outline of your nipples – God you look sexy’ I felt so proud as he put his arm right round me and cupped my breast as we strolled slowly to the door.

The neckline was rather loose and the side his hand was on started to slip off my shoulder. It made me feel so wicked, especially as his fingers found their way through the crochet and tickled the underside of my breast. The thought of going brazenly inside the way I was dressed made me go all wobbly round the knees. I was torn between wanting to and being a bit shy. He kissed me then told me how proud he was of me and that made me glow with pleasure and confidence.

We went and stood by the bar while we waited to be served. I perched against, rather than on, a bar stool, sideways on to the counter, and shifted my stance so my legs were slightly apart as I slowly surveyed the room. I was miles away when I felt his hand press on my thigh. ‘Are you going to tell me whether you want some ice, or not?’ he smiled. I tried to concentrate as I felt his fingers exploring between the buttons right at the tops of my thighs which were only partly hidden below the level of the counter top. His finger tips brushed across my pantyless mound and I jumped and moaned ‘Ooh Yes’ ‘She’d like plenty of ice then please’ he said to the barman, raking his fingernails right across my love lips and generating intense ripples of lust

As the bartender turned to add the ice to my spritzer I leant forward and whispered in my b/f’s ear that if he didn’t stop doing that to me I would be in danger of coming right there. ‘Come on then, drinks and food first and then I’ll see what I can do.’ With that promise I didn’t hesitate any longer, taking his arm and propelling him towards the rear garden as he told the waitress where we’d be.

I flushed with pleasure as my b/f said ‘every single man in that bar has had his eyes riveted on you right from the moment you walked in – you look absolutely stunning’ I wiggled my bum provocatively as we retreated. There were one or two couples outside as well, but thankfully no kids. I chose a spot facing out from quite a gloomy corner. He came and sat down half turned towards me. The first drink slipped down like nectar and while he went off to buy another one I started musing about the way I’d get him to kneel astride me with his great big cock throbbing over me as I played with it until it spurted out of control all over my boobies and face.

I must admit that I then did something very naughty. With my legs crossed I repeatedly clenched and relaxed my thighs and even before he’d returned I’d started to get lovely little orgasms chasing through me as I squeezed my swollen clitty and gazed round ‘innocently’ at the other people sitting there.

‘The food’ll be here canlı bahis soon’ he announced as he sat down. He looked at me quizzically and asked if I was getting too cold. I shook my head, grinning and whispered that I was becoming extremely aroused and the goose pimples were simply a reaction to the thought of me touching him intimately whilst stimulating myself in all the new ways he’d taught me. ‘Tell me what to do now’ I pleaded as I want to show off to you.

I leant towards him, stroking the stem of my wine glass like a big phallus and kissed him playfully on the cheek. ‘Gosh, your cleavage looks inviting.’ Thinking he deserved a treat, I undid some more of the top buttons on the dress so it was open, level with the bottom of my boobs. As I did this, the food arrived and the sassy young girl who’d brought it over to us got an eyeful too, which seemed to lock her gaze on me. I smiled at her and let my fingertips trace idly down the soft skin of my neck and lightly across the rising mounds of tender flesh below. I felt them swell as my breathing quickened.

Then I felt his hand rest gently on my thigh. I uncrossed my legs as he began to stroke languidly up and down the inside of them, playing with my dress hem. I’m certain the waitress saw this as she seemed to take ages longer than necessary, fussing over the arrangement of our plates and cutlery. I felt so brazen and just couldn’t keep my thighs together. The soft caress of my dress started to feel too tight and I only just resisted an urge to step right out of it as she went inside with a backward, conspiratorial smile at me. Her eyes seemed to have been hungering for me and I rather liked the idea.

There was now only one other couple left on the far side of the garden and my b/f suggested we might leave when we’d finished eating. ‘Please can we stay here for a bit like this?’ I begged because it was all so new and exciting me so much. I persuaded him to buy me another drink even though I was feeling rather heady already. As he was away at the bar, I surreptitiously undid another button and pushed the neckline of my dress to the edges of my shoulders.

I was feeling so daring until the girl came back to clear the dishes, but I needn’t have worried as she gave me a friendly hello, asked if we’d enjoyed the food and mentioned that she had not been doing the job for long. I could sense she was staring at me and it really turned me on. I’m sure she was engaging me in conversation just so she could linger a bit more. She kept brushing against me as she tidied up and complemented me on my tan. When she withdrew it was with a very knowing wink as more drinks appeared and I sat back in my chair and eased the hem of my skirt up as far as I dared.

The last couple got up to leave as he put the drinks down and I brushed my fingers over his flies. I don’t think I’d ever felt such a rock hard lump. ‘I hope that’s not painful’ I giggled. ‘No, but it does need to be soothed with a bit of licking and sucking quite soon’ he replied, sending more shivers all over me. I desperately wanted someone or something to touch my pussy. I parted my legs even wider as the ache got almost unbearable. The effect of the drink was making me feel so reckless.

The dress finally started to slip down one shoulder as I wriggled and I felt another little gush of pleasure ripple through me. I so wanted to please him. He sat down and his hand found my thigh again. ‘Oh yes!’ I gasped as I leant right back and let my pelvis thrust imperceptibly up and down while his fingers began to brush occasionally against my neatly trimmed bush, ‘please tell me what you want to do to me, I’ll be ever so good and do anything, yes anything you want. Tell me.’

As I sipped my drink, I looked at him over the top of my glass while my free hand started to wander into the open neck of my dress. He just sat staring at me so I dipped a finger into the drink and traced a line with the cool liquid into my cleavage. ‘Do you like me doing this? Would you like me to explore a bit further? Oh! My nipples are soooo stalky’ I gasped. ‘Will you suck them and lick them and nibble them for me?’

Right on cue his finger gave my clitty an electric shock and I nearly spilt my drink. Undoing a couple of buttons at the bottom of my dress I splayed my legs wide open so I could see my pussy with his fingers teasing my love lips apart. ‘Put them in me and wank me’ I begged, grabbing his kaçak iddaa wrist and pulling it towards me. I let the top slip down until my boobies popped right out and started to fondle both of them, squeezing, pulling and tugging as he gently masturbated me in the way he knows drives me nuts.

This could go on forever I thought and I had a massive climax. My juices made slurping sounds round his fingers. It was a good job there was still quite a lot of noise from inside the bar. I had to admit that the chance of someone catching us had made it even more exciting than I would ever have imagined.

After a bit he sat back, placing my hands on my swollen pussy. ‘Now, you’ve got to do just what I tell you’ he said. ‘Oh yesss please’ I murmured, thinking he was going to let me play with myself now we’d got the garden to ourselves, but he did something that makes me instantly wet every time I recall it.

‘Take your drink and go over to where that other couple were sitting just now. No, don’t do the buttons up on your dress – just sit there anyhow you like – but you’ve got to tempt me to want to come over to you’. I walked tentatively across wondering what I could do. I felt so exposed. The noise from the bar was much closer and louder here. I thought I saw someone who looked like the waitress, peeping at me from behind a door but I couldn’t be sure.

Instead of sitting down, I perched on the edge of the table. I’d pulled the dress onto my shoulders again but hadn’t done any of the buttons up so only two of them saved me from being totally naked. I gave my b/f a little wave and dipped one finger into my wine and licked it off. My hips swayed slowly to and fro as I repeated the sucking several times more. Then I leant back putting both hands behind me on the table and thrust my chest out so I nearly burst free. I started rocking my shoulders too as I put one foot on a chair and drew my knee aside. With so many undone buttons and the way my dress was now gaping open I could feel the cool air tickle all the little drops of moisture clinging like dew to my labia.

My clitty was burning and throbbing beyond belief so I dipped my fingers in the drink again and very slowly ran them up the length of my slit mingling the alcohol with my own juices which were now leaking freely. I savoured the flavour on my fingers. The taste and smell of my aroma and the wine was divine

I started to undo the last two buttons as I caressed and fondled myself all over. As I got to the last button I saw him begin to move. He got half way to me as I let the dress fall right open in blatant invitation. Then I gasped as I saw what he’d done. He’d opened his flies and there, pointing up at the stars and inches from me, was what I’d been wanting so much.

Slowly, with his back to the pub door he walked the rest of the way over and the end of his erection bumped into my clitty. ‘Oh God’, I gurgled, as I threw my head back and the dress slipped right down my arms to me elbows. I leant back as he allowed just the great purple head enter me. He stopped moving and I could feel my cunt trying to swallow him as he placed a hand on each breast and squeezed my nipples and tugged at them.

I tried thrusting my hips forward but he just moved with me, making me whimper with frustration. My vagina started to contract with the onset of a fresh massive climax as he sunk in another inch and I thought, heavens there’s still six more inches to go. I gripped him with my cunt, (I love these dirty words especially when he says things like – ‘grab my cock tight in your pussy til you squeeze it dry’) as my juices flooded out and one of his thumbs began to play hard with my clit. Just as I started to orgasm again for the umpteenth time he withdrew and spurted great gobs of hot sticky cum all up my front; masses of it all trickling down me mixing with my perspiration.

Then he did my dress up leaving several buttons undone top and bottom and before I could hardly stand up straight moved off to leave. I staggered up to him and said I must just go to the loo first. ‘Well I’ll see you outside then by the car’. I felt so wicked and wondered if any one would notice his spunk through the crochet – I could still feel it.

As I emerged from the loo the waitress was standing outside in the corridor. ‘Bye’, I said, ‘thanks for the food’. She hesitated, then obviously fighting to make a decision, held out a piece of paper. ‘It’s kaçak bahis my phone number – I couldn’t help seeing what you were up to – I didn’t mean to look but when I came to ask if you needed anything else I just…I just…well it was so sexy I couldn’t interrupt, but I wanted to come much closer. Please would you tell me if you’re ever coming here again – watching you was so exciting’ And with that, she put her hands on my shoulders, drew me to her and gave me a quick kiss on each cheek before saying ‘thanks- you are really gorgeous and your partner’s a bit wicked too’.

How much had she seen? I was totally non-plussed for a moment but I took the piece of paper and tucked it safely away. As I walked through the bar I could sense the spunk oozing down my belly and I felt as if my face was bright scarlet. It took all my willpower not to run.

By the time I’d found him by the car, I’d decided not to say anything about the phone number. That little secret was making me all warm and tingly inside but I filed it away until I’d decided what to do about it.. As I hugged him he asked me whether I’d enjoyed the pub and I just collapsed against him letting out a loud ‘mmmmmmm’.

I had to admit that being quite so uninhibited in public was a side to my character that I just didn’t know was so strong, or there even until he’d shown it to me. My horizons were expanding by leaps and bounds and I was loving it.

On the way home he started telling me how he’d like me to try something new like doing a strip show for some of his friends that didn’t know me. He said he could try to arrange a photo session where they got me to play with myself in front of their cameras. I was curious how far he’d want me to go and began to fantasise about how I would do it.

‘They’d have to be people I didn’t know and you’d have to pretend I was a model you’d hired’. The more I thought, the more the idea appealed to me.

‘We’d get you to arouse your nipples as you revealed them slowly to all the probing lenses’ he said and I started to imitate what he was saying. ‘I don’t think it would be long before your clothes were slipping down your arms’ he continued. ‘Now you’d be exploring more of your body – walking very slowly up and down in front of all the clicking cameras’.

‘I think I might find the idea quite arousing’ I confessed getting into the spirit of it more fully. ‘I think if I did a strip I’d really love it if the audience was allowed to help take my clothes off.’ I paused, breathing harder. ‘Do you think they would touch me as I paraded in front of them?’

‘Yes, I’m sure there would be no objections’ he chuckled.

‘In fact’ I ventured a bit hesitantly, ‘do you think anyone would mind if I brought my dildo and let them rub it up and down my thighs and between my legs?’

‘How do you mean?’ His breathing was now definitely getting more ragged too.

‘Like this’ I gestured as I stuck two fingers out and demonstrated stretching one leg onto his lap and the other up on the dashboard. ‘Right up here on the inside and all over my wet mound, stroking me up and down my slit’ I stuttered, my breath coming in gasps. ‘So every now and then it slithered backwards and forwards over my clit’. I groaned loudly as my imagination ran riot.

‘Perhaps it would slip inside by accident, if you were very wet’ he prompted.

‘Ooooaaah, that would have to be only an accident.’ My fingers were now the errant dildo in my mind. ‘How would I stop I – I – I –don’t think I could – do you think it would matter if I really came in front of them?’

‘Why should it’ he said, ‘you’d just be following the rhythm of their lead and let it happen’.

‘I think I’d have to say something’


‘Well shouldn’t I ask them if I could help them?’

‘What on earth do you mean?’

‘Well I could ask if they would get better shots if I held myself open and if they would like to put it in me. Perhaps if you didn’t mind I could ask them to touch my clitty to make sure it was sticking up enough and all wet so that they could get the best photos’

I was really getting into this. ‘Perhaps I’d like to suck the dildo, taking it in and out of me, tasting my juices on it while they used their fingers in turn on me.’ I now had three fingers deep inside me. ‘Please stop the car you sexy man so I can imagine all those hunks while you wank me. I need to come again’. I put his hand on my slit as we came to rest and several of his fingers squelched straight in. I couldn’t stop myself thrusting violently up and down as I came and came and came. I nearly fainted with joy and when my senses partly returned I realised that we’d stopped in our own front drive.

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