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My boss is a Mistress Ch. 02

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Following chapter one, Stephan the new slave is taken now learning what is or will be requested and expected from him, which will show him he has to give in, follow rules, whim and when given, some choices will be given to him, soon learning it’s only that required from him…


Last night having accepted Veronica as my Mistress, which means she takes over my life I shared this first night in her hands and taking the first step into learning my place in Veronica’s intimate world of which I’m now becoming an important part of, of course that importance is in my mind which still holds due to my ego, since she is the one to impart the orders and when if she decides to, I may have a choice that given to my meager knowledge as a slave for the time being, turns out to be a new experience every time, having many more to come as I now transit into this new way of life I have chosen to share with her, my Mistress, it will be bumpy road I guess.

I heard noise which came from the bathroom that last one to finally wake me up, having been awake and asleep, not actually dosing, but with Veronica in my thoughts, I heard her come over. Fully awake now, I feel my hands and feet are free from the ropes I had been fettered with last night.

“What a way to sleep, you are easy going with sleep.” Veronica said watching my face.

“Not quite, just exhaustion.” I said which is true, I once lived in a boarding school, but this is far different.

“Get me some coffee, will you please?” Veronica asked.

“Yes Miss Vera.” I said and noticed that even if I were tired I have to act upon her requests.

“Good, you are learning.” Veronica said, liking how matters are going for the time being.

I got her the coffee, “Here, Mistress.”

“Be a dear have a quick shower and come back here.” Veronica said and retrieved the electric shock collar I have on.

“Yes Miss Vera.” I said, I showered and got back, not thinking, just doing as she requested.

“Sweetie, I want you to lock yourself up.” and she pointed to the cock cage and lock.

“Please, no.” I said as my ego got shocked by such order.

“Obey and I’ll only say it once.” Veronica said not fooling around.

“Yes Miss Vera.” and locked myself up, very strange sensation not being able to touch what should be there free for me at will. She then put the collar back on me.

“Good slave, I know you are new to all this and my gift to you is that I will be giving you my reasons although not always for orders that you shall carry out, I could withhold and make you do everything as I say upon my whim and you would have obey me just the same, so take into consideration my kindness. My idea slave is that the orders with explanation are by far more suitable, thus achieving your compliance, love and devotion to me in an easier way as I undoubtedly take over your life in which you will only think, breathe and have eyes for me your beloved Mistress.” Veronica said expressing her thoughts in a candid way.

“Thank you Mistress, I know in time I will fully understand your kindness rendered to me now, I do admit that it does not sound as much for me at this moment, because until just a day ago I was totally free if that can be said in this world, but at least not constricted as now, it is gratifying to have an owner as you, taking me into your life as you are showing me.” I kissed her feet in sign of respect and I guess devotion which will be within my nature as time inevitably drifts by.

“You are respectful slave and like your way of understanding, now the reason for locking you up today, you are starting you cooking lessons and maybe more. The person that is coming over is a dear friend of mine and knows what I like and want in a relationship, so it is not a problem. I do not want your penis being touched by her or you trying to be in her, I say this because I know you will find her attractive in more than a way, you can speak frankly with her we have no secrets between us, her name is Claire, obey her as it were me. I’ll phone you up before she knocks the front door so that you know it is her.” Veronica said.

“She already knows about me?” I asked worried as if I had an input to it.

“Yes she does, but let her tell you.” Veronica said seeing my anxiousness.

“Can I be dressed when she comes?” I asked feeling cornered, which being naked with my Mistress is one thing but before another whom I don’t know is not something that had crossed my mind as a slave.

“Yes for that purpose I have left clothing for you in the other bedroom. Again, you have the option to dress or remain as you are. I expect the bed to be made when I’m back and everything neat and tidy.” Veronica said adding, “As part of your training and new life, I’m also going to play mind fuck games with you, until you feel you belong to me completely as my slave, by the way I also have a Master friend who I know long enough, if he finds out of your existence he will want to have you, your life, your world would radically change including pony play if I allow to him ankara yeni escort to get his hands on you, he is seeking someone as you and if I let him have his way I know you will become most lightly his, so do behave with me dear in his hands you become a mare .” She looked at me deeply, now with a terrified look in me her new slave, just as she expected adding, “I love my slave, which is you.” she kissed me good bye and left.

I went to the bedroom made the bed up, and then washed the cups. I went to the other bedroom; there were no clothes for me, except female clothes. When I wanted to open the cupboard where my clothes are, I could not open it, she had locked it. I decided to remain as I am.

A couple of hours had gone by and the phone rang, “Hello?” I said.

“Slave?” she said.

“On the phone should I not be Stephan?” I asked.

“For the time being yes you will be dear Stephan.” Veronica said.

“Yes dear.” I said.

“That sounded nice Stephan; well it’s to let you know that Claire is on her way.” Veronica said.

“I did not find my own clothes.” I told her.

“I did leave you some.” Veronica said.

“You know what I mean.” I said in the calmest way possible.

“Yes I do and I told you the options, naked or the clothing set out for you, it’s your choice. I have to get back to work. Kiss you.” she hanged up.

About twenty minutes later the doorbell rang. I got a magazine to cover up as if out of a shower and have to urgently open the door, which I opened, “Claire?” I asked.

“Yes, you are Stephan, right?” she said already laughing at the way I presented myself hiding my parts.

“Yes, please come in. Excuse me for my current presence.” I said blushing.

“Nothing I have not seen before and was advised that I could get to see you this way, although she doubted it. She still does not know you well enough.” Claire said still enjoying the moment.

“You mean Veronica?” I asked.

“Yes your Mistress and owner. In the followings days you will lose your inhibitions with me, but to avoid them today I brought an apron and you will use it especially if cooking I don’t want you burnt. Here, I’ll tie it up, turn please.” and she tied it up covering my front, “That wasn’t so bad, was it?” Claire said.

“No Mistress?” I said inquiring her title.

“You can call me Claire or Mistress as it suits you.” Claire said.

“Yes Claire, Mistress.” and blushed.

“You are cute.” she said.

Claire is dressed in leather pants, boots and jacket, very, very sexy and yes she is beautiful, just as well I have the cock cage on, if not it would further embarrass me as a slave, as a guy I would be all over her now obviously or at least trying to and not embarrassed, which brought me back to my own submissiveness.

“Veronica told me that I would find you beautiful, she was right.” Claire said.

“She told me about you also, and I concur with her.” I said, “You are going to teach me to cook, just for your awareness I’m a vegetarian.”

“I’m also one, but Veronica still likes her piece of beef you included, but not much of your penis, she prefers the tongue.” Claire said.

“She told me so.” I said.

“Let me get a glimpse of what is under the apron.” and she lifted it up.

“Oh my, she locked you up never thought she would mind. She must certainly like you very much, she spoke a quite a lot about you. Let me see if all she says is true, in this time we have together, slave.” Claire said.

“Regarding the cage she told me, just in case.” I said, Veronica knowing we would have had some type of doing between us and avoided any possibility of it from the start.

“She is a control freak, but did not think Vera would cut that pleasure from me. Just that you know, if the person is submissive and has the traits she seeks, she does not mind the gender.” Claire said.

“Does that mean you were intimate with her or had the place I now occupy?” I asked.

“Not the exact road you are on; I was her submissive but in time I became aware that domination is what makes me click more often than not.” Claire said.

“Ah, you must know her likes.” I said.

“Yes, and since I went my way we have become very close friends. Now let’s get to some cooking lessons and I’ll show you where everything is kept.” Claire said.

“Ok then.” I said.

“You keep looking at me, which truly makes it wonderful for me and pumps up my ego, but I need to teach you, so concentrate or I’ll get strict on you.” Claire said.

“Yes Mistress.” I said.

“If you behave, I might let you eat my pussy.” Claire said.

“Yes Mistress.” I kneeled to kiss her boots.

“Oh yes you are a sub alright, both are lucky to have each other.” Claire said.

The cooking lesson took place and we carried on asking about each other as the hours rode on, by the time I left the kitchen clean it was the afternoon. I prepared coffee for us.

“Have you got a partner like a…” I asked waiting for Claire to catch yenimahalle escort my question on the way trying not to go to deep yet.

“A slave, yes, she is female, you have met her, its Jennifer.” Claire said.

I gulped, “She is yours?” I said not believing what I heard.

“She was the one that suggested you to have an interview with Veronica, right?” Claire asked.

“Yes, but I never thought she could be a slave.” I said not seeing her as a submissive as I remember her from that dinner.

“Most people will not know unless you tell them and or show them.” Claire said.

“Come here slave.” and as I was right up before her, she kissed me.

“I also like your lips slightly different to Veronica´s and the ones belonging to my slave but all have something to them. Now slave get my boots off.” Claire ordered and I did in a smooth way, putting the boot at a side then the other in the same way.

“Ready, Mistress.” I said.

“Will you?” Claire asked.

I reached down and kissed the nylon encased feet and licked them. When I thought I was done, I asked, “Mistress, more?” I asked just in case.

“Oh yes you are a fetishist. Lick my knee caps and pussy, after proceed to get my pants off, I like foreplay it stimulates my mind. Let’s see what you have.” Claire said.

“Yes Mistress.” I said. Calmly I licked her leathered knee caps taking my time as if they were nipples. She opened her legs a little, the sole motion signaled me I’m to move up to her pussy and made play with my tongue and mouth.

“Slave my pants.” Claire gave the order.

On my knees I unzipped the top of the pants and unhooked them. With two fingers very slowly I went round her waist pushing the leather downwards a little more every time it must have taken five minutes until I got them beneath her crotch, then the panty going down over the garter belt and stockings, her glistening shaved pussy was there, ready.

“Mistress, get one foot up then the other, please.” Claire did and off came the pants and panty, “Will you want to stand or sit Mistress.” I asked.

She sat and I got my mouth and tongue to work. She must have been worked up, since an orgasm appeared there and then. Her clit is about five millimeters or a little more, as it stands firm and very sensitive as I played. I loved eating her juices as she had several orgasms. I had my pre cum all over the place. She kept my head still there at her pussy for a couple of minutes. She picked my head up and I did not know what got her, because her face was not relaxed. She moved me back; she saw the pre cum, “Clean that, today with a cloth tomorrow if I see a drop you will lick it, understood?” Claire said.

“Yes Mistress.” and cleaned up, not understanding her attitude.

“Come here slave, your Mistress asked me to leave you in bondage until she is back.” Claire said.

“Why?” I asked.

“Because she said so and she owns you. Word of advice if you stop and asking why, life will go smoother for you.” Claire said.

“Thank you Claire for the advice.” I said.

“Now give me your wrists.” and leather cuffs went on, then on my ankles my thighs had a restraints too and like carabineers were hooked up with my arms at my back crossed to my thighs and then she hooked up my ankles.

“Please Claire; I’ve been in bondage all night.” I said.

“She truly must want to train you fast, there’s no letting you go. She must want you for life.” Claire said.

“Please Claire, I’ll do whatever you want, let me loose.” I pleaded.

“Sorry baby, I would be doing just about the same thing with you until I know you are totally owned and not a shrewd of doubt you feel you are a slave, I want my pussy well attended and if it’s a male one like you.” she said.

“I hate you.” I said.

“Don’t say that because you will love me also.” Claire said and put a ball gag on me.

“Augh. AGGG. UHMM.” I tried to yell my face red in anger.

Claire looked at me and slapped me,” sorry love I do not like being yelled upon. You will have to learn. And yes I’m starting to understand what my slave and Veronica see in you.” Claire said.

“Mm, Mm.” I noised out.

“Sorry, but I was requested to do this today. Take this as a compliment, I think even my slave would like to be with you right now, there’s more to what I’ve said but you will only understand it in time.” Claire said looking at me.

She started dressing up, once ready looked at her watch, “Oh God, it’s late. Bye slave, see you tomorrow” she kissed me on the head and left.

I fell asleep and did not hear Veronica come in shortly after Claire had left, she got the gag off me, that’ s when I noticed her presence, “I’ve been a while here watching you, it’s sexy seeing you bound. How did the day go slave?” Veronica asked.

I told her everything lest it have consequences for me, “Have you had many slaves?” I asked.

“No I have not, submissive people that could be slaves yes for a period, and you have met two of them. You yozgat escort are a different breed for me; it’s not that easy to find a good one, although there’s work to be done before you are ready.” Veronica said.

“Mistress, could you please free me?” I asked.

“No dear, first I’ll get cleaned up so that you can eat me, as your Mistress deserves.” Veronica got up and went to the bathroom.

“Yes Mistress.” I said.

Veronica got back with only her boots on, helped me to get into position and sat on the sofa, “Time to eat me.” she said putting her open legs before me.

“I will Mistress.” I said and got down to business, I first went for her clit and worked my way downwards to go up again, then sideways, when her first delightful moan appeared and soon a succession as she seems to have, to my pleasure and joy.

“Yes sweetie, you are good.” she said.

“Thank you Mistress.” I said in a muffled voice, still with my head in her pussy.

“Stay still slave.” and I felt her on my back setting me free from the restraints.

I could move my hands freely although still had the leather cuffs on, “Thank you Mistress Vera.” I said.

“Good boy.” she said and added, “Claire taught you new things with the cooking class?”

“Yes Mistress Vera and I’ve already fixed dinner for us.” I said.

“Good, you seem to feel comfortable, but as I have asked you, please tell me what and how you feel.” Veronica asked.

“One way or another I have been in bondage too many hours, night and day. With Claire it was interesting to know about her, being yours for a period then left and took with her your employee and now have become a friend to you.” I said.

“How do you feel, that is what I need to know.” Veronica said again.

“Strange, free less, confused, interested in this new experience for the time being.” I said.

“Slave, kiss my boots.” Veronica ordered.

I did as requested, “Mistress?”

“Lick my boots.” she ordered.

I licked one then the other and after asked again, “Mistress?”

“You forgot to mention that you feel submissive or at least act as one without question.” Veronica added.

“Yes Mistress, you are right, my mistake.” I said.

“I did say I want to know what and how you feel.” Veronica repeated.

“Yes Mistress, I did not know you wanted that to be known as well.” I said.

“Do you want me to chastise you slave?” Veronica said.

“No Mistress Vera, please I have had a long day.” I said.

“I think you do deserve it; you did not answer as requested.” Veronica said.

“No Mistress, please forgive me.” I said lowering my head.

“Beg me slave.” Veronica said.

“Please Mistress, forgive me, I bow before you, kiss and lick your boots.” I said and did.

“That is better slave, start understanding that you do and say as I say, you are owned by me.” Veronica said.

“It’s easy and do excuse me forgetting to say I’m submissive to you Mistress Vera.” I said.

“Yes I know that is why I’ll be onto you until you are feeling that it is right to be owned by me and will do all I say and be there for me as I wish. I will love you always as my slave and of course I have feelings for you since I first met you. If you have any doubts about me; I do feel also, I´m not a cold person. Just that our relationship has to be a Mistress/slave one. When the time comes and it will, that you feel it right to be owned by me, then it will only be fun for us.” Veronica said.

“Yes Mistress.” I said trying to understand her point of view.

“Just give it time dear vassal; it will all fall in place.” Veronica said.

“If you say so Mistress, would you like dinner Mistress?” I asked.

“Yes, serve us. I add that I want to share everything with you including meals even though you are the one that makes them, serves and washes always. I like to share conversation, which some dominants do not like to have with their slaves. I’ll consider you my boyfriend and to be hubby if you get through this week.” Veronica said.

“Mistress I thank you for your consideration towards me.” I said.

“You are welcome; you will love being my property.” Veronica said.

“If you say so Mistress, your experience supersedes mine.” I said as I served dinner.

“Good cooking slave, tell me about Claire.” Veronica said.

“She is as you said, and yes I’m fond of what I have seen of her.” I said.

“She if fond of you also and if she did not have a slave, she would take you in. My precaution locking you was asserted; she also wants your asrse pussy as she calls it.” Veronica said.

“You mean by that I’m a pussy to her, if I’m right in my understanding?” I said not knowing if my thought is what is to be expected.

“Well she sees your backside as a pussy, she likes women so for her it is only natural to make one out of you and your dick is a dildo for her which she does like but not that often, I’d say seldom is more appropriate, but being a new toy she would like to have a go at your dildo.”Veronica said laughing and watching my face.

“Will you let her Mistress?” I asked with concern.

“No, at least until we see what happens with us. Even Jen wants you, never thought she would, since she is a slave to Claire. You are quite something.” Veronica said.

“It’s freaking me out.” I said.

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