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My Cousin Sandra Ch. 02

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Big Boobs

I waited a few minutes, just like Sandra had told me, then quickly slipped into the women’s locker room. I locked the door behind me and heard the shower running as I stepped into the locker room. “Mmm,” I thought, “she wants to get even more wet.” I turned the corner to the shower and my jaw dropped when I saw not one, but two naked bodies in the shower. I stepped into the showers, my cock starting to tent out the swim trunks I had slipped back on.

At first I couldn’t figure out who the mystery woman was, but as I got closer it was very clear who it was. Sandra was standing over her, legs spread, as the mystery woman toyed with her own pussy. My eyes were immediately drawn to her fingers as they quickly worked her clit. It was then that I saw it. A small turtle tattoo. One just barely visible on her thigh when she was wearing a high cut swim suit. It was one I had seen many times as we taught swim lessons together, and one that I had wanted to get a closer look at.

“Cindy?” I questioned, as I stepped closer to the two naked women. “Mmmhmmm,” was the only reply I got as she worked her mouth over Sandra’s pussy. Cindy

had one hand working her clit while her other hand trailed up and down over Sandra’s ass. Sandra’s fingers were pulling on Cindy’s short hair as she ground her pussy into Cindy’s face.

As I stepped closer to the two of them, Sandra stepped off the shower bench and Cindy’s naked body came fully into view. As I looked her up and down Cindy said, “so I finally get to see what’s behind those trunks? I’ve been wanting to for a while, now thanks to your kinky cousin, not only do I get to see, but I get to suck and fuck.”

I quickly untied my trunks and let them drop to the shower floor, my nine inch cock coming into view. “Damn! Now I know why you couldn’t resist, even if he is your cousin,” Cindy said as she licked her lips. I took a few more steps forward and as soon as I was within arms reach Cindy reached out, taking my hard cock in her hand. She began to stroke it as she gently pulled me closer. Sandra’s hands went to my ass as she began squeezing and fondling it.

Cindy leaned forward slowly and as she was about to slip my cock in her mouth, Sandra stopped her. “You realize he was just fucking my ass right?” “Like I’ve never tasted your ass before,” was Cindy’s quick response before slipping the tip of my cock into her mouth. “Oh shit!” I moaned as Cindy slid her mouth further down my cock. Sandra’s hands kept wandering bursa escort bayan over my ass, her fingers trailing up and down my ass crack.

As Cindy slipped more of my cock into her mouth Sandra slid to her knees and started licking my balls. Cindy sucked me in deeper, then after a few minutes pulled my cock out and started to stroke it. “Damn I never thought you two would be done out there,” she said as she slid her hand up and down my cock. “Just how long have you two been planning this?” I asked as they both started to lick my cock. “Since about a week after you started working here,” Sandra answered between licks.

“As soon as you started Cindy told me how she thought you were hot, and after seeing the bulge in your trunks a few dozen times she decided she wanted to make a move. We’ve been fucking for months now and Cindy knows just how kinky I am. I protested at first because you’re you. I mean I remember when we were kids, we always kinda flirted especially that one summer at the lake. Once Cindy and I started talking about it I started thinking back to that summer and how much I wish we had just started messing around then. I guess I just figured better late than never.”

Sandra then took my cock into her mouth as Cindy slid the shower chair behind me and guided me into it. She was quickly standing on the sides of the chair straddling my face, shoving her bare pussy in my face. I quickly slid my tongue over her clit and heard an approving moan. I worked my tongue over her clit and pussy lips before slipping it into her soaked pussy. “Oh shit, if I’d known you were this good and this hung I would have let you have me for dinner that night you came over.”

About a week after I had started at the Y, Cindy had invited me over for dinner after an evening class we taught together. I remember how bad I wanted something to happen. Nothing had happened, but Cindy seemed determined to make up for lost time as she started grinding against my face as the hot water from the shower poured down on the three of us.

As Sandra sucked my cock deep into her mouth, I pulled way from Cindy’s pussy and said “man I’m glad I’m not paying for this water bill.” The only reply I got was Cindy’s hand on the back of my head pulling it back to her now dripping pussy.

“I’ve gotta have that cock in my pussy,” Cindy moaned as she pulled away from me and stepped off the chair. “Did you bring condoms?” I asked. “Hell no! görükle escort I’m on the pill I don’t need those,” she said as she stood against the wall arms and legs spread, looking back at me. “Now come fuck me!”

I quickly slid behind her as I felt her hand slide between her legs and guide the tip of my cock to her wet, waiting pussy. I pulled back a bit, taking the base of my cock in my hand, sliding my cock up and down her soft lips, teasing her clit with the head of my cock. I could feel her pushing back against me, trying to coax my cock into her wetness.

I finally pushed forward sinking my cock deep into her pussy, my balls slapping against her clit. “Oh fuck,” she moaned as I started thrusting in and out of her. Her pussy started squeezing and releasing my cock as she had her first orgasm on my throbbing cock.

Sandra, apparently feeling left out, quickly kneeled on the shower floor under Cindy and started flicking her tongue over her clit. Sandra’s hands moved quickly to my balls as I pumped in and out of Cindy’s pussy slowly. Cindy slid one of her hands down the wet wall to Sandra’s head and she started pulling Sandra’s brown hair. “God yes, Sandra” she moaned, “lick me right there I’m about to cum again.”

I started thrusting faster as Cindy started shutering and shaking against the wall. “You’re about to squirt aren’t you” Sandra asked between licks of Cindy’s clit. “Mmmmmm fuck!” was the only reply either of us got. Sandra watched as my cock pistoned in and out of Cindy’s pussy, reaching up and pulling my cock out at just the right moment. She spun Cindy around to face me just as her orgasm exploded.

Cindy’s hand quickly found her cit as Sandra grabbed the shower chair and Cindy sank back into it as she started to squirt all over the shower. Cindy’s juices were spraying all over my legs and I quickly kneeled in front of her to drink her juices.

“I knew you’d be kinky,” Sandra said as she watches Cindy squirt all over my face, “you’re related to me.” I laughed as Cindy’s orgasm died down. “We’re just getting started” I replied as I pulled Sandra to me and kissed her, sharing Cindy’s juices with her.

As Cindy slowly recovered from her earthshattering orgasm, Sandra slowly started sucking my cock. Her fingers cupping my balls as she slowly took inch after inch down her throat. Cindy was soon watching us from the chair and my eyes quickly moved to her pussy. “Fuck that was hot,” I said as I bursa escort bayan eyed her dripping pussy. “Hell yeah it was,” she replied as she lazily started stroking her bare pussy lips.

As Sandra’s lips slurped up and down my shaft Cindy started fingering her pussy in rhythm. First one finger, then two, then slipping a third in as Sandra started sucking for all she was worth. Sandra and I both watched as Cindy started fingering faster and faster, squishing sounds echoing off the shower walls.

Sandra slowly pulled off my cock, “I want your cum all over my face and tits,” she purred before deepthroating my cock so hard she pulled off gagging slightly before diving back in. “Mmmm me too,” Cindy moaned as she slid off the chair and started sucking my balls as she slid her hand to Sandra’s pussy.

As Sandra continued to deepthroat my cock Cindy slowly started working her way around my body. She kissed her way around my thigh and then back to my ass cheek. She made her way quickly to my ass crack and spread my ass cheeks flicking her tongue over my asshole.

“Oh fuck you two are kinky,” I moaned as Cindy slowly pushed her tongue up my ass. Sandra pulled off my cock just long enough to say “I think he likes that, I swear his cock just got longer and harder.”

“I just want to taste his cum,” Cindy moaned into my ass. “Then you’d better get next to me,” Sandra said, “I think he’s about to explode.”

Cindy slid around to the front quickly and both she and Sandra started bathing my cock with their tongues. Their tongues almost battling eachother to see who could lick more. They each had a hand on my balls, feeling for that tell-tale tightening, the one that would let them know they were about to receive a cum shower.

I couldn’t help but smile as I stared down at their two wet, naked bodies kneeling in front of me. Their tits were pressing together as they licked and sucked my cock. “Oh fuck, I hope you two are ready for this” I moaned as I felt my balls tightening in their hands.

They both pulled back from my cock, tits out, mouths open, waiting for my cum. I had cum earlier, but as I sprayed the two of them with my cum I knew it was the biggest load I’d ever let loose. Spurt after spurt sprayed over Sandra’s tits before Cindy took hold and aimed my cock at her pert tanned tits. Sandra quickly took my cock back aiming a few streams into her mouth before my orgasm started to slow and Cindy deepthroated my cock swallowing the rest of my cum along with my cock.

I sat back on the shower chair letting the hot water run all over me, watching as Cindy and Sandra swapped my cum as they kissed passionately, their tits pressing together.

As my cock slowly started to soften, I heard something I never thought I would here…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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