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My Daughter in Law Pt. 06

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This is a work of fiction. You must be 18 or over to read this story. In real life, incestuous relationships, often causes deep psychological damage. This story is provided for entertainment purposes only. All persons in this story are over the age of 18.


I had decided to take my daughter-in-law Rebecca to a five-star hotel restaurant that had great food and a romantic atmosphere and was frequented by visiting professional people. As we entered the restaurant with Rebecca holding onto my arm and as we were shown to our table, I saw the looks that the other customers were giving us. With me being twice Rebecca’s age and the way Rebecca was dressed it was easy for the people there looking at us to assume that Rebecca was an escort.

As we laughed and joked all through dinner, we gave each other the occasional kiss, the way I was kissing and touching Rebecca no one watching us would have ever guessed she was my daughter-in-law. There were three older men standing at the bar having a drink watching us and when Rebecca noticed them she placed my hand on her thigh and pushed my hand under her short mini-skirt and then kissed me passionately.

As she broke our kiss she said, “Dad, did you notice the men at the bar watching us?”

“Yes I noticed them,” I replied running my hand further under her mini-skirt.

We had finished having our dinner and I told Rebecca, that I needed to use the toilet and I stood up and headed to the toilets leaving Rebecca sitting at the table alone. When I returned from the toilet a few minutes later, Rebecca was standing at the bar having a drink surrounded by the men.

As I approached Rebecca she smiled at me and said, “Paul was kind enough to buy me a drink.”

“Hello Marcus, I’m Paul and these are my colleagues Cameron and Trevor,” Paul said as he held out his hand.

I shook Paul’s hand and replied, “It’s nice to meet you all.”

Cameron and Trevor then offered their hands for me to shake and Cameron asked, “What would you like a drink Marcus?”

“I have a whiskey thanks,” I replied.

As Cameron and Trevor chatted with me, I noticed that Paul was continuing to fill up Rebecca’s glass and that she was becoming drunk.

“Why don’t we all go up to my hotel room for a drink?” Paul said.

Before I could answer Paul’s arm was around Rebecca’s waist holding her up and he was leading her to the elevators with Cameron and Trevor, I followed them without any objections into the elevators up to the fifth floor and into the hotel room. As soon as the hotel room door was locked Paul handed Rebecca another drink from the bar fridge.

Paul turned to me and asked, “Marcus, would you like another whiskey?”

As Paul poured me a whiskey, Cameron turned on music and started dancing with Rebecca, he wrapped his hands around her and pulled her close against his body. Rebecca continued drinking and swaying back and forth to the music with Cameron. I watched Trevor take Rebecca’s glass from her and then take a turn at dancing with her, his hands slipped under her short mini-skirt and cupped her bare ass cheeks and pulled her against his groin.

Cameron moved behind Rebecca and kissed the side of her neck, she was squeezed between the two men and Cameron’s hands reached around her and cupped her covered breasts as he kissed her neck.

Paul handed me another whiskey and said, “Rebecca, said that we could fuck her if we paid her… I hope you don’t mind.”

“If that’s what she said, it’s okay by me,” I replied.

I sat there drinking my whiskey as Paul whispered to his friends, they both started to undress her, Cameron soon had her blouse and bra removed and was fondling her bare breasts as Trevor knelt down to unzip her mini-skirt. With her mini-skirt off, Trevor pulled Rebecca’s thong down over her boots and after helping her step out of them pulled her wet cunt against his face and started kissing and licking her bald wet cunt.

Paul had undressed and was sitting on the couch stroking his hard cock as he barked, “Bring the slut over here.”

I watched Trevor and Cameron move Rebecca over in front of Paul and push her down onto her knees. Paul pulled her head closer to his hard cock and when he rubbed his cock over her mouth, Rebecca instinctively opened her mouth and took Paul’s cock deep into her mouth and began sucking and moving her mouth up and down on Paul’s cock.

Cameron lifted Rebecca’s ass up and began to furiously finger fuck her bald cunt, every now and again he would remove his fingers from her cunt and beşiktaş türbanlı escort suck on his fingers to taste her cunt juices. Trevor was now undressed and after pulled Cameron out of the way, he moved behind Rebecca and drove his cock deep into her cunt. With each thrust of his cock into her cunt, he pushed Rebecca’s mouth further onto Paul’s cock. I sat there watching them and played with my limp cock, all the whiskey that I had drunk was keeping my cock soft and limp.

“I’m going to cum,” screamed Trevor.

“Fill the sluts cunt with your cum,” yelled Cameron.

I watched as Trevor grabbed hold of Rebecca’s hips and thrust his cock deep into her cunt and left it buried inside her. His body jerked with each loader cum that he shot inside her and when he had finished cumming, he pulled his limp cock out of her letting his cum drip out of her cum filled cunt. Cameron moved behind Rebecca, taking Trevor’s place and drove his hard cock into her cum filled cunt, after pumping his cock in and out of her cunt a couple of times, he pulled his cum covered cock out and drove it into Rebecca’s ass.

Rebecca’s body tightens and jerk in shock, she tried to lift her mouth of Paul’s cock, only to have Paul hold her mouth all the way down on his cock as he started shooting his hot cum into her mouth. Rebecca swallowed each load of cum that Paul shot into her mouth and when Paul released her head she lifted her mouth off his limp cock and let out a loud moan as Cameron fucked her ass like a man possessed, he would speed his thrusts up and then slow them back down making Rebecca moan and whimper.

When Cameron thrust his cock deep into her ass and kept it buried there, Rebecca gasped and took a deep breath as his cock exploded inside her, filling her ass with his hot cum. After Cameron removed his now spent cock from my daughter-in-law’s ass, Rebecca collapsed and laid there on the floor. I had thought it was all over and the men were finished with her but when I saw Paul and Trevor working on their limp cocks I knew they were going to fuck Rebecca again.

With my cock now fully hard it was my turn to fuck Rebecca, without saying anything to the men I quickly removed my pants and underwear and moved over next to Rebecca and lifted her head up off the floor and slapped my hard cock across her face. Rebecca opened her mouth and let me shove my cock inside her mouth and as soon as she had clamped her mouth around the shaft of my cock, I started fucking her face, pumping my cock in and out of her mouth at a fast pace, as if I didn’t know who she was and she was just some slut that I was face fucking.

It didn’t take long before I was shooting my hot sticky cum down her throat and when Rebecca started to gag and lifted her mouth off my cock I shot a load of hot cum over her face. I then stroked my cock shooting two more loads over her face covering her face with cum to the men’s delight. By this time Paul’s cock was hard again and he pulled Rebecca up onto her feet and with Trevor’s help carried her by her arms to the bedroom leaving me in the room with Cameron.

“Where did you find this slut,” asked Cameron.

“She a friend,” I replied not wanting him to know she was my daughter-in-law.

I sat there drinking with Cameron wondering what was happening to Rebecca, when Trevor came out of the bedroom twenty minutes later and said, “Cameron, it’s your turn to fuck the slut.”

As Cameron stood up and headed into the bedroom, Trevor poured himself a drink and asked, “Do you want another drink?”

“I think I’ve had enough,” I replied as Trevor sat down beside me.

“Marcus, you’re a lucky man to know a slut as good as Rebecca… I can’t wait to fuck her ass next time,” said Trevor as he fondled his soft cock.

Ten minutes later when Paul came out of the bedroom and collapsed into an armchair, Trevor stood up and went into the bedroom. Paul told me the three of them all worked together and were in town for a conference. It was three o’clock in the morning when I woke up in bed with Rebecca, the men had all left and Rebecca was passed out and covered in cum and had cum dripping out her ass and cunt, her lovely hair was covered in sticky cum, her neck and breasts were covered in bite marks.

When my phone rang a few minutes later and I saw it was from my son, Rebecca’s husband I declined to answer the call, what could I say to him? How do I tell him his wife is a slut and that I have been fucking her? I decided to let Rebecca sleep and take her home beşiktaş ucuz escort in the morning.

The following morning when I woke up, I was alone and after hearing the shower running, I climbed out of bed and went into the bathroom. Through the glass shower door, I saw Rebecca standing under the shower washing her hair. When I opened the shower door, Rebecca turned around and when she saw me she gave me a smile and reached out and pulled me into the shower with her. I wrapped my arms around her and gave her a lingering passionate kiss with our tongues in each other’s mouth.

After our mouths separated, she beamed, “Good morning Dad, did you have a good nights sleep.”

“Yes I did,” I replied.

When Rebecca started washing my body, I started running my hands over her body playfully giving her body a wash. I squeezed her breasts with my soapy hands and then reached around her to run my hands over her back. After slipping my hands down her back to cup the cheeks of her ass, I pulled her cunt against my cock.

Rebecca ground her cunt against my cock and then reached down between us and started to wash my cock and balls when my cock twitched and started to become hard in her hands, she giggled and dropped to the shower floor and knelt in front of me and took my hard cock into her mouth.

She started moving her mouth up and down on my cock as she fondled my balls. I placed my hands on the back of her head and started moving her head up and down on my cock faster. Rebecca looked up and me as I continued to move her head up and down on my cock.

I grunted and pulled her mouth all the way onto my cock and held her head still as my cock erupted and shot several large loads of hot salty cum into her mouth and down her throat. After I had finished cumming Rebecca kept sucking on my cock trying to get at more of my cum as my cock started to become soft. When she lifted her mouth from my cock, I lifted to her feet and we embraced and stood there under the running water.

After we had stepped out of the shower and had dried each other and had put on the Hotel’s bathrobes, I asked, “Would you like me to order us some breakfast?”

“Yes please Dad,” she replied.

Half an hour later there was a knock on the door and when I opened the door to let a young looking waiter wheel in our breakfast.

“Where would you like me to set your breakfast up for you sir?” asked the waiter.

I pointed across the room to where Rebecca was sitting and said, “Over there will be fine thank you.”

As the waiter set up our breakfast in front of Rebecca, she let her bathrobe fall open to reveal her naked body to the young waiter’s gaze. He started shaking as he stared open-mouthed at Rebecca’s breasts and bald cunt and for several seconds he didn’t hear me telling him that was all, when he did finally hear me, he was blushing as he took his tip from me and left the hotel room.

“You enjoyed teasing that young man didn’t you Rebecca?” I chuckled.

Rebecca giggled, “It was fun seeing how he looked at me… Dad, did you see that his cock was hard in his pants?”

“Yes, I noticed,” I replied as I sat down at the table to eat breakfast with my daughter-in-law.

We had just finished eating when my phone rang, I looked at who the call was from and then looked at Rebecca and said, “It’s from Connor.”

I answered the phone call from my son, “Hello Conner, what can I do for you?”

“Have you seen Rebecca, she didn’t come home last night?” blurted Connor.

“She is here with me having breakfast,” I replied looking at Rebecca.

“Can I speak to her?” Conner mumbled.

I handed Rebecca my phone and heard her yell, “You what, okay I will be home soon.”

When Rebecca hung up and handed me back my phone, I asked, “What was all that about?”

“Your son found the porn video, I made, I must have left the video in the player,” blurted Rebecca.

“Was he upset?” I asked.

“No, he sounded quite calm, he wants to meet at us both at the house this morning,” blurted Rebecca.

My first thought was that my son knew I was fucking his wife and wanted to confront us both together. As soon as we had dressed we checked out of the hotel and I drove Rebecca to her home, on the drive there I couldn’t stop thinking about what he was going to say to us, did Connor know that it was my friend Daniel who had videoed his wife having sex with other men? Did he know that she had made other porn movies?

When we arrived at Rebecca’s house beşiktaş üniversiteli escort Daniel’s car was already in the driveway and as walked into the house through the back door we heard Daniel talking with someone in the lounge room and when we went into the lounge room we were both shocked to see Daniel and a stranger sitting naked on the couch watching Rebecca’s porn video.

“Daniel, what the fuck is going on?” barked Rebecca approaching the couch to see her husband and the stranger stroking their cooks.

Daniel turned and looked over his shoulder and said, “Rebecca, I have something to tell you,” then as he saw me he said, “Hello Dad, you can hear this too.”

“What’s going on, what do you want to tell us?” I asked.

“Daniel, who is this man you’re showing my video too?” Rebecca blurted as she looked at their hard cocks.

“I would like to introduce you to Patrick he is a work colleague and my lover,” blurted Connor.

“Your lover, what do you mean?” barked Rebecca.

Daniel put his arm around Patrick and after giving him a passionate kiss, said, “Patrick’s my lover and I’m going to move in and stay with him.”

Rebecca looked at her husband in shock, and roared, “You’re leaving me for a man?”

“Yes, I’m gay and in love with Patrick,” replied Connor.

I looked at my son and said, “Connor, I have always suspected of you being gay and that was the reason you weren’t fucking Rebecca.”

“Rebecca doesn’t need me to fuck her, with what’s on the video she has plenty of men to fuck her,” chuckled Connor.

Rebecca turned and wrapped her arms around me and started crying into my shoulder. I rubbed and stroked her back in front of Connor and his lover Patrick.

“Connor, did you ever think of asking Rebecca to join you and Patrick in bed?” I chuckled as I kissed Rebecca’s forehead.

“No, I didn’t think Rebecca would be interested,” Connor blurted.

I lifted the hem of Rebecca’s dress to reveal her thong and ass-cheeks, and chuckled, “What about you Patrick, have you ever seen an ass looking this good?”

Patrick grinned and for the first time spoke up and said, “I’m bisexual.”

I turned Rebecca around and opened the front of her dress to expose her bare breasts to her husband and his lover and chuckled, “Connor do you want to watch Patrick fuck your wife?”

When Connor looked at Patrick nodding his head and grinning, I slipped Rebecca’s dress from her shoulders, Rebecca stood there in just her white thong and high heel shoes facing her husband.

“If I let Patrick fuck me, Connor will you stay with me?” Rebecca asked.

“Can Patrick live with us both?” Connor asked.

“Yes, he can stay with us, as long as you let me keep making porn videos,” blurted Rebecca.

I ran my hands over Rebecca’s breasts and kissed the back of her neck in front of her husband and his friend. When I slipped my hand inside her thong and rubbed her wet bald cunt, I said, “Connor your wife’s cunt is soaking wet and she wants to be fucked.”

When Patrick stood up and moved closer to Rebecca, I released her as Patrick started to run his hands over her body, Connor sat there watching his friend and lover kissing his wife. Rebecca took Patrick’s hand and lead him towards the bedroom, Connor followed them and I followed my son into the bedroom. Rebecca was lying on the bed with her legs apart waiting for Patrick to drive his cock into her bald cunt. My son and I stood at the bedroom door watching Patrick drive his cock into Rebecca’s cunt.

As Patrick started fucking my son’s wife, Connor started stroking his cock with his cock fully hard, Connor stepped into the bedroom and pushed Patrick’s down on top of his wife, with his chest pressed against Rebecca’s breasts. Connor moved behind Patrick and drove his hard cock into his ass, I stood there watching my son fucking another man, each time he pumped his cock into Patrick’s ass, Patrick’s cock would be driven into Rebecca’s wet bald cunt further.

With my cock throbbing in my pants, I quickly undressed and gave my cock a few strokes and then moved up beside Rebecca’s face and waved my cock at her. My daughter-in-law reached out and took hold of my hard cock and pulled it towards her mouth, with my cock in her mouth I held Rebecca’s head still as I started to fuck her face.

Patrick was the first of us to cum, filling Rebecca’s bald cunt with his hot cum, I was the second to cum, filling Rebecca’s mouth with my hot cum. My son Connor then started filling Patrick’s ass with his cum. After Connor slipped his cook out of Patrick’s ass, Patrick slipped his cock out of Rebecca’s cunt. As Rebecca laid there on the bed with Patrick’s cum dripping out her cunt, my son moved between his wife’s legs and buried his face onto his wife’s cum filled cunt. Connor sucked his lover’s cum out of his wife’s cunt as Patrick and I sat there getting acquainted.

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