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My Education into the World of Sex Ch. 08

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Ch. 8 My Education to a world of sex.

Note: This story is true as best as I can remember back thirty-five years, with names and dates changes to avoid harming any one in the story. All people are at a minimum of eighteen years of years, most are older sexy, horny ladies that have no males in the house or their husbands have forgotten to take “care of their home duties.”

I again truly want to thank all of your fellow readers for sending me comments and feedback. It means so much to hear from each and everyone of you. Please leave a comment and vote –THANKS —

Thursday morning came with me alone and naked in bed. I was again sporting my morning “PISS-ON” and reached down to stroke it. As I was walking down the hallway to the bathroom it’s door opened and mom walked out dripping wet from her morning shower and total naked.

She looked at my rock hard penis and then my face and stated, “is that for me.”

I walked past her and told her it would be after I relieved myself.

She turned around and followed me into the bathroom. As I stood in front of the head, she held my pecker and aimed it at the bowl. I pissed and pissed and pissed.

Once I was done she shook it twice and wiped it with a piece of toilet paper. (She always makes sure it was clean before doing anything else to / with it) She then got down on her knees in front of me and stuck it into her mouth and licked the head. She sucked on just the head and tickled my balls with he fingertips.

She then stood up and said, “GOOD MORNING SWEETIE.”

Come along you have to get ready for a “BUSY” day at the Sweley house. I looked at mom and she mentioned that had not been a man in that house since their dad was killed in that farming accident ten years ago.

After breakfast Sherry said I could use her car today as she and mother were going shopping and only needed one car. I said thanks and headed out the door.

I must have drove for thirty-five minutes before I found the road that the Sweley house was on. It was way out in the country away from other farms and houses. I pulled in the drive and walked up to the front door.

Just as I was going to knock the front door when it opened and Mary, the younger of the two sisters – she was 35 years old and 5′ 6′ tall and must have weighed in at about 135 lbs., greeted me with only a bikini style swimsuit that barely covered her pendulous breast (later found out they were 40 DD’s) and well tanned body. The untrimmed pussy hair stuck out of each side of cloth that was trying to cover her crotch. She gave me a big hug and a kiss.

I took a deep breath and remember what mother had said last night about the kind of day I was going to have. I could tell from this greeting it was going to be nonstop fucking.

Mary asked me to come in and follow her to the kitchen. When we got there, Cheryl, the older of the two sisters – was 40 years old and was 5′ 2″ tall and must have weighed in at about 140 lbs., was sitting at the kitchen table in a suit similar to her sisters. Her breasts were just as large as her sisters, but perkier. (I Later found out they were 40 D’s) Her nipples were already rock hard and sticking through the material. She had an “all over” tan just like he sister.

She said that she hoped I had brought a swimsuit as we were going to go swimming later in the day after fixing the fence that went around the swimming pond out back.

I told them that I had not, but I could swim in the shorts I was wearing. They said that would not be necessary, as they had a “special” suit for me.

Mary got up and went out of the kitchen, only to return in a minute with this red thing that looked like a normal swim suit BUT when she turned it around, the front had a rather large sack for my balls and a sleeve for my penis to fit in. She handed it to me and said to go put it on and see if it fit.

I went to the bathroom off the kitchen, as they both pointed too for me to go change clothes in.

I stripped of my clothes and put on this “suit”, as they called, it encased my penis in a soft expandable material. The rear of the suit covered the butt nicely and the balls were in a sack made out of the same material as the penis sack. I walked out into the kitchen with only the “suit” on, Cheryl gasped at seeing the size of the penis stretching its sack. Mary walked over to me and cupped the ball and said that they felt full and needed some morning relief.

Mary worked my balls around in her hand and my penis started to grow in its sack. Cheryl got up from the table and walked over to me and cradled my growing penis in both hands and rubbed the underside of it from head to base. By now I was at least ten inch long and growing rapidly.

Mary keep massaging my balls and nibbling on my ear lobe. Cheryl had gotten my penis to the full fourteen inches length by now and still stroking it while nibbled on my other ear lobe. I put my arms around both of them and slid my hands on to their asses under those skimpy suit bottoms.

Cheryl kağıthane escort stopped playing with my erect cock for a minute and mentioned that the material had stretched just perfectly on the length and around the girth of my penis and did not get tight as Mary though it was going to.

Just them Mary noticed that the tip of the penis sack was getting all wet from pre-Cum and rubbed her hand over it.

Cheryl reach around me and pulled the suit off my ass and tugged it till my balls and penis pulled free of their confinement.

Mary was right there with her mouth to lick the pre-cum off my cock and said it tasted salty.

Cheryl stood up and removed her top and let her breasts swing free. Her nipples were standing on end and her areoles were at least two inches across and cherry pink kin color.

Not to be outdone, so did Mary. Her nipples were not as large and neither were the areoles that were a light pink color.

I still had my hands down their suit and was squeezed their butts.

Marry reach over and untied her sisters bottoms and it fell to the floor. She then removed hers, both of the gals had not shaved the hair from between their legs and their pussy lips were covered with nice dark black hair. I stood between them and ran my finger through their hair and noticed the heat and wetness they both were generating.

At this very moment I sensed movement off to my right and I looked up saw an older lady standing in the doorway of the kitchen.

Mary saw me looking inn her direction and introduced me to their mother.

Ellen; she was nearly sixty years young and did not look a day over fifty. Her skin was a nicely tanned and taunt on her frame. She must lay out in the sun naked and tan along with her two daughters I figured.

She had a set of leg on her that went all the way to the top, as the saying goes. Her breasts were as pendulous as Mary’s, but bigger then both the daughters (they were 44 F’s I later notice on her bra label) and with her darker, fuller nipples they looked so suckable. She was not fat, but a littler over weight, but for 59 years old not a bad looking lady. (I bet she can still could get a man in bed without even trying very hard.)

I could not believe that I was standing in front of a lady that looked so lovely with her two daughters playing with my balls and cock. She smiled and walked into the kitchen. She sat down on a chair and motioned for me to come over to her. I walked over to her and as I approached her she reach up and grabbed my cock. She held it for a minute and sized my cock up. Mary hustled over to the cupboard to get her a cup and towel off the counter, as she knew what was going to happen shortly. She then took a tube of K-Y off the table and applied a liberal amount to the full length of my cock. She slid both her hands up and down my shaft and worked me into a sexual frenzy.

I was just about to unload a jettisoned of cum when Mary returned with the cup and her mother aimed my cock into it to catch my load.

I shot four or five long streams of cum into the cup as she keep pumping my pole up and down with a firm but gentle grip. Cheryl was still fondling my balls and blowing in my ear. My streams got less and less, but Mary keep the cup right their at the end of my huge purple headed cock to catch every last drop. She even wiped the last drop from my cock with the lip of the cup. When I was done empting my balls, she put a cover on it and put it in the freezer of the refrigerator.

Cheryl got a warm towel and cleaned the K-Y off my cock and balls. She then wrapped my ball and penis in another warm towel and told me to sit down and rest for a minute or two as the day was just getting started.

Their mother sat there looking at me and as I looked towards her, spread her legs and pulled her panties to one side to exposed her neatly trim pussy to me. Her cunt lips were full and puffy and oh so wet looking. There was a wet spot on the chairs cushion between her legs from her dripping love juices.

I could not believe that all three of these gals were so horny and that they needed me to service them today. (I guess my mom knew what she was talking about this morning)

As I was sitting with this warm towel around my privates, I was wondering which one was going to be first. I figured that age would win out.

Cheryl got up and strutted her bare ass pass me and went and got three straws out of a holder, cut them to different lengths. She had me hold them up and they drew for who got me first.

Mary got the longer of the straws. Cheryl got the shortest and there mother the middle length. We sat at the kitchen table for a while talking and discussing / planning what was to happen the rest of the day.

I was told that there would be no working and only fucking today and whenever I came back to visit them.

Mary reached for my hand and led me upstairs to her bedroom. As we walked out the door her mother told kartal escort us that they would be out by the pond swimming / sunning, when we got done with our “morning playtime” and to come out and join them.

I followed Mary up the stairs to her room and from her window we could see her sister and mother lying on a blanket near the pond. They were laying side-by-side hold each other’s hands and kissing. Cheryl’s hand moved over next to her mom and cupped her mom’s breast and she raised it up and sucked on its large nipple.

Mary noticed that my penis was starting to get hard from watching her mother and sister. She got in front of me and reached around me and hugged my waist and squeezed my semi-erect penis between her pendulous breasts.

They sagged down I little to her body and her nipples stuck straight out from as I tried to reach for them. I cupped them in my hands and they felt like five pounds weights. She let me play with them and as I did her nipples got bigger and bigger. They must have stuck out an one-inch or more out from her blood red areoles.

She stood there letting me play and pinch them while she took her hand and placed it on the top of my head and pushed me to my knees. My lips met her nipples and with them sticking so far out I could not help but suck on each one of them.

She moved backwards and sat on to the edge of bed, holding me to her breasts all the time. Her breasts just hung there above her legs. I lifted them away from her body and keep sucking and pinching them.

She spread her legs and again pushed my head down. She got my head between her legs and I could smell her love juices that were flowing from her cunt lips.

I took my tongue and started licking her wet lips. She pulled my head into her crotch and let out a gasp and moved her cunt up and out to met my tongue. She said that this was the first time in ten years that a MAN had been eating her pussy. I keep suck and licking and all the time she lay back on the bed and I had my hands up so I could be playing with her breasts and nipples. It did not take her but five minutes and she squeezed my heads between her legs and climaxed. I keep working her and she let loose again in less time then the first orgasm took her.

She sat up on bed and looked down at my face buried my her cunt. She then stood up and with the juices running down her legs reached for my hand and raised me up and told me to lie on my back on the bed. When I did my cock stuck straight up in the air and it did not take her thirty seconds to get on top of me and sit down on it. (A lot of the ladies, I later learned, liked to do this as they then had control of how deep they would let my penis go into their love nest)

She just put the purple head into her vagina and seemed to savor the feeling of its larger then normal head spreading her lips apart. She then started to move up and down with me hold on to her waist and assisting her movements. She took at least twenty strokes up and down to get all fourteen inch into her body. She finally pushed down on my balls and just sat there for a minute. She then started to ride me like a bucking bronco.

She twisted and turned as she went up and down on my pole. Never once did she come off the end, just like a good cowgirl should.

I was just lying there watching those pendulous, heavy breasts swing and sway in front of my face.

I reached up and held on to them and was squeezing them and pinching the nipples when I felt my balls tighten sending my semen up to my penis. I blasted a load into her, which I swear was more than I had spurted into that cup, earlier in the kitchen.

She just keep humping me for what seemed like an other minute or two. She them she sat down tight on my balls and with her love tunnel muscles tightening around my cock, climaxed with a orgasm that was ten time stronger then the first two she had previously had. She started to stroke up and down again as my cock was getting going soft and just moved around a little then lay onto my chest, pressing her breast on each side of my chest. She rose up a little and my limp cock fell out of her cunt and the juices ran all over the bed and me. She sat back down on my limp cock that was lying on my stomach and smashed it into her love lips.

All this and it still was not eleven in the morning.

Mary got up and suggested that we take a shower to clean off the mess that we had produced in out love making before going down to the pond to visit with the others.

When we got down to the pond, Cheryl and her mother were sitting on lounge chairs sunning their sexy bodies. They both were naked as J-birds and smiled at us as we opened the gate and walked in.

Ellen looked over at Mary and said that she hoped I was ready for her, as she was the next in line for my cock and needed a good fashion fucking NOW!

I asked if we could wait till after lunch, so I could rest up a little.

She said, sure but it was going top cost me küçükçekmece escort an extra favor or two. Neither did nor know what she meant, but figured I was going to find out soon enough.

After lunch Ellen sat in the porch swing and glided back and forth. The girls were doing the dishes and I was sitting in a chair with my feet on a stool. Ellen got up and came over to me and ran her hand through my hair and said to follow her.

I did not know where we were headed but was told that I was going to need all the rest I had gotten before lunch, as she had not had a stiff cock since her husband had died four years earlier.

Ellen led me into the garden and a small cottage that sat hidden in some trees on the far side of their swimming pond. In the cottage there was only a very large four-poster bed, a table with a radio and lamp atop it and an over stuffed chair in the far corner.

Ellen lay down on the bed and said that she wished that I would eat her pussy for dessert. As she spread her knees to allow me full access to her neatly shaved crotch.

I got down on my knees beside the bed and was a little too low to match her crotch. She said there was a thick pillow under the bed to kneel on. When I got on it, I was then was face to her crotch. I leaned forward and placed my tongue on her lips. She gasped and pushed her body upward to meet my mouth. I licked her lips and started to insert my fingers into her vagina as she panted and cooed. I instantly found her clitoris and tongued it. It started to grow in size and length. I keep sucking on it and she just let out this loud moan and most exotic sounds of contentment I had ever heard.

All of a sudden she spread her legs wide apart so I could get my mouth and tongue deeper into her cunt. I sucked on her clitoris, and as I did it seemed to grow to at least one and one half inches in length. I took my tongue and flicked its tip as ladies had done to my penis head. She squirmed and screamed out in excitement / anticipation of what was to come.

My fingers were entering her “tunnel of love” when she reached down and handed me a rather large silver dildo and some K-Y jelly that she had gotten out of the table beside the bed. She asked that I use this so to stretch her vagina out to be somewhat the right size to match my cock.

It was not even half as large as me and I mentioned that to her. She handed me another larger dildo to be used after some play time with the one I had in my hand.

I lubed the larger dildo and gently touched it to her lips. I started to insert it into her vagina as she twisted a little and pushed upwards to meet it. I slid it in as far as I could and still hold on to it.

I slid it in and out of her about a dozen times before I took the larger one and switched. She let out this loud scream and pulled on my hair to get me closer to her. I shoved the dildo in and out of her a couple of more times and she tighten up and gushed a load of cum all over my hand and face. I pulled the dildo out and licked her lips and sucked the juices she was expelling.

She grabbed my hair and told me to stand up at the side of the bed and put my monster into her hot cunt NOW!

I did as I was requested and slid my cock all the way into her fiery hot vagina. I had not stroked more then five time and she climaxed again almost as intense as the first time.

I started to slide in and out of her with her wrapping her legs around me. I felt her pull me into her womb and could feel my balls hanging against her ass. I wiggled a little so my head would move inside her. She again let out this scream and exploded for the third time in less then five minutes. I felt her exploding and could not stop my load for filling her so it was running out of her in big gobs. She looked up at me and with a smile pulled me to her breasts. I could feel them hanging on each side of her body and moved my arms together to slide them up and tight to my chest. Her nipples were still hard and felt so good against my chest.

I stood there between her leg with my cock embedded in her vagina for the longest time before it started to go limp. I was just looking at her massive tits and nipples, which keep me somewhat hard longer. Her nipples stayed hard and swollen from being stimulated for the longest time.

She felt my cock going limp and raised up on her elbows and kissed me and motioned for me to lie beside her.

I pulled out of her and got in bed next to her.

She reached down and grabbed my slimy, cum covered cock and stroked it up and down, it started to come back to life. She said that is what she liked about young men. They can get back to their duties faster than old fogies.

I cupped her breasts as they hung towards me, as she lay on her side. I started to slide down to lick them and she said to turn around so she could suck my cock as I again licked her pussy.

As I was turning around I pinched her left nipple and licked the right. I stayed a little bit up on her so I could suck on her breasts and as I did that she reached up and stroked my cock, as her mouth could not reach it.

About this time we heard a soft knock on the door and looked up as Cheryl stuck her head into the cabin and asked if I was going to have time for her today as it was already three-fifteen.

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