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My First Cock_(2)

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[My First Time

It was the school holidays and I had been visiting a relative and I was on my was home.

I needed to pee and walked into the public loo…you know the sort, smelly and dirty. An old guy was already in there

I stood at the urinal, desperate to unzip and get my cock out before I started to pee. Only just making it in time I sensed I was being watched.

I glanced across at the only guy there and he was watching me as he stroked his semi hard cock.

I couldn’t help but look at it and my 14 year old cock started to involuntarily get hard. I had started to play with myself some months earlier so I knew what was happening.

The old guy obviously seen my growing cock as an invite and turned to face me and openly stroked his cock…my eyes were transfixed on his growing cock as he looked at my young cock get hard.

He moved closer and I let him take my cock in his hand….he only stroked me 2 or 3 times before I cum in his hand. He took some tissue out of his pocket and wiped my cum off his hand.

I didn’t know what to do, I was in a bit of a daze, so I quickly zipped up, cum still dripping from my softening cock and rushed out the loo.

That night at home I realised I had enjoyed the feeling of an old man’s hand on my cock.

The next day I went back to the public loo hoping to see the old perv again and have my cock tugged again….I Sex hikayeleri walked in and disappointment hit me as all the urinals were empty. Oh well, yesterday must have been a one off.

As I stood there having a pee I heard footsteps and a guy of about 50 walked to the urinal….it wasn’t the old perv from yesterday and I was just about to zip up when I glanced across and much to my surprise he was stroking….I took my hardening cock out again and just stood there pretending to pee, gently stroking my cock.

The guy was looking around and edged closer to get a good look at my cock….I was getting harder and felt like I was on the verge of cumming without much stroking.

His cock was hard as he moved closer and I turned to let him see my hard cock…he smiled and grabbed my hand and placed it on his cock. I stroked it as he grabbed mine.

Again, it wasn’t long before I was cumming and I was disappointed not to have lasted longer but instead of zipping up and fleeing as I had done yesterday I stood there stroking him. He had a look of enjoyment on his face as I stroked him to a full erection. He was looking around to ensure no one else was entering. Then, with a grunt, he shot a rope of hot cum over my wrist, then another and a final small load. He smiled and handed me some tissue to wipe up his seed.

He zipped up, thanked me and left.

I was Sikiş hikayeleri hooked….i loved the excitement of getting played with and playing with old cock. Making them happy having a 14 year old hand bringing them to a climax.

The rest of the holidays was spent going to the loo and playing with cock, rarely playing with the same cock 2 days running.

Some guys didn’t want to be played with in the loo and I remember the first time a guy said he had a car and did I want to go somewhere quiet. Off I went and he drove to some back street where we wouldn’t be disturbed and he pulled down his trousers and pants – that was the first time I had seen an old cock that wasn’t just jutting out of a pair of trousers as I stroked it. He leaned back and placed my hand on his balls and directed me to play with them and stroke him.

He told me to take my trousers down so he could do the same to me…I obeyed without question and he squeezed my balls.

Without warning, he leaned over and took me in his mouth….I was shocked and thrilled at the same time and it wasn’t long before I filled his mouth with my young cum …wow, I loved it.

He tried to get me to suck him but I refused (that was to be the one and only time ) and I stroked him until he grunted and emptied. I think he was a little disappointed that I wouldn’t take him in my mouth.

Then one day, a Erotik hikaye guy of about 60 said he lived close by and we could drive there and have some fun in his flat. I agreed and off we went.

Once inside his flat he was kissing me and grabbing me, up until then It was limited to playing with cock, this was another step as his tongue was in my mouth.

He took my clothes off and stripped himself. Another first, an old naked man stood in front of me, his limp cock hanging down.

He beckoned me forward to touch him, I obeyed and soon he was growing in my hand. He forced me to my knees and placed his cock near my face. I tried to turn away but he held my head in place and moved his hardening cock nearer.

‘Suck it’ he said thrusting forward, I was a little scared….this was something a little too far.

Not knowing what was going to happen I reluctantly opened my mouth a little as he thrust forward again. The tip of his cock touched my lips and he pushed again…this time my mouth opened a little more and he invaded my mouth with about 2’’ of his cock. I gagged a little as he started to fuck my mouth. I gradually got used to it as he got into a rhythm. I knelt there as he used my mouth for his enjoyment without any thought for me.

This went on for some time before I felt his cock twitch in my mouth as he shot his seed into my mouth, it felt like gallons as it oozed out the corner of my mouth. I gagged and he pulled out as his cum spilled from my mouth onto his floor.

I had been used as a cum dump for the first time….deep down I knew it wouldn’t be the last

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