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My First Lover Ch. 09

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Getting ourselves cleaned up in mom’s office didn’t take as long as we expected. I was still pretty shaky from our intense lovemaking and a little chafed as well feeling the results as I walked out of the store and into the cool air of the parking lot with mom at my side.

“Are you sure you don’t want to stop and get something to eat before you head home mom?”

“Nah, I’m way too wound up to eat right now hon, thanks to you. All I can say is that I’m glad I wore a loose fitting skirt today and not one of my usual business ones.”

“Why’s that?” I asked.

“Because, you sex fiend, I have about ten sheets of Kleenex stuffed between the cheeks of my ass right now thanks to you! Exactly how much stuff did you put up inside me anyway?

I feel like a leaky faucet with all the stuff running out of me.”

“What can I say mom, the sight of me pushing into you that way was so hot and intense, I felt like I emptied a years worth. What does it feel like anyway when I finish inside your ass like that? Is it the same as the other way, or does it feel any different?”

“Oh it’s different alright… In fact, not only does it burn more when you do me back there, but it’s also way more sensitive at first. Then when you do finish, it feels like my bowels want to explode from all the pressure. The funny thing is after you finish I actually like it and enjoy it more because you make it really slick inside me. That’s why I like it more the second time around versus the first. Maybe we should use the lube more often instead of just doing it like we’ve been. Less pain and more fun that way,” she said as she looked around the parking lot and wrapped her arm around mine. “God you make me so horny.” She added as she got her keys out and opened her car door.

“Listen, I have to get home to meet your dad when he gets there. But if you want, we can get together tomorrow to figure out what we want to do together next weekend, ok? Besides, you may want to spend some time with Judy before this Thursday.”

“Exactly what do you two talk about when you get together?” I asked.

“Oh, you know, just girl talk. I have to run now so give me a kiss so I can get out of here.”

Looking around again to make sure nobody was watching, I leaned into the window planning to give mom a quick kiss as I glanced down at her heels on the pedals. She had other ideas though as she reached up and pulled our lips together, running her tongue over mine as her fingers pulled my hair. “I can’t wait for this weekend to start, so rest up cause your gonna need it. I’ll see you tomorrow for lunch at your apartment and we’ll talk more.”

Heading home my mind kept whirling with what might happen the coming weekend as I tried to relax and get some sleep. I had cut back my hours to part time with the apartment manager as my classes at college were about to start, so I had plenty of time to relax and enjoy what was left of the summer. My dreams were filled with images of what my mom and I had done in her office the night before as I awoke in the morning to the smells of breakfast cooking. Thinking I was still dreaming I buried my head under the pillows trying to get back to sleep.

It was when I heard a soft female voice clearing her throat that I pulled my head up and opened my eyes. Standing before me at the foot of my bed was Judy, holding a tray loaded with food that she had prepared in my small kitchen. “Well, it’s about time you awoke from the dead you lazy bum.”

“Hey Judy, how, how on earth did you get in here?” I asked still half asleep.

“Boy you don’t remember much of anything do you? In case you’ve forgotten, the last time we made love on the carpet by your front door, you gave me a copy of your key for me to use anytime I needed to. And I heard from good sources that you had a heck of a time last night, so I figured I’d come over here and help you get your strength back up.”

That got my attention as my head cleared up completely. “Ok Judy, I’d really like to know just how much you and my mom have been talking to each other lately. And just what do you two keep talking about? Please, I really would like to know.”

We’ll talk in a minute Ron, but for now, I’d like to share some breakfast with you before this gets cold. Walking around my bed she placed the tray on the mattress as she sat down gently, smiling as she first handed me a glass of orange juice, and then a plate covered with eggs, bacon and sliced fruit. As she had sat down I noticed Escort bayan she had on a short robe with a colorful one piece swimsuit underneath. She looked amazing even without her makeup as she sat sipping her juice and staring at me, her brown eyes just seeming to take me in as she sat quietly, smiling at me.

“Going swimming?” I asked.

“You might say that.” She answered. “It’s almost nine and you have to meet your mom at noon, as I understand it. So I figured we might enjoy some quiet time in the pool this morning as a way of relaxing. Looking past her hands and into her robe I could see her breast, bound and accentuated by the tight material of her swimsuit as her nipples became slightly aroused, showing through the fabric as she cleared her throat again, getting me to look up and into her eyes.

Her cheeks were blushing as she put the brakes on my thoughts as she stood up. “We’re supposed to be relaxing you nut, so why don’t you hurry up and eat so we can get some time in the water before we have to leave.”

Ten minutes later we were walking across the parking lot in the hot sun, holding hands as we neared the clubhouse and pool. With it being so early the pool was empty, the water sparkling as we walked inside. For the next two hours we took turns swimming and then drying off lying in the sun as we enjoyed some peace and quiet between ourselves. And what I thought was a one piece swim suit turned out to actually be two pieces. A front half, and a back half, tied together by the thinnest of strings allowing me glimpses of her generous breast as they pushed against the fabric revealing her body completely all the way down both sides.

Right before we had to leave I was walking by the pool with my towel and stuff in hand when I suddenly found myself flying through the air into the deep end. Coming up I could see my stuff floating in the water around me while Judy was standing by the edge, laughing hysterically at my predicament.

“I wish you could have seen your face before you hit the water!” she cried as she tried to catch her breath. Climbing out of the pool I could still see my stuff floating around when a crazy thought hit my head. Running at a sprint I surprised Judy as I closed in on her as she tried to get away. Picking her up in my arms I turned around and walked directly to the edge of the deep end as she struggled, trying to get out of my arms. “I can’t get my hair wet! I have an appointment this afternoon and I won’t have time to dry it before…

That was the last syllable I heard as I stepped off the edge with her in my arms. We hit the water, sinking to the bottom as I released her, floating back up to the top we swam to the edge with her spitting and coughing. I was smiling as I came up next to her holding onto the edge as she looked at me. “I can’t believe you did that.” She said quietly, trying to sound mad while she was holding back her giggles. I just laughed “Turn about is fair play Judy. At least that’s what I always say…”

Reaching out she put her arms around my neck and pulled us together, kissing me strong and hard as I pulled her body into mine. “Do you always do this when your mad?” I asked.

“Only when I want you so bad I can hardly contain myself,” she replied as she kissed me again, our tongues dueling and our hands seeking out intimate places under the water. I found that I really liked her swimsuit as my hands found their way behind the back of her swimsuit, grasping the cheeks of her ass and pulling her into me.

“How much time do you have before you have to go? I asked. “About the same as you do, so we’d better make this quick.”

We headed into the clubhouse finding the changing rooms, checking to see if anyone was inside as we headed into an open one and locked the door.

Wet swimsuits are hard enough to get out of as it is, let alone when you’re trying to do it quick. Judy was faster than I was in that she just peeled hers down in front of me, dropping it onto the floor at her feet as I pushed my shorts down. Pushing me back onto the bench she straddled me, her breast heaving with her deep breaths, her nipples hard and aroused as she lowered herself onto me, the heat of her pussy was a drastic contrast from our cool skin after being in the water.

With her hair still dripping water down my body she started moving up and down on me as I pulled us together again, kissing and running my hands over her skin, the suntan oil making us both slick to the touch. “I Bayan escort promised myself I was going to wait.” She kept repeating as her tempo and speed increased. “Suck on my breast!” she moaned as I felt her juices moving down my shaft, mixing with the water and oil on our skin.

I did one better…

Running my hands over her shoulders to pick up some of the suntan oil I began running my fingers over her breast, the oil on her nipples slick to the touch as she moaned louder, her pussy grasping me tightly as she kept sliding up and down, her breast becoming more aroused. “Oh My!” she cried as she moved faster. The bench underneath us creaked and groaned in protest to the two of us bouncing on top of it as she grasped my head, pushing her hips down and squeezing me with her cervix. She pushed down so far that I could feel the entire head of my shaft inside the opening to her womb, the muscles of her cervix feeling like cords as they first grasped the head and then began spasming with her orgasm. Reaching around and grasping her ass again I pulled her roughly down onto me as I thrust deeply up into her body, my oily fingers sliding between her cheeks as I exploded inside of her.

“What were you supposed to wait for?” I asked as we sat there with our hearts racing with the remnants of our lovemaking running down my thighs. “It’s a surprise Ron, so please don’t ask me to tell you.” She whispered as she started to get up.

“Now we need to get cleaned up and get out of here so we won’t be late.”

At that she threw her robe on and grabbed her stuff, opening the door and looking around before moving to the women’s shower room.

Grabbing my stuff I didn’t even bother to get dressed as I took a shower of my own. Coming out I realized my towel was soaking wet and completely useless as I pulled my shorts on and met up with Judy to head back to the apartment. As she walked I kept looking down at her in her swimsuit, her legs looking toned and tanned with her feet in a pair of tall wedge sandals.

Dropping my stuff in the tub I dressed quickly as Judy dried her hair in the bathroom. Just as I was about to head out Judy came out of the bathroom looking strikingly different.

She wore a short, tight figure hugging grey wool skirt, a white blouse with a long blazer to match, and silky hose with black high heels. Her cheeks were still flushed from earlier as I took her in my arms and kissed her softly. “You look amazing Judy, especially how your skirt shows off your curves and your backside.” I added as I ran my hands over her, pulling her into me and grinding our hips together. “Boy you are insatiable, just like your mom keeps saying. Now get going so you’re not too late for lunch with her. She should be here any time.”

Walking outside I didn’t have long to wait as I watched Judy drive off. Mom pulled up and I jumped in, excited to see her again after the night before. “It looks like you didn’t get much sleep.” She commented as I adjusted myself in the seat. “Oh I got some great sleep mom. I even had a great breakfast this morning.”

“Uh Huh… I can see that. I can also smell the suntan oil on you as well. I figured something was up when I passed Judy on the highway a few minutes ago.”

Taking a moment I looked my mom over as she drove out of the parking lot and out onto the highway. She had on a light blouse, khaki shorts, and a pair of white leather stiletto high heeled slides. I never recalled mom wearing heels with shorts before as I watched amazed at how her feet worked the pedals with her four inch heels on. Perfect summer beachwear I thought as she drove down the highway. “So what do you have planned for lunch?” I asked.

“Oh you’ll see Ron, you’ll see…”

Driving down the highway, I noticed we were going out of town instead of heading in. “Where do you plan on eating lunch mom?”

“Oh, someplace quiet and out of the way.” Is all she kept saying.

About ten minutes went by when mom suddenly slowed down and pulled onto a gravel road that led down into a park by a lake. Pulling under some trees she quietly killed the engine and started to get out.

As I got out, she walked to the back of the car and opened the trunk. “Can you help me with these?” she asked. Coming around she handed me a large blanket and a cooler. In her hand she had a basket and some big cushions. Walking under the tree we set up the picnic area on the blanket, sitting down on the cushions as mom laid out our sandwiches Escort and drinks.

We were half way through our sandwiches when I started to get a little curious as to why mom was just eating and not saying much of anything. “Are you sure your Ok mom?” I inquired, startling her out of her trance as she ate. “I’m sorry hon, I was just thinking how I wanted to start this conversation.”

“Well let’s start it by my saying you look great today. I especially like the shorts and heels look on you.” She smiled at me blushing, setting her sandwich down and taking my hand in hers.

“I guess you’re wondering by now what all the talk has been between your friend Judy and I.

To be honest, we never really had much to talk about before all this started between the two us. And after I asked you to do me a favor and help her out like you did me, I figured it would end there. I never realized that you two would hit it off so well as to become an item together. On top of that, I guess you’ve figured out by now, that I can’t seem to get enough of you and our special times together.

It’s just that, even after all the changes I’ve gone through, the new dresses, the heels, the sexy lingerie, your dad seems more interested but he still hasn’t figured out that we don’t have to act like two old people just yet. That we can still be crazy and do insane things together, like making out in different places instead of just the bedroom.”

“Like in your office last night?” I asked.

“Yea, especially like in my office. At first I was scared that you caught me watching that video, but after you found me, I realized I WANTED you to catch me, I WANTED you to fuck my brains out on my desk…, and I wanted you to take me any way you wanted to, no matter how much it hurt. God forgive me how I loved how much it hurt.

Afterward, I realized how I really loved what we do together. Especially,” she squeezed my hand hard then, “Especially when you used both your hands on me and made it feel like I was being done both in front and in back at the same time. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be done like that, but I never could see neither your father nor I sharing ourselves with a stranger in our own bed. But last night after we finished, I got an idea that I wanted to share with you first before I decided to try it.”

“Ok mom, let’s hear it then.”

Watching her take a deep breath, I could actually see and feel my mom shaking as she began again. “As you know, your friend Judy and I have been talking quite a bit lately about a lot of things.

We’ve been trading war stories per say, about our adventures with you and what we’ve been doing together. I had no idea it would have gone this far when it all started, but here we are. We both agreed that our relationships are unique, but with the same goal in mind. To have fun making love as often, any way, and anywhere we can.

I told you that as long as we didn’t make this out to be something dirty, we could go as far and as long as circumstances allowed. Well, now I’m asking that you consider something we haven’t thought of before. I still want to try making love with two people. I want to know what it feels like having two of you inside of me at the same time instead of just one. I get wet sitting here just thinking about it!”

I had to admit, my shorts were getting pretty uncomfortable themselves as I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. “I’ve spoken to Judy and she happily agrees that we should try this together. You…, Judy…, and I…, all three of us, together for the weekend doing whatever comes naturally, If that’s Ok with you.

“Wow mom, you’re serious! Aren’t you?”

“God yes Ron, I’ve never been more serious in my entire life.” She said shakily.

“I can’t think of anything better than spending the weekend with the two women I love the most.” I answered. “So where do you plan on doing this anyway? My place maybe, or did you have something else in mind?”

“Well, that little hotel we spent our first night together seems pretty nice. But Judy had an idea about a place she knows about just north of town. It’s like a spa with hot tubs, massage rooms, and huge suites with multiple rooms and beds that offer the best of privacy. She’s already made reservations there for the three of us, hoping you would say yes.”

“How could I say NO to such a beautiful proposal.” I answered as I moved some cushions together so we could lie down under the tree. “You have no idea how scared I was a few minutes ago when I was trying to decide if I should even ask you about this. Now I can hardly contain myself thinking about what this weekend is going to bring.”

“Neither can I mom, neither can I…”

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