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My Girlfriend is a Lesbian?

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Hi my name is David and needless to say I have had a very lucky life. My most recent luck involves my girlfriend. After living at my new house for a couple months I realized that there was an amazing girl living right next door. After meeting we soon started dating.

I am 17 and about 6’1″ I’m pretty tall and skinny. My girlfriend Kayla is only 15 but very beautiful. She has decent sized breasts and a fine ass. She was about 5’9″ and pretty skinny. Now we had been dating for a month or two and had fucked plenty of times. I couldn’t wait for her parents to leave for work in the morning. During the summer I would go over and we would go at it all day. She was amazing and she knew how to please a guy.

This certain day was like every other. I woke up at about 9 knowing her parents were gone at work already. So I called and she told me her friend Jen was over. She said it was fine and that Jen wouldn’t bother us while we had sex. I told her I would be over as soon as I got a shower.

While in the shower I was already feeling my cock building up. But this time I wasn’t thinking about Kayla. My mind was on her friend Jen. Jen was a lot smaller than Kayla and only 5’2″ her breasts were small B-cups and her ass was not that big either but there was something about her. She reminded me of a young girl. She was only 90 pounds and still had a baby face but it was absolutley beautiful. And the thought of getting with her made my cock as hard as a rock.

Kayla and Jen had always joked around about being lesbians but I knew they were joking. So I quickly put the thought out of my mind, threw on some clothes, and headed over to her house.

Once over there Kayla was still getting dressed so I sat in the living room with Jen. I noticed she wasn’t wearing a bra underneath her t-shirt and her perky nipples were showing. That made my cock stiffen up a little.

Kayla soon came into the living room and sat down next to me. She started kissing Ümraniye Escort me right away and I could tell she was already pretty turned on. She then slid her hand down to my cock and realized it was already hard. She then started giggling. Then I realized that Jen was still sitting next to us on the other couch and I turned red.

Kayla realized I was embarassed and decided she was ready to get at it. So she stood up and started walking to her room dragging me behind. Once in the room Kayla quickly ripped off my shirt and began rubbing my chest. As we kissed she let her hands slide down and begin unbuttoning my pants. She ripped them down to reveal my bulge hanging out of my boxers. She sat down on her bed and pulled my cock closer, causing me to fall onto the bed.

The next 20 minutes went as normal. I would lick her twat until she came. Then she would begin to suck me until she wanted my rock hard cock in her.
As usual I was on top of her rocking back and forth, my 6 inches going in and out of her. I started to feel that tingle rising in up my leg when I heard the door open. Not sure who it was I rolled off of Kayla making sure to cover up with the blanket.

To my surprise it was Jen. Once I realized she was staring at the tent I had pitched under the blanket, I rolled off of the bed onto the floor, ripping the covers off of Kayla. When I stood back up to see what was going on I saw Kayla laying there on the bed naked, with her legs spread open still. Jen was staring right at her soaking wet pussy dripping on the bed.

“You are making a mess on the bed. Let me get that for you.” is all that came out of Jen’s mouth.

She then bent over and ran her hand up Kayla’s slit, wiping most of the juices off. I watched in awe as she brought her hand to her mouth and licked it.

“Tastes better than yesterday.”
“Yesterday?” was all I could fumble out of my mouth.
Kayla replied, “Did you think I was kidding when I told Ümraniye Escort Bayan you we were lesbian together?”

She just smiled as I tried to understand what she had said. Then I looked up to realize that the whole time me and Kayla were talking Jen was taking her clothes off. She had already gotten her shirt off to reveal small perky boobs with already hard tits. Immediately I got rock hard again.

Now I could only sit back and watch as Kayla leaned over and helped Jen slide her little shorts off to reveal a tight thong wrapped around her mound. My hand slowly slid down to my cock as Kayla grabbed the thong and slid it down. Jen then climbed in bed and spread her legs as Kayla began rubbing down her flat stomach. When Kayla reached her freshly shaven slit, Jen jumped a little in pleasure.

I decided to sit back and watch for a while. Kayla laid herself right beside Jen with her legs spread also and they both rubbed each others clits. They then began taking turns seeing how many fingers they could fit into each other. Noticing Kayla was much looser, Jen asked to see my hands.

As I stopped stroking my cock with my left hand, I showed Jen my right hand.

She compared Kayla’s fingers with mine and asked, “Do you mind?”

“No I don’t care. Go ahead.” Kayla replied. “Come lay in between us.”

I stepped into the bed leaving the blanket behind. As I sat down, Jen was staring at my massive erection. She grabbed my hands and guided them right to her pussy. As my middle finger slid in, I was delighted to feel the velvet smooth touch of her twat.

“I want another…” she moaned. So I slid in two. This was a little tougher but she soon loosened up. I continued to finger her faster now.

“Try another…” I slid a third finger in. By this time Kayla was fingering her pussy with her right hand and she grabbed my cock with her other.

Jen started to buck at my hand wildly, shoving them in deeper. Escort Ümraniye Then she started screaming, “More! I want more!”

Knowing I couldn’t fit another finger I turned to Kayla inquiringly. She shook her head no, knowing that I was about to ask if I could fuck her best friend.

Finally Jen collapsed on the pillow next to me. “Now I want to watch.” she mumbled still trying to catch her breath.

At that Kayla began stroking my cock a lot faster until I warned her I was about to come. She stopped suddenly and grabbed my hand and shoved it against her soaked beaver.

I decided to roll over and begin licking her slit. The taste was amazing and I soon had her climaxing.

I quickly pulled my head back and layed down on the bed. Kayla knowingly got on her knees and straddled me. She shuttered as my cock slid in for the first time. After slowly loosening up she began bouncing up and down much quicker.

Then Jen asked, “Can he lick me? I’ve never been licked by a guy before.”

Kayla agreed and Jen got on her knees and straddled my face. I began to probe her hole with my tounge until she was bouncing up and down on my mouth. I felt her legs tighten around my head and she started to scream once again.

The taste of her juices pouring into my mouth and Kayla now bouncing up and down as fast as she can was too much for me to handle. My whole body tightened and my eyes fluttered as the strongest orgasm I’ve ever had started. I felt the hot jizz shoot out of my cock into Kayla who in response started coming, causing her pussy to squeeze aroung my cock. This made the orgasm even stronger and for a moment all three of us were screaming with pleasure. Once are three way orgasm was over Jen layed down next to me rubbing my chest as Kayla collapsed directly on me, my shrinking cock still inside her.

We all agreed that are threesome was amazing and decided to lay there naked and watch tv.

Needless to say I’ve always looked forward to going over to Kayla’s house anytime Jen was over there. We have had many more experiences since then but none as great as the time I found out my girlfriend was bisexual.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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