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My Girlfriend’s Mother Ch. 02

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Anal Porn

Thanks for all of the feedback from the first part of this story…


I couldn’t believe what just happened with my girlfriend’s mother. Elsie, my girlfriend, asked me to spend time with her mother, but this was beyond anything I imagined would ever happen.

After we made each other cum, Linda went upstairs to freshen up. I watched mesmerized as she walked up. Her tanned legs and tight ass were so fucking sexy. She turned and gave me a grin, then bent over and shook her ass at me, reaching under and spreading her pussy lips, while she moaned.

“Don’t you dare touch your cock!” she warned. We both started laughing.

Linda told me not to come up until she was ready. I expected her to be in the guest bedroom, but I had another surprise coming. Linda yelled down that she was ready and when I went up, she wasn’t there.

“Over here, silly.” Linda giggled.

Linda was on our bed; her daughter’s bed; the bed where her daughter and I fuck. Not only that, she had on one of Elsie’s dancer outfits, complete with pasties and high heels.

Linda said, “I’m going to strip for you. Sit over in that chair.”

I did as I was told and eagerly waited for the show to start.

I have visited the club that Elsie worked at to watch her dance, and watch the other girls dance as well. There was a rule that no boyfriends or husbands were allowed in the club, because they usually ended up acting like jealous pricks. In my case, I was cool about it, and the club owners allowed me to come in. I enjoyed watching my girl up there and had no problem with the other guys making rude comments or hitting on her…..I knew she would be home with me, all horny and ready to fuck. The only problem was Elsie…..Elsie had canlı bahis a little jealous streak in her when I watched the other girls dance. Sometimes, when she came home, she would ask me why I tipped ‘that bitch’ and asked what a certain dancer whispered in my ear to make me smile. After a few of those episodes, I decided to no longer go into the club, so it had been about 2 months since I enjoyed watching a sexy girl dance and spread for me. I was ready.

Back to Linda….

Linda had turned on some sexy music and hopped on the bed. I moved the chair closer to the ‘runway’ and placed a $1 bill in front of her. She came over and started to dance. Slowly and with confidence, Linda gyrated her hips to the beat of the music. I maintained eye contact with her; her look was totally serious as she ran her hands up and down her sexy body.

Then all of the sudden, she turned away and walked off to the other side of the bed. I grinned and got the message. I reached into my pocket and threw a $5 on the bed. Linda turned and came back to finish her dance. The $5 got her top off; she leaned over and shook her 38DD tits in my face. I grabbed one of the pasties with my mouth and took it off. She shook her finger at me, as if to say I was a naughty boy as she removed the other pasty. She leaned back and pinched her nipples, which were now excitedly stiff, then slowly pushed one of her tits into her mouth.

Linda continued her seductive moves and it took everything I had not to jump on her. My cock was so fucking hard by now. This beautiful, mature woman was stripping on my bed. And to top it off, she was my girlfriend’s mother. I was in heaven. My head was spinning, and this was only the first night.

I laid a few more bills down, bahis siteleri wanting Linda to finish removing her outfit. She got on all fours, with her ass to my face and started to arch her back, my absolute favorite position. She reached under and moved the soaking wet g-string to the side, exposing those sexy pussy lips of hers. She then turned over and lifted her legs up, as she removed the g-string. Then Linda spread her legs in front of me and stuck a finger into her beautiful pussy and moaned loudly…..with those ‘fuck-me’ heels still on, it was one of the sexiest sights I have ever seen.

To say I was horny was an understatement. I was so incredibly turned on by Linda.

Linda, in turn, was so horny from dancing that she grabbed me and told me, “I’ve wanted this for so long. Stick your hard cock in my pussy NOW; fuck me hard, like you fuck my baby girl Elsie.”

I had no idea Elsie talked me up so much to her mother, so the pressure was on me to perform. But that was absolutely no problem. Linda was the sexiest woman I’d ever been with, and also the most uninhibited.

Linda gasped as I placed my cock at her pussy entrance. I rubbed my cock head up and down, occasionally brushing her sensitive clit. I then thrust into her and she immediately started, “OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH………FUCK…….IT FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD…….GIVE IT TO ME, GIVE IT TO ME HARD!!!!!!”

I fucked Linda for all I was worth, and she eagerly met each of my thrusts. We were drenched in sweat and in a perfect rhythm. The slapping sounds of our bodies must have shook the entire condo, but I didn’t care. All I cared about was making this oh so fucking sexy woman cum, and make her cum hard. I lifted her legs and placed her ankles on my shoulders, bahis şirketleri and pounded her as hard as I could.

“YES,YES, YES, THAT’S IT……..FUCK ME, JUST KEEP FUCKING ME……..OHHHHHHHHHHH SHIT, I’M CUMMMMMMING!!!!!” Linda screamed. Her body tensed and then became a rag-doll under me.

I hadn’t come yet, so I pulled out and lay beside her. I wanted Linda to finish me off with her wonderful hands, but she didn’t. Instead, Linda did something Elsie never did after we fucked— Linda started to suck my cock.

And in between sucks, she lovingly looked up at me and told me how good our juices tasted all mixed together. She didn’t rush at all, she just continued at a steady pace, and I savored every second of it. I reached back and rubbed her sopping wet pussy, making her moan. Then Linda asked if I was ready to cum.

I said “Fuck yes” and she said “Good, we only have an hour left, lover, and I want you to fuck me in the ass before Elsie gets home.”

That did it. When I didn’t think it could get any better.

“UUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!” I grunted, and came in Linda’s mouth. She moaned and lapped up every single drop of my cum.

After cumming two times in two hours, somehow I was still horny as hell. Linda sensed this and just hugged me and kissed me, telling me how sexy and wanted she felt tonight.

Linda asked me if this was going to complicate things between me and her daughter. I told her that I could be discreet, if she could as well.

“I know Elsie tells you everything, but is it the other way around too?” I asked.

Linda said. “Only when it comes to my dead beat boyfriend. This is something I can keep to myself. This pussy and ass of mine are yours, honey.”

We both noticed the time had gotten away from us, and jumped into the shower to quickly get cleaned up.

“Looks like I’ll have to get ass-fucked by you tomorrow.” said Linda, with a wink.

To be continued…

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