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My Journey Ch. 04

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I was very horny when I woke up that Saturday morning and couldn’t help but start playing with my swallow cock. John heard my moans from the kitchen and appeared at the doorway. After undressing, he climbed into bed with me, cuddling and kissing me as he ran his hands over my naked, warm body, tweaking my hard nipples before reaching down to my crotch where he fondled my penis and balls. It felt so right that I was having sex with a man, and not a woman. In fact, the more sex I had with John and Father Jones the more I realized that my whole future sex life would only be with other men but, it didn’t worry me, it was actually a relief. I still found women attractive and it distressed me that I couldn’t let go. I longed to lose interest in women completely and John and Father Jones were very generous in helping me to embrace homosexuality.

I was so worked up that I couldn’t wait any longer and started to plead with John for him to fuck me. John took his time before placing a pillow under my bottom, giving him easy access. He called me all sorts of degrading names, telling me I was a poofter, a faggot, a homo and a pansy, to which I agreed, between moans. He told me that I had become somewhat effeminate and probably couldn’t get a hard cock with a woman now if I had to. He was right about all those things and, embarrassingly, it turned me on all the more. Nowadays, when I thought of sex, I only thought of men’s nice bodies and big, stiff hairy cocks with big balls. Men were so much easier than women, they were far less trouble and much more sexier.

With all the sex I’d had in recent months my bottom had opened up so canlı bahis that, these days, John found it easier to penetrate me. For a while, I was worried that I would always have trouble accommodating his big, mushroom headed cock but I was more relaxed now and it slid in without much trouble. John started fucking me deliberately and rhythmically which made me moan with pleasure. He leaned forwards and started kissing me and I could feel his tongue deep in my mouth which muffled the noises I was making. He lifted himself back up when he was close to coming and started masturbating me. Shortly after, I felt his cock stiffen and throb before a deep, guttural sound came from his mouth and big spurts of cum started filling me up. I had so come to love being filled up with another man’s cum, it felt divine. I also started cumming, shooting long, thick jets of cum all over my chest, with some even reaching my clean, white, freshly washed pillow.

After we had both showered and dressed, John announced that he’d arranged a coming out party for me and it was to be held over a BBQ lunch at my parents place. I was a bit apprehensive as he hadn’t told me who would be there but I trusted his judgment. My parents place might’ve been an odd choice bit actually made sense as they had been so supportive and encouraging of my new life.

We arrived at their place and we were almost the last to arrive. As the afternoon proceeded, I got talking to Max, who was an old friend of the family and in his late sixties. I’d met him on numerous occasions but this time was different. These days, I was looking at men in a completely different way and bahis siteleri I found myself wondering what Max would look like without any clothes on, as well as wondering if he had a nice cock. I think the growing bulge in my pants gave me away.

Probably, noticing the lump in my pants, Max took me around the corner to the spare room where he didn’t waste any time in taking advantage of me. We started necking and, at the same time, he undid and pulled down my pants. I was so relieved when my cock was freed. Max called me sweetheart and asked if I was going to return the favour and pull down his pants. I was having such a wonderful time feeling his penis and balls through his pants, but didn’t need to asked twice.

I felt like such a slut making love with Max in that room. He had a beautiful hairy chest and body and his cock was to die for. I was beginning to wonder how I could ever have been attracted to women. Max told me that he didn’t like men with hairy bodies which was funny as John had said the same thing. Oh well.

By this time, I was on my knees slobbering all over his hairy cock and licking those big balls. He was very hairy and it was almost completely grey, everywhere. We moved onto the bed where we could continue making love. I was so lucky and felt pleased to be in bed with such a sexy, older man who knew exactly what to do. After a while, I was dying to be penetrated and couldn’t wait any longer so climbed on top and straddled him. Max was so very sexy and I was thrilled to be able to surrender myself to him. I proceeded to impale myself on his magnificent, hairy, thick penis which I just knew was bahis şirketleri going to hit the spot.

I was simply a homo faggot rolling my bottom up and down the shaft of his beautiful penis and I felt his balls press hard against my bottom each time he penetrated my fully. It was just heavenly. Intercourse was different with Max as his cock head wasn’t as big as John’s, but about the same size as Father Jones. His cock head might’ve been smaller but it certainly felt glorious. I was raising and lowering myself up and down his gorgeous cock when I started moaning and breathing heavily and loudly in euphoria.

Making noise was a good thing but I’d forgotten where I was and behind my back the door had opened by several people wondering what was going on. I soon found out when I heard one of my former girlfriends say that she always thought I was gay. However, I was so caught up in the moment that I didn’t care and continued to fuck myself on his cock until I could feel big jets of his lovely cum shoot up my bottom, my second big load that day. Max then did something John usually didn’t, he got me to roll over on my back and started to make love to my cock.

It was so erotic laying back naked on that bed, legs splayed apart with not a care in the world with this manly man licking and sucking my stiff, engorged penis. I couldn’t hold back any longer and, predictably, started to cum like I’d never cum before. It was such a glorious orgasm and so much better with a man sucking my cock rather than some woman. I just kept on ejaculating. I came, and came, and came. There was so much messy, white, thick cum coming out of my throbbing, stiff cock but Max was very pleased to swallow it all down. John was right, I really was gay.

We lay back cuddling and canoodling for a short time before returning to my guests but, the day wasn’t over.

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