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My Lesbian Sugar Mama Pt. 04

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Hi, again! It’s me, Kenzi Kittle, with a few more exciting memories to relate from my freshman year at college, a time in my life when I actually had my very own ‘lesbian sugar mama’ (her name was Mrs. Dallas Morgenstern) who took exceptionally good care of me, paying my bills and buying me pretty things to wear. Was I spoiled? Probably. Did she love me? I’d say so. Did I love her? Most definitely!

I only got to be a student here at State because Mrs. Morgenstern arranged for me to be the recipient of a very lucrative scholarship through her ex-husband’s publishing house that I would never have even known about on my own. Secondly, she and her ex had several years ago purchased a luxurious condo just across the street from campus that she’s currently allowing me to stay in free of charge (which also provides her with a place to visit me on weekends, which would have proved near impossible had I been living in the dorms!) And thirdly, she’s used her connections here to get me my very own academic tutor and also a fitness center membership where I regularly work out, keeping my body slim & trim!

A little bit about me… I’m blonde with a pretty face and a slender figure. Even my many girlfriends on campus tell me I’m a hottie with a delicious butt and they love my long legs (dancer’s legs, Emma calls them!) Mrs. Morgenstern’s interest in my physical appearance is why she arranged for me to have that membership at Lucille’s Fitness Center, where Lucille (the young black woman who owns & runs the place) has been charged with keeping my ass “perfect” (Mrs. Morgenstern’s word, not mine!) Lucille herself oversees all aerobic instruction, and she isn’t shy about taking certain liberties with my curvy rump, which I will explain in greater detail later on in this story.

While Mrs. Morgenstern is clearly the dominant woman in my life, she’s always been surprisingly open about my sexually experimenting with other women her only restriction being NO BOYS. That’s her unwritten rule. My occasionally being with other females doesn’t bother her. And I’m fine with that, as well, as I have no real interest in dating guys anyway. Despite my growing up very ‘girlie,’ with no initial interest in my own sex, I’ve since discovered that I get truly-turned-on sharing my body with a dominant older lesbian woman, and I’ve discovered that I genuinely enjoy flaunting my body for their enjoyment & pleasure. My several attractive young student/girlfriends here on campus feel pretty much the same way. We’ve also occasionally enjoyed “experimenting” with one another.

Mrs. Morgenstern (my “sugar mama”) is usually busy during weekdays back in Latrelle (where I’m from), but she likes driving here on weekends to spend ‘quality time’ with myself. She’ll generally arrive at my door promptly at seven o’clock on Friday evenings, where she insists upon my being ready for her. And by my being “ready for her,” I mean she likes my body bathed & perfumed, with me answering my door completely naked upon her arrival. I’ve asked her before WHY it’s so important that I always be nude, and her response is simply: “because that’s the way I prefer it.”

She enjoys intimately inspecting me once we’re alone together, closely going over every inch of my body with her eyes, hands, lips, and fingertips, which is always fun. I mean, I realize that her behavior “objectifies” me (I heard that word used negatively in a lecture I attended at a women’s studies symposium), but it’s an unchangeable part of our ongoing older/younger relationship. I’ve willingly accepted the submissive/obedient role, whereas she’s the dominant, older figure who does whatever she feels like doing with my body. It’s her property. And I’ve learned to accept that.

Usually, after she’s kissed and caressed me during her initial inspection, she’ll lead me by the hand into the bedroom, where I willingly climb atop the bed while she watches, and position myself face-down & ass up for her while she then retrieves the strap-on she keeps in her travel bag. She’ll then remove some of her own clothing before donning the strap-on around her lower abdomen, after which she’ll slowly climb up and gently mount me from behind (after quickly lubricating the strap-on with a scented lotion). This entire process can take several seconds, during which her hands wander freely, lovingly caressing & fondling my curvy upturned bottom, awaiting her pleasure. I love it when she leans down to lovingly kiss my silky-smooth perfumed derriere before then rising up behind me and slowly penetrating my pussy from behind with her strap-on. The woman is a truly gifted & amazing lover! Being fucked doggy-style by her is one incredibly exciting and sensual experience!

After Mrs. Morgenstern has spent her energies on satisfying herself she’ll very often continue lying down close beside me, continuing to kiss & nibble my nude body, her lips working their way slowly down my back until they’ve reached my butt, which she’ll cover with hungry kisses. I love gently wiggling my behind in her face, which is my way of begging for more. Often, just for the fun of it, she’ll slap my ass, occasionally bursa escort biting it, just to make it clear to me that I belong to her. She owns me. I’ve always loved the feel of her mouth, lips, tongue, and even her teeth sinking into my pert little rump! Her mouth has a way of making me squirm with delight!

During a recent visit, she brought out what she said was a ‘gift’ for me, but it turned out being a silver dog collar with a matching silver chain. It was beautifully made, but hardly something that I’d been hinting that I wanted. I pouted some as she affixed the collar around my neck and attached the leash to it, before then ordering me down onto the carpeted floor to crawl around like I was her dog. I seriously might have found this treatment offensive, except that I must admit the whole experience was a bit-of-a-turn-on instead! I was hoping that maybe she’d even fuck me again, but instead she sat down on the couch and slowly paged through a fashion magazine while I continued kneeling completely nude at her feet, resting my head on her knee while she occasionally ran her manicured fingernails through my hair. It was heavenly.

Before turning in for the night, she changes into these expensive dark blue satin pajamas she owns while I take my shower to remove all of her saliva & lipstick marks now covering much of my body. Sometimes she’ll allow me to put on one of the many skimpy little lingerie outfits that she’s purchased for me, but they’re never on my body for very long. She once told me that the only reason she likes dressing me up is so that she can then undress me. It’s like I’m her living Barbie Doll that she enjoys playing with. I usually always end up sleeping completely nude in bed beside her. Often, in the middle of the night, I’ll awaken to feel her hands and/or lips on my breasts, legs, and/or butt. It’s incredibly fun being this dominant older woman’s personal sexy toy!

On Saturday evenings, Mrs. Morgenstern likes taking me out to dinner to show me off. Depending on her mood, we’ll either do something informal, like maybe going out for pizza, and then there are those times when she’ll instead take me out to a fancy expensive restaurant. Either one is fine by me. If we go informal, she’ll allow me to wear my tight bluejeans and a pretty tank top. But on those occasions where we go somewhere nice, she likes getting me all dolled up and dressed in one of those skimpy mini-skirts that she’s purchased for me. They’re all scandalously short, but that’s the way she says she likes seeing me.

“Any young lady with dynamite long legs like yours should never be afraid to show them off,” she’ll pontificate. “And when you’re with me, I want to devour your body with my eyes, and allow others to do so, as well!”

Yes, I blush whenever she talks like that, but only because I know that she’s being absolutely sincere. Ever since I first met her, I can practically feel Mrs. Morgenstern’s eyes caressing/consuming my body, especially my legs & ass. It excites me knowing that my figure excites her as much as it does!

Of course, wearing an extremely short dress means I have to wear sexy matching underwear, as well. When Mrs. Morgenstern first bought me this expensive little white silk dress (displaying a LOT of skin), she also purchased tiny white thong panties for me to wear beneath it. Yes, they’re a sexy combo, but I’ve also noticed that if I bend over even the slightest bit, my ass becomes visible to anybody watching!

“Hey, your delicious little butt looks amazing,” is how she responds to my concerns, almost leering at me. “I certainly can’t keep my eyes off of it, and I’m quite sure that everybody else feels the same way.”

And of course, I always do whatever she desires in these situations. And whenever Mrs. Morgenstern wishes to show me off to other women, her destination of choice is going to be Lila’s Grotto, an exclusive private club catering to an affluent female clientele, located approximately twenty minute’s drive from campus. It’s especially popular with the older, wealthy, lesbian crowd, as no men are allowed inside, leaving the ladies free to enjoy private time with pretty college girls like myself who are admitted for free on weekends, many of them young sorority girls wanting to drink for free (and who are open to new experiences!)

One of my closest friends at State just so happens to be a beautiful dark-haired freshman girl named Caitlyn, who had only just recently joined the Alpha Pi Deltas, a sorority with a reputation for experimenting sexually with one another. Caitlyn was here tonight with two of her cute young sorority sisters, all three of them sitting together at the bar, surrounded by a handful of attentive older women. And while the older ladies were all casually dressed in mostly masculine attire, Caitlyn & her friends all had on short-short-skirts, like myself, showing off their pretty legs. The older ladies were clearly enjoying their company.

“Hey, Kenzi! Over here,” Caitlyn’s voice called out to me as we came inside. “What are you doing here… and where did you get that beautiful dress?”

I approached bursa escort bayan and we hugged one another. Caityln had attended a party I’d hosted over at my place not so very long ago, and so she already knew full well of my intimate relationship with Mrs. Morgenstern. After watching us together, Caitlyn had decided that being around wealthy older women clearly had its advantages, and the girl was definitely attractive enough to make something happen in that regard.

Caitlyn’s body looked amazing in the short little black mini-skirt she was wearing. She explained to me that her sorority was hosting what they called their annual ‘Sappho Social’ on the following weekend, which she described to me as a sort of ‘Sadie Hawkins Day’ event, with each girl supposed to invite an older (and preferably-lesbian) woman as her ‘date’ to the function, which explained why she and her two young sorority sisters from Alpha Pi Delta were here at this particular club tonight. The two freshmen girls with Caitlyn both looked very young – a pretty little brunette girl named Abbi & a skinny goth-looking girl named Karina (with jet black hair). Both girls had on short mini-skirts just like Caitlyn, but I thought both also wore too much make-up. They also both appeared somewhat nervous, as I suspect coming to a lesbian club like Lila’s Grotto in the hope of finding ‘dates’ for a sorority social was hardly the sort of thing either had ever attempted to do before.

The women gathered around Caitlyn & her friends immediately made room for myself & Mrs. Morgenstern, openly ogling my own scantily-clad body while simultaneously eying Mrs. Morgenstern with a bit of justifiable envy. Of course, I was by now perfectly used to older ladies staring at my cleavage & long legs, just as I was also used to Mrs. Morgenstern’s hand possessively cupping my ass as a reminder to others that I was already taken.

I recognized the older woman with her arm around Caityln’s waist as a Mrs. Beverly Dalton, who ran a car dealership in this part of the state. Her television commercials ran constantly, with her urging us to: ‘get your hands on a Dalton Toyota and never let go,’ the slogan all of her spots ended with. Right now her hands were on Caitlyn, and she appeared quite pleased. Mrs. Dalton was a slightly large, forty-ish woman, loud & boisterous. She was clearly used to getting her own way, and I later learned that she had a reputation for picking up young college women here, although Caitlyn later told me that she’d also been known to hire escort girls to take home when sorority girls were unavailable. But I’m guessing that college girls were her favorites, particularly those anxious to please, like Caitlyn & her two attractive young friends.

While we socialized, I could feel Mrs. Morgenstern’s manicured fingernails gliding up my white fishnet stockings, past my thigh, and all the way to my derriere, lifting my skirt in the process until her hand was resting upon my bare rump. I could tell through the corner of my vision that the other ladies nearby could see Mrs. Morgenstern’s fingers gently massaging the silky smooth skin of my curvy little butt. I wanted to pull my skirt down but decided against it, knowing by now that when she wants to fondle my ass in public there’s really nothing I can do to stop her. It actually felt kind of nice. I even arched my back ever-so-slightly to give her hand easier access. The gentle caressing continued. And yes, the women looking on continued enjoying the show!

“Such a lovely young blonde girl,” I heard one of the older ladies murmur. “Such a perfect young body!”

“Thank you,” Mrs. Morgenstern replied on my behalf, her hand continuing to squeeze my rump. “I’m happy to have her.”

I looked at her and smiled, as she then kissed me on my lips.

After a while, Mrs. Morgenstern took me by the hand, escorting me out onto the dance floor, where a song had begun playing that she especially liked, something by a guy named Barry White singing in his very deep voice about how he’s “never never going to give you up,” which I found to be both slow & sensual. My arms immediately made their way around Mrs. Morgenstern’s neck, holding her lovingly, while both of her hands glided down my sides until they were both clutching at my ass through the thin fabric of my tiny little white silk dress.

“I never get tired of squeezing your delicious butt,” she whispered into my ear, while her hands continued massaging my rump. “And I love it when other women see my hands on your luscious body!”

“I love it, too,” I whispered back. “You know my body belongs to you.”

She kissed me, before then gently turning me around to where I was now facing away from her so that she could begin sensually grinding up against me from behind. I instinctively knew what she wanted me to do next, as I then slowly bent over at the waist with my head down and my ass pressed up against her groin, with her hands then lifting up my short skirt and grabbing my hips, with her then gently rocking me back & forth to the soulful rhythm of the music. Again, I could bursa merkez escort see through the corner of my eyes the other women nearby enjoying the show we were putting on, dancing seductively together in this highly suggestive fashion. At one point, without warning, Mrs. Morgenstern’s hand sharply slapped me on my ass, resulting in laughter and even some applause from the ladies looking on. I blushed while we continued moving to the music. She squeezed my ass as I then rose up so that she could kiss & nuzzle my bare shoulders and the back of my neck.

After the song ended, we joined the others where they had since re-located to a large table over near the darkened back corner of the club, including Caityln and her two young sorority sisters (Abbi & Karina), along with Mrs. Dalton and two other older women. Mrs. Dalton had ordered two bottles of sparkling Cold Duck, which we all proceeded to share.

“These pretty young college girls certainly liven up this place,” Mrs. Dalton observed. “It’s especially fun staring at their sexy little bodies,” she added, running the back of her fingers up Caitlyn’s bare leg.

The other two older women seated at our table heartily agreed with her. One was a Mrs. Mitchell, a platinum-blonde-haired older woman whose husband apparently owned a number of fast-food restaurants in this part of the state. She was seated with her arm possessively holding pretty young Abbi, while goth-girl Karina was actually perched upon the lap of a dark-haired hispanic woman named Mrs. Romero, whose hand I could see caressing the younger girl’s thigh. I later learned that Mrs. Romero was divorced and lived off of her wealthy ex-husband’s sizeable alimony checks. She had sharp features with a permanent scowl on her face. Both older women appeared to be in their mid-forties, and like Mrs. Dalton, both were fashionably dressed wearing dark designer jeans and colorful blouses.

“So will you accept my invitation?” I heard Caityln timidly asking Mrs. Dalton. “You know, to our party next weekend?”

“You mean that little sorority social of yours?” Mrs. Dalton replied, laughing loudly. “I’m sure we can make time for you if you and your pretty friends make time for us!”

The other two older women, Mrs. Mitchell & Mrs. Romero, both smiled, nodding in agreement. They both then glanced towards myself & Mrs. Morgenstern, as if to gauge whether or not we were attending Alpha Pi Delta’s Social, as well. Mrs. Morgenstern smiled and suggested that, “it sounds like it will be a lovely gathering.”

When closing time arrived, the music stopped playing and the crowd at Lila’s Grotto began to disperse. I was ready to call it a night, but not everybody else felt the same way.

“I see no reason why our fun has to end,” Mrs. Dalton announced. “What do you say we all retire to my place for a little nightcap?”

Now, normally, I would have declined her invitation, as I’m sure Mrs. Morgenstern intended to do. But at that point I looked at Caitlyn, and could see her eyes silently pleading with me & Mrs. Morgenstern to come along. I realized that while she and her two sorority sisters were anxious to remain in the good graces of Mrs. Dalton and her two friends, they didn’t want to go alone to the woman’s house, at least not unless we both joined them.

“Sure thing,” I found myself saying, looking into Mrs. Morgenstern’s eyes, hoping that she’d acquiesce. “You wouldn’t mind going for just a little while, would you?”

“Certainly not,” she quietly nodded, as if fully understanding the situation. “Let’s go!”

“Wonderful,” Mrs. Dalton laughed. “Shall we all crowd together into my SUV?”

We ended up taking two cars over to Mrs. Dalton’s place, with Mrs. Morgenstern driving myself, Mrs. Romero, & Karina, while Mrs. Dalton took herself, Mrs. Mitchell, & Abbi in her expensive-looking and brand new metallic-blue SUV, which she called her ‘Marai.’ The drive to her house didn’t take long at all, and her home (like her car) was also big and expensive-looking.

“Welcome, ladies,” she said upon our arrival. “Come with me.”

We followed her inside, with her leading us all downstairs to her basement, to what she called her playroom.

“This is where my son-of-a-bitch ex-husband set-up his ‘man cave,’ complete with a fully-stocked bar and big screen television, intending to watch football all day long,” she laughingly explained. “As you can see, I’ve made a few changes.”

The room was certainly large, and it still included the fully-stocked bar & big screen TV, but the rest looked noticeably different. For one thing, the walls were now covered with what could only be described as erotic lesbian bondage art, primarily illustrating scenes showing pretty unclothed young women tied up and whipped by dominatrix lesbians wearing black leather. Along the back wall was a luxurious, long black couch facing a small dance floor complete with colored lights, and even a large, comfortable-looking king-sized bed just off to the side, with ominous-looking leather straps attached to its bedposts. I almost felt like I was inside some kind of kinky sex-brothel dungeon. And to complete that image, Mrs. Dalton suddenly flipped on a switch, activating her entertainment/sound system, which began playing sensual music along with a video instantly appearing on her big-screen television showing a pretty girl slowly peeling out of her clothing on a stripper stage.

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