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My Life as a Wittol Ch. 08

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When I finally got home from the weekend fishing trip with my co-workers, CJ was just stepping out of the shower. I wondered if she was still upset about my overnight trip. I paused as I felt a growing arousal. I stood just outside the open bathroom in the dimly lighted hall gazing at CJ, admiring her nude body as she stepped out of the shower. She held a large towel against her and started to dry herself.

I got a brief glance at her nude body as she faced me. She dried herself using a large towel, holding it against her chest. She turned around and I quietly moaned, admiring her tiny ass as she bent over and rubbed the towel along her thighs. She turned as she was drying and I was starting to get hard. I smiled as I gazed at my girlfriend’s young hard body.

She was startled when she noticed me standing in the hall watching her and she quickly pulled the towel up to cover her breasts and turned to grab her robe. She hastily put it on and pulled it tight around her, but not before I notice the numerous love bites on her breasts.

I recognized the dark marks as the ones Roger used to mark women he had fucked, mostly those he considered trophy women. I had seen it several times before on several of the hottest women at the club, as well as a few times on CJ’s breasts before we had decided to commit and get a home together. Many of the women at the club, including CJ, proudly wore revealing tops to discreetly flash Roger’s mark.

My first thoughts were that Roger had fucked CJ again while I was away. I was unsure if CJ noticed that I had spotted the dark hickeys, but it would have been highly unlikely she didn’t notice my sullen reaction. I felt an indescribable angst that I later learned was called ‘cuckold angst’.

I felt the deep hurt of a cheated boyfriend, but mostly the unexplainable and confusing sexual arousal. It felt much like those times before we were in our committed relationship when I was lucky enough to watch CJ being intimate with other guys.

I quickly took a shower to get out of the weekend odors and to give me time to grasp my thought and rationalize what I had just glimpsed. I wondered if I would ever know for certain. Later I took off my clothes as usual and climbed into our bed. We have both slept in the nude since we started sleeping together and still do today.

So I was slightly surprised when CJ came out of the bathroom wearing a t-shirt and panties. She had a look of concern as she cautiously walked slowly to the bed. Our eyes met and I could see the anxiety as well as concern in them. I knew the marks were hickeys and love bites that had most likely been put there purposely by Roger. It made me wonder if he was letting me know that CJ was still fucking him.

She rolled over and lay next to me, then swung her leg over mine. It came to rest on my thigh as she wrapped her arm around me and rested her head on my chest. My dick jerked as I felt the soft skin of her thigh lying gently against the rigid shaft. I put my arm around her and I could feel her chest expanding as she breathed heavily.

CJ slid her hand cautiously lower and I groaned as I felt her wrap her fingers around my hard dick. She softly moaned as her hand slowly stroked it and asked, “What has got our little friend so excited tonight?”… I sensed some emphasis on ‘little’. She moaned and in her soft sexy voice whispered to my ear, “Do you like it when I stroke your dick like this?”

Then her hand moved faster up and down my dick and she excitedly whispered, “Maybe like this… do you like me to doing it rough… and hard?” As quickly as her hand had sped up it slowed to a soft gentle stoke. Her fingers tightening then releasing as she very gently massaged my dick, her hand moving slowly. Again she softly whispered, “Or maybe like this… nice and slow… this is my favorite.”

She moaned and with her most sultry voice whispered, “But I think I know what you would really like…” She smiled as she rolled onto her back and her hands disappeared under the sheet as she gently struggled to remove her panties. I moaned softly and smiled when I felt the velvety fabric as she slowly draped her panties over my very aroused dick, then wrapped my dick in the soft fabric.

Her fingers wrapped gently around the hard shaft. I softly groaned and I told her, “Oh Yeah… You know I love it when you use your panties to stroke me.” Her hand moved slowly up and down. She kissed my neck and slowly kissed her way to my erect nipple. Her tongue swirled around it making it even harder and then her lips closed around it. She gently sucked it into her mouth as she caressed it with her wet tongue.

I started to squirm as I felt her take it between her teeth and gently nibble, her teeth squeezed harder as she pulled. She let go and gave a playful chuckle when I jerked back from her inflicted pain. Then just as quickly she aggressively took my nipple back in her mouth and I cried out in pain as she savagely bit down on my haramidere escort nipple. I moaned when she tenderly kissed my bruised nipple and she gently caressed it with her tongue. Gradually the pain started to slowly subside into a feeling of arousal.

CJ’s hand tightened around my dick and started to stroke it faster. She moaned and then whispered into my ear, “I like biting your nipples… I love the sounds you make as I torture your little nipples.” We grew quiet for a moment with just our gentle moans intruding on the silence as her hand gently stroked my hard dick. She softly whispered, “Do you remember the first time I did this?”

She licked my ear as she caressed my hard dick. After a long pause she whispered so softly it was barely audible and cautiously said, “Those panties were still moist from Roger’s cum.” My hips suddenly rose and CJ grabbed my dick harder and accusingly whispered, “I saw you that night… you were in the dark hallway and watched Roger fuck me… you watched as he came inside me… the same cum that had made my panties so wet that morning.” She softly moaned as she continued, “He comes so much… sometimes it is too much and my panties get sopping wet as his cum oozes out of me”

She amorously kissed my neck as she teasingly whispered, “Maybe these panties have Roger’s cum in them too…” She paused then added “Maybe… he came over last night and fucked me…” Then she tenderly bit my ear lobe for a few moments and again whispered in a low voice, “Maybe… these are the panties I wore last night… after Roger fucked me…” CJ knew I was close to coming when she whispered, “And just maybe… Roger brought a friend…”

She moaned as she felt my dick swell, and I cried out as my dick erupted. She felt my dick swell as it released my first load of cum into the panties wrapped around my hard dick. She grasped it and she squeezed hard and stopped the flow of cum. She sat up and continued to squeeze my dick and looked me in the eyes. Her face looked sultry and she definitely wore her cum face and said, “And maybe they made me suck their big cocks…” She pushed the panties down and my dick slipped through an opening and she held my dick tightly as she looked me in the eyes and said, “And maybe they took turns fucking me… all night …” I cried out as I felt her fingers loosen and the thick fluid finally rushed upward. I erupted just as her soft wet lips slipped over the head. We both moaned as her mouth filled with cum.

Her lips slid slowly up and down and she continued to milk cum from my dick. The flow of cum finally weakened and CJ gently sucked my deflating dick as it relaxed. Eventually my soft limp dick slipped from her mouth. She held it in her grasp and licked it… cleaning it.

She looked up at me and said, “And I always make sure to kiss it after I give them a nice blow job.” She softly moaned then continued, “And let them cum in my mouth…” and as she stared into my eyes she softly said, “And you know I always swallow.”

She took the head of my sensitive dick in her mouth and I groaned as her lips closed tightly around it. I started to squirm as her tongue moved slowly around the head and moaned as her lips started sliding slowly upward. I heard her gentle moan as the extremely sensitive head slipped agonizingly slowly from her mouth. She held my dick and looked up and we looked lovingly into each other’s eyes… Then she kissed the tip of the crown, and I felt like I was the king once again.

She lay back next to me as I took her in my arms. Her chin nestled in my neck. She looked up at me smiling and lovingly said, “Welcome home.” Her head rested back on my chest and I faintly heard her whisper, “I love you.”

Several weeks had passed and the hickeys had gradually faded away. All the hurt and angst had seemed to be somewhat smoothed over. I was feeling guilty about leaving CJ alone for the weekend. If I had not gone away for the weekend she would have never hooked up with Roger, but I wasn’t even certain that Roger had spent the night. I had known that Roger, as well as her friends Rick and Stephanie, were too much temptation for her.

I was getting an intense case of cuckold angst. As hard as I tried to keep my mind off CJ’s likely infidelity, images of her and Roger fucking in our bed constantly filled my mind. So I decided to ask CJ if she wanted to go to Snoops on Saturday night, unsure of the risk to our relationship or what might perchance be revealed about that weekend.

CJ seemed reluctant at first, but I was uncertain if the hesitancy was genuine, or was she hiding her excitement at seeing Roger again. As the time grew closer I could tell she was excited to go, as we didn’t go as much as we once did.

Saturday night finally arrived and CJ had gone all out as she dressed for the evening out at her favorite club. I started to grow hard as I watched her slip into a tiny içerenköy escort pair of panties that left most of her firm ass exposed. She decided to not wear a bra. With her small firm breasts she seldom wore one anyway so it was not out of the ordinary for her to go out braless. She wore a short skirt that ended about mid-thigh and topped it off with a loose tank top blouse as was the fashion in those days. Her nipples were already protruding as the thin material draped over her small firm breasts. Her tiny nipples were definitely on display. She was unquestionably excited about going to the club.

As we got to the club entrance CJ greeted Roger with a hug and a quick kiss on the cheek. Roger let CJ pass without the cover charge, but then Roger always let her in free anyway, whereas I had to come up with the ten dollar cover. As I walked past him I thought to myself, “What the fuck… He’s fucking my girlfriend… why do I have to pay a cover charge?”

CJ stayed and talked to Roger for a while as I mingled with my friends. It was easy to tell she was excited to see Roger and her friends again. We got separated for a while after I went to greet my friends. I noticed CJ as she stood at the front door and spoke with Roger for some time.

Their conversations got pretty animated at times and I wondered if they were discussing how I became aroused by the intimation that Roger had spent the night and fucked CJ while I was gone. Even more so when she hinted that he might have brought a friend and both of them spent the night. After all, Roger had to know I had found his markings. I felt the skin on my forehead grow taut as my eyebrows fell and I wondered… had CJ actually confessed to me that weekend?

Eventually I felt CJ’s hand take my arm as I was talking with my friends. She handed me another drink and says, “I figured you were about ready for another one of these.” CJ stood on her tip toes and whispered that she needed to talk with me… in private.

We took our drinks and walked to a less noisy booth and we squeezed into the same side. CJ took a big sip of her drink and looked to be uneasy about what she wanted to talk to me about. I became anxious as she laid her hand atop mine.

CJ told me that Roger was leaving the next day and tonight was his last night working at the club. He would be returning to the Huntington Beach area to live with his friend Alex while he resumed his efforts to finish college and get a degree. I sat in sullen silence as I waited for CJ to tell me she would be going with him, but it never came.

CJ explained how Roger was glad we showed up at the club so he would have a chance to talk and say goodbye before he left. He was all packed at his home and ready to leave early the next morning for his long drive to Huntington Beach, so he was not going to have a last party at his home. She asked if I minded if he came over after the bar closed for a quiet evening… and maybe spend the night. I thought of the mess and damage that would be left after a going away party for Roger. I told her that I was not real excited about having a going away party for Roger at our house.

CJ explained it would just be the two of us and Roger as he didn’t want to stay out late especially since he would be leaving early the next day. Roger didn’t want anyone else to know and had hoped it would be just the three of us. To seal the deal CJ told me he had some good pot that he wanted us to try. I wondered if there was some motive or plan behind this or was it just CJ being nice to a good friend. I convinced myself that nothing would happen between CJ and Roger if I was around. But… then how could I say no to Roger on his last night. CJ was excited and hurried off to talk with Roger.

I hadn’t seen CJ or Roger for some time when I went to the bar to get another drink. A guy came up to the bar laughing and talking about Roger getting another goodbye blow job in the parking lot. About fifteen minutes later CJ came up to me smiling impishly and handed me another drink, “They just called ‘last call’ so I figured you would want one.” I asked where she had been and she told me she had been outside talking with friends, but I knew it was undoubtedly CJ sucking Roger’s cock, one final blow job in the parking lot. Eventually we finished our drinks in mostly silence, both deep in thought and then headed home.

We had only been home a few minutes when I spotted the head lights of Roger’s car as it pulled into our driveway and parked in the space behind our house. It made me wonder how he had become so familiar at our home and knew to park in one of our spaces in the back.

CJ hurried to the door and welcomed Roger. They walked into the living room together with Roger’s arm draped over her shoulder. She looked even more petite standing next to the huge muscular Roger. CJ got us all a beer and we settled back and sipped at our brew. Roger opened innovia escort his ever present briefcase and pulled out a pipe and a small container of pot. He loaded a bowl and passed it to me to light. I took a big hit before passing it on to CJ.

The pipe was passed around among us and refilled a few times. It seemed like I was getting more hits from the pipe than were CJ and Roger. Finally I just laid back in the chair and enjoyed the buzz. Their voices seemed to grow more distant as I tried to listen. Occasionally CJ would look towards me and I would see her smile and I vaguely sensed a slight disappointment.

I must have dozed but I was not sure for how long. I just assumed that CJ had gone to bed and Roger had left or was asleep in our guest bedroom. In my haze, I started towards our bedroom hoping to snuggle close to CJ as she slept nude. As I neared the hall way I could hear the sound of soft moaning and recognized the sound of someone fucking. In my drug dazed mind I thought that maybe one of Roger’s groupie girl friends had stopped by and was spending the night.

I turned toward our bedroom and planned to sneak into bed and cuddle with my nude girlfriend, but the bed was empty when I got there. I walked back into the hall and towards the moaning. I noticed that the door to our guest room had been left partially open. Had they left the door open knowing I would watch? My dick grew harder as I walked slowly and quietly down the hall towards the open door. The light was off in the hall but the bedroom was faintly lighted with the small light on the nightstand. The moonlight and light from the nearby street light gleamed through the two windows lighting the room even more.

Even in the dim light I could clearly make out CJ on her hands and knees facing away from the door. Roger knelt behind her as he brutally thrust his cock into her. CJ’s face was pressed into a pillow, I suspect to quiet her moans.

I slowly stroked my dick and watched through the doorway as Roger took claim to my girlfriend. My dick never felt so hard before. I was amazed at the stamina of Roger, he seemed to never tire as he continually thrust his big cock into her. I was also surprised as to how CJ’s small petite body could take such a big cock and the hard pounding from Roger.

I was so into watching them that I was suddenly startled when Roger told her to roll over. As Roger moved back he easily rolled CJ onto her back. Now I could clearly see the look of passion on her face and saw that CJ was deep into a haze. I wondered if she would even care if I caught them at this moment. I am pretty certain that Roger would not have cared or stopped.

I had to stop stroking myself when I saw her reach between them. She glanced towards the door as she guided his big cock to her wet and waiting cunt. I watched her cum face as she closed her eyes and leaned her head back. Her mouth opened wide and her moan was long and pleading as Roger slowly forced his cock back inside her.

As Roger’s pace quickened, CJ’s moans became louder and more often. Roger hooked her legs with his arms and leaned over her forcing her legs back against her breasts. I could clearly make out his thick cock as it came out and watched intensely as he again thrust back into her.

As they pace increased I could hear Roger starting to moan and realized he was very close to coming. I knew he would come inside my girlfriend’s stretched cunt. CJ turned her head towards the door and our eyes locked together. I was not sure if she could actually see or would even recognize me in her sex filled haze. Our eyes momentarily lost contact as CJ’s head fell back and she cried out as Roger thrust his cock hard and held it deep inside her.

His head rolled back and he groaned loud, I am sure it would have awakened me if I had not already been awake and I wondered if that was intended. Our eyes remained locked together as he again pulled back and thrust hard again letting more cum fill my girlfriend. He continued to slowly move his cock in and out of CJ. Eventually I saw his cock fall and hang down between his legs as it slipped and fell from CJ’s loose pussy.

I quickly realized they were finished and I silently made my way back to our bedroom. Not long after, maybe fifteen to twenty minutes, CJ return to our bed and gently slipped under the sheet and cuddled up to me. Her hand slid down over my abdomen and took my hard dick in her hand. She moaned then softly giggled as she whispered, “I knew you would be awake.”

She flicked the sheet back and she slowly kissed her way down my chest as she slowly stroked me, she paused momentarily to nibble on my nipple. Then she moved lower and her lips felt soft as they closed around my dick. Her lips moved slowly up and down the hard shaft as we both softly moaned.

After I had masturbated in the hall as I watched them fucking I knew I would not last long. I wondered if CJ would taste my cum that had leaked as I watched them. I suspected she had recognized me as I stood at the door and watched while Roger fucked my girlfriend better than I could ever hope to.

I was enjoying the blow job and way too soon I felt the thick cum start to rise. I tried desperately to prolong my orgasm but the arousal and excitement of the evening quickly won out and I erupted into her warm mouth.

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