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My Long-Time Work Crush

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This is a story about a woman I worked with some years ago. The first part is true: how I fell in love with her at first sight, how we became close friends, how everyone around us wondered if we were together, and finally how she moved away. We do still keep in touch, but have never met again in person.

In real life I never confessed my feelings for her…


I remember the first time I saw her.

I was new at the company, it was my 3rd day. There was a meeting in room 205. Being new, I just followed my neighbor into the room and found a chair as other people were streaming in. Sat down, looked at my notebook and mostly minded my own business.

There were 13 people on the team, and I had only met 6 of them. This was the first meeting where everyone was going to be there. When the meeting started I looked up to see all my new coworkers. My eye only made it halfway around the table when they stopped at Jaime.

She had shoulder length dark hair and light blue eyes. Pale skin with some freckles. Very little makeup, but nice dangly silver earrings. She was wearing a white shortsleeved button down shirt that fit close over her breasts and slightly round tummy. She had green pants, black low heeled shoes, dark blue socks. I can remember every small detail about that moment 11 years ago. She was perfect.

Jaime was anxious to tell how one of the users had pissed her off. She was still angry and her face had just a bit of a flush and her eyes were so bright. So bright… They burned into my soul.

I looked back down at my notes and then around the table at the rest of the people. I couldn’t look back at her because I knew I wouldn’t be able to take my eyes away again. When she got to tell her tale about the stupid user who broke things her voice was strong. I wanted to hear her say my name in that voice.

As we left the room I held back to be the last one out just so I could watch her walk away. Her ass was just round enough to fill out the seat of her pants. Not flabby, but round and firm. She was bigger around the waist and shoulders, the way I like so much. The skin of her bare arms was like her face; pale and slightly freckled. I wanted to feel that skin in my hands.

You might say I was smitten.

When we met that day I was 39 and she was 29. We were both married, me for about for 13 years, her for 8. My marriage was wonderful – I loved my wife, we had a good life together, we had fairly regular sex. It wasn’t the kind of screaming earth-shattering sex that you see in the movies, but it was satisfactory. From what she said, her marriage was good, too; although we never discussed our sex lives.

As time went on, we worked on more projects together and got to know each better. We liked each other, enjoyed each other’s company. We never flirted. We never spoke in double-entendres. We never touched, even casually or accidentally. It was a perfectly platonic relationship.

But I wanted her. I wanted her so bad. When I woke up in the middle of the night thinking about anyone, it would be her. When I fantasized and masturbated it was her face I saw. Sometimes when my wife and I made love, it was Jaime I imagined moaning under me. Ok, more than sometimes.

Jaime and I worked together, walked around the building together, ate lunch together. This went on for years, and it wasn’t long before some people started talking. They never said anything directly to our faces, but we knew they were saying things. Again, this was something Jaime and I never talked about ourselves. Almost like the subject of anything romantic or sexual was just not in our shared vocabulary.

What did we talk about? Everything else… Our kids, our pets, our favorite sports teams. The weather, the food at the cafeteria. Our lives away from work. I would compliment her when she had her hair done. Notice when she wore new jewelry. Support her when she was having a bad day and laugh at the good times.

We talked about some very, very personal things; but there was that wall around anything sexual or romantic. That line we never crossed.

I knew how I felt, but I never could tell how she felt. Sometimes, there was a look in her beautiful eyes. I would think she was feeling what I was feeling, but I wasn’t sure. I was scared to open up about my feelings for her. It’s a cliche, but we had such a great friendship that I didn’t want to ruin. I also didn’t want to hurt my wife or damage our life together. So, this went on for years. We’d hang out at work, go to lunch, talk, laugh, then go home.

One day Jaime told me she was moving. I was crushed – all I could think was why hadn’t I said anything earlier? She and her husband were moving about 2 hours away. Not that far, but practically far enough that I knew I wouldn’t be seeing her anymore. In the end I chickened out and never said anything; I wished her luck and watched her go.

We kept in touch with email and text messages. Never a call, that was too illegal bahis personal. I’d see something funny and text her about it. She’d email me with problems she wanted to ‘talk’ about. Eventually we were in contact less and less. I still thought about her, still wanted her.

One day I texted her to ask how it was going. We texted back and forth with jokes and emojis until finally I sent the message “I’d like to see you.”

She didn’t respond. I wondered if I crossed the line. It was days and days with no response. Finally a week later she responded, “Me too.” That was all. I didn’t respond right away. My heart was beating so fast I thought it would jump out of my chest. The next day I replied, “How do we make that happen? Should we meet in the middle somewhere? Side of the road? Lol”

“Yeah, we’ll just meet at a rest stop on the highway and have lunch from the vending machine, haha”

“I’d take the day off and spend it with you.” There was no immediate response to that. Again, worried I crossed a line. That imaginary line we’d always shied away from.

It took two days for her response. “I can take a day too. You want to see my new house?”

My heart was racing. “Yes!!” I typed into my phone. My thumb hovered over the little arrow that would send it off. No way could I send that. And right away? I’d look a bit too eager. As I was thinking about how long I should wait and how I should actually respond, I hit send. Shit.

She came back almost right away, “Cool, how about Monday?” No point in playing it cool now, “That works for me :)”. She followed up with, “Can you make it by 10 or so? I can show you around and we can go out for some coffee or lunch”. “Perfect – seeya then!” I replied.

So, in just 4 days I’d be visiting her!

I didn’t text her again for a couple of days. I was so nervous and I was scared my wife would notice something different. I masturbated about 3 times a day thinking about her, though. I was walking around half-stiff and absent minded those few days.

Sunday afternoon I texted her, “Hey Jaime, we still on for tomorrow? I can be to your place around 10.” I texted her the address I had for her just to be sure. I’d mapped it so many times I had every turn memorized. “Yup, that sounds good.” A bit vague, I thought. I was second guessing myself.

Really, there’s no way she wants anything more than to just hang out and talk.


Monday morning

I had planned vacation for the day. Of course, I didn’t tell my wife! I just got dressed and got into the car like normal to head to work. Instead of heading west, I went south. Towards Jaime’s house.

I played the radio, switched stations, opened the windows, closed the windows, turned the air way up. I fiddled with everything I could reach while driving; kept glancing at my phone. It’s a miracle I didn’t kill anyone on that 2 hour drive. It was only 9:30 when I got her neighborhood…

I drove past her house looking for somewhere to use the bathroom. God I was so nervous! I didn’t want to walk into her house and and ask for the toilet right away, what a loser!

I found a McDonalds about a mile away. Normally I never go there, but I went in and walked straight to the bathroom. I went; it was tricky with my heart beating so hard and my cock half hard. I did my business and got myself put back together and walked over to the sink. I washed my hands, washed my face. I pulled the travel toothbrush and toothpaste from my pocket and brushed and brushed and brushed. I smoothed my shirt. Finally satisfied I was presentable I went back out and into the car.

Straight back to her house. It was still a few minutes early, but I’m sure she remembered just how obsessive I was about never being late. Hesitation – do I park in front? Do I park in her driveway? Shit, I hadn’t given it any thought… I ended up parking 3 houses or so away and walking back to her place.

I’ve never been so nervous. I don’t know why, nothing was going to happen. If anything, I was going to say something that would ruin our friendship once and for all.

Walking up to the door, I noticed she was peeking out the window at me. She realized I saw her and smiled self consciously and I felt my heart skip a beat. By the time I got to the door she was already opening it.

“Hi!!” Her smile was huge. “Hi back!” I can tell I had a goofy grin of my own to match. She stepped aside to let me in. No hugs, of course. That’s across the line that we never speak about.

“I like the auburn streak in your hair; the color looks nice on you.” That was new since I saw her last. She smiled a bit nervously, “It’s new – I just did it Saturday.” I felt flattered, thinking she had done that just for me.. Seriously now, I’ve got to stop that kind of thinking.

“Your house is gorgeous, I love the openness.” The front door opened into a large living room which flowed into a dining area. I could see the kitchen just to the side. I can tell they had painted not long illegal bahis siteleri after moving in, and the furniture looked pretty new. Pictures of her family on the walls: Jaime, her husband and daughter at various times. I felt guilty looking at them, considering the way my mind had been going the last few days. Hell, the last few years.

“Yeah, it really suits us,” she said, noticing how I paused looking at the pictures. Leading us to the kitchen she said, “Check out the layout here. I know how much you like cooking, I thought of you when we first saw the place.” I looked at her smile and felt my heart skips beats for the umpteenth time.

“Let me show you the rest of the house!” She turned to go to another room. I watched her walking. She had a white button down shirt on, green pants, and flat shoes. Just how she always dressed for work. Did she tell her husband she was staying home today or did she act like normal, they way I did.

The pants hugged her ass the way I always remembered. Just round enough to fill out the seat, but not a big bubble. Her waist was a bit thinner than I remembered, but her shoulders looked just the same – fleshy and muscular. I so wanted to put my hands on her. Her dark hair was also a bit longer, below her shoulders now, and that auburn streak was so subtle but strong.

She turned back to make sure I was following and must’ve noticed how I was looking at her. She looked a bit nervous. Shit shit shit!! I was ruining our friendship and freaking her out!

After a beat, she said, “Let’s go out back instead; I can show you the rest of the house later. The deck is pretty cool.” And safer outside, I thought. I was being such an asshole, making her nervous.

We went out through a sliding door off the kitchen to the deck. Their backyard was well screened by mature trees and bushes. The lawn was really nice. And the deck was cool – two levels with planters around the edges and some nice chairs, a couple of tables. We sat on a couple of chairs next to each other.

And we just started talking, like we always did. The awkwardness and uncomfortableness melted away. This was the Jaime I remembered and I’m sure I was the guy she remembered. We laughed and talked for an hour out there. Catching up on gossip about the coworkers. The news and scandals going on in town since she left.

Eventually, we just sat in silence, both looking out over the lawn. Totally relaxed and comfortable. She looked at me and sighed, “I miss this. I miss just hanging out with you. It’s the only thing I miss from moving.”

“I miss you too. I like how we can laugh like third graders and then just sit like this.”

After a little silence, she asks, “How are things with you and Karen?” I’m not sure how to answer this one; is she leading into more?

“Good… Well, you know how it is after being together so long.” I trailed off.

“Yes? What do you mean?”

“Well, I guess as you get older, maybe the physical part isn’t as important. Honestly, it’s been a while since we’ve…” Oboy, where did I think I was going with this?

“Kinda the same with Dave. He works a lot longer hours now, so he’s always tired.” She sighs, and I don’t respond. We sit quietly with our own thoughts for a while. My mind is circling back to the struggles with my feeling for her. Her thoughts are her own and a mystery to me.

She looks at me for a long time, “Let’s head back inside.”

Once inside, she looks out front and asks, “Seriously, why did you park down the road? Ashamed to be seen with me?” There’s that wry smile again.

“No… I wasn’t sure what your neighbors would say if some strange guy parked out front.”

A slight pause and then, “Do those assholes at work still talk about us? Do they still think we were fucking all that time?” She looked away while saying that. She’d never been so blunt about the way our coworkers thought of us. There was an edge to her voice; part angry, part sad. And maybe something else.

Whoa… How do I answer that? “Some of them ask how you’re doing, what you’re up to. Like we talk all the time. There’s not so much innuendo anymore; must not be any fun since you’ve left.”

“Can’t two people just be friends? We never did anything!! We never had sex!! We never kissed or hugged or even touched!” She was getting more angry. Her cheeks were starting to flush and God that was turning me on. She was never more gorgeous than when she got wound up like that.

She turned to me and cocked her head to the side a bit with a grin. I looked at her wondering what was up? She glanced down and I realized I had a raging hard-on. I think I’d been hard so often thinking about her the last few days I didn’t even realize it anymore.

She smiled a bit longer. Busted! She stood right in front of me, as if waiting. I took a step forward.

And I took her in my arms. Tightly. My mouth on hers without even thinking about it. Her mouth open, her tongue searching for mine. I pressed her against canlı bahis siteleri the wall, pinning her arms over her head with my right hand. My body against hers. With my other hand I reached down to her full breast and squeezed. Finding her nipple through her bra I pinched hard, making her gasp.

I let go of her wrists and pulled her to me. Jaime moved her hand between us and felt my hardness through my pants. Exploring she gripped my balls and stroked along the length.

Was this right? I broke off the kiss and looked into her eyes. “Are we going there?” She asked? I leaned in to kiss her some more and answered, “I think we are…”

I pulled back to look at her again. I couldn’t believe this was happening. I touched her cheek and she leaned her face into my palm. I slid my hand along her face to pull her hair back, intending to nibble on her neck and earlobe, maybe kiss her neck. “You’re wearing the same earrings you wore the day I first saw you,” I tell her.

“Really, you remember that?” She seemed genuinely surprised by that.

“I remember everything about that day. That was the moment I…” and I trailed off, embarrassed.

“The moment you what?” She asks.

I hesitate a moment, not sure of myself. Finally I answer, “The moment I fell in love with you.”

Jaime looks into my eyes for a moment and then kisses me with such intensity I think my heart is going to burst out of my chest. She breaks the kiss, takes my hand, and leads me down the hall.

We enter what looks like a spare bedroom. Nice, but nothing personal; generic pictures on the wall, nothing but an alarm clock and a lamp on the nightstand. She turns to me, still holding my hand. I’m nervous and scared. I don’t want to ruin this moment. She lets go of my hand and reaches up and begins to unbutton my shirt. She untucks it, pulling it out, then off of me. I unbutton her shirt and take it off of her. Her breasts are tightly constrained by her bra; as I’m looking at them she reaches back, unhooks it and pulls it off.

I pull her to me, feeling her bare skin on mine. Her breasts smashed against my chest. I reach down to cup her breast and squeeze her nipples again. Her hands reach down to my belt. Leaning back a bit to give her room, she unhooks my belt, unbuttons my pants, lowers my zipper. I’m gasping as she reaches into my underwear to wrap her fingers around my cock. I have to break off the kiss to catch my breath. When I look down to her face she’s grinning at me; what’s going on behind those gorgeous eyes?

I kick my shoes off as she pulls my pants and underwear down to my feet. I step out of them and find myself standing in front of her, completely naked. The head of my cock is is bobbing with my heartbeat just inches from her face. I pull her up as I kneel down to take her pants down. My face is level with her panties and I can feel her heat and wetness. Her scent is driving me crazy. I pull her panties down and off and stand back up. She pulls me to her, our bodies in full contact as we kiss. She rocks her hips agains my cock as I cup her ass in my hands.

She’s moaning slightly as I grab her ass more firmly and lift her off the floor. Her legs wrap around my waist and I can feel her wetness on me. I step towards the bed as we’re still kissing. When I get there, I slowly lower her down. Jaime still has her legs wrapped around my hips as I lift myself from her. My mouth moves down to her breasts. So full!

Jamie’s nipples are hard and dark against the fair skin of her breast. Small aureoles with a defined border. Her hands are on my head as I suck and lick and nibble on her nipples. She’s moaning my name and wiggling under me. After a while of this, I feel her hands on my head pushing be down lower.

That’s no problem. That’s something I’ve been dreaming of for so long. I take my time going down, kissing her belly as I go. Her hips are rocking more urgently now as I finally reach her pussy with my mouth.

Her musk is heavy and I can see the wetness on her lips. I lick that wetness and feel the shiver that runs through her body. She tastes like honey and I want more. I lick slowly along her lips as my hands reach for her breasts. My tongue starts to circle her clit as her moans intensify. “Yes, yes oh god lick me!”

I feel her hands on my head pulling my face to her pussy as I begin to flick her clit with the tip of my tongue. Her hips are rocking against me again and I know she’s so close. I slip one, then two fingers inside of her. Finding her spot as I suck on her clit she begins to cum. “Fuuuuuuck oh fuck yes yes yes uuuuuuuugggggggghhhhhh!” Her legs are shaking over my shoulders and I feel her feet kicking on my back. Her whole body is shaking as she cums and I taste her juices as she gushes on my face.

Once she begins to relax I work my way back up to her, hovering over her on my hands and knees. Leaning in for a kiss I feel her hand grip my cock and start pulling it towards her. There’s an urgent need in the way she does this, all the while looking into my eyes.

I lower down and she guides then head between her slick labia, just entering her. Then she tightens her hand’s grip on my member and looks at me. I say, “If we do this, there’s no going back.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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